are you okay?

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    This animated short film project of the Barbara Sinatra Children's Center Foundation was produced in collaboration with Wonder Media and the Joshua Center at the University of Washington. Directed by Ryan Cannon.

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    1. Maryjane Patton

      I didnt see the title for a while so i thought it was a tma animation

    2. Crazy Mort

      Is it Gabe's childhood?

    3. Skarbero Gaming

      God damn that’s a talented animator or team you have :)

    4. Daniel Foodist Man

      That redditor desreved it LMAOOO 😂😂😂😂

    5. bobsgrills

      sow you are saying if i help some one who gets bullyd all my frends will turn on me and hate me lol bad message no one will leave all off ther frends for some one they have never been whit

    6. Rainier Fajardo Production

      "If everyone do wrong, you,who already know the truth and right, should do good" - Jesus Christ

      1. Carlos Ramirez

        And what should be done exactly, wise guy?

    7. Rainier Fajardo Production

      "I learn that listening to criticism of people who can't understand you is wrong,And I regret doing that" - MDickie

      1. Carlos Ramirez

        Do you even play his games or did you google quotes and copy and pasted them here

    8. Rainier Fajardo Production

      "If your hate can be converted to light,It can lighten the world" - Nikola Tesla

    9. Rainier Fajardo Production

      "Smile at your haters - they hate it" - Taylor Swift

      1. Carlos Ramirez

        Really kid? This quote isn't event relevant to bullying

    10. Moez Ben miled

      1:16 How could the boy be in jam while the phone's camera is picturing him clean Update: oh I get it

    11. The Georgian Tourist Traveler

      Why the hell is there awindow in the counselor room anyway?

    12. The Georgian Tourist Traveler

      Bruh why does she look exactly like someone I know

    13. Lana Smith

      Sometimes I think it's just easier to answer, "are you ok?," with an, "I'm fine", because I feel that if I say how I feel, I'll come off as rude, or with all my pent up anger I'll say something hurtful, or that nobody wants to hear what I was saying anymore because I'm being dramatic. There are times where I'm ignored a lot, and I try to use my time to study, crochet, and help out, but when I'm just doing nothing for a few seconds, it feels like that's all I'm wanted/needed for. But that's just me.

    14. momo xhienie

      I always wonder why people bully others. Whatever their reasons are, it's not an excuse to hurt others who haven't done anything bad to you.

    15. Vitmar Tobby

      Life is like that, bit the bullet, drink the poison, what doesnt kill you will make you stronger

    16. Leon Kuwata’s Goatee

      wish my dad was like that, n not the negative toxic donkey that makes me panic

    17. Miley Haddock

      Ms. San Dieago is that you?🤨

    18. Briana Romero

      no am not i have so many things in mine and am sick a little bit

    19. swiftwars 21

      End of video: are you okay? Me: *cries* no…

    20. Logan Foss

      We must stop bullying before it spreads like a tremor

    21. ShOrT s

      Pretty good

    22. Никита Вронский

      It`s very kind, thanks for creating with love! And it`s very beautifull Очень добрая, красивая короткометражка, спасибо вам!

    23. Abdul Malik


    24. Bryanna Uchiha

      It's sad about how true this is 😰

    25. laifa Mohammed

      Good thing i live in an Islamic country wich bullying is considered a heresy You keep making useless videos that actually increase bullying and racism you liberals capitalists hahahahaha

    26. 𝕱𝖚𝖏𝖔𝖘𝖍𝖎_𝕼𝖚𝖊𝖊𝖓_𝕵𝖔𝖏𝖔👑

      Personally I cried at this story I know exactly how they feel I just think if only someone had asked me this question earlier would I end up like this or better

      1. Carlos Ramirez

        And why aren't you "better" ?

    27. Mike Basil

      Thank you for all these vitally important videos to help in raising our awareness.

    28. Francisco Herrera

      Can’t believe some people think being a bully is cool.

    29. kadi kanurii

      its so cute and say more than 1000 words

    30. Peachyu_

      The one who is bullying you, is probably going through the same feeling you are going through too and feeling down

      1. Carlos Ramirez

        Just punch them

    31. Den A

      Yes, i'm but you not -_- headshot

    32. Den A

      Loser, are you okay ? ................. Aaaaaa!!! Where am i. It's just nightmares.

    33. Nobody

      Just three words can make us feel better.

    34. Ghala vlogs


    35. FerretDoodleThings

      I would downright kill them Also what is goop

    36. XxsimplyMyaXx :3

      I just realise the purple stuff it is something like sadness or doubt or something like that

    37. Ample Dimension

      idk why bully still exist... it's so primitive. Bullies are the dumbest animal in universe omg... this is why peaple advice you to ignore them... cause they're not rational being, they just stopped evolving for centuries.. if i was a bullie... "i'd kill myself!" ... disgusting

    38. İrem Güralp

      Maaan this is amaziing i always want to help this kind of peoples because i know this is hard for them.

    39. dmn3k

      the funny thing is that you're the only one to ask them if they're okay, not the other way around


      Hey guys ARE YOU OKAY!????

    41. Le demon lady

      Dude I had so much tears building up watching this 😭

    42. Susan


      1. Alan Frank


      2. DuD3x


    43. Marinara Ruiz Esparza

      If you’re reading this show it to your school principal. Afterwards they will show it to all the school. Easy single steps can make a whole difference.

