Belgium - The Netherlands (oranjeleeuwinnen) || International friendly || 18-02-2021 || FIRST HALF

Daantje Donk

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    1. Richard ter Veen

      Waarom zijn bij jou de volksliederen van de tegenstanders niet te horen Daantje Donk?

    2. noodlepdx

      Thanks for posting! I really appreciate being able to watch this game. I have much less appreciation for whomever decided to put these two sets of jerseys on the field simultaneously. I mean, holy crap are they tough to differentiate at a distance. Is it just me? I imagine it would be nearly impossible for people with certain types of colorblindness.

    3. Tommy Thompson

      Thank you and hello from the States

    4. Kierke Filmagens

      Thaaaaaanks! Watching from Brazil! You always save the day cause without this i could never watch Netherlands playing friendly or Qualifying games 🙌

      1. ch282

        why live in brazil?

    5. Danny Bourne

      Hartelijk bedankt!


      Vivianne Medima is the best!

    7. Catharine

      Thanks a lot! Can you upload Spain vs Azerbaijan, please?

      1. Catharine

        @SaraxAdam I've been searching a lot for this match since yesterday! Can you share the link please? I couldn't find it.

      2. SaraxAdam

        It's up somewhere! Modify your search in the settings for videos >20 minutes, that should help. & congrats to Hermoso!! (:

    8. Fredrik Olofsson

      Thank you for posting //Greetings from Sweden 🏆💯

    9. mikaela marie


    10. Naorem Bidyalaxmi

      New subscriber here... thanks for posting ❤️ 👍

    11. A N

      Thank you!

    12. Richard Ernsberger

      Thank you! The Dutch looked rusty in the first half--certainly not on their A game, which is understandable given all the craziness of recent months. The Dutch players who play for Arsenal have played only two matches in the last 2 months. And The Netherlands still has a fullback problem. Jansen will start at left outside back come the Olympics, which will be a good thing.

      1. jack morgan

        @Richard ter Veen Against the USA there was not only a fullback problem, but a whole team problem.

      2. jack morgan

        Thank god Dekker is not in the team anymore. As a defender absolutely useless. Only walks along with the opponent, doesn't really intervene at all. Nouwen will prove to be such a better choice.

      3. Richard ter Veen

        No fullback problem at all, there are more than enough options

    13. Ramona cleotilde vargas

      Gracias ppr subir lo mejor del partido por aca no se ve nada ni siquiera cundo juegan las chicas Argentina una lastima😡⚽️❤🇦🇷

    14. Ramona cleotilde vargas

      Y aca hai equipo!!! Holanda es tremenda.te pinta la cara no le importa si es amistoso 🤭ganan por goleada y le pintan la cara a culquiera!!!!ojala en algun momento se le de un mundial!❤⚽️🇦🇷

    15. danilopeppoloni

      Thanks for posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. Twice Mamamoo Blackpink Exid

      Thank you

    17. Chipmunksé 4

      thanks for posting 👌