Bucky Brooks ranks the top 5 quarterbacks in this draft class | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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    Trevor Lawrence has been the consensus No. 1 overall pick in this draft for the past several years, but there’s a loaded QB class behind him. Mac Jones, Trey Lance, Zach Wilson, and Justin Fields have all been mentioned as the 2nd signal-caller off the board in different mock drafts, and some speculate that one of those QBs could end up having a better career than Lawrence. Bucky Brooks joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss this QB draft class and where they rank.

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    About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
    UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

    Bucky Brooks ranks the top 5 quarterbacks in this draft class | NFL | UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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    1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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      1. bidensucs bigdickskalmadrinkscum

        trey lance is Cardale Jones 2.0 bust

      2. Kurt Cobain

        1. Trey Lance 2. Justin Fields 3. Mac Jones Niners will select the 2-time DUI Guy. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    2. YoungboyXaj

      Fields literally threw 40 TDs and 3 INTS in 2019 you really think he wouldn’t do the same thing if not more than what Trey Lance did at NDSU. And I like Trey Lance but Skip’s argument about protecting the football doesn’t look at everything.

    3. Bori

      Mac Jones is a bust

    4. YAUNST

      Mac Jones will be a bust. He was surrounded by the best o-line, best WR and the best RB.

    5. Supa Stackman

      Shad khan, and Urban if you read this pls get Justin Fields.

    6. Supa Stackman

      Dont forget the Lamar Clone on the Ravens as the 3rd QB. Go Lamar get that super bowl this season.

    7. Supa Stackman

      Bucky shucky is on that stuff again. He's programmed right about now.

    8. SuperJohn12354

      Just for all the negative comments or if you were thinking of leaving one know this , Bucky is an X NFL player , that is also an X scout and now is a real draft Analyst (not once a year he does it all year) , Bucky does a podcast with Daniel Jeremiah, called move the sticks, they do a segment called 360 where they interview all the top QB's and other players in the draft, there extremely connected and have been doing this for years, they interview and meet coaches of the College teams and NFL teams as well. Bucky might not always be right , but know his words have more weight to them when the draft comes than Shannon's or Skips. Oh and btw Bucky was in the Ravens Draft room.

    9. Goat Edwards

      Justin fields , Trevor , trey lance , Wilson

    10. DAZO 3030

      If Bucky had the awesome overrated hair of Kiper and McShay...he would be the draft guru 🤣😂🤣😂..all about the hair in the media

    11. Nick Sibilla

      The Jets aren't taking Justin Fields cause The Jets are the damn Jets. I want them to take him so badly but know they wont.

    12. Quan Loves Gaming

      This should be a lesson. If this guy is an analyst any one of us can be one as well

    13. Anderson Anderson

      Let's say Kyle Shanahan isn't the coach after 3 years. Would Mac Jones still be the Qb if they draft him?No! But if Lance or Fields where drafted i believe they would stay. Therefore they will be his the choices. But watch out for Zac if jets pass!

    14. Dimitry Thomas

      I don’t think this dude did any film breakdown on these guys

      1. SuperJohn12354

        @Dimitry Thomas Your stupid comment was he did no film study on these guys, i just linked you a podcast where he talks to there coaches , to the players and where they break down there games

      2. Dimitry Thomas

        @SuperJohn12354 I do. The same guy who said the Ravens should draft a Qb and let Lamar walk in free agency. Who doesn’t really make any insightful comments on these QBs in this video. Bet you thought you were being clever. Congrats for playing yourself for defending this dude

      3. SuperJohn12354

        lol pretty stupid comment if you knew who he was

    15. Joshua Warren

      He’s been wrong year after year with the QBs, why have him on.

    16. javier book shadows contributor du

      134th comment

    17. GregH

      Trevor Lawrence needs to bulk up. He will get crunched if he tries to run.

    18. Lyric X

      I don't trust this group at all. I hope I'm wrong but even with Trevor Lawrence I've seen him and his team suck against the top college teams. I don't look at all college games so my assessment could be unfair but I've seen him in the playoffs and he looked average at best at times.

