Apple M1 Mac Review: Time to Recalibrate!

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    The Macbook with M1 chip is... different. Time to think a little different about laptops.
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    Laptop provided by Apple for review.

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    1. SamaAbe

      can we see a review like 4 months later or something? These things cost lots of money and i feel like i need a more in depth review a couple months later after heavy use. But good review thanks!

    2. Javier Reyes

      can’t even run half life 1 (1998)

    3. menotu 000

      I can't wait to see an M1/M2 iMac


      apple is super cool

    5. UrinatingTheCrowd

      Brilliant conclusion my dude

    6. Cattuch Tuch

      m1 chip vs intel core which one is stronger...?

    7. Philip Drew

      I hate this guys mannerisms, such a proud shit.

    8. Steve of Queanbeyan

      Having constant problems with my USB-C external display. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Then there are the numerous crashes. Sometimes I spend a great deal of time just to wake the thing and get the external display going. Enormously frustrating. Wish I waited for the iMac.

    9. Weston .K

      Sooooooo I should buy it?

      1. Siddhartha Timilsina

        @Weston .K oh I see

      2. Weston .K

        @Siddhartha Timilsina I’m gonna wait until Apple has a new announcement or something to see if I should get the air or pro. I’ll most likely get the air

      3. Siddhartha Timilsina

        @Weston .K oh, which one?

      4. Weston .K

        @Siddhartha Timilsina thanks I finnally got a choice on witch MacBook to get

      5. Siddhartha Timilsina

        I would say wait after the apple event on April 20th because they might release the 16in MacBook pro with the mx1 possibly but take it with a grain of sand. if you don't need a MacBook pro and will be fine with the m1 MacBook air go for it. I have it and currently typing this comment and it's great.

    10. Daniel Claggett

      I went from a late 2011 macbook pro mainly using the adobe suite and app development to the M1 MacBook pro spec'ed up. I am very happy with it and I am really excited to see the further expansion of the M1 tech.

    11. Abid Khan

      i think microsoft and intel both will pack up after this lol

    12. Sean Riley

      You’re the best Marquis, so honest and informative, thanks 🙏. Mind made up now.

    13. West West

      Jesus Christ Apple killed it

    14. Frizzophobia

      Marques Brownlee is THE company. His employees is a clone OF Marques.

    15. Preyas Lokhande

      hi there I am your NLname subscriber and I bought MacBook Pro m1 under your guidance and thoughts on it ..but after using for almost one month I am facing an issues regarding the cursor lag what happens is that whenever I restart my Mac the cursor gets frozen at one place.Please guide me to fix this issue

      1. Siddhartha Timilsina

        well, there's a small chance of marques replying but what I would do is keep on looking it up on youtube and see if anyone else is having the same problem. if it's not happening to other people reset your mac. and if that does not fix it take it to apple and since it has been only 1 month, apple might fix it. I have the m1 MacBook air and this hasn't happened to me since I got mine in December.

    16. Floyd Mupedziswa

      Hie guys ive been testing the new covid 19 vaccine for about a week now and so far no side effects at all !

    17. علی ف

      4:42 you said that I charged laptop 100% but on the left side is written that last time charged to 59%

    18. Dsgnr Luke

      i love the intro


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    20. Joel León

      Playing world of Warcraft at max everything I realised the battery isn’t really such a big step up , lasted 1.5 hours hahaha , kinda same as my 2020 MacBook Pro haha

    21. Claude Robbin

      3:29 me watching netflix🤔🤔🤔

    22. Donald Holman

      great review. Thank you.

    23. Maurice Joyner

      My first MacBook Pro, M1 13 inches 8 GB of RAM 256 GB SSD, absolutely love it

    24. Maitreya Kanitkar

      maybe marues just introduced his twin brother spartacus

    25. Anish Pai

      There is a demographic apart from Pro Creators and Moms/Dads. A normal user. A student. A casual but significant user. 90% of the videos on youtube talk about how this is good or bad for creators but in reality 95% of the population does not need the Mac Pros and stuff. For a normal user the Macbook Air/Pro M1 is an amazing buy. Apple for the first time has married specs and price perfectly. This review should have emphazied on that.

    26. Nir Hason

      0:41 I KNEW IT! IT'S FAKE! :P

    27. Mohammad Farhan

      Apple be like: its just the trailer son

    28. Justin Kniesel

      Badass editing on this video

    29. Donnie Baker

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    30. ralph nicolas

      Hi Marque can you please do another review of this i heard there was an update, can you tell us how was it after the update? Hope you read this thanks!!

    31. duiio

      The thing is im still in school and until I am gonna get a mac is probaply in 5 years and I think within 5 years there is gonna be many changes.

