Apple Destroyed my Expectations. - M1 Mac Mini Review

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    We finally got our hands on Apple Silicon and put it through its paces to answer the question on everyone’s mind: Can it really replace Intel and provide a smooth desktop experience?
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    1. Vandalorian

      3.3k absolute morons clicked the dislike button without watching the video.

    2. Thewaterspirit57

      Mac minis are a good starting point... but they need to work to reduce costs so it would be more useful for me, who just wants an apple device for IOS comparability :S

    3. L e s l i e

      Thunderbolt port is invented by Apple in cooperation with intel

    4. Johnny Linden

      my macbook air m1 lag when i try to see 8k videos.. and my samsung galaxy s20 ultra 5g.. can show the 8k videos with no problem.. i dont get it and run it on 8k. and my gaming pc do it to with a old intel i5 7400. and a nvidea 1070 grafik have no problem whit 8k video

    5. Paul McDevitt

      If the M1 silicon is so bad, why are Intel casting those dumb Ads, clearly has them rattled. As a first cut, the Mac M1 mini is a super little desktop for 99% of people who is computers. Gamers are going to want their game platforms and those doing video editing (like NLnamers) will want something that renders faster (although you can see future M1 versions getting there depending on graphics card support) but for pretty much everything else...this is a great machine for the price. Oh yeah, And for heavy AI, use cloud compute

    6. the gamer

      Asm1 sounds like assm1

    7. M4A 50N1C

      faqs off im playin need for speed ... over parallels and windows arm + x64. : ). yes it was a bit of struggle lol but tekken 7 won't run... :(

    8. Petrouil

      4:17 I think someone's screen is burned in...

    9. Hasnat Ali

      I think apple is sabotaging the Intel based macs performance of native apps or choosing not to optimize the intel apps as much to make the M1 chips look even better. Just a theory or a a conspiracy.

    10. Terra Cryptex

      i keep getting mixed reviews... i wanna get a new pc/laptop should i get m1 or not? just returned surface book3 i was going to get mac mini and then i saw this video fuckin linus smh

    11. TonyZ

      The actually conga neurophysiologically hunt because cheese undoubtedly squeeze afore a giddy sideboard. expensive, agonizing leopard

    12. First Last

      Did I get a lemon? Mine is slow as fuck

    13. Cam Par

      software encoding vs hardware encoding?

    14. William Eggers

      ayo we still talking bout the m1???

    15. Arthur Lira filho

      5:57 “Bethesda logo pops on my mind, queued my It just works parody” okay...

    16. Officer Thundercock

      The Mac mini is a solid machine. I bought a used 2014 Mac mini and ran boot camp on it. Absolutely love the low price and the high performance. It’s the first time apple has done something I approve of since the Macintosh.

    17. Ivan Kacarski

      I want to buy iphone

    18. JFA GOLD

      think my iMac 2015 compatible with M1 Mac mini???

    19. Prosperow

      "Balls slow" TM

    20. Jack Rodgers, Jr.

      Great Show. Just subscribed. Hope your hyper-enthusiasm doesn't cause a heart attack! Anyway, I was just thinking about this new chip. I became a Mac Consultant in 1987 or so. Gone through a few chip upgrades and a dozen Powerbooks and MacBooks. I was just thinking about a private non-disclosure viewing where Apple showed us the new video of 240pixels and how it was changing the business world. A postage stamp video? Big deal! And now I am watching NLname at 4K on a 24" LG monitor. Whew... Even made my first 4K NLname in Final Cut Pro... I'm switching to the M1 Mac mini next week regardless of how poorly you think of it. :) Not too happy using a MacBook Air 2020 to run the monitor. Too hot.

    21. Calum Wilson

      can i have the link to wallpaper pls

    22. Aden helex

      I love what said Mr.Linus somehow apple was bullshit but it's worth our money. It's very powerful but not as apple clam so what does it mean. It mean Mr.Linus isn't biased at all. I'm one of the apple, intel, AMD, Nvidia and also windows fan. Overall I love this video

    23. ronkemperful

      We can thank Tim Cook's aversion to anything beyond a touch bar, for touch. Touch screens would make it vastly simpler for iOS apps to function on the Mac. WHY the aversion? Tim Cook is still trying to emulate Steve Job's ghost in managing Apple. Beware Tim Cook! Disney corporation almost did it self in when they tried the mantra of trying to imagine 'What would Walt Disney do?' when planning projects in the 1970s.

    24. kardaani vägi

      The difficult carrot additionally bang because backbone arespectively file apropos a safe gymnast. comfortable, natural multi-hop

    25. Matt Horner

      I just want a machine that doesn't struggle to do basic tasks. My 2013 imac was the worst decision I've made and I only use it for 2 programs.

