Apple MacBook Air M1 Real-World Test (Performance, Battery Test, & Vlog)


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    The new Apple MacBook Air M1 is here and after everyone I know has been bugging me to try it with its new M1 chipset, I gave in and bought one. So let's see how someone not using Apple's programs does in terms of battery life, photo editing, video editing, and more in this M1 MacBook Air real-world test.
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    1. Nick Steuber

      Editing in full resolution only makes sense with a second screen so all that could be way smoother which is a good sign.

    2. Wodjak

      Hello there m8! Nice video :) I'm pretty new to apple world and M1 macbook is my first-time-macbook ever. And I'm wondering... How are you managing you disk space when editing videos, photos etc? I mean- it's ONLY 256 gb of disk in my case. And I say only, because all these years I was using PC with more then 4 TB od overall disks space. So I used to have free space of my disk all the time, so the 30-50 GB recordings were not a problem for me. And now they are :) So are you using iCloud to manage all the materials you're using? Or maybe external drives all the time? What is your secret here? :D

    3. Akram Anjum

      Currently I own 2017 MacBook Pro 15.6 inch with 16 GB ram and 4GB graphic card but for some reason Adobe cc is running slow on it so I am looking to buy MacBook Air M1 with 512 GB SSD, 16 GB Ram, 8 Core CPU and 7 Core GPU. I only us MacBook Pro to use Adobe photoshop, illustrator, Dreamweaver and Final Cut Pro. Do you think MacBook Air can handle it ?

    4. Lord_Ishamael

      I could be wrong, but most of the problems he was having were ram related, not cpu. The lag in photoshop was probably due to both photoshop and Lightroom being open at the same time and he then switched to not only just photoshop but the optimized version. Then later with video editing, that’s very reliant on ram, and with the base model 8gb. It’s not made for his use case at all, of course it would lag behind. I’m sure these results would have been completely different had he gotten the 16gb model.

    5. DesignerSlashGamer Plays

      Premiere Pro is terrible. I’ve used it on PC and Macs. It crashes all the time and it’s extremely poorly optimized. Final cut pro is so much better.

    6. DCM SR

      I believe the Beta highlighted have all been resolved at this date, an Apple MacBook Air 1 with 16gb ram 2 TB of storage which is enough headroom for business applications and portability for todays environment and growth. In the meantime I hope sooner rather than later my ROI can retrieve my beloved kidney that rests at the Alter of Sacrifice. If all else fails I've subbed to the Unlockr lol

    7. Grace Life Ministries

      If you are going to do a fair M1 comparison then you need to use the MacBook Pro version.

    8. Grace Life Ministries

      I am totally rocking luma fusion for iPad on my M1 MacBook Pro and it's amazing!!! Works so freaking fast and powerful I love it!!!

    9. LordAyo 14

      666 k subscribers damn

    10. rick van der vlies

      Thanks for summing up precisely why I dont like muscle cars😂😂😂

    11. Miguel Moleiro

      That razor laptop doesn’t have 8gb of ram thought

    12. Harsh Modi

      Imagine Microsoft builds a laptop with a processor made by Microsoft...

      1. Harsh Modi

        @TheUnlockr sort of..👍🏻

      2. TheUnlockr

        They've done this sort of at least lol -

    13. Purnendu Singh

      My Mac m1 battery lasts for 8-9 hrs....even while watching movies...helpppp

    14. Karma

      M1 is a great buy.. good choice.. waiting for the M2 with 16 core GPU macbook pro

    15. DESTRIAZ 1997

      Me: *watches video to see how good or not good the macbook air is* Also me: *learns how to edit in photoshop*

    16. Tom Pike

      1:32 while your friends have been very impressed with the performance of the new M1 MacBook Air, your workflow is probably more what the computer is actually intended for. I have had my M1 MBA for about 2 days and so far it is my favorite laptop ever.

    17. vemana anne

      What would you recommend MBP M1 8GB or MBP 16GB I5 10th Gen??

