Animal Crossing: New Horizons x Super Mario Collaboration Items - Nintendo Direct 2.17.2021


1,6 mln. weergaven363

    Super Mario Bros. themed furniture and fashion items are coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons! After downloading the free update on February 25, a variety of #SuperMario Bros. items will be available in Nook Shopping starting March 1.
    #NintendoDirect #SuperMario35 #NintendoDirect
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    1. Link Link

      Now, where's the Zelda anniversary items?

    2. GHspearo

      The guy who voices this doesn't get paid enough

    3. GHspearo

      Finally I loved these iteams in the older games

    4. miles

      I know this won’t be seen, but can you guys add a feature for players to change their names? I’m non-binary and am stuck with my deadname in the game. Thanks ☺️

    5. El

      it would be so cool if you could hop across the mushrooms

    6. Oh mman

      “Why not try making the mushroom kingdom?” You know I would if I could make different islands for different files, rather than still building up my island a year later...

    7. Susu Nur


    8. Book Book

      Really wish they added in bowser items he is my favrite character in the mario games

    9. Super Smash Dark Ultimate

      Hi Nintendo team pls the star trees come. To acnh PLSSSSSS that’s so nice and NO Report pls

    10. Raphael

      next update trailer when

    11. headlesscl0wn

      Make the Dell Kylian super Mario 3-D world theme in super Mario maker two

    12. David Jo

      Love the wario outfit! Wario is the real deal!


      Hello 👋 has to be one ☝️ this week did it

    14. julio Cubillas

      Thats awesome

    15. Julie Lotto

      How do you do this???

    16. Maricar Feliciano

      Crossing Twitter let’s go

    17. Keita Hisamura

      They need to create Pokémon island next

    18. j


    19. Muteeb Siddiqui

      Finally!!! Pipe for transport!

    20. Ahad Farooq

      Da da da da da

    21. Cjpals Gamingpals

      Mario and Luigi are 1 Player and 2 Player Wario is a boss.

    22. Phuong Chung


      1. Snows Princess


    23. Kirby The Pink Ball / Sans The Skeleton


      1. Snows Princess

        Stop kid

    24. Maria Abijah-liburd

      Hey just saying happy birthday acnh :) it's the one year anniversary

      1. Snows Princess

        You like guys ewww

    25. Gayoung Kim


      1. Snows Princess

        Not like you

    26. Pam Ela

      Come si fa per averlo?

      1. Lollo

        Devi andare nel catalogo nook su articoli speciali

    27. Reginald Karan


    28. Ice gaming Fire gaming

      Damn I can’t stuff the Evidence of the death of Tom Nook in a pipe

    29. PERRO

      Uhhh, I don't have them, where are they? I already updated the game

    30. Animal crossing sucker


    31. Zan Partizanne

      Shall my character be Mario Luigi are wario or peach My character is a girl

    32. KHVLIL

      Are the Nintendo items permanent or seasonal like festival?

    33. lilparas

      We Need a Café

    34. Jack the LEGO maniac

      Wait, when’s the next update after the Mario one?

    35. Slime2 Master

      I hope this game can be more engaging so i can play it again

    36. Gaming with Erin asmr


    37. Johnathan Ramirez

      In the future Nintendo should make different colored pipes. Like super mario world has yellow pipes. So for example a yellow pipes would take you to the other yellow pipes and green pipes will take you to the green pipes you set down on your island.

    38. Mario


    39. Ruth Highhaven

      Will these items be available forever or are they limited?

    40. Mewking_CBW

      Are they gonna leave the nook terminal

    41. Ilias Hans Triebener.

      If the Wario outfit is in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Waluigi outfit should be in there too. It really sucks for Waluigi not being in Super Smash Bros and his outfit not being in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the update, Wario is one lucky Nintendo character!

      1. Yoshi 3000

        Waluigi isn't in most games because he wasn't originally made by Nintendo

    42. AlFreddy 2020

      Want to know why i can't create tbe mushroom kindom because i don't have many bell and it will take forever

    43. Fahad Almulla

      Everybody play animal crossing now!!!

    44. lanceman24

      I updated game on feb 25th and received Mario theme wallpaper. Been visiting each day in March to find Mario items but have not seen any or any notification in game. No items in miles exchange, special goods, Nook Shop, nothing! Not sure what is going on.

    45. nøob playz

      The italians when have whacted this vide Italisns:finnaly the hitman as added on the game

    46. Batoul Mazeh


    47. Kanji Frere

      nobody now needs a pain just to go down and up the mountains of the islands and or pay Tom knuckle whole bunch just for one bridge ONE BRIDGE

    48. Alan Kruger


    49. glg&odditiefan

      Do these have a day they’re no longer available on nook shopping

    50. JoJosbread

      not gonna lie, the pipes are awesome.


      yo quiero tener animal crossing

    52. Emily Sartin


    53. Mery Gomez Burgos


    54. Tyana Alexandra

      I wish there was an update where kappin comes to the dock and you can travel to an empty island and you can cultivate the island a bit (plant trees, pull weeds, add flowers) and this island would have like three random villagers living there and you could visit them at anytime (basically I miss kappin and want more than 10 villagers lol)

    55. Sam_Games

      I just found this out now. I hope i still have time to get everything.

    56. Connor Last

      Recreating Luigi rn. I need to pay for browner hair. I also need the hair they have in the trailer.

    57. d1m0nstr

      Прекрасно, прекрасно!

    58. PattyDGamer And the Family

      I have one!

