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    Breaking Bad is a show filled with layered symbolism. Even the color of someone's shirt is loaded with hidden meaning. But did you know that the show is secretly about creator Vince Gillgan's religious faith? Gilligan was raised Catholic, and his beliefs permeate every corner of the show.

    The characters' names, the inversion of scripture, and even methylamine have a direct symbolic relationship to Biblical events.

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    Written by Ryan Arey and Jose Santana
    Hosted by Ryan Arey ( ryanarey )
    Edited by Antonio Polito

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    1. ScreenCrush

      Anything you'd like to add?

      1. Jes McPherson

        Love it! But I feel that (besides SOA) LOST had a more religious ending, but it was also more obvious.

      2. TheUltimate1337ful

        You missed how Walt framed his confession in a way that absolved Skyler of her involvement in his empire

      3. Chair View

        @Mayank Bhaskar Jesse was a meth head whos parents disowned him more than once and loved his brother more than him, what do you mean? lol he was already cooking his special meth with chilli powder when walt found him, while he was being busted at a grow op. what?

      4. Mayank Bhaskar

        i truly dont understand why people like jesse, he had a perfect life with his family and chose to destroy it all

      5. Chair View


    2. DeadlyLazer

      Never thought in 2021 I would learn something new about Breaking Bad

    3. Chair View

      was Jesus a methhead too? I remember when Jesus said "follow me, bitch"

    4. Freddy McTickles

      I really liked this, makes me want to rewatch the series.

    5. Deez Nuts • 23 years ago

      The ultra Christmas meth cooking show

    6. dAeve Fellows

      I feel like any simplification via the use shallow religious symbolism (those designed exclusively to enslave human minds and exterminate intelligence) is pretty limited and banal.

    7. J C


    8. The Brandolorian

      I heard you mention Chuck Klosterman and my first thought was Coco Puffs.

    9. TomK.

      Please, please, please... don't try to talk about the trinity. You'll get it wrong. It is like the people of Flatland trying to understand the make-up of the human who enters their world. If time is the fourth dimension, God exists in a fifth dimension in which The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit are three distinct persons but still One God. "God from God. Light from Light. True God from True God. Begotten, not made." This is actually one of the evidences of Christianity. If only the material world exists and creatures existing in one dimension can't conceive of existence of higher dimensions, how did material mind come up with such non-material concepts? If we exist in only a material world and can only experience existence in three dimensions, how are we able to conceive of the possibility of four and five and even eleven or more dimensions? And, most importantly, why would we need to? Why would the thought ever enter our head? My dog knows nothing of the future? Why do I? He knows nothing of death. Why do I? Wouldn't my life be better if the thought of my mortality and it's implications for me never came up? Happiness would sure be easier! I'd better stop now cuz, as The Preacher says in Ecclesiastes, "There's no end to thinking."

    10. TomK.

      "Acolyte" simply means Vince Gilligan was an altar boy. Some altar boys take it seriously, making it a part of their identity. But, more often than not, it's just something they do because it makes their mother happy, lets them look cool and important in front of their friends and neighbors, standing up there on the altar, wearing those medieval robes, sort of, helping the priest transubstantiate the bread and wine into the Body of Christ. Neighborhood cool. But take that cassock and surplus off and they're just like any other 10-18 year old boy going through puberty and adolescence. You know...nasty. Obnoxious. Rebellious. Normal. That said, there's no doubt that as a writer Gilligan would draw on that knowledge and mythology to add depth to Walter's character. So says a former Senior Knight Commander of the Knights of the Altar ( Boy, does that bring back memories!)

    11. J ateabug

      Ryan is just too damn good at these analysis videos. Almost as if he was sent here by a higher power to explain things to us. And thus, The Church of Ryanism began...

    12. john barry

      youtube has so many commercials.

    13. Captain Fahim

      Now I need more videos like this. Keep it up, Ryan!

    14. ClayZi Bly

      Baptism doesn’t clean you of sins. Just an outward expression for an inward change. word just means to dunk under water! No works gets you saved! For by grace alone you have been saved. And trust in Jesus is the only way!

      1. ClayZi Bly

        But well done and come on missed a your mom joke with Mary somewhere in there lol

      2. ClayZi Bly

        Also no such thing as purgatory in the Bible....

    15. Kumar Sheath

      I know this show is called "Breaking Bad" but honestly I never really thought Walt was that bad of a dude. We've seen a lot worse.

      1. TheJRMproductions

        He wasn’t exactly a model citizen

    16. nick lewis

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    17. nick lewis

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    18. Chawla 112

      That's why Breaking bad is my favorite show of all time

    19. Z B

      Finally someone does a video on this..iv had a theory like this for years. Not just the last season. In the first season when they dissolve the body in acid. They cut back to Walt talking about the missing ingredient to a person being the "soul". The one that stuck out to me the most is the plane crash. The episode after the crash opens with news anchors saying "167" people died in the crash. They focus on this number multiple times. Look up what 167 means..."The number 167 signifies using your creativity, inner wisdom and adaptability to find new ways to materially provide for yourself and your family." Which is exactly what Walt does. Theyre are a ton more I'm not gunna list but rewatch the series with this in mind. It's pretty mind blowing. P.S. I'm not religious, so I don't think I'm trying to shoe horn this theory in!