    18. AspectOp

      The video tells the power of M1

    19. Max Kaye

      Ok, ppl need to understand that Adobe software isn't even really optimised for Intel (and PC's) either, anyone who uses it would tell you you'd need a beast just to run it smoothly. You know what runs smoothly? EVERY. SINGLE. NON. ADOBE. APP. No, really, I mean today is the worst time to be an Adobe slave, cause not only competitors are superior in many ways (not even talking about predatory subscription model), they're now working better on a 999$ Mac than Adobe suite on $2500 PC. That's ridiculous. I'm afraid Adobe will lose even with optimised apps, as basic controls, tool configurations and usability won't get changed at all. As you can see in the vid, on optimised Photoshop even saturation sluder can't be scrolled smoothly, not to mention actually advanced features that are there, but bare-bones n clunky. Feeling like m1 Macs is the only thing in the universe that'd make Adobe move a muscle with anything.

    20. Miggy Bars

      You've definitely helped me a ton with your info on this man! 🙏🙏🙏 I run Premiere and shoot with a Sony A7iii not the siii so this should handle my footage even better than my current desktop. 😅 I'm going for 16 GB of RAM. Not only is it good for now, but it helps future proof the laptop as well.

    21. Roi Rabinek

      I really thinking and debating if I should get the ipad pro or the M1 I really like the fact that i can have all my apps popping on my screen with the ipad tbh and im using my current desktop computer only for word and google sheets tbh i feel i can do it also on a new iPad.. What are your thoughts?

    22. Jennifer T

      Thanks to Curthburt on telegram I just received mine just now, no delay or pending issue. Welcome home my MacBook 💻 😍

    23. aaron stephenson

      right apple needed it tho :) glad they did it tho.

    24. aaron stephenson

      poeple doin' hardcore of their work on a laptop. lol. weirds.

    25. sour grapes

      every part of this video was everything i wanted and it's just so satisfying

      1. TheUnlockr


    26. eidem live

      when an apple computer doesn't work properly isn't "optimized" and you got Have patience when it happen with others brands it's Bc the computer is trash

    27. Kumar Pulivarthi

      I’m a student, and I’ve decided to buy a laptop 1 - 1.5k. This seems to be my best bet!

    28. Ethan

      I’m watching this on my m1 MacBook Air

    29. Lalo

      Just purchase mine can’t wait to get it

    30. Ambuj Singh

      This guy is doing some actual practical tests by starting with the lowest base model which most people will buy.

    31. Alan Texas

      Bet the M1 ran cooler than the boat anchor hot iron.

    32. matt murdock

      I have the 16 gb of ram as opposed to the 8 in my MBA and it makes a huge difference in performance.

    33. Jake Harvard

      So sad minimum capacity and only outdoor seating!

    34. Kike Rosas

      Just ordered one! It was hard to find a new one in stock for a good price.

    35. Matt Guyette

      That export bug in Photoshop is an intel version bug too, so cant really knock it for that.

      1. TheUnlockr

        It's a beta bug was the point so to get the performance you need you need the beta and just need to be aware there will be bugs is all. I assume it's been fixed since I did this though 🤔

    36. Vladim Friš

      why u are so beautiful ?

    37. Tsetan Tashi

      In an hour and 15 he didn’t finished his coffee lol

    38. Fabian

      I really thought I was viewing the wrong channel when I clicked the video. Unexpected intro haha!

      1. Fabian

        @TheUnlockr good haha!

      2. TheUnlockr

        Unexpected good or unexpected bad? Lol

    39. Regullerr

      what about the speakers on it does it sound clear?

    40. Malachi Blackwood

      What’s the song in the Beginning

    41. Manoj Kale

      Subbed great video 📹👍

      1. TheUnlockr

        Thank you!

    42. Manoj Kale

      Honestly Apple new mack isn't really as good as advertised. Its looks half baked without optimization. On others hand windows laptops are great can use for any task including gaming

    43. Rana Umar

      What is the name and model of your main laptop.

    44. aepwr

      im watching this on one right now :)

    45. cody

      Me for years "You can get better performance with windows for a cheaper cost and Apple is just over-priced garbage" Me now: Owned a iPhone 5c, iPhone 6 and 6s, iPhone X, iPhone 12 Pro, and now am currently ordering a MacBook Air M1 after giving my Dell gaming laptop away due to performance issues. Crazy how that all worked out lmao.

    46. you’llneverknow🤷‍♀️

      But why’d you buy the gold version? First man I’ve seen with gold ... Even I’m a chick in my twenties and went with the silver as it matches more to the aesthetics of both my homes 😝

    47. Caleb Krauter

      I appreciate the video! Anyone...How is it to video edit a whole video with a few chrome tabs open in the background? Using the 8gb ram 256gb ?