    59. Abena Kusi

      When I updated the game it did not work so I made a fake on

    60. Puddles

      Me: YES Me when I find out I can only 5 items per day: NOOOoOoOoOoooo

    61. Trickster Factory

      Let us change our names and change the name of the island please and I don't care how much I just want it and it could tell the past names of the us or the island

    62. EditsByErin

      at first i was thinking ew mario but the items are so cute!!!

    63. Jona’s furry

      I WANT THEM!!!!!!!!!!

    64. Drino Zhao

      The foregoing pentagon actually pour because carpenter anatomically decide pace a worthless trail. actually, lowly battle

    65. 陳宗逸


    66. DarkRaptor

      Nintendo I have suggestion that Philippines can now buy games on Nintendo Eshop. and we can now access the Nintendo Direct

    67. Skid and Pump *ft Bacon*

      0:10 what are the clothes called? Because I wish to have them and not the Mario stuff

    68. Blue Stick

      Why there isn't the waluigi costume? ಠ_ಠ

    69. Karsten Dallwig-Black

      For the The Legend of Zelda Anniversary they should add items and costumes from The Legend of Zelda series and add caves and cave entrances... you could place the entrance to a cave on your island and design/decorate caves to make your own Zelda themed dungeons or use the space to decorate it with the pirate themed items to make it look like a pirate cave.

    70. Sans spielt Jazz

      Nintendo: we,re introducing „warp pipes“ Me: *buy‘s 10 warp pipes*

      1. not bob

        you buy is pipe?

      2. Beau the deer from animal crossing

        Can you! Didn’t know

    71. shadow shrek

      Cn you let us costomize pants and shorts

    72. Typods

      THIS IS SO COOL!!!

    73. LILL-GING YT

      Bruh it's the 3rd of March and I still haven't got the mario items in the nook stop. I have the update as well

      1. LILL-GING YT

        Update the afternoon did not give as I had hoped and I am now wondering why this update hasn't worked but this is not unusual for me as I did not get the previous special events so can someone please help me Nintendo??? Help??? Do I need nintendo online for the special events???

      2. LILL-GING YT

        Good for you but I've checked the nook stop this morning and there was no mario stuff ... unless they only started in the afternoon, l will check later. Update on that soon thanks for the reminder thow

      3. D D

        I’ve since figured it out. Go to Nook shopping at the Nook Stop in the town hall, go to special goods and press R to go to the next category. Mine came up and have now bought some items

      4. LILL-GING YT

        Do you guys have nintendo online? It might be that because I don't have it

      5. Lily Games

        Same ?

    74. Brandon Bodine

      No more bridges! Let’s warp guys!

    75. Hypno Da Gamer


    76. Liam Glasier

      Sorry if I missed it but did they mention when/if the items are being removed from the shop?

    77. Yeetingarrow YT

      Dear Nintendo wen will this leave the game cause it’s soon I can’t get all the items or will these items stay in the game so you can buy these even after the promotion

    78. Lizzy Oof

      I really like all the Mario stuff Nintendo you really were creative I love this THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU💙

    79. Alfie Mudd

      Just like Super Mario maker

    80. angelqrz okay-

      i dont have them theyre not in my nook shopping, my game never updated on march 1st, i did update it on 25 feb, but the items never came to my nook shopping, can somebody help?

      1. Toxy_i

        Mayne you still in tutorial has no internet on your switch

      2. Dr.Minecraft

        Same here

    81. Brianna Keith

      Waluigi is nowhere to be seen in this update, why?

    82. Goji Sixclaw


    83. Funya P

      Will the items be available forever???

      1. Toxy_i

        @KHVLIL yea but i have like 3 pipes on my iland and its random where you spawn so it must be luck

      2. Toxy_i

        @KHVLIL well it couldnt be forever cuz its just the birthday of mario 35

      3. KHVLIL

        @Toxy_i I’m still gonna order like 50 pipes just in case lol 😂

      4. KHVLIL

        @Toxy_i oh wow really. Cus I saw somewhere on Instagram that a lot of ppl were saying that it’s permanent in the comments on a post so I dunno

      5. Toxy_i

        @KHVLIL i was watching a german youtuber that actually does news for acnh and trailer details and he said for 3 4 weeks if that isnt right how long then

    84. E ieio


    85. Fariss Ayman

      There are probably you guys wanna build a 1-1 Super Mario Bros but 3D huh?

    86. HailerGamer

      for those who are wondering it will not end in March 1 it will start in March 1.

    87. ꧁Chairlie Is An Idiot꧂

      I just realized it’s March 1st ;-;


      The items are out?

    89. Rosio

      people that are watching on march 1 rn

    90. Roblox&SplatoonGamer

      I want to get crushed by a thwomp, it sounds really fun being flat.

    91. lemony_ lemonx

      I only got Mario things and 1 pipe cuz I don't have lots of money

    92. João Dionizio

      Yay i love these items

    93. Santi Navia

      Fantastic update

    94. MM

      that's cool

    95. Paul33i

      You can add Bowser as a costume in Animal Crossing.

    96. Danin Prakash

      But... what happens if you get crushed by the Thwomp?

      1. Dominick Cruz


    97. Russell Marcel

      Ugh, you can still only order 5 items a day. Time traveling will be needed if you don't want to wait to receive the Mario stuff.

    98. Yahere 64

      The most funniest part is that the items are coming in my birthday (which is today)

    99. Cheese

      How long will these items be in game...?

      1. Cheese

        @Dominick Cruz oh ok thanks

      2. Dominick Cruz

        @Cheese I mean before not after

      3. Cheese

        @Dominick Cruz thanks

      4. Dominick Cruz

        After match 31

    100. Tommy Foley

      Uh... its march 1st now... where is my MARIO STUFF??????

      1. kandi.and.cookies

        Its in the nook shop in your kiosk/phone