An EPIC Ryzen Laptop - ROG Zephyrus G15 Review

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    The ROG Zephyrus G15 GA502 might be one of of the absolute BEST gaming laptops we've every reviewed and tested. With a Ryzen 9 5900HS and RTX 3080 it has performance to destroy benchmarks and the G15 battery life is super impressive too. But with the G15 price and availability big questions, can this actually be the perfect Ryzen gaming laptop in 2021?
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    0:00 - Zephyrus G15 Review Intro
    1:43 - G15 AMD Specs, Pricing & Availability
    4:05 - A STUNNING QHD Display
    5:18 - Buyer BEWARE of 1080P!
    5:42 - Design, Ports & Build Quality
    7:30 - Keyboard & Trackpad
    8:42 - Webcam & an AMAZING microphone
    11:46 - Upgrade Options
    12:06 - G15 Battery Life Testing
    12:43 - Power Modes & Overclocking
    13:13 - Power & Temperatures Over Time
    16:02 - Noise & Exerior Temperatures
    16:36 - Real World Performance Benchmarks
    18:17 - G15 Gaming Performance Benchmarks
    19:40 - The best AMD Gaming Laptop right now?
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    1. Hardware Canucks

      Small correction guys: PD charging on this laptop is 100W, not 65W. :)

      1. h3ctor

        @Marlyn Mascioli shut up scammers

      2. Marlyn Mascioli

        @Reed Dominik Cool! Took about 20 mins but it actually worked!

      3. Reed Dominik

        dunno if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my girlfriends Instagram account by using InstaPwn. Just google for it enjoy!

    2. António Antunes

      No webcam? That's a deal breaker for me as a work tool...

    3. Liana

      I got mine yesterday and i couldn't be happier

    4. Absolute Longplay

      Is it true that Ryzen laptops have higher thermals than Intel laptops? I think the outlier is that Ryzen laptops have worse cooling solutions.

    5. Weird stuff


    6. Calin Tatar

      The biggest problem with it is that you can't find it to purchase...

    7. BillyBop

      5:05 pls lower your sensitivity

    8. YouTuber Baylee Xiong

      The mics aren't that bad for a laptop tbh

    9. YouTuber Baylee Xiong

      Should I get g14 or g15 2021 I'm still debating

    10. Joe Casillas

      I love the reviews on something that isn’t available at all. Wondering when are these computers are available to purchase. So frustrating!

    11. Beep_Boop_Beep

      no webcam is a deal breaker for me. if they ever add one in a future model then i'd buy one in a heartbeat.

    12. Rahul

      Hi, may I know where is the link to buy this laptop

    13. Jack Ross

      My old cheap laptop shit the bed and my desktop running an R9 270x and an fx 8120 just wasn't cutting it anymore so as a guy who finally started getting adult money last year, I regret nothing. Awesome laptop I got the best buy spec and have never been more satisfied with a laptop. Perfect screen, 1440p 165hz great performance and perfectly portable with a great battery.

    14. Chris Rousseau

      Thanks for the info, I just ordered the 3080 version. This is my first laptop ever so I’m super excited. Thanks again, take care.

    15. Dorian Grey

      looks like 3080 is too much for this computer as tdp80w too low. (just minimum) I would buy 3060 with better price and fit this tdp number.

    16. ram charan

      I like white color a lot but that huge difference in price and over spects like 32gb Ram not worth getting one

    17. M S

      Too bad you can't get your hands on one. Sad state of affairs.

    18. ricefattrash

      Is the empty m.2 slot for a gen 4 m.2 ssd or gen 3

    19. Deepanshu Rai

      I am confused between ROG G15 and Legion 5 Pro (although no reviews about 5 Pro yet).. legion would run cooler but g14 would be easier to carry around for office works. Can anyone suggest where should I compromise?😅 Although none of these are yet launched in India.

    20. MrMekmek29

      Is this fast on editing 4k video

    21. Sebastian Guerraty

      I really would love is Asus did a business laptop that was this exact same one, with a less fancy paint job, a TPM module, port location more suited to dock use and a decent webcam.

    22. shahin zarei

      How 2080 Q-max is powerfull than rtx 3070 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    23. mio nome

      The 4800H still shows great performance

    24. mio nome

      Can you install 32 gb single block ram in the free slot?

    25. neosrt10

      No mux switcg..nerfs the performance of the 3070 and 3080 and these are the low watt variants

    26. Winni Poo

      intro bgm please

    27. What This Video - WTv

      Last year Asus choked the intake fans of G15. Is this year's G15's fan also blocked or they are open now?

    28. Daniel Chamoun

      This or the Asus Scar 15/17???

    29. paco ernesto

      Where can I buy this laptop?? I can’t find it...

    30. る

      ram 32GB→64GB update ok?

    31. Jesus Gil

      16:22 very nice! I was thinking about this, worried that It will get way to hot to even play on it.