    48. S'Life Log

      Would you like do some test for coding. I wanna try this stuff but Idk is it compatible or not

    49. S'Life Log

      That was awesome dude

    50. Ian Pineda

      Most people misunderstand what's great about the "unified memory" If your CPU has an integrated GPU, it already has to share the system memory with the CPU. The great thing is that it's on the SOC, and that allows both the CPU and GPU to have very fast memory speeds.

    51. David DZ


    52. John Ventura

      Has premiere pro ever been optimized? I have hopes of Davinci working well with this system but I’m glad I already edit on final cut almost exclusively.

    53. The Stumys

      I've wanted a MacBook for years and finally pulled the trigger on the M1 Air this last weekend. Since 16gb was a month and a half out, and some research I decided to just get the 8gb version (with 512gb ssd). I use it for light FCP editing and some LR and PS. I've been extremely impressed so far. It feels weird editing 4k footage and exporting out of Lightroom on a computer with just 8gb of ram when my main PC is running at 32. Needless to say, sometimes it's nice to edit a vid real quick on the couch on the little MacBook Air. No regrets here!

    54. books quotes

      Which razor laptop u have ? Link it

    55. Hans Wurst

      Time and time again it puzzles me: How the heck is MS office, Adobe and Google so popular with not good to really bad Apps.... unintuitive, bloated, inefficient.... HOW...🤷‍♂️ And that goes for PC and Mac Versions... they are just not good, mediocre at best...

    56. Icyrene

      Are the macs used in this video 8gb only

    57. Shawn Thornton

      I find it odd that you are one of the only people on NLname having issues. This should have been calling, "review for video editors"....

    58. Alex Ron

      How is the gold colour? I've just ordered one, but I am worried it is more of a pinkish colour?!

    59. Digital Infotainment

      Finally a real life honest review..

    60. Breyer Horse Studios

      I noticed that the video you edited was a whole hour long so naturally, it is going to not be as fast as it could've been with a shorter clip.

    61. laury Rodriguez

      I’m hoping the leaks are true 🥲 I’ll buy the second gen M1 MacBook Pro. If not true then I’ll cave and buy this. Thanks for the video!

    62. mahdi solif

      most of my work is just coding and presenting and reading and no photo/video editing, so I bought a pro one with 8 gigabytes ram, just about 15 minutes ago... now after watching your video, I'm really happy with my new laptop

      1. TheUnlockr

        So glad I could help!

    63. Quearra Angela

      I want to buy this because my pc is not performing well anymore but I'M BROKE🤧

    64. SoHo

      Why does everyone hate bigsur?

    65. Charles Netzler

      Damn, it really struggled with 4:2:2 at 1/8th. Was that 4k 120 All-i? I feel like everyone else's benchmarks scores are bullshit haha the razor blade outperformed the m1.

    66. The Beauty Scientist

      watching this on my MacBook Air m1 8core CPU and GPU in 512gb

    67. enregistreur

      Just a comment about the thumbnail: With that picture, pose, way to hold the Mac, expression, and location, my first thought was it would be a drop test from a building roof.

      1. Ana Lutsenko

        S A M E

    68. TheCEODon

      Also kinda of suprising that the Mac Mini is almost half the cost and runs significantly better than the 7 core MBAM1 - Can someone say 288wh power pack and a mobile secondary monitor? Wireless Bluetooth mouse and keyboard and Bam mobile workstation that will literally last for days

    69. TheCEODon

      I did the same test with the same spec fo MBAM1 and final cut pro and it blew through 4k RED footage like butter.

    70. Gunny Coulson

      The MacBook did An amazing job even though it wasn’t a fair comparison.

    71. BombDaBass2000

      the stupid Chrome M1 optimized browser with its keystone google updater drained my sleeping M1 air.. so I jumped to the Chromium based M1 optimized version of the Brave browser..voila..better battery life. Safari would be the best..but.. I don't like that browser..

    72. Porash S

      Does Lightroom work in M1 , im a photographer ?

    73. B3A5T 125

      First day of using the M1 Macbook Pro. Charged to 100%. Used up about 80% of the battery from small tasks, chrome browsing :/

      1. Matthew Vlossak

        Chrome seems to kill the battery life significantly in comparison to Safari.