    32. Arokia Vijay

      Hey bro! I just bought an 2020 MacBook Pro yesterday and I found an issue. When I shutdown the laptop it’s seems like power off. But when I press any key from keyboard or trackpad the laptop is tiring on. In apple’s website they says it’s a new feature which I never hear about that. Is this a really new feature or it’s a problem in my laptop? Please let me know I am so worrying dude😔😔

      1. Siddhartha Timilsina

        ahh man, that sucks, if you brought it from apple you can probably return it but If you brought it somewhere else they should have a return policy.

    33. Adam Macias

      6:05 You on that Kamikaze too huh? Ahh all is well in the world.

    34. Brian Garcia

      Whats the wallpaper for the Mac

    35. Rodi Mousa

      I've just got macbook pro m1 and i'm very happy with it 😃

    36. ELITE

      Just got an M1 Mac mini, works great so far!

    37. Steve Zissou

      We need to check the numbers again me thinks 🤔 there's foul play amidst he's definitely bias because M1 stands for Marques#1

    38. Mr Semott

      I just buy 1 today.. very fast and the touch bar is amazing.. some more got finger print..

      1. Siddhartha Timilsina

        do you still like the touch bar?

    39. Andrew Eyison

      Greetings. How do you use Rosetta? Was this done through Rosetta? If the app is not compatible on Bigsur/Apple M1 will the app automatically open through Rosetta? Thanks.

    40. Rj Fivecoats

      Will KODI work?

    41. Nick Brunette

      Do I get the 8GB or 16GB RAM?

    42. Mitchell Ashcroft

      I hope you buy a Rivian and make videos about it!

    43. Joshua Plourde

      Nice review, Marques!

    44. Taby's Welt

      Who's the other guy? I think I saw him somewhere...😅😎

    45. Junk

      I wish @Technical Guruji can make videos like you, "i know he cant"

    46. Matt Stiles


    47. novaecstasy


    48. YoYo PROS

      how do you have among us on Mac

    49. Jacky K

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      If apple could double the Battery Life on this this just by changing the processor. Imagine if the iPhones had a 4000 and 5000 mah cells 🔥🙂 This macbook m1 is the way to go already and it's just the 1st Gen product, If my theory was applied on iphones everyone would literally have no reason to buy any other company's phones anymore, I mean a damn Iphone 12 pro max, with a 5000mAh or so, and the eco system, Sign me up already, Apple is the future, and tesla also


        @Ca Ci that's great to hear, it's fine, glad to help you out ❤️

      2. Ca Ci

        @ZAKARIYAE ELIDRISSI-TOUDKI thanks i dont know anything about computer but i learned ram is more important. There is no link dont worry i found a Mac supplier so I Will contact them tomorrow. Thanks for taking your time and answering my questions


        @Ca Ci and that's what I call a wise choice there! By the way the direct link to this version you choose is mentioned above in the first response and it works for europe 👆

      4. Ca Ci

        Sounds great i Think i Will go with below space Grey model. MacBook Air 2020 M1 13.3"" 8C/7C 16GB 256GB SG


        @Ca Ci yes it sounds like a good choice since the reviewers are all excited to get their hands on the 16GB RAM version because this thing not just fast but it flies literally and with the External ssd you'd be unstoppable

    51. Aditi Sah


    52. Jay Mayuga



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    54. Tristan Möller

      I don't know if the review is so incredible because I don't know what he is talking about half the time or because his conclusions make so much sense? Also nice intro btw. .

    55. Tristan Möller

      Steve Jobs wanted Apple to advertise like Nike. Not with stats but with wishes and experiences.

    56. Chris' Journey

      Ok I’ll wait

    57. HeSsA A

      this is so confusing :\ i need to know how much ram this thing have __- im getting interested cause of battery life

    58. Gilberta Eurbin

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    61. adri_n

      Watching this while looking at my HP laptop specifications is very entertaining hahahahaha

    62. Shashank Neelagund

      ಮಸ್ತ್ ವೀಡಿಯೋ ಮಾಡ್ತಿ ಮಾವ .

    63. The Fearless Bros

      I got my MacBook Air 3 months before they upgraded to M1 :(

    64. xxx_hector_xxx

      Drop test

    65. Joe Duffield

      Ay wood wawent Fawetnite, eand Markass Brownlee

    66. T. Jin

      Will this device gonna be my first Mc? 200 likes im getting it!

    67. Dave Fellows

      Thanks for the review. My 6 month old Macbook Pro 16" lasts about 3-4 hours on battery, it's insanely bad! And that's with Turbo Boost disabled when on battery using the "Turbo Boost Switcher" app. It's the worst laptop for battery performance I've ever had by a LOOOOOONG way. Thermal control on it is disastrous as well. I need to use the Turbo Boost Switcher Pro app to disable TB frequently so the fan noise doesn't become too loud for Teams/Zoom meetings!

    68. Osiris

      “Compatability” ? 🙄 @4:11

    69. Blessed Highly Favored 7

      Tight Intro....... I love it....

