Animals That Asked People for Help #3

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    Animals That Asked People for Help #3
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    Trouble might find animals on land, in water, or even in the sky! And often they come to humans for help, showing a lot of trust. Watch this video until the end and you’ll be amazed!

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    1. Aneka Cahaya Sport

      im touched this so heart warming such beautiful animals

    2. Saily kulkarni

      Poor toucan. It is my favourite bird.😭😭😭😭

    3. myra ramirez

      I want to help

    4. Dark Horse

      So sad

    5. Shahriar Nayef

      dog story touch my heart 🥰😍❤️😭

    6. FrEsH ・tAtErS

      thumbnail is cursed

    7. Professional CJ

      *Regardless Of where ever you are, make sure t-* breh make sure to wat

    8. Raihaan20160 Raihaan20160

      When we were kids we saw monsters under our beds But now we realize the real monsters are humans 😔

    9. Moyen Uddin

      The first one is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

    10. Chaitanya Chaudhari

      The baby octopus part 🥲🥲

    11. KarSinBo

      It's such irony that human rescue those animal who were caught in things created by human only


      That man save the pigeon in Kolkata West bengal

    13. Dany Amanbek

      y r u helping eagle?he specially break the beak.......

    14. SVTXOTAE

      why did they threw the bear like that 😢

    15. Mr. Gamer

      Did u notice many incidents were happened because of humans

    16. Rosna Rath

      Thank you ❤️

    17. Joe W.

      "And the wolf was not afraid" Red flag

    18. Fan Site

      There are some who just hurt or kill for fun.. Meanwhile, there are others who are willing to risk their own lives to animals in the long run

    19. anna maria

      if you really want to cry watch my octopus teacher on netflix

    20. Nafs Kafs

      Best ☝️🤲☝️Doing...Come to Right ☝️ ☪️☝️🌿InshAllah

    21. Pain

      2:00 hes russian what do u expect

    22. My Dogs //LOLY BOY


    23. Faye Harrison

      "a $50,000 software" huh, something we can't physically see or touch but can manipulate to save lives, isn't open source. *_THAT_* is the sad part.

    24. girdhar das

      If you really care animal of earth then stop eating non veg that's the best way helping them

    25. Mary Alvarado

      You People that helped these poor animals are the best May God Bless you All.💓

    26. best friends forever

      Go to 5:32 bc I thought I saw donald trump

    27. Kirby Cloud9

      Nobody: Kids in the comments section: OMG 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💙😟💙😭😟😦😟😦☹️😭😿😟😭💙😟💙🖕👹

    28. Sameena Sunayana

      Very very very heart touching😇😇😇😇😇😇😇wanna help them

    29. Meme King

      It's a bit disrespectful that some people disliking this video (my opinion)

    30. Aisha Blake

      Tutto grazie a *Jeterbee,* mi hanno dato accesso illimitato al telefono e ai messaggi degli account di mio marito senza di lui. È legittimo

      1. Aisha Blake

        Wha%tsa%pp +1 5 0 9 6 6 1 9 0 2 8

      2. Aisha Blake

        Jelioghh@ gmail. com

      3. Aisha Blake

        Puoi inviare loro un messaggio su

    31. Føxy Gøđ

      I used to have a squirll.. Rip pearl.

    32. Ricky Bachman

      We have to work together on this beautiful planet. They have just as much right as we do. 🙏

    33. Kai kitty

      From now on im gonna keep all types of food in mah car even raw meat ill fig7re itout

    34. delgermaa delgermaa

      1.3k people who unliked Fudge you

    35. Aadarsh kumar

      lmao whats the point...its cuz of humans itself that many of them suffer...its like doing something delibrately knowing it is wrong and saying sorry

    36. Tracks AniNo

      We had a fish pond, its 1 and a half feet deep, then a stray cat fell in to it, its really rainy on that day so i grabbed my fish net to help it, at first its afraid to come near me but then it suddenly reaches its claws out and grabbed my fish net, so i pulled it and saved the cat. 2 weeks later i was chased by a dog and the same cat saved me by tackling the dog. Now i believe that karma doesn't just exist in us humans.

    37. Alexandra Hernandez

      I shouldn’t be laughing at 4:09 💀 I’m sorry I- how does that even happen in the wild

    38. XS Pilty

      Ik this is supposed to be an emotional video but like why the frick is the leopard with his head stuck in the pot so funny


      😇😇🤗🐶🐕:-) wow

    40. Nirvana Ruiz

      Omg * sniffs* this is so so so so sad! * sniffs *

    41. mickgil arancillo

      im so touched.........