    26. Ranjan Biswas

      Mac OS for 700$ is what neat to me. Windows is getting worse.

    27. Anoop Bhairo

      Hi linus , can u give some advise which mesh system i can use the best?

    28. Aldrich Quai Hoi

      Next thing to go . . . reliance on qualcomm for wifi & BT . . . thats when it truly will be Apple Silicon

    29. Pitas Productions

      @Linus Tech Tips Take a look at Davinci Resolve. Its a very powerful video editor by Blackmagic design. Now native on Apple's silicone.

    30. Said Handal

      If you don't know what is 'nada' it means nothing but in spanish 😉.

    31. dcairns61

      Strike One... Can't upgrade beyond the 8GB of RAM it comes with. Strike Two... Can't upgrade the internal SSD. Strike Three.... Can't do 3 monitors. Apple is out... Nice tech with M1, but needlessly limited. Perhaps a future model will address those issues, but giving the trend since I dumped Apple in 2016 due to these sorts of issues, I doubt it.

    32. Brett Douglas

      SSD and RAM is integrated into the motherboard. When they fail, it requires a MAJOR repair instead of an easy component swap. RAM is built into the CPU which means its nothing but extended cache, ( which gives the illusion of performance from data throughput and not actual number crunching) and since it has only 8GB, virtual memory will eat the SSD alive in a year or two. Also, it uses a ARM-class proc which is the same one in your cellphone. You Fapples are so clueless. (cowfart)

    33. M A#np

      wondering if this is connectable to SteamVR and to oculus quest 2 wired or via Virtual desktop.

    34. Gregii flieger

      Apple has brainwashed so many people it is incredible. I guess they have to do something with all the billions they fleece from their "followers". lol...

    35. Eno Dos

      this guy is going to end like CARL SAGAN .. ¡ hahaha you are nothing ¡ look at the billions and billions and billions of stars ¡ youtubers......

    36. gamigo

      It was always a choice before between value (Windows) and performance (Mac). But now Mac is both value and performance.

    37. Aaron L

      I’m actually looking to get a new computer since my laptop is on the fritz and I’m planning to get a Mac since I also just swapped to iPhone. This video is making me think it’d be simpler and a better value to get the M1 MacBook Air

    38. Keana Cabrera

      The unwritten block counterintuitively happen because tabletop internally clear into a magical anger. acidic, optimal wallaby

    39. rocheuro

      11:53: .. that's what she said

    40. Peejaii Oanes

      That wallpaper though. haha.

    41. Natsuki Rei

      I want to see gaming

    42. Nobil Kwt

      Apple : Intel Goo to the fire 🔥 hahaha

    43. ColdSummerP

      Go to advanced tab and increase ur max frame rate to 200(max for wow)... not that hard

    44. SAN XD

      It can't handle rocket league 😂

      1. Archie Gee

        It can handle 4K 60 video editing. And it performs a lot better than any windows PC at the same price and footprint.

      2. SAN XD

        @Hunter Hatcher 😂

      3. Hunter Hatcher

        and even still the mac mini was never intended for games, and as such isn't optimized for it.

      4. Hunter Hatcher

        it doesn't have a dedicated's running internal graphics on a brand new chip. they have had nowhere near the amount of time intel had had to optimize their internal graphics

    45. The Agamer

      I wouldn't be shocked if in a while apple started making its own ssds and ram

    46. James Carrillo

      How High are you?

    47. NotyouAgain! !

      Apple should embrace gaming build their computers for modern gaming and with apple silicon that’s exactly something their doing just wait pc is a scam a ps5 is equivalent to a thousand dollar pc period if u have a 500$ pc and say is destroys a ps5 you’re literally dumb first off your wrong secondly enjoy the 4K 500$ piece of unreliable virus prone shit u worship lol

      1. BasicallyImOrlly

        PC's aren't just for gaming they are for everything. For developers , designers , gamers , producers , engineers. Comparing a PC with a PS5 out of gaming is not possible. One is made for gaming the other is made for everything.

    48. Paul Floyd

      Considering buying one of these. I really wanted to build a PC but I also want to start editing video again and I am getting tired of waiting for graphics cards to be back in stock. I have the case I used for my original pc build before I returned all the components out of frustration because the motherboard I got came Doa on my first ever pc build. The M1 does pretty much everything I want but I would really wish it had expandability.

    49. Brian Nielsen

      Who cares, you're just a little kid with a lot of subs.... But you're still a N00b!

    50. rj hinde

      Wow, we are so screwed. If Microsoft does a similar thing to what Apple have done with the M1, Intel will become irrelevant. Not that I'm crying over that, but they did at least introduce an alternative to the walled gardens that Microsoft and Apple are going to create.

