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    1. Daniel Chang

      America: Flex with Lambo and Ferrari's UK: Flex with electric scooters and motorcycles

    2. Lauretta

      he just so good ong i love his vibes and personality

    3. Sam _S

      Seems like a right annoying twat 🤣

    4. 先輩カイロ

      Ayo. Bigup the manifestation fam!

    5. Koekedoosje

      Spoiled kids with cash

    6. Adesuyi Muyiwa

      Straight banger 💥💥💥

    7. Franz Lopre

      sono gay

    8. Binex

      thats fireeeeeeee

    9. Qt Kr1s †

      Bro energy is high up the roof


      The best thing he says is MOORE

    11. Robert Geraghty

      I swear, I absolutely hate this piece of trash “song” down to my core, everything from the beat, his voice, might have liked it if not for tiktok, delete it for good, in the bin

      1. Robert Geraghty

        @Octify ok

      2. Octify

        ​@Robert Geraghty nah

      3. Robert Geraghty

        @Octify yeah and that’s my opinion so have a feel for mine eh?

      4. Octify

        its an opinion stop being so negative and have a feel for other peoples opinions

    12. Ovie Onoro

      worst rap video yet but ig we all have our opinions

    13. Eddy Brito

      He should do a callab with central cee

    14. Yxng_ Mulla

      My man got adeola

    15. Ekene Emenike

      Not yall not recognizing Adeola in his

    16. Ali Al-Hadithi

      If you want a shower go to 0:19 🚿

    17. TheGameChanger

      Not his best track but at least he's enjoying it! Also, he needs to ditch jis mates in videos. They always look so awkward behind him like they don't know what to do.

    18. BUDA DAWG

      Watched this like 3 times i cant stop xD

    19. Ryan Goff

      STRAIGHT 🔥

    20. Retarded Snail

      LMAO aitch.

    21. Rayden

      this is how many people come here every day 👇

    22. Eren Yeager

      I just wanted some more Oliver Twist


      But sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh to this flipping song


      This tune is lit fam but if he got more we wouldn’t have it

    25. Octify

      Aitch on crack

      1. Story Time With Tom

        Im glad i clicked on "Sort by newest comments"

    26. KIMSOMID

      I did an American reaction to this!! I love it! I’m not familiar with UK MUSIC AT ALL 😅… Go watch it!! I’m doing a lot more UK reactions! This was 🔥🔥

    27. Jemma Barlas

      I want to see this kid keep winning 😭💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

    28. asher_musakanyaHD

      when you finally get body out of your head then this banger comes out

    29. ourky

      *coughs industry plant coughs* WHAT? 😳

    30. RiMzY 07

      Iss the beat fi me 🥱🥶🥶❤️❤️❤️

    31. Emmanuel Aniamaka

      The beat tho

    32. Navii Anjum

      Classical drill 🔥🔥💯

    33. mivvsa

      imagine them all being 50 and married and watching this video

    34. Orlinda Bujaj


    35. Blue Harcup

      Ardee getting more views than Bryson tiller DJ khaled Lil baby and roddy rich 😂😂😂

    36. Alex Butcher_11

      Brighton and hove gang were u at

    37. Samia

      Adeooolaaa I see youuuu


      A whole lotta scripted bars,deep thoughts in this write up,ardee's pen game is top notch 🔥🔥🔥🔥


      Manifested this now I'm succeeding,Ive read the secrets I know the meaning🔥🔥🔥

    40. David Onisei

      0:41 best edit ever

    41. Ronit Rai

      Besteht song

    42. Lura

      all this dripppp

    43. toxic voidz-_- clan

      This song so good

    44. Laro Don Music

      Oliver Twist



    46. Zarxy

      This why he's known as harDee

    47. Zarxy


    48. NejT

      Arrdee is the most britìsh looking guy ever

    49. Mystey Boss

      This is another LVL

    50. Polarbear.666

      Everything about this is a masterpiece

    51. PoohKiie

      Saw a glimpse now im hooked 😁

    52. PoohKiie

      Anyone else here from a glimpse of this song in a NLname ad?

    53. m May


    54. Atif Khan

      Bro 😂😂😂 they pulling wheelies on scooters

    55. Lord Xeno

      Why does this guy look 10 and 21 at the same time

    56. robc1x777

      Uk rap is so underrated

    57. paul scotting

      What bollllllllloxs

    58. Raymond Thangkhiew

      I literally had an ad for this song before I watched it

    59. mini_rickochate

      I have nostalgi

    60. Brocam Rio11

      Hard g🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    61. doubz 96

      really good

    62. Newvibe ace -Topic

      Thank you so much for signing me my song is blowing up now

    63. erasmus21

      My g has dababys personality

    64. Peris Wanjiku

      Just wondering if he still gets brain when he smokes cigarette

    65. Angelo Adriaensens

      Who is the grill? instagram pls

    66. Itz DragonX

      Those transitions though 🔥🔥🔥

    67. AH BOIII

      shush body made ur career

    68. no name

      yeah but the girl in 0:40

    69. Casimir Libbach

      he gives me holland/ireland vibes haha

    70. Giorgio Vanno

      What flow? Arrdee:yes

    71. Laura Meskovic

      Bockt nullll

    72. K3NZ1E

      Aint miss


      those beats are sick

    74. Youtube_hayden

      I love the way he raps but much more his personality

    75. K S

      Adeola patrone ❤️

    76. Kangaroo ZYZZ


    77. Username 666

      #3 on trending sheeeshhhhh

    78. Amber Coxhill

      ❤️❤️❤️ such a smart concept

    79. XD_ bchnn

      Next polo g

    80. Who Are you

      How old is this guy? Fire song

    81. eli VII

      This guy is a flow genius. He know what he doing frfr 🔥

    82. TroopFN

      Oliver caught in 4 K 📸 Lmao

    83. LALShortShot

      I need a collab with centrel cee please

    84. PO1SON CL4N

      I just wanted sum more Oliver twist

    85. natasha onyango


    86. Rob Bragg

      This is so bad

    87. Jayden Powell


    88. Ashray Selani

      Dude’s Twisted.😂😂🧨🧨


      Lol this bgm is copied

    90. kxng Nyrie

      His Vybz tho

    91. Freeloading Rusty

      Delivery fed ex facts

    92. Francis Henshaw

      Can't get this symphony off my head .. Some juju fr.. Hard banger

    93. Ihtisham Hussain

      At points his voice sounds like if you played someone’s voice in reverse

    94. 502Armed &Loaded

      I just wanted some mooooreeeee