    19. Eric Carr

      I’m glad Fields isn’t going to the Jets. QB’s go there to die


      I love the way Bucky breaks these topics down....facts over feelings with this man

    21. Galileo Ortiz Monasterio

      Bucky Brooks QB rankins since 2017💀💀💀 2017 1. Deshaun Watson 2. DeShone Kizer 3. Mitchell Trubisky 4. Patrick Mahomes 5. Davis Webb 2018 1. Josh Rosen 2. Sam Darnold 3. Baker Mayfield 4. Lamar Jackson 5. Josh Allen 2019 1. Dwayne Haskins 2. Kyler Murray 3. Drew Lock 4. Daniel Jones 5. Ryan Finley 2020 1. Tua Tagovailo 2. Joe Burrow 3. Justin Herbert 4. Jordan Love 5. Jalen Hurts I’ll just leave it there

    22. MrBezl

      Bucky is a good tv scout guy and I respect his rankings EXCEPT for the QB. He has no idea what he’s talking about year after year

    23. Michael Jensen

      I'm not really sure about why there has to be a debate - because the media wants it? The only "debate" that matters is within the walls of those teams who are picking. You can debate all you want in the media, on message boards, etc. and get your own consensus. The reality is the 49ers were on Zach Wilson early, even sent scouts to his game against Boise St., where he was quite dominant. Who was on the 49ers then? Saleh and more importantly - LaFleur...and if the Jets were to pick a diff't QB, no doubt the 49ers would pick Wilson (I wish this is what would happen & really think they traded up thinking they would have a shot at Wilson). That being said...I don't know why the media is freaking out about Fields slipping...people can analyze QBs differently to fit their system, just because they like another QB more, doesn't mean they hate you. In the end, Fields will get an opportunity to play, he'll most likely have a chip on his shoulder and succeed. That's all the matters in the end, and where he is drafted will be an afterthought. Relax people (media)...OMG Fields might go 8-10 instead of 2nd or 3rd!!! Just ask Mahomes, Lamar, Brady, Rodgers...

    24. Dapperdon76

      Yea Buckey, "Speak for yourself" would like to see him more on this show.

    25. Ten Two Sports

      Trevor Lawrence = More accurate Wentz Justin Fields = Dak w stronger arm Trey Lance = Daniel Jones who ends up in better team/situation the Mac Daddy = Alex Smith

      1. Kregslee

        Justin Fields runs a 4.43, Dak runs a 4.8....that is a bad comparison.

      2. IHVH

        Teevor Lawrence = Jay Cutler

      3. IHVH

        Trey Lance = Prime Cam with more arm talent.

    26. AJ Lawrence

      Qbs are getting so good now. In 6 years every team will have a top qb

      1. Jesse Smith

        They are so good the 6th round pick from 1950 still wins the superbowl every other year over them 🤣

    27. Lucas S

      6:20 is really dumb. Herbert's haters were MUCH worse than Fields'. Even Fields' worst haters still have a Round 1 grade on him. Brett Kollmann left him out of Round One and that clown from "The QB School" had him as QB8.

    28. Lucas S

      The only acceptable Tiers are: Tier 1 (Lawrence and Wilson), Tier 2 (Fields and Jones), and Tier 3 (Lance)

    29. Calvin Calvin

      This guy’s a clown

    30. Nostalgia Corner

      People are sleeping on Mac Jones. Smartest qb in the draft

      1. Nostalgia Corner

        @sharif s yup

      2. sharif s

        @Nostalgia Corner its over for the league jones to pats niners will regret this

      3. Kregslee

        @Connor Sullivan No he didn't. He got a 1350 SAT and a 3.9 GPA. There is no way Harvard is sending him academic scholarships.

      4. DTS

        A lot of smart QBs stand on the sideline watching the starter play lmao. That’s gonna be Jones within 4 years.

      5. Nostalgia Corner

        @sharif s Yes

    31. Monsuta Man

      Probably Justin Mond Trask Feleipe Newman In no particular order.