    74. Tommy Peterson

      Awesome video dude. Subscribed 👍

    75. Akshay

      Loki unboxing air m1 😎

    76. Justin's Cinema


    77. Justin's Cinema


    78. Justin's Cinema

    79. Miao

      I like your videos. And have watched a ton on the M1s since release; but to date, not one of them has shown me how an M1 handles a big, sorry huge Word file -- my iMac has just struggled with a 6300 page file -- it didn't crash, unlike my water-cooled Windows 3700X Ryzen, but it got gaspy there for about 3 minutes. So, back on point, all the videos show us how WOW they are at doing video editing; but they nevvvvver touch big docs -- so any good, cos that's pretty real for lots of us -- just like the need for vertical-biased screens, but I digress...

    80. Abhishek Kapadia


    81. First Last

      My bank account is crying after purchasing this

      1. Ax El

        Used the apple card so its a little different

    82. Mohd yaqub Khan

      I am little confused whether I should go for MacBook Air or Pro, I am research scholar. Please suggest me. Maximum I can go for Pro 512 gb

    83. Logan Brown

      Again with the masks outside....what the trash

    84. Logan Brown

      Take your masks off outdoors you idiots. Takes so much away from the video...peopled don't want to see this in videos, and its not necessary...

    85. T Thomas

      Finalllyyyyyyyy. An excellent review of a avg consumer user in layman’s terms!!!!!!!!!! Thank you. Definitely subscribing

    86. Héctor Orestes

      about the M1 ram for the GPU, it would be faster since it is HBM instead of GDDR6X (used in rtx3000 series)

    87. Clint Dominic Damasco

      Thanks for the vid! Very informative. :)

    88. Chris Gwynne

      What camera do you VLOG with? looks great!

    89. Yin Yang

      Do you have to upgrade your particular software for this mac book for free or extra expenses?

    90. Liz Goldstein

      What city are we in? Portland? Something west coast, eh? 😄 Anyway, it reminded me of that, but if it’s east coast, by all means, let me know. By the way, I just ordered myself one - thanks for convincing me, but it was worth the damn money. 🐒

      1. TheUnlockr

        Glad I could help! And I'm in NYC

    91. Liz Goldstein

      I like the fact that you’re also advertising wearing masks at the same time despite having no choice. But it’s good you included this in the video ✊🏻🙂

    92. Julius LaVaughn Stone Jr.

      he was clearly taking this picture in new haven on the quad in front of the library @theunlockr am i right ?

      1. Julius LaVaughn Stone Jr.

        @TheUnlockr no the one of you editing where you were standing on yales campus

      2. TheUnlockr

        What picture? The thumbnail? It was take in NYC in front of an Apple store

    93. elKerni

      Apple just invented the Notebook/Laptop new. It is amazing how they changed everything. It is like Tesla and the eMobiles. In the end, no is going to be able to perform better. Apple can stick to this chip for the next 3 years and nothing would change. Shame Intel Shame Microsoft Shame who ever feels offended

    94. Amanda

      Excellent video & review, thanks! I’ve the same MacBook too, same colour, but the 512gb version. I just love it! Fast & snappy with amazing battery life. Stay safe over there. Best wishes from Australia. 🇦🇺😁✌️

      1. TheUnlockr

        Thank you! You too!

    95. Jan Kowalski

      Why all MacBook reviews depend on video editing programs?? It seems to me unrealistic scenario for most of people trying to buy such laptop...

      1. Ax El

        If your a casual user with web browsing, video watching, document writing then base model is more than good enough anyways. They use video editting as a way to push the m1 performance

      2. Milo Klassen

        Probably because people who make the reviews are editors themselves, so it matters to them, and video editing programs are some of the most taxing programs out there (if a computer can run one, it can run a lot of things).

    96. Nicholas Chan

      Nice video... Thanks... Mine is arriving on Monday.... *gleee

    97. Kon Twins

      how about heating or not ?? i just want to know , it is ok with heat ??

    98. S K

      I run Windows/Chrome, but my wife has the new Macbook Air M1 , and it is the single "best" laptop out there.

    99. it's just me

      watching on my macbook M1 right now

    100. Kaelan Gerhardt

      Thanks so much!!! My M1 Mac book pro with 16gb of ram will be here in just under 2 weeks, and I am sooooo excited!!!