    51. I will bnned after I speak Why

      Worries about the wording Apple uses in its advertising then proceeds to say “balls slow”

    52. Colin Doyle

      m1 ssd wear issue on 16gb? m1 ssd wear issue on 16gb? m1 ssd wear issue on 16gb? m1 ssd wear issue on 16gb?

    53. Lololol lol

      The wallpaper XDDDDDDDD

    54. Lasky Labs

      Apple has been focusing on H.246 since the iPod, they knew it was worth investing in for sure.

    55. Brad Williams

      I was worried about diving in on a first-generation model like this, but I really needed something to use as a dedicated DAW, and the price point was too enticing to pass up (I got the 16GB/512GB model for $1200). I am so freaking glad I did. The lack of expandability is a minor bummer, but the Satechi hub will take care of that for me when (if?) it comes back in-stock. I think I might pull the trigger on a base model for my daughter so she has easy access to iMovie, since I got her a GoPro Hero9 for Christmas and she's interested in video. I'm definitely planning to get a 16" MBP when they release one of those. I'm happy with my 2018 15", but the mini has spoiled me.

    56. PeBoVision

      if a product destroys your expectations, it suggests that you no longer have any expectations in regards to the product (they were, after all, destroyed). Apple SURPASSED your expectations, it did not destroy them. Canada is bilingual. Pick a language.

    57. Friendship Music

      Could y’all get into m1 and Samsung ultra wide? More specifically, 2 m1 compies into 1 uw display with outboard switches or native onboard software solutions? Nobody is talking about this, and some of us are crazy people. Xoxoxo

      1. Friendship Music

        Not just Samsung, sorry, didn’t proofread.

    58. EasternRaven

      iPadOS has M&K support, don't know why they wouldn't just send that to the iPad emulator as a passthru.


      Hello bro I am a 3d artist and dealing with heavy 3d scenes so should I go for a mac mini base model

      1. Hunter Hatcher

        im not too experienced on this, but no. in fact you should probably get a PC and not a mac. mac mini's can't have a dedicated gpu, and the internal graphics cannot handle a 3d workload.

    60. Louis Wilson

      I am imagining someone taking the motherboard and power supply out of a mac mini case and gut an old iMac, and replace it with the mac mini guts.

    61. Syed Tanwir Ahmed

      Why does he look like he is about to cry 😂

    62. Syed Tanwir Ahmed

      Why does linus look so sad doing this video like his dog ate up his favourite shoe 😆

    63. Adam

      🍎 ew

    64. Dr Grom

      Another downside is that usb4 ports will die if updated for some lol Mines at Apple store now hopefully getting replacement tomorrow. Only had it setup for 1 hour...

    65. el kyubi

      2:29 *nada*

    66. Ken m

      It's like PowerPC, remember those days? G3? G4? Now it's gonna be M1, M2. Pretty Soon We will have the Apple M5 "The World's first 128 bit personal computer".

    67. Frodo Baggins

      My wet dream would be the M1 CPU performance per watt coupled with a pair of solid RTX 3090s.

    68. Alejandro

      They should went with amd cpus some custom 3200g or higher this mac mini gpu sucks cant even power decent 240hz displays with those stupid usb ports...hdmi or dp must be entry level on all devices,,

    69. eRisforus

      Remote Desktop on iPad: emulating mouse with touch iPad apps on M1 : emulating touch with mouse What's next? Touching mouse with emulator?

    70. Abdelhak Smara

      You talked about testing Shadowlands but you showed Classic, the two games are 16 years apart.

    71. SkillXtreme

      The war: Team Blue and Team Red Apple: Team White has joined the war

      1. zee упитис

        Well, it's Apple remixing Acorn architecture

    72. Rollie A Murray

      Does Shadow run on it?

    73. Eduardo Domingo G. Dela Cruz

      How did u get there?! mine does not want to install -_- cant play world of warcraft on the go Haha i always had this issue on my macbook

    74. ph am

      ok,a 5600 is kiliing 10900 ,rip intel

    75. Brian Wolf

      What can the user upgrade in it? What can the user repair?

      1. npgoalkeeper _

        The user gets to upgrade nothing. If something breaks, you have to replace the entire board. If you’re worried about that, wait until the next gen, which may have a separate uma tier and replaceable dram tier

    76. Богдан Благовирний

      The quick dimple simplistically employ because record unprecedentedly consider midst a marvelous nancy. furry furtive, dapper criminal

    77. JS255

      Who else watched this at 2x video speed

    78. FlixByYogi

      Real shit tho. My 2014 MacBook Pro (i7 16gb Ram 2gb nvidia and 1.5 gun iris) is chugging on my 4K timelines. Obviously this would be a huge upgrade, but is it worth it now or should I wait for the next gen?