    32. sirsaracenknight

      With the #2 overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft, the New York Jets select... Najee Harris 😱😭🤣

    33. Texan Football Houston

      Great show guys

    34. Texan Football Houston

      Ain't nothing like a peanut butter banana sandwich

    35. Darius Graham

      This dude bucky voice is annoying asf

    36. oscar uvalle

      What if the jets take fields?

    37. Shawn Erickstad

      Justin Fields also had a top talent loaded team around him to help make him look good as did Mac Jones. Trey Lance from North Dakota State will be steal of draft

      1. DTS

        Fields makes plays that wow people. Jones does not. That’s the difference.

      2. Mitchell Ajieroh

        You do know North Dakota State is usually the most dominant program in the FCS right?

    38. MR J

      Bucky shouldn't be allowed on tv right now. We ain't forgot about that lamr take

    39. Tjay D

      They finally brought a good guest on here

    40. Daniel

      This is why Chris Simms is always right and THE BEST Qb guru

    41. hue her

      Ain't this the dude that said TOM BRADY IS A SYSTEM QB. Lol

      1. hue her

        @Kregslee if you are ok being call average in everything you do and have, then I guess so. Lol

      2. Kregslee

        Tom Brady is a system QB. I don't know why everyone thinks being a system QB is an insult.

    42. Dubrea Sanders

      Jones give them no chance to have the better qb in their division. Could end up being a downgrade from Jimmy g. If your offense is so good get talent and give them a year to learn it than go from there. don't let you "system pick a guy that will never be able to carry you when you need and we all know that time will come just to be disappointed.

    43. Kurt Cobain

      Mac is a 2nd round prospect at best and my 49ers mortgaged their future to take him at 3rd. Skip and Greeny are saying TREY LANCE. But my Niners won't listen and will draft another underachieving white QB like Kirk Cousins is.

      1. Bean Team 2

        Kirk cousins is pretty good🤷🏽‍♂️

    44. Noah

      I see Trey Lance being a Prime Colin Kapernick in Kyles system

    45. Kurt Cobain

      High character off the field is important. You want your QB to take their profession seriously. To be great. I wanted Deshaun but now question his character. My Niners must draft Trey Lance but they won't. I hate you, Kyle Shanahan.

    46. Kurt Cobain

      Reason why I like Trey Lance is I believe he has the highest ceiling. He isn't turnover-prone. He looks Hawaiian/Samoan even though he's half black & white. And he seems like a really great kid. Very Christian.

    47. rpc

      Bucky is always downplaying Mac Jones. Just on tape alone, you could not rationally rank Justin Fields above Mac Jones. Mark my words, Mac Jone's is going to be a Franchise QB in the NFL.

      1. DTS

        @rpc his film is nothing but 5 yard passes being taken 60 yards to the endzone. That’s all it is.

      2. rpc

        @DTS Obviously you don't know how to watch film

      3. DTS

        @rpc dude no he isn’t lol. He’s not impressive at all.

      4. rpc

        @reynarain Ok....We'll revisit this for sure.

      5. reynarain

        @rpc Mac Jones is a 2nd rd back up dude. Fields best qb in the draft. Time will tell

    48. Zach Lyons

      This guy said it perfectly. Mac Jones isn’t it. He’s a Kirk Cousins and in our division we need something different. I’d go with Lance. Lance or Fields. And let them make plays with YAC Bros. It’s a rap

      1. Kregslee

        You guys would be lucky to have a Kirk Cousins.

    49. Kevin Smith

      And this is why seahawks fire Bucky Brooks lmaooooo what a trash scout he is and this guy want to be GM in NFL with this trash takes hahaha

    50. Shiestyer Yt

      This one of the best classes so far in a while

      1. Bean Team 2

        @IHVH ion see et man

      2. IHVH

        @Bean Team 2 Cutler 2.0

      3. Bean Team 2

        @IHVH well his lack of drive def is concerning, but he’s as talented as anyone

      4. IHVH

        @Bean Team 2 especially trevor

      5. Bean Team 2

        @Calvin Calvin even Trevor?