    70. Indside the Cockpit

      Love start 😄

    71. maxwell nderitu

      Awesome awesome intro

    72. Korrick Green

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    73. JC Denton

      $2000 for the 13 inch Macbook with only 8 gb ram, and a 512 gb ssd....that is such an unbelievable ripoff.. 8 gb of 2021? lmao what? and what is anybody going to do with just 512 gb of storage? It doesnt even have a GPU!!!! Lets compare that with a $2000 MSI GP76 laptop: 16Gb ram 1 TB SSD 17 inch 144hz IPS screen and a 3060 nvidia GPU with 6gb vram... And the MSI gets almost the same Cinebench scores....WITH TWO LESS CORES.... What moron would pay for that Apple dogshit?

      1. NotLxrd

        My guy just called the best laptop in it's price range "Apple dogshit" lmfao

      2. JC Denton

        @LearnToStrafe why not buy a laptop that can do both? Why pay more for a laptop that does less? Plus, tons of work applications benefit from a gpu, it's not just for gaming. but a MacBook doesn't have a gpu ...

      3. LearnToStrafe

        You're using the laptop for work not for gaming 'tard

    74. 정승훈

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    75. Nor Suriani

      Hi Marques. So I’m considering of buying this MacBook Pro M1 for gaming Call of Duty, should I buy it? Is it worth it? 🥺 I hope you can answer this question because by the end of this week, I’m going to the city to buy this but I don’t know if I should buy it or buy another gaming laptop 🙇🏻‍♀️

      1. Nor Suriani

        @GenericAnimeCharacter Thank you so muchhh 🙇🏻‍♀️ save my money a lot! 😆

      2. GenericAnimeCharacter

        dude, don't buy apple for gaming. NEVER. Get an asus ROG laptop, they are beasts

    76. Isabel Pena

      Thank you! I’m a musician and a student and I was using a 2017 MacBook Air and I recently upgraded to the newest MacBook Pro, with all the bells and whistles. To be honest I was very apprehensive at first because of the price, however running programs like ableton 11, midi controller, interface and zoom/work assignments and school assignments i needed a powerful computer with tons of space and after this video it have made me feel a lot better about my purchase.

    77. Aditya Misra

      Hmmmm i think we are gonna surely see efficiency of more than 100 % in coming time , if apple goes in there business like this .

    78. Zeco

      Marques when he’s married: *Okay, so I’ve been testing this wife for a week straight and here are my thoughts*

      1. Amit Budhraja


      2. Inauguración TOKS.


      3. Zeco

        @Tuck Porter 😂😂

      4. Tuck Porter

        Haha! God that's funny! Here's more! - *Marques* *3* *weeks* *into* *their* *Marriage* - _"After I pushed her _*_Cuda_*_ _*_Chip_*_ , her _*_Benchmarks_*_ went thru the roof!"_

    79. francis souza

      Great video, as ever :D

    80. Ben

      The only app I need it Logic Pro so I’m gonna get it

    81. Salt One

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    83. sofia mae

      i used this video to show my dad the pros and cons of this macbook and he bought me one for my birthday!

      1. Ca Ci

        Which one did he buy?

      2. DislexicPotato

        What do you think of it? Is it worth it?

    84. jan galano

      Plus $100 discount for students or teacher’s where I’m from also 😎👌💯

    85. Denis B


    86. Nikolay Radenkov

      At 4:50 it says - "17% / Last charged to 59%"? But you said you've charged it on the first day to a 100%... No accusation, just a bit confused!

    87. BG Memes

      0:00 happy to see MKBHD & Marques Brownlee on same video 😂😂

      1. Harry Banda


      2. Dylan Chace


    88. Doan Phan

      1:11 love this momment

    89. Broderick Cuevas

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    90. Kunal Mandil

      4:54 why do I see that Marques claims that he charged 4 days back to 100% but he actually charged his macbook yesterday itself upto 59%? Or I am interpreting it wrong?

    91. Jay Pandya

      The intro 😍

    92. Butta Luv

      You're so handsome and intelligent

    93. Dude Narima

      1:05 especially when it's the same mind

    94. Ryan Conklin

      I need the battery life so I can keep watching all your review videos.

    95. Fausto Jimenez

      4:50 4 days but it says last charge yesterday, why?

    96. Trey free

      the funniest i litterally just watched that video played at the beginning and done the exact same thing and come here to listen to some real content from marques keep it up :)

    97. Joy Dunlap

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    98. David T Miller

      I would like to suggest that when you do the "twin" discussion that one twin is the mirror image of the other. I think that that was was well done as is.

    99. David T Miller

      6.7 million views. I know why. Great work!

    100. shayan sam

      Can i buy macbook air m1 for programming? 16gb of ram or 8gb of ram for video editing 4k?