    32. SkyGaming

      I was really hoping someone could help me out with this. I’m thinking of buying either the Lenovo legion 7 with 16g ram, the asus zephyrus g15 with 16g ram or g14 with 32g ram. I will be using it to game on, record, edit videos, for school, programming and possibly graphic design. I’m grateful for any help

    33. Damian Dodd

      Extremely impossible to find these for sale. Would be nice if Asus sent reviewers models when they were available within weeks not months. I'm gonna pop on a Blade soon if they don't let me buy one. Great review. I buy only micro SD it’s more flexible, you usually get a free adapter. The Blade webcam still sucks, good reason to buy a good 4K portable one for Zoom. I love the white, but it’s ALWAYS cheaper to buy ram upgrades separately.

    34. ZILBER - ADEPT

      Someone can explain the point of "beware 1080p displays", please?

    35. Mu Bi

      thunderbolt 3?

    36. Mötorhead EmeraldDrealm

      Well, im either buying this or a LOT of Switch games with the stimulus check. Not sure what one yet

    37. Jerry Suppan

      A fantastic machine, and professionally well-done video. Thanks. Regard memory upgrade, theoretically one should be able to insert a 32GB module in the empty slot for a total of 48GB RAM, no? Is the old-school-of-thought still prevail that both modules should be similarly paired (i.e., 16+16) or does that not matter so much any longer on modern day machines? I also am quite disappointed that ASUS fails to include web camera to the top of the screen. When I do video conference calls, it's just an added inconvenience to have to hook up an external web camera for the same function which should be easily included in the screen cover chassis.

    38. Yassine Nacif

      I am so impressed with this specs. As you said it just has what everyone was demanding 5000 series Ryzen 9 with the RTX 3080. So impressive!

    39. up urbum

      Can you connect to a 280hz svreen and get more refresh rate and response time than the laptop screen?

    40. edsblogging. com

      We have a new economy with much more working from home and using Teams/Zoom for teleconferences. Have their marketeers lived under a rock? No webcam equals minus 10 points at the start of the review. Microphones but no cam? Where the marketeers smoking pod?

    41. Tao Tao

      Still waiting for this to launch in Australia :(

    42. Sergio Quezada

      I didn't find the link for buying this laptop in the description. I look for it at amazon but all the photos are for the 2020 version, I would like to know where to buy de $1500 model. Thx

    43. Sheik Mohammed Kaif

      Does it support 4k video resolution???....

    44. i think im Steve

      have a hard time finding one in black.

    45. Jahred Mario

      1:43 - That's what I like about tech reviewers, they show all possible specs and prices!

    46. TruMoist

      Uh where the fuck is the grey variant i almost got ripped off for 500 dollars just for it being white

    47. Fahd Iqbal

      AI noise cancellation sounds way better than the other 3 "vanilla" voice settings, I would definitely use that! Separate question, can you charge the laptop via USB-C?

    48. B 1RD

      For 2000$should i buy the g15 with 3070 or the xmg neo with 3070?

    49. andola jackson

      Considering the price of the 3070 option vs the g14-15 of last year or the various max q 2070s-2080s price points for thinner gaming laptops last year to now....kinda nuts to add a better monitor and ssd from the g14 really nice and what I was willing to buy into vs the 4800 options

    50. Sundelin Productions

      7:56 There is single zone RGB lighting on the grey model.

    51. Umang Arya

      4:50 I need that wallpaper.

    52. Sundelin Productions

      Anybody else waiting for theirs to arrive and watching a bunch of videos about it because you are so hyped?

      1. JawKnee86

        Yes. But I opted for the 3070 model, as I it has the same cooling system as the 3080 but the 3080 does hit thermal limits in this chassis. First time I've ever decided to to go for a step down version and have it not be because of my budget lol

    53. Voidzu

      It may sound stupid, but the fact that this doesnt have an RGB keyboard is a huge turnoff.

    54. Maurice Broekhuizen

      Thank you for u video and show up how it looks like the tech information , make the decision more easy to buy it or not. ill think i will buy this one ;D

    55. Jonathan Park

      I think I will buy ROG Zephyrus G15 or ROG Zephyrus G14. Which one should I buy?

    56. Jennifer Melton

      What? No webcam? Deal breaker!

    57. Kieron Atkinson

      Mics are pretty bad ngl

    58. Someoneelse

      I put tape over my webcam 10 years ago, I'm buying a new laptop soon, I guess lack of webcam isn't the dealbreaker for me

    59. Cristian Cruz

      No camera is a plus in my... notebook. . .

    60. danahiswara arifta majid

      i want to buy this laptop, sadly i can't find any link that has these laptop ready. It would be better if they can ship this abroad. Anyway won't be the >rtx3060 version bottleneck?