    51. Kurt Cobain

      Jets should draft Justin Fields. They won't. Will draft Mormon Trubrisky instead. Niners should draft Justin or Trey Lance since we are a running team. But we won't. We'll draft the most immobile QB of the draft. 🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. Kregslee

        He's not the most immobile QB by a long shot.

    52. Truzz Prod.

      Get of Mac Jones sack shannon 😂

    53. Mac P

      i dont trust most analysts when it comes to QBs, bc one thing thats critical to a QB's success is reading defenses and understanding coverages and most analysts dont understand that. although mahomes and farve are the few successful qbs that did not / or yet learn on how to read coverages

    54. True Son

      I just came here to say Bucky is stupid!

    55. Machine6996

      Finally, couldn’t sleep without knowing Bucky Brooks top 5 QBs this draft 😫😂

      1. Daddy Truthy


      2. Aplestamatos2

        facts bruh Bucky is my favorite 🤣

    56. Westcoaststyling

      Jameis Winston (pk 1, 2015) Marcus Mariota (pk 2, 2015) Jared Goff (pk 1, 2016) Carson Wentz (pk 2, 2016) Mitch Trubisky (pk 2, 2017) Patrick Mahomes (pk 10, 2017) Baker Mayfield (pk 1, 2018) Sam Darnold (pk 3, 2018) Josh Allen (pk 7, 2018) Kyler Murray (pk 1, 2019)

      1. Killeen Menace 254

        What does one do with this information

    57. Mac P

      i agree with brooks

    58. Kurt Cobain

      1. Trey Lance 2. Justin Fields 3. Mac Jones Niners will select the 2-time DUI Guy. 🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. Ricardo Martinez

        wtf? hahahah

    59. Daryl D.

      Bucky slammed the brakes on Shannon's Mac Jones hype train 😂

      1. Keith Murphy The Unbeaten

        He did 😂😂

    60. salva segarra

      I think Mac is far better than Lance right now, potential could be a different conversation, but Lance has played half the games Mac has, he is so inexperienced.

      1. Nostalgia Corner

        @BENJAMIN HAWKIN 😂😂 true


        @Nostalgia Corner it doesn't matter brady also went 6th round ! You don't move up in the draft to draft mac jones 🤣

      3. Nostalgia Corner

        @BENJAMIN HAWKIN Both of those not as important as decision making. Look at Tom Brady

      4. Mook DaVillan

        @salva segarra ... his decision making gave him a DUI also!

      5. salva segarra

        @BENJAMIN HAWKIN but that's a small part of what the quaterback job is about, Mac's decision making is impeccable

    61. Luan Pham

      Justin Herbert and more ? That’s disrespectful ! When all you do is doubt ! 50/50 of these QB will choke .. even Trevor..

    62. LeeTravius Mckay

      Lamar Jackson: 37 starts 30-7 as a starter won two division titles, a former MVP, 2x pro bowler 62 tds passing, 65% completion percentage, 2,300 yds rushing the past two seasons. And he said the Ravens should move on??

      1. Kevin Smith

        @SuperJohn12354 is an ex scout because he got fire for being trash and even he said he want to be a GM but he is so Bad that nobody give a job even as scout LMAO

      2. Jonathan Rodriguez

        but 3 points against the bills the same bills mahomes torch next week

      3. SuperJohn12354

        @Calvin Calvin Bucky is an X NFL player , that is also an X scout and now is a real draft Analyst (not once a year he does it all year) , Bucky does a podcast with Daniel Jeremiah, called move the sticks, they do a segment called 360 where they interview all the top QB's and other players in the draft, there extremely connected and have been doing this for years, they interview and meet coaches of the College teams and NFL teams as well. Bucky might not always be right , but know his words have more weight to them when the draft comes than Shannon's or Skips. Oh and btw Bucky was in the Ravens Draft room.

      4. Calvin Calvin

        Buck Brooks is a clown

      5. Kevin Smith

        And all of that without a top tier WR's

    63. JJ Edwards

      Do skip and Shannon not respect this guy? The way skip looks and says “you want to go?” And Shannon brushes it off 😂 it was like which one of us is about to tear him up first?

