Ariana Grande - 34+35 Remix (feat. Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion) (Official Video)

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    The official “34+35 Remix” music video by Ariana Grande feat. Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion. Listen & download here:
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    Production Company - freenjoy - @freenjoy
    Director - Stefan Kohli - @photokohli
    Executive Producer - Nathan Scherrer - @freenjoy
    Executive Producer - Tara Sheree - @tarasheree
    Producer - Aiden Magarian - @aidenmagarian
    1st AD - Kenny Taylor - @kennetharnoldtaylor
    Director of Photography - Gus Bendinelli - @gbendinelli
    Gaffer - Jihan Casquejo - @geehanski
    Key Grip - Joanna Nguyen - @jtngu
    Production Designer - Tyler Evans - @rtylerevans
    Editor - Nick Rondeau - @nickrondeau
    Colorist - Jill Bogdanowicz at CO3 - @jill.bogdanowicz
    Finishing - Company 3 - @company_3
    Shot on Kodak

    Official “34+35 Remix” Lyrics:
    You might think I'm crazy
    The way I've been cravin'
    If I put it quite plainly
    Just gimme them babies
    So, what you doing tonight?
    Better say, "doin' you right" (yeah)
    Watchin' movies, but we ain't seen a thing tonight (yeah)
    I don't wanna keep you up (you up)
    But show me, can you keep it up? (It up)
    'Cause then I'll have to keep you up
    Shit, maybe I'ma keep you up, boy
    I've been drinking coffee (I've been drinking coffee)
    And I've been eating healthy (and I've been eating healthy)
    Know I keep it squeaky, yeah (know I keep it squeaky)
    Saving up my energy (yeah, yeah, saving up my energy)
    Can you stay up all night?
    Fuck me 'til the daylight
    34, 35 (yeah, yeah, yeah, yеah)
    Can you stay up all night? (All night)
    Fuck me 'til the daylight
    34, 35 (yеah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
    Can we stay up all night fuck a jet lag
    You bring your fine ass and over night bag
    Add up the numbers or get behind that
    Play and rewind that
    Listen you’ll find that
    I want that six nine without Tekashi
    And I want your body
    And I make it obvious
    Wake up the neighbors
    We got an audience
    They hear the clapping
    But we not applauding ’em
    Six o’clock and I’m crushing
    Then it get to Seven o’clock now he want it
    When it hit eight o clock we said fuck it
    Forget your girl, pretend that I’m her
    Come make the cat purr
    Come make my back hurt aye
    Making that squirt
    And rain and shower and spray
    Now that’s perfect baby
    We don’t sleep enough but imma keep you up
    If you could keep it up
    Can you stay up all night?
    Fuck me 'til the daylight
    34, 35 (yeah, yeah, yeah, yеah)
    Can you stay up all night? (All night)
    Fuck me 'til the daylight
    34, 35 (yеah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
    Rock you like a baby
    But you know I’m bout to keep you up
    Welcome to my channel and
    Today I’m bout to teach you sum
    I can make you pop legs up like a can can
    Wake the neighbors up
    Make it sound like the band playing
    Bitch, let me get cute
    He’s about to come through
    I’ve been in the shower for about a whole hour
    He finna act a dog in it
    So he get the bald kitty
    Netflix or Hulu baby you choose
    I’m up like Starbucks
    3 pumps ooh
    This pussy good for ya health call it super food
    When I’m by myself DIY like its NLname
    Bad bad bitch
    All the boys wanna spank me left him on read
    Girlfriend need to thank me
    Make his toes point
    Ballerina no tutu
    Baby im the best
    I don’t know what the rest do
    Dive in the water like a private island
    34 35 we can 69 it
    And I been a bad girl
    But this pussy on the good list
    I hope that you ain't tired
    We ain't stoppin’ ‘til I finish
    Can you stay up all night?
    Fuck me 'til the daylight
    34, 35 (yeah, yeah, yeah, yеah)
    Can you stay up all night? (Do you know what that means?)
    Fuck me 'til the daylight (Do you know what that means?)
    34, 35 (yеah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
    It means I wanna 69 with you aww shit
    Math class
    They know what’s good

    #ArianaGrande #DojaCat #MeganTheeStallion #3435Remix

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    1. Valoo’s booty

      I love to see how confident she’s gotten

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    4. Iodice Fabio

      The psychedelic price climatologically sip because spider terminally sip in a selfish wall. exultant, venomous capital

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    6. Rocuma Cumenator

      Ari's superpower is Greed, so she has all of them, appropriately. Doja's superpower is turning people into jewelry that shows that person's ranking. Megan's superpower is summoning a glass blizzard.

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      2014: *Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj* 2019: *Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey* 2020: *Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson* 2021: *Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion*

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