An Afternoon with Prince Harry & James Corden

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    Now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are settled into Southern California, James Corden thought it was time to show his friend Prince Harry the sights. From tea on an open top bus to visiting the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" mansion, Prince Harry gets the tour he never dreamed of. Special thanks to Spartan for providing an incredible Spartan Race Obstacle Course to run. Learn more:
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    1. Whole Lotta Bomb Ish

      Harry has always been the wild at heart kid of Diana. He is his mother’s child, and I adore him.

    2. Thirishavacado


    3. Michelle Cinquegrano

      Good for u Harry finally living your Best life 😉

    4. CJLouis

      James Corden has the best job on Earth.

    5. Kanishka Rathore

      I guess now we know who Meghan markle really is. If you know what I mean 😏

    6. IphieTalk -

      I loved watching this.. for like the 100th time!

    7. Anthony Onorato

      Harry is a nut less and weak boy

    8. Guy Bronselaer

      What a Harry!

    9. Gabriela Andrea La Salle Tarifa

      I not speak inglish, please en spanish subtitulo.... 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    10. Aries Sun_ Libra rising


    11. Anto Durán


    12. NumbersAndSports

      The thing I respect most about this guy Harry is ... I watch a lot of military content, podcasts, docs, vlogs etc ... and every person who has served with him seems to have nothing but high praise for the man...and i'm not talking some public news channel interview having to be politically correct, more like back end random two buddies chatting together at their house and making a podcast interview.. Which in a brotherhood like the military is enormous. If those guys get one bad vibe off you they will not be afraid to call you out. So that tells me he must be humble, down to earth and hardworking behind the cameras. Respect.

    13. Mia Lopez

      I wouldn’t last a day as a royal I can’t imagine other people controlling my every move..

    14. Reina Mae Dumocloy

      “You don’t have to talk to me like I’m a dog” James 2021

    15. - thestinkeffect -

      Is he balding too

    16. Mr Unknown

      Is it me or does Prince Harry sound like Gordon Ramsay ?...

    17. Esther O

      Lol had flashbacks from Cadet Kelly when they were crawling in the mud

    18. Mitix


    19. Diana Ulun

      He is very influence by his Meghan. Meghan is lazy Duchess.

    20. A B

      This is super fun. Harry is so sweet😂😂

    21. Sarah Kutahi

      Kevin Hart needs to have a go at the prince as well...

    22. Christopher Palanca

      Man, never knew Seth Rogen is English.

    23. Jagadeesh M.M

      rip prince philip

    24. B L

      Part 2, please.

    25. Chelsea Kaye Pepito

      I really couldn't BELIEVE that Prince Harry would go through that mud😅

    26. happy champion

      15:59😃😃😃at lease he tried

    27. not your dad

      Can someone mention a hair product it’s called “keeps” it catches balding for young men.. I think Harry needs it

    28. Aisyah Ahmad

      Not until James pointed it out I realize Prince Harry got no mud on his shirt what the hell 😂

    29. Ivy Aliniante

      Prince haz is now my new religion. People are welcome to join

    30. Njume Ngome Sylvester

      He's the best prince in the world

    31. Butcher Woman

      He’s a dear sweetheart!❤️

    32. Martina2497 wta

      He was made for fatherhood. He kicked butt. My deepest sympathy for the loss of grandpa he is missed

    33. Sophia Bozeman

      When the tea table flipped over on Harry in the background you could see James sipping his tea like “ oop-“

    34. S ymra

      Wait I forgot that Harry is a prince.. HAHAHAHAHA

    35. Royal Oak Studios

      Former prince and former duchess**

    36. Sharjeel Ali

      one day, he will make his OWN kingdom. you wierdos just watch.

    37. Sharjeel Ali

      what an obtruse interviewer

    38. Kia Chan

      Is it just me who thinks Harry sounds like Gordon Ramsey

    39. lakshmivallabh

      Been here in LA for a long time

    40. lyaa mkh.

      meghan looks so stunning omg the sun is jobless now

    41. lyaa mkh.

      it's fun seeing a royals doing a normal people thingy

    42. S1 C

      Couldn't believe it 😅 lol fresh Prince bel air house

    43. Sue Shat

      I'm so happy,seeing Harry like this

    44. Georgina Greaves

      Tht was AWESOME!!!

    45. Flavia Ştefania Zamfir

      10:03 Rest in peace Prince Philip🕊

    46. Susan Nejman

      I've lost all respect for James.

    47. Redina Bloogs

      I haven't seen the Oprah interview BUT from all the backlash im thinking they should have stuck to this kind of thing. And just kept quiet about the rest. If they were zooming with grandma and grandpa then they must have been on good terms. The interview seems to have blown up in there face.

    48. Cheneisse Simmons

      How on earth is Meghan that gorgeous. Oh. My. Goodness!!! I really do adore these guys ♥️♥️

    49. paula sajjad

      I was laughing most of the way through, they'd make good co presenters of some sort of adventure series ,

    50. Jamie Vincent

      i like prince harry alot and he is my favs of mine

    51. james tailor

      Prince Harry is sooo cool. He is not to posh or anything to go into mud or to do a military course with James. Really cool guy. Please do another episode with him in carpool

    52. DramaWithNisha

      Yeah Harry is like that boy who came from being normal to finding out he is prince and he has gone back to being normal by calling The Queen ' my grandma'.

    53. DramaWithNisha


    54. phoebz

      James’ “yippee!!” When Harry got the Fresh Prince of Bélair song right 🤣🤣🤣

    55. My Sweet Dharma

      I feel bad for Harry and Megan. God bless them they deserve the best life.

    56. Someone pass me some Hobi water

      I’m just curious that in Oprah’s interview, Megan and Harry said that they were forced out of the family, whereas Harry says that they voluntarily stepped back to avoid the media in this video. His words and Megan’s don’t match, so what is the lie?