      1. jflow 1992

        Skip has said previously that he respects Bucky Brooks’ work. I think Shannon probably thinks he’s an idiot after what he said the Ravens should do with Lamar lmao

    64. Simply Sauce

      Pushrods x

    65. 876Presto

      I love how Kyle Trask is getting no love in this draft when I think he’s better than Wilson and Trey Lance. I don’t care about how nice you are in a pro day . The film shows! Trask was literally the run away heisman winner until the Lsu loss which he lost by 3 without his best player in Kyle Pitts. I hope the saints or Pittsburgh get him

      1. Zachary


    66. Kim Farrison

      Bucky was funny when he said Mac Jones is Tony Starks and Alabama was his suit

      1. Kim Farrison

        @salva segarra that was dumb a take the Ravens thing but the Alabama Mac Jones comment a lot of people think that like most

      2. salva segarra

        That's a dumb take, like when he said this week that the Ravens might trade up to draft a qb

      3. Cryptum404

        That’s just using a small mindset

    67. KingJordan

      1. Wilson 2. Lawrence 3. Jones 4. Fields 5. Lance



    68. Michelle Diaferio

      1. Lawrence 2. Wilson 3. Lance/Fields 4. Lance/Fields 5. Jones Lawrence was obviously the most successful in college, a 30-2 record is unbelievable. Talent wise, he's probably the best too, but Wilson and Lance can make cases. Fields is the sleeper here. He doesn't have a lot of hype, maybe it's because of the history of Ohio St qb's. Jones is probably the most accurate. I believe he had the most accurate completion% for 1 season of any college qb ever. All 5 are good.

      1. Devin James

        Thank you people are just trying to look for negatives and nitpick Lawrence and fields, but it’s clear they are the 2 bests qbs and Wilson got a lot of talent with his upside.

    69. Mocha_ChakalakaKhan

      I feel like teams r devaluing Justin fields so they don't have to give up much draft compensation to any of those top teams so they can get him in the middle of the draft

    70. LeeTravius Mckay

      How can a journey man who was in the league for 4 years tell a hall of famer how good they are?

      1. IHVH

        and tua

      2. IHVH

        @Justin King he also a darnold fan

      3. Justin King

        Because the hall of famer thinks Mac Jones is the greatest QB of All Time

    71. LeeTravius Mckay

      Shannon telling him he wrong to his face is priceless lmao

      1. Jude


    72. LeeTravius Mckay

      Bucky: "Ravens should take a QB" Shannon: "you're not just wrong, you're stupid"

      1. ricetoss18

        @SuperJohn12354 look at the reply to ur comment u got owned

      2. ricetoss18

        @ARSSJ u destroyed him😂

      3. ARSSJ

        @SuperJohn12354 I'm gonna show you Brooks' 2018 draft rankings 1)Rosen 2) Darnold 3) Mayfield 4)Allen 5) Jackson That's stupidity at its finest. No wonder why he wants fields to replace lamar. It's because he doesn't want to be proven wrong.

      4. SuperJohn12354

        Bucky is an X NFL player , that is also an X scout and now is a real draft Analyst , does a podcast with daniel jeremiah,, called move the sticks, they do a segment called 360 where they interview all the top QB's and other players, there extremely connected and have been doing this for years. No saying hes always right, but his words have more weight when it comes to the draft than Skip or shannon.

      5. Kamrul Hassan

        Shannon is a gem🤣🤣🤣

    73. Jahmair Stewart

      As a 49ers fan I’m disappointed were considering Mac Jones with the #3 pick because i think it’s the classic Mitchel Trubisky case. We over traded for a player that would’ve been there @ 12. He’s not worth 3 first round picks too me, and that’s what he cost.

      1. Mark Sarvey

        What I've been saying also, I think they traded up to get away from Jones after his Pro Day. Should be Fields or Lance if he's trying to expand.