    20. Abhyansh Sinha

      I 1st time finished watching breaking bad yesterday and guess what I get recommended...(BTW the show rocks I mean minerals)

    21. Lifes a Wild Ride

      Lucifer translates to falling star. Not the name of the devil. And he didnt fall from grace, he took the payout to help his struggling family so his intentions from the start were noble

    22. Jerry Siano

      Those three (Walter, Jessie and Mike) are the inversion the holy trinity. Every thing you’re pointing out in the show is an inversion of the Bible. Killing a bunch of people with a machine gun is a virtuous deed?

    23. Anastasia Falling

      Excellent :)

    24. Mmm Burritos

      Good work! Lots to think about!

    25. El Be

      A video explaining new breaking bad symbolism... from screen crush :o And it's 20 minutes :0

    26. Rick Clark

      I would like to point out that agnostic comes from the Greek word gnōsis which means knowledge but when you put 'a' in front of it it means without, or without knowledge. In other words, you are a dummy. 😁 I am just joking here. I am fully aware of the idea of Agnosticism.

      1. TheDream64

        Actually true. "Without knowledge" of the origin of life and its meaning.

    27. Chad Cognac

      Great video. Thx

    28. JeFFy CeAsE

      Brilliant video...and kudos to you for the smooth transition into the sponsor

    29. Nate Johnson

      I don’t think you know anything about God, the Bible or Christianity...

    30. JohnLaw3742

      It WAS Mephisto all along!!!

    31. Nuggy Gaming

      all of this was beautiful

    32. Jub Jub

      Well researched and beautifully put together. Great job! A+

    33. Lost Pawn

      In my best Taneleer Tivan impression- “MAGNIFICENT! MAGNIFICENT! MAGNIFICENT!!!”

    34. Andy Lee

      wow!!! i love this channel

    35. darthbuzz - Richard Loughlin

      But where is my mum?

    36. Luis Zapata

      wow man... you really know how to analyse series, awesome!

    37. ted rohe

      Great video!

    38. Mason McQuaig

      Has anyone ever told you how much you look like the dude who played God in supernatural

    39. Cat Jab

      This breakdown was fantastic! This and the use of colors in the show make me want to rewatch it. What are everyone's favorite episodes? Ozymandias is mine.

    40. Scott Baietti

      I was down with a lot of what you were saying until you compared skinny pete to St. Peter. That was a stretch.

    41. Film On The Eyes

      It’s also implied that Gus is the true Jesus. He says to Walt, I hide in plain sight. Walt pleads with him for Wisdom. Jesse says, when at Gus’s personal medical facility, Jesus...He thought of everything. He also allows Walt, an antichrist, to enter his house with his version of Jesus and bring the flies into the ointment so to speak. Also, his demand for perfection and loyalty is constant.

    42. Ace Balthazar

      Great video!

    43. russ smith

      Why are we dismissing this illuminati Dick Tracey VHS Box so quickly?

    44. danstrator


    45. Thommy

      Spot on.

    46. Yseson _

      Thumbs up just for the Illuminati Duck Tracy VHS

    47. Shadow Dancer

      Damn it…. Now I have to watch Breaking Bad again with new eyes.

    48. yensid


    49. Christopher Davis


    50. dfailsthemost

      Yeah, he was just non-specifically praying. Like "please don't let me embarrass myself" in Hot Rod.

    51. Atharva Deshpande

      Ryan is out of line, but he's Right 😅

    52. Srmatrong

      I’m currently sitting in a hospital chair carrying my brand new baby boy and he got to watch half of this video with me before falling asleep in my arms. Thank you for your soothing voice Ryan, you put my baby Malachi to sleep

      1. Julian Anthony

        @Noah Reyna maaaan I don’t give a fuck keisha!!

      2. Noah Reyna

        @Julian Anthony yeah ok. That version of the name is spelled differently but sure…

      3. Julian Anthony

        @Noah Reyna to you. To me Malachi is the leader of the children of the cornfield. Can we stop now? This back and forth isn’t nearly as interesting as it could be.

      4. Noah Reyna

        @Julian Anthony I don’t know what you mean because Malachi is the name of a prophet in the Bible. The name means “my messenger”

      5. Julian Anthony

        @Noah Reyna lol naaaaah pimp. That baby had his chances of being possessed by a demon at least 7%.

    53. Andys Videos/Bungle Boy Videos

      Great video, you're making me feel the need to rewatch

    54. anKniteOwl

      Walt tempted Jesse with food? Nope.

    55. Jonathan Blanco

      Nice vid.....great insights!


      Man can you do some breakdown for Lalo Salamanca ?


      I Wish if Walt or Jesse appear in Better Call Saul Season 6 .

    58. AryDG

      I love this type of essays!! This one is so good! Thank you!!

    59. Mr Austin

      As if I needed another reason for BB being the best show ever! Great job as always Ryan!