    42. Zach OA

      I’m crying 😖

    43. MariaE Creater

      3:27 they didn’t have to yeet it tho 😭 sure a baby bear could hurt you but their mama could hurt you even more like damn. Be gentle

    44. mojtaba mousavi

      let's not throw out trash to oceans ( i never do that)

    45. Krizia Adriano

      The wolf is my favorite

    46. भारत शर्मा

      Wonderful Job By Rescue Team Thankyou God Bless You All

    47. Hazel Virtudes

      ;-; this looks sad

    48. Rahaf Mosleh

      You inspired me to help animals I really love animals and I have saved a cat she was stuck in a hole and I have saved a bird it has got a string on it back and I saved a turtle there was a rope and it’s tight and it feet it was tied up I have a small little shark his arm was tied to a fishing rod I hope I see them again

    49. James Johnson

      I'm using my dad iPad and I love this videos

    50. Cassie

      7:58 this toucan got attacked by boys?!?! Man don’t u know that they have feelings too?? U can’t just hurt them like that.

    51. Lizbeth Lopez


    52. mundalbill's industris rus

      2:15 обычный день в россии/normal day in rusha

    53. tonyatate1

      the guy yeeted that bear in a tree he needed more help lol

    54. Villains Never die

      Humanity is still alive Thank god 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

      1. Cassie

        I’m so proud but I also cried of happiness that they are saved 😢😊😇😍

    55. Muhammad Sohail


    56. Angelina Mansour

      0:09 but this was caused by a human being, so putting it in pain then healing it makes them heros? yea...

    57. Black Dragon

      Wrong title wrong thumbnail

    58. Diego Arita

      Cyber punk 2077

    59. alam urooj

      Third one husky or wolf?

    60. nh melid

      stupid animals getting saved by humans

    61. Ice Cream Meltdown

      Noble people out there, helping animals. Nice work!

    62. IceMonsterKing

      Atleast good people still exist

    63. Jamesy Bear


    64. Zeek M

      Bible says NOT to Eagle.

    65. Jamie

      3:23 a l i n i t y

    66. Ashton Staniforth

      I saved a Amazon bird I went to give it to some vets they helped it then for an award they gid me it now he us my best friend

    67. Telma Alexandra

      Please don´t wear fur, avoid leather and don´t use products tested on animals. Every day so many animals suffer and die for the sake of our vanity :((

    68. Allison Playzroblox

      I’m so proud but I also cried of happiness that they are saved 😢😊😇😍

    69. Berta Valles

      What happend to the eagle in the picture

    70. Phantom YT

      If all humans were like that in that video these guys are a little percentage of good people Think of it many humans kill animals like snakes to take thier skin and kills elephants to take thier ivory teeth and many things like that we should care more about thier lives .

    71. noob123oof

      my favourite fish is whale shark

    72. CK H

      Whale sharks are not threatened by "illegal fishing" They are threatened by china, where any rare animal is killed because those fools think eating them will help overcome their fear of impotence. Idiots on a continental scale.

    73. brutis the pasty smasher

      The plastic fork is nothing compared to the fishing nets destroying hundreds of miles every day

    74. apameaYT

      veverita :waery:

    75. FirstTime ISawJupiter

      Those kids are monsters

    76. Victoria Zamora

      🥺🥺😭😭😭😭My emotions are running amok 😭😭😭😭😭

    77. Gerardo Rubio Martínez

      Full of ads bye

    78. Javid Mahase

      I want a squirrel

    79. nick s

      nice people remember always save animals

    80. ouma calvin

      Wow 🙏

    81. paul ward

      whats with the stupid split screen

    82. Chloe Dinwiddie

      I started crying at the whale part

    83. Rohan Madanayake

      Good work 👍

    84. Rohan Madanayake

      Real people

    85. pepsi boi24

      He thrower the baby bear 🐻

    86. Marcelo Pinheiro

      9:05 Trully american heathcare...

    87. Jeanette Aiello


    88. Rodolfo Meba

      Thanks for sharing

    89. Connor Johnn

      4:11 ::D:D:D:D

    90. Anna Johansson

      Devils chopped that birds beak.

    91. G L

      Don't feed wolves for the love of God they are just going to associate humans with food and eat a child.

    92. _Nourin_ Navas_

      Who is disliking all this? They have no conscience😤 They are the ones who are harassing these poor animals and birds😏 Those without humanity..... "May God always help those who have such a good heart."❤️

    93. Anna Johansson

      Beartraps are evil.

    94. Anna Johansson

      Squirrels loves banana.

    95. Ruben Wanner

      make sure to- MAKE SURE TO WHAT

    96. Lorenzo Cali

      9:23 regardles of where you currently are, make sure to... *no one will ever know the end of the phrase*

    97. Nafila Slime

      To the heartless boys who beat the poor bird, I hope someone beats you much worse than that!!!!!!!


      I'm crying I don't know why


      Incredible video. What a cute and faithful squirrel

    100. Fred Hunter

      How can people legit be so mean, 8:05