      2. Arnabi Arnab

        Mac Jones and McCarron are the exact same people

      3. Phoneybeetlemaniacxs

        As a pats fan i knew what Jimmy g was before we got rid of him backup and bellicheck better thank whatever he prays too mr Kraft saw the wood for the trees

      4. Phoneybeetlemaniacxs

        You had Jimmy g you are getting a healthy version of him in Mac Jones

    74. BigGates

      I miss Gruden Camp.. I swear watching that tells you allot about these QBs

      1. Carter Hindle

        @RebornKingz Facts, Dak is really good. I hope he continues to do well.

      2. Xhoven

        Spider 2 Y Banana

      3. Chris Tucker

        ESPN should hire Peyton Manning to do that.

      4. RebornKingz

        Facts it told me how good Dak could be

      5. BigGates

        @erik puka shiiidddd.. when I heard Johnny talk football it don’t hit for me..

    75. LeeTravius Mckay

      Lamar Jackson is a f*cking dawg! We've never seen nothing like him, get him a few receivers first! They act like he can't throw a lick

      1. ARSSJ

        @Kregslee Bro, he literally won 3 superbowls with edelman as his wr1.

      2. Kregslee

        @ARSSJ How did Brady prove he can carry a team? When did that happen?

      3. ARSSJ

        @Ronnie Pratt Yeah, forgot about Wilson. Mahomes unlike Rodgers or Brady hasn't proven that he can carry a team.

      4. Ronnie Pratt

        @ARSSJ you forgot about Wilson and Mahomey!

      5. tigera6

        @Pablo Torres Its not easy to add elite weapons around Lamar because he is going to make 40+mil in 2 years. Meanwhile Ravens still pay top dollars for their defense, with each CB making like 15mil/year. Unless the Ravens can hit big on the draft and replace expensive players with young talent on the defense, they are stuck at getting Lamar the help he needs.

    76. LeeTravius Mckay

      Bucky Brooks lost all credibility when he said the Ravens should get rid of Lamar Jackson 😂

      1. SuperJohn12354

        Bucky is an X NFL player , that is also an X scout and now is a real draft Analyst , does a podcast with daniel jeremiah, called move the sticks, they do a segment called 360 where they interview all the top QB's and other players, there extremely connected and have been doing this for years, they actually been in the draft rooms, guess who used to be in the Ravens Draft room, yeah Bucky.

      2. nochtis

        not really what he said, he said they should take a QB to have a backup to avoid paying lamar 2 years from now

      3. Mitchell Ajieroh

        @Harrell Williams dude deleted his comment real quick 😂

      4. RebornKingz

        @timossi1 Then yo brain needs to be tested and put in a museum somewhere because if you not sold on that you’ll never be sold on anything. Lamar is still basically a young Qb. He has tons of room to grow and he’s already a mvp talent with basically two years starting at the position. And I’m saying this as someone who isn’t a fan of the Ravens or Lamar in general. He’s that good

      5. Harrell Williams

        @Killeen Menace 254 you sound slow asf comparing lamar too tebow 😆

    77. Andrew A

      LEBRON > MJ

      1. Kregslee

        Of course a 12 year old kid would say this.

      2. Kevin Smith

        @hello man and good resume, history LMAO

      3. Hidden experiment

        Wrong vid.

      4. JJ Edwards


      5. hello man

        Oh no, what have you done! The MJ stans are coming. Prepare your stats.

    78. Lance

      Are we really going to listen to bucky brooks after his take stupid take on lamar jackson.

    79. LiberalSoldier1

      Bucky. Your comments about Lamar Jackson has rendered you useless as a source for anything.

    80. Mind of the North Star

      This the same dude that came out with the new Lamar Jackson slander right?

      1. Jonathan Rodriguez

        lamar jackson is overated 3 points vs the bills is not what i want from a franchise qb

      2. nolan palmore

        Yep, I can't take anything he says serious

    81. Frederick Tolbert II

      Can't wait until the draft so speculation can go away!

      1. oscar uvalle


      2. Harrell Williams

        No cap...

      3. Austin Garza

        It doesn’t end. The QBs still have to prove they worth. The speculation only begins more after draft.

      4. NubSaiboty


    82. djmeduna2009

      What ever

    83. Jude