    61. Matt Lee

      Just got the G15 w 9500hs and 3070 max Q and I love it. This is my first gaming laptop and I am coming from an 8700k 1080 ti desktop and I am super impressed that this can easily outperform my desktop. Awesome review only hate it doesn't have a webcam but I got it open-box at BestBuy for $180 off and I bought the Logitec clip-on cam and still saved $90

    62. Marco Jakob Gorospe

      Zephyrus G15 vs strix G15?

    63. kenny L

      Can it run VR games?

    64. Garv Batra Shorts

      Asus g15 with RTx 3060 or Macbook Pro M1 16gb for Video Editing which is better kindly recommend one ???

    65. Emmanuel Prudente

      How do you connect this to a monitor via displayport?

    66. deez nuts

      The unused governor jelly rinse because sandra chiefly kick for a poised head. political, plant ceramic

    67. AwkwardYet

      WAIT! on the grey G15 the keyboard lighting color can be changed?? not on the white??

      1. Cameron Bosch

        I know. ASUS must have had the intern choose the keyboard colors! 😂

    68. Ricky Grove

      Outstanding review: you covered everything I was interested in and in a very mellow style. Subscribed. Thank you!

    69. Borat Sagdiyev

      what i always wondered is with these gaming laptops, when you're using power from the wall does the battery actually degrade too, or does it bypass when it's full or something.

    70. Mansoor Ejaz

      Its keyboard does have RGB lighting, just not per-key or zoned but it applies to entire keyboard. I am using one with rainbow/breathing effect

    71. kaleb bailey

      Can I borrow your beautiful voice?

    72. Chinandler Bong

      This or legion 5??

    73. Gabriel Songco

      Does the keyboard backlight change color's besides white? I've seen the 3070 change colors?

    74. san

      how does this laptop compare to last years asus zephyrs g 14?

    75. Teerth Upadhyay

      Dayum for $1500 with Qhd display sounds like a pretty solid deal

    76. shin888

      I want it, but can't even buy it.

    77. Destinyu International Limited

      is this better than rog scar strix on gaming?

    78. Super Hiro

      Can’t wait to not be able to buy this too!

    79. francis yang

      The Asus G15 with the rtx 3060 is only available in Asia. Thx Asus

    80. Carter Johnson

      Sorry Dell XPS.... Makes me cry, its been a good run and you are still the most beautiful.. but time to say goodbye. Nobody wants intel in 2021. Hello ROG Zephyrus.

    81. Marcus Brown

      Damn you ROG, we want the web cam

    82. Thor Vos

      What is a good gaming laptop for 1k pls help

    83. Deependu Ajish

      Can't wait for a THINKBOOK 16p review!

    84. Shyamsundar Gupta

      Hey i need to a purchase asap I need a good laptop on which I can game too and has the capability of handling 30tabs of chrome at one time. My budget is $1500-1800. Reply back asap please

    85. J C

      What about the heat exhausts hitting the monitor? Would that be an issue in the long run?

    86. Leap

      It's cool to see so many reviews on this laptop, but it's a shame most of the reviews seem to just be covering the top-spec'd model that's not really priced reasonable for most folks. I'd like to see how the GPU performance scales across different variants within this same power limit, and also how good stuff like the 1080p screen is.

    87. Mike Pawlik

      This is good stuff, but you can't get your hands on one. AMD is kinda pissing me off but making me really happy at the same time. Pissing me off because you can't find them, but making me happy by destroying Intel.

    88. clare prv

      How is the heat and is it loud also in silent mode?

    89. ipk

      Thumbs up for the naim mu-so

    90. Rijumone Choudhuri

      The sponsor spot mouse triggered my trypophobia.

    91. Friendly275

      When the intro starts with the music you like! The name of the song is Instant Crush - Corbyn Kites. Excellent choice!

    92. Geliefde Liefde

      Why these laptops have the dumbest names I am not going to buy it just because of the name

    93. Andrew Lazzarin

      If this had a webcam (ideally with hardware slide cover) I would 100% buy one. They're so damn close to a near-perfect laptop but the lack of webcam is a hard deal-breaker.

    94. Andrea Calise

      Where can I buy it? (I live in Europe)

    95. Sean Tyler

      Hardware Canucks... Minus the G15 WebCam issues and the XPS 17 Screen.... which would you rather have for a daily driver? This G15 or your XPS 17?

    96. Brandy Posada

      I’m not big on needing a webcam. However, considering the pandemic, a lot more people keep in touch with video calls. So I do think that was a missed opportunity. But definitely not necessary.

    97. Giuseppe Consoli

      audio canceling feature would be better represented by a comparison with such feature enabled and disabled. peace

    98. 영화 한잔

      Hi anyone used this one with a monitor? For some of the laptops, the fan keeps running as soon as it's connected to a monitor(even if nothing is running on a laptop)

    99. Lukasz Baginski

      Great review especially the upgrade options part which is missing in a lot of other reviews. Order this today will have it delivered tomorrow. Mostly I care about VR for oculus link and games that I cant play on series x. Wanted the DUO version but the price jump for 5900HX from HS and the extra screen was too much for me haha