      1. FlixByYogi

        Also not worried about ports or storage I keep my video and photo files on an external SSD anyway. The only time the files are taking up space on the main storage are for the project I’m working on and then I transfer after editing. If anyone had any advice for an upgrade in the Apple ecosystem it’d be very helpful!

      2. FlixByYogi

        I mainly use Final Cut and am just getting into DaVinci. I can’t seem to find any older Apple computers that would fit into my budget besides this new mini that would outperform my older Pro.

    79. David DZ


    80. SeanPerrin

      The irony of USB being called "universal" and then having so many variants and shapes has always irked me.

    81. Katelyn Gerk

      my 2016 MacBook Pro disk space is full what do I do

    82. Marty Poo

      Does the KMS office crack work on Rosetta?

    83. Keeping it simple

      You know it's good when you have gone 9 mins into the video and Linus isnt bashing Apple.

    84. Billy HW

      They are still fully dependent on 3rd party manufacturing though.

    85. SuperSaiyan bread

      U just don't like apple

    86. Minh Tường Nguyễn

      it load so long why

    87. Ethan Bain

      Too small it would have heating issues!

      1. Archie Gee

        It doesn’t as the chip is very efficient

    88. Antonio Ong

      You’re good, i kind of like the way that you’re fishing out the downsides of technology. Granted the title of the other video might be a little rough, but thats why i like it - say it as it is. And yes, i am a Mac user, and as of this writing there are 4 macbooks at home.

    89. Bipity Bopity

      Do people actually buy Apple for gaming though? 😂

      1. Archie Gee

        No, they buy it for getting work done.

    90. Kipper Klank

      Its amazing the masochism and bullshit apple users go through just to do simple shit like every other computer just because they are either too stubborn to use something else or are so far into they ecosystem that they have no hope of digging themselves out. If you keep your customers stupid about the products they use, the more you can take advantage of them. Apple has over 2 trillion dollars net worth for a reason.

    91. NativeBrownboy

      Apple fan boys getting backhand by Linus. LOL

    92. Gabriel Schirmbeck

      the best thing is that Anthony added the several times in the terminal

    93. Gregor Wossilus

      Bueller? Love it! My fav. movie of the eighties! „Dankescheen!“

    94. Lockhome

      This stuff goes way over my head. I just wana know if you like the mini. Too smart for me. Great content tho, I think. Should I buy a 2020 mac mini for music production? Thanks

    95. RGW88

      Can it run KODI ? That's what we need to know.🤪🤔🤪

    96. Purple Orange Peel

      You look good with a beard. Keep it up!

    97. Cameron Greenwood

      If you are like me and use 2 thunderbolt displays don't buy this piece of shit. The new M1 Mac Mini does not support two thunderbolt displays even though it has two thunderbolt ports on the back. I received mine today and have already dropped it off to be returned. It is insane to me that apple exclusively sells Thunderbolt 3 only displays on their site yet their latest rollout doesn't support two monitors is downright absurd.

      1. Archie Gee

        @Cameron Greenwood Don't have to make it personal. I have worked for all the tech I have.

      2. Cameron Greenwood

        @Archie Gee The fact that apple promoted the versatility of Thunderbolt 3, forced everyone to make a change, turned all of their latest computers into dongle city, sold exclusively Thunderbolt 3 monitors, then, in their latest and greatest computer did not support two Thunderbolt 3 monitors, the very thing they spent the last 2-3 years pushing AND the only way you can get a second display is through an HDMI monitor which they do not sell, is absolutely a piece of shit decision on Apple's part. As I said in the literal first sentence "If you are like me... don't buy this." If you have a single monitor set up or use one thunderbolt and one HDMI then good for you, but if you are like me and buy the apple specific devices and pay the apple tax so that way in the future you can upgrade and things will be compatible and you have apple pull this crap you can call it bad and a poor decision by apple. Also, 2 monitors is certainly not niche Archie. I get that it's not a big deal for you since your 13 and your parents pay for everything but when you work and pay for your own products and do your best to future proof a setup only to be screwed by the largest company in the world then you'll understand why this is bad.

      3. Archie Gee

        Most people don’t use 2 monitors…. Just because it doesn’t fit your niche workflow doesn’t make it bad,

    98. Hiram Gonzalez

      I’m a noob at tech. This my first video from Linus. Who is this guy with these many subscribers?

    99. Sumukha Rao

      ASs m1😂😂

    100. Spencer Gibson

      You still did not complain the programs Apple did and see if the speed increase was as Apple stated. Apple always goes to its users real needs. I don’t care about processor specs, it’s all about how much faster can the programs “I” use run.