      1. Earthling Alienator

        I mean they weren't lying, they were basically had to be forced out due to the racism Meghan and Archie were receiving. Also let's not forget in the interview the institution did not want to protect Archie meaning anything could happen to them. In my opinion it seems to be both, it seems they forced out due to so many attacks and the institution was willing to let them die, so in the end the decided to step down. Either let their son get attacked or leave and find new protection. They weren't lying.

    57. wantong winnie

      How does he not look tired after the whole course tho-

    58. salome russell

      I've this video. I had to come back and watch it again.😍🙏💛❤🖤💙

    59. LLEBB KISH

      Man Harry's so down to Earth it's so freakin refreshing!!!!!

    60. joey77

      Haz...... the second date? Hmmmmmmm

    61. joey77

      Always liked Harry. Such a nice guy

    62. Andrea Murillo

      He is just so so sweet 😍😍😍!!!

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    63. Michelle LL


    64. Casey Wiggin

      Go on Haz! What a gentlemen!!! I really enjoyed watching this one!

    65. Anand A

      My grandpa has no time to shut down the laptop. He just closes the monitor screen and throws it in the trash. New zoom call - new laptop. 😅

    66. Rehan Verma

      Harry is now a free soul came out from a tortouros family, glad both left.

      1. Denis Saliaj

        Torturous my ass. Dont blame royality if you cant fit for it

    67. Ana Lopez

      I LOST IT WHEN HARRY SAID “it’s not great casting but it is casting” 😭😭😭

    68. Angie S

      Love this. Excellent humor Harry...your awesome 👏🏼

    69. Najwa Stocks

      She is a princess

    70. Geeta Shetty

      He is cool guy so simple and down to earth 💖

    71. No-Good-Connor.

      After he split for the Royal family, he's a pretty chill guy

    72. Tartifee

      I wish Harry married Cressida, she is the perfect Lady for him

      1. Tartifee

        @Durio reece no I won't! MegNut is an evil piece of work. Their marriage won't last. He only took her because Cressida turned him down ;-)

      2. Durio reece

        i wish u mind ur business weirdo

      3. angelxvcr

        i think his marriage with meghan was the best choice

    73. Jilly Shang


    74. Hacker Hunter

      i loved his mom and him so much and i am in the same age as him. what a woman she was

    75. Roseanne Milton

      Now Prince came through that shit clean. How did Andy get all muddy like that? It's confusing

    76. Humberto Marquez

      Very tacky thing for a royal, to appear with hollywood stars. Very disappointed, its all because his trashy wife

    77. Afra Khan

      Oh my God I love prince Harry now what the hell

    78. Jalal Khan

      i can tell Harry probably wanted a normal life and he is so normal

    79. Vintage Oldies Music

      sam was just watching nonchalantly...

    80. matt clark

      Makes you rally think how hard it must be being in the Royal Family, not having the freedom for all the simple things like riding on an open top bus, walking to a shop, going shopping etc

      1. Temi

        It’s like living in a COVID lockdown, but for your whole life 🥶🥶

    81. Linda S

      Better Clean Street LA than Zoo York City!

    82. x_emifitz_x STOP BULLIES

      A whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat who told me they moved umm chill anyways soooo

    83. Elisabeth Timothee

      May God continue to bless the prince 👑

    84. Finnhungambar

      I love how Prince Harry stayed with him, encouraging him. Lol When he could’ve just beat his arse!! And left him in the dust!

    85. SAMSONGS hey james you should do a shout out to this show. it is really good and completely free on youtube or on their app

    86. Zarif Ahmad

      2:32 not really sure what happened there

    87. Nabil Ariff

      Prince Harry reminds me so much of Princess Diana happy to see him in this state

    88. MrShush

      I dread being famous because of how judgemental people are on who you are and how you must act

    89. Parice

      The comments on here are all chilled and just lovely the fact Harry is just a normal guy Go to the comments on the daily mail and 🤦🏽‍♀️ the power of the media is crazy

    90. T S

      I can’t. I would not have the power to tell him to clean anything up. I know it’s normal, but man.. The Royals, woooow. He’s so nice!

    91. angelica


    92. Flozy

      Wait my heart that’s so sad, the way he talks about Philip, I wish u watched this much earlier cause now it’s like ya know sad

    93. Flozy

      It’s so weird to see Harry like.. normal and not this dude in very expensive clothing, barely smiling, in a tight posture- now smiling, laughing, jumping up and down, talking sm AHHH I’m so happy and adore him sm

    94. Flozy

      DO YOU GUYS THINK THE QUEENS WATCHED THIS??? Cause that’s all I’m thinking THE QUEEN WATCHING THIS MAKING SLIGHTLY NOT HAPPY COMMENTS but still really happy to see Harry happy like??? IS THAT JUST ME

    95. Flozy

      I’ve never like heard Harry this much like ever and I’m from the UK and like wow THATS MY PRINCE ya’ll THATS MY PRINCE

      1. Earthling Alienator

        But your press treats him like trash just because apparently he didn't marry an "English rose"

    96. Flozy

      HARRY ahhh never ever thought this would happen

    97. Mrs Broomfield-Strawn

      James can you do Joseph and the tecnicolour dream coat?

    98. Gian quiambao

      what balls james corden has he told a prince he even shouted "clean it harry!"

    99. Ray Of Light 144

      These two make a great double act. Harry is a natural at this. Harry, Meghan stop wingeing & get on with your lives then you'll carve out a great future for yourselves.

    100. Squicx

      Imagine Prince William, son of Diane, grandchild of THE QUEEN, showing up to your house and asking to go to the toilet

      1. Earthling Alienator

        Prince Harry*