      1. Carlos Ramirez

        True but kids these days only communicate by the screen and fear even looking someone in the eyes

    44. dolly dollz

      That guy with dirty jacket remind me of the boy in ice cream 2 8 Guess?

    45. poop poop


    46. Poppy Powea

      I cried help

    47. Brandon Joseph

      Woah cool Daniel bowler is in this vid

    48. Melyann Richard

      this is very very true i hope this bully dies 😢 i always draw about me thank you make me happy 😔❤️💌

      1. Melyann Richard

        who despises me my question god tests our patience through beasts 🤣🤣

    49. Zepeto Eula

      1:32 the woman looks like mulan Am I the only one who sees it?

    50. علي عفيفي علي عفيفي

      Wow ,👏

    51. CarrotAge24

      Like how her dad just said, "You can just block em." That is easily the WORST bit of "advise" ever. Obviously you wont hve to hear them but that doesnt change the fact that they are bullying you. o-o

    52. Thomas the Cursed

      Her: "why do the quiet ones get picked on?" Me: bet he even ordered an ak-47

    53. Crafty Carol's Music and Arts

      Aw…. So wholesome

    54. DogeOS

      No not really, but some people just never are ok.

    55. reva_dat_girl

      please tell me i am not the only one sobbing so hard

    56. ÆM

      I really like how they used the purple goo as a metaphor for being overwhelmed with stress that could led to them to drown in that stress which is obviously suicide

    57. Star ✨ M 2.0

      What a beautiful animation it sends a wonderful message.

    58. worm juice

      who wastes pizza and throw it at someone they dont like while recording it like bruh makes no sense

    59. Imortals

      we have learned a valuable lesson from this: never trust someone called lizard797

      1. Imortals

        @Carlos Ramirez this comment?

      2. Carlos Ramirez

        Everyone is laughing at this😐

    60. • CHERRY PINK •

      If you have bad comments the most probably thing is you get addicted to them

    61. Vinayak K

      **kids getting bullied** Teachers: "I'll just pretend I never saw that"

    62. ••

      No one does this irl

    63. Mia

      Can someone give me a nickname? My name is Mia.

    64. koumi

      "we take bullying very seriously" nice joke!!

    65. Tim Maia


      1. Фиолетовая Юнминерка

        I can't i'm crying

    66. Rose

      Cyber bullying is STIGMA* on internet!!

    67. Amy Libb

      I really like that this was created and I might’ve cried, But Something that I find that doesn’t happen a lot is that nobody really takes bullying seriously And I hope that sooner in the future they will

    68. A Concha

      There's always that one good person who helps you get through the day

    69. Tolga K

      It was hard to watch the overweight kid, because i was once bullied because of the same reason when i was younger But karma made my old bullies now fat and jobless and they look down when they walk in my direction But the demons of the past are still in me and sometimes i just want to go on a moutain and scream all the anger from the past out

    70. why the hell not


    71. Archimedes3283

      oh shit i got cyber bullied again

    72. froggy_rae

      I frickin love this beautifull I say

    73. Cluny Bertrand

      Jesus Christ love you

    74. emmanuel nambou

      This movies gave hope ! That one Day... Things will be OK ! If you're abuse at school, tell to teacher or other adults. Don't shut up !!

    75. اللهم صل على محمد وعلى آل محمد

      it's a really good Good job 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

    76. Finka Lirl

      I’m not

    77. Амаля

      No. I'am not okay.

    78. 𝖒𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖘𝖆

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    79. Jarrod Clayton


    80. Nathan Caldwell

      Bullying is toxic in any form. Words alone hurt more than any blade.

    81. enu Ka

      Legend says the jelly is still stuck in her

    82. DonutWolfie OMG

      I first thought they where covered in Jam

    83. Andy Lu

      estuvo} muy bonita la animación, pero no entendí lo de la baba morada, por que?

    84. Intoxillectual


    85. Eterix

      4:34 “Better to come in the sink, than to sink in the come…”

    86. Dornan


    87. MR nicopro

      At the end both fall in love.

    88. Ramo Six

      are you okey?

    89. волчонок

      Хей! Ребят, буллинг это, конечно, плохо. Но на это нужно смотреть адекватно. В плане, если над вами издеваются или стебуться, то вы можете проигнорировать таких людей или вы можете не воспринимать их в серьез. А знаете почему? Потому что люди, которые так поступают с вами сами боятся показать себя настоящего. Так что улыбнитесь ради себя и никогда не сомневайтесь в себе! Вы - чудо!

    90. Vidhit Sharma

      I straight up just punch them in the face fr

    91. autokumaaru


    92. Gloopa

      I was watching an animation and it teleported me to this

    93. jesse ferret

      Excuse me? But why tf is this the best animation ive seen ever? You had better be qualified to animate such 🔥

    94. 《Softpaw66》

      This should be a series on Netflix.. I’d watch it.

    95. HisThoryk 2

      Bing: Take AK, ok?

      1. HisThoryk 2

        ​@Ricky Childs Well US still have school shootings so I guess it works xD

      2. Ricky Childs

        Well I mean... it works?

    96. HisThoryk 2

      Annie, are you okay?