    60. Anatole David

      Well hm… Mayhew IS NOT EVEN A FRENCH WORLD !!

    61. To Dang Tall

      Not in the last season, but there's the list he made in season one when contemplating the killing of Domingo aka Crazy Eight. He lists Judeo-Christian values as a reason not to go through with it. This being one of Walt's first murders, marks a real moral turning point for him.

    62. slb

      Walter WHITE. Jesse PINKman. SKYler

    63. David Russell

      You are amazing at your craft! This blew my mind but it makes perfect sense! Thank you!

    64. torontoclarinetist

      Thank you for this, Ryan!

    65. Luis Guerra

      I see Hank discovering Walt is Heisenberg as some sort of divine intervention: he finds out at a point where Walt has retired from his drug empire, and wants to spend his remaining days happily with his family. But Vince Gilligan believes in karma, after all, meaning Walt has to pay for his sins. The problem is Walt is always one step ahead, covering his tracks, never caught by the authorities nor brought to justice. The way I see it, some divine force uses Walt's biggest weakness against him: his pride. He leaves the book Gale gave him in his bathroom, in plain sight, where anyone can read it, because he doesn't think someone would read it; so Hank is sent to the bathroom, to read that book, because Walt has to face justice someway or another, and if Hank hadn't picked up that book at all, Walt would've never payed for his sins.

      1. Greg Basore

        It shows how fallible Walt is, despite his efforts to cover his tracks. He doesn't even care about the book, which was a gift from a man he loathed and despised. He put it in the bathroom, as potentially frivolous reading material, or in a worst case scenario as back up toilet paper if he ever ran out of the regular stuff on taco night. Just as he's ready to let go of his criminal lifestyle and walk away, Walt is undone by an act of negligence born of contempt that he didn't even remember.

    66. Sionistic

      The keys that drop from the visor have a "Just for Today" keychain. Just for Today is part of the 12 steps of recovery in Narcotics Anonymous. It's a sort of prayer that just for today thoughts will be on recovery without drugs, faith in others, following a program, getting better perspectives through the program and living without fear. The angle of the car shot shows the keys coming from above down to Walt, as a sort of divine intervention when he prays for God to get him out of there.

      1. Greg Basore

        It also means that Walt stole a car from someone who was likely a believer in a higher power, who's path brought him and his car to a place where it needed to be.

    67. Mo L

      Jesse is English for jesus

    68. aferna Codes

      hi doug

    69. Vince B

      holy trilogy? God isnt a movie saga

    70. SSamuel

      That's it. Just a week more for Loki , then we'll get theories & breakdown episodes.

    71. JMillz666

      These BB breakdowns are so phenomenal. Thank you Ryan & crew for all your hard work! 🙌🖤

    72. Ioannhs Charalambous

      I am complete

    73. Christopher Rocco

      Omg, you have a sponsor for your video you don't need 10 commercials throughout your video to try and get us to buy crap that we don't want and just annoys us and makes us not want to watch the rest of your video

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    74. Darth Clueless I have to watch again 😂

    75. Victoria McCauley

      I mean... writers are called "creators" for a reason.

    76. Ham Dinger

      I missed the video store. Very cool

    77. David Buck

      When Walt is caught, he walks over in the Christ cross pose.

      1. Srivathson sam ✪

        Just like Gus fring walked out when his enemy sniping on him

      2. ThatDCMendezGuy

        @Saad Asif when he’s handcuffed by hank

      3. Saad Asif

        What scene are you talking about? I can't remember

    78. Vic Anthony Vizcarra

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    79. Marse Kingsberry

      Wow!!! Thank you for sharing this. As if this show wasn’t already good enough! 🙏🏽☺️❤️

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    81. novic hader

      I love you bro but Duolingo is for free. Así es como aprendí español

    82. Koray

      I watched Breaking Bad 6 times, I never thought of that... I might need to rewatch it

    83. OhMyGulay

      Wow this video came out almost a decade late

    84. Adam Afandi

      TIGHT, TIGHT, TIGHT, YEAH!! Featurette, clip, breakdown, whatever man. Just keep bringing me that!

      1. B1- EWGF

        This is a slept on reference

    85. David Buck

      I love finding Christian themes/values in secular shows. Only thing is that Water doesn’t wash away sins, it’s the belief that Jesus died for our sins and asking Him to come into our lives in relationship. Jesus is the living water that washes away our sins. But overall, great job guys.

    86. LOL: WILD RIFT aldebaran gameplay

      Still finding secrets to this day!? This is how you make a show bruh

    87. Márton Tinkovay

      Breaking bad has the most symbolism I have ever seen in a series.

      1. Greg Basore

        If you ever want another good crime series with lots of symbolism, the comic/graphic novel series 100 Bullets by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso is a good one.

    88. Official Bruce Wayne

      Theories are just that bullshit

    89. Jp Stinnett

      "Jesse, what the fuck are you talking about?"

    90. Eoghan Fenton

      I’m at season 3 episode one in Breaking Bad

      1. ScreenCrush

        Then don't watch this video yet.