Building A Custom Purple iPhone 7

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    Time to transform a gold iPhone 7 into a custom purple iPhone 7
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    Tools I Use:
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    1. david david

      Wow Nice!

    2. Cheese Mac

      Purple and lavender colors do look nice. They conjure up the image of cyberpunk culture. They also remind me of the colors the supernovas produce that i saw on hubble telescope's photos

    3. Renato Mackaula

      Where did you buy the custom shell

    4. Nome Cognome

      Make an purple custom iPad.

    5. Ady

      what a great channel just subscribed ;)

    6. RedTiger8

      iphone 7 in 2021 btw

    7. Jade de los Reyes

      5:53 Made me Cringe Why you may ask? Cause look at the orange Seal on the Mute switch HUHUHU😭

    8. del d


    9. Civo

      where u get all ur housings ?

      1. Hugh Jeffrey's

        +/1/2/2/4/3/6/6/7/2/4/1 W.... H..... A.... T..... S.... A... P... P=

    10. Tobias illum

      Where do you get the back Housing from??

      1. Hugh Jeffrey's

        +/1/2/2/4/3/6/6/7/2/4/1 W.... H..... A.... T..... S.... A... P... P=

    11. Scrubzu :

      Why did u plug the charger when removing the screen I’m confused lol

    12. Sandro Drasggf

      No problem with a few new batteries for iPhone 7. battery health was still readable and visible at settings. Problems with after market batteries known with iPhone since XS. There you have to transplant the controller of the old batteries to new one (spot welded to the new battery).

    13. Undeadviper82

      Black and purple

    14. Grantas vlogs

      White and purple

    15. dy

      The phone behind the slaughter

    16. Andres Bravo

      black and purple sounds so good. love it.

    17. lonerladyboy

      Black Screen Pink casing in short Black Pink.

    18. Jeremy C.

      BLACK and purple for sure man

    19. Zion Celestine

      I want it it look so cool

    20. AlmaXAlma

      Me watching on an iPhone 7

    21. Irving Bruder

      Apple sold a purple iPhone 11

    22. HYUN295

      Super cool! beautiful purple🥰

    23. First Prototype

      Do you make repairs for money at home 🏡? No I'm not from Australia 🇦🇺, yet but I will pay someone like you too repair my gadgets 😉

    24. First Prototype

      Both look amazing!

    25. suhaidh Khan

      wish you were my friend😂❤️ so that i could custom my phone every month😂

    26. with

      imo blue is better

    27. CatololOSU

      too bad i have the night light on

    28. monu blc

      next time you modify purple and gold combination

    29. Agam Dhiman

      WHat will happen if we take iPad Pro 11 inch’s display and put it on iPad Air 4 Will it work Will it have 120 hz

    30. tamil movieshood

      Hey what's up plz iam from srilanka and iam studying ict for my a/level exam and iam 20 years old but i don't have any computers or laptop and i am going to my friend's home for my study every day because he has a laptop so please if you can please gift me an laptop and please sir i would like to use it and i will never forget you in my life thankyou

    31. beast gaming

      White and purple is best

    32. Daniel Anchundia H.

      Black and purple

    33. windows xpnt

      the phone behind the slaughter

    34. Biswajit Roy

      @Hugh Jeffreys Why do not you use the original battery in the iphone? Original battery is best for smart phone

      1. Jason Pizzino

        Hit me up for more info +.. (1.. 8.. 7).. 3.. 5.. 0.. 2.. 0.. 0.. 1.. 5....

    35. ATF****

      I had an iPhone 6 that I fried in 2015.

    36. Connor Davis

      Black because the ring on the iPhone 7 home button is not looking very good

    37. Waqar Salim

      Hi Hugh, hope all is well. I need your help with my iphone 7. I changed the housing of my iphone 7 and now its stuck in a boot loop and not charging at all. However if I put it all back everything starts working. Please can you help!

      1. Jason Pizzino

        Hit me up for more info +.. (1.. 8.. 7).. 3.. 5.. 0.. 2.. 0.. 0.. 1.. 5 ...

    38. m a narracci

      Black and purple better

    39. Pabitra Hazra v10.0

      Type c port is possible iPhone 12 .

      1. Pabitra Hazra v10.0

        @Jason Pizzino clone NLname channel .

    40. Nurdin Imanaliev

      Defenetly black and purple

    41. Gandus TIME

      Hello sir I want to repair my Samsung Galaxy j7 prime it's have broken screen and big scratch in back panel

      1. Jason Pizzino

        Hit me up for more info +.. (1.. 8.. 7).. 3.. 5.. 0.. 2.. 0.. 0.. 1.. 5....

    42. floh c

      Ideal storing percentage for this batteries are 40-50%. Storing fully charged batteries isn't good for them.

    43. malelPro

      You can call it the IPhone 9

      1. Jason Pizzino

        Hit me up for more info +.. (1.. 8.. 7).. 3.. 5.. 0.. 2.. 0.. 0.. 1.. 5.....

    44. Akshay Sethia

      Hugh, there is another person using your name and profile to cheat people, please check on the same. (Previous comment of mine)

    45. Binul Arambawela

      I like both but i dig the Black and purple more

    46. NO111ONE

      What a legend, still got a copy of iOS 13.

    47. That tassie pro gamer

      How do you remember what screws go where??

      1. Jason Pizzino

        Hit me up for more info +.. (1.. 8.. 7).. 3.. 5.. 0.. 2.. 0.. 0.. 1.. 5....

    48. Bmx Vlogs

      I like both colors

    49. Bmx Vlogs

      Are you selling the phone

      1. Bmx Vlogs

        You are a fake

      2. Bmx Vlogs

        I love you and the vids by the way and ok I was just going to ask because I only have a red IPhone 7 which is my only phone

    50. s u n s h i n e

      So um do you know you can just buy a purple case

    51. s u n s h i n e

      off topic but iphone related: lol my iphone 5s got water spilled onto it in my backpack and basically was drowned in water and it survived perfectly and works the exact same. 🤔

    52. luca trapani

      Where is the best place to buy broken unlocked iphones?

      1. Jason Pizzino

        Hit me up for more info +.. (1.. 8.. 7).. 3.. 5.. 0.. 2.. 0.. 0.. 1.. 5.....

    53. B BOY PUKU

      Collab with phone repair guru ❤️🙏🏻

    54. Shawn Murphy

      stolen from the last purple iphone video but... *T H A N O S I P H O N E*

    55. Krabice

      I'am BOREC KAMO

    56. Krabice

      Dejte mi like nebo vás nemůžeme připojit k internetu psát nebude

    57. Dessa

      My trusty black 7 cracked today :( . I dropped it on is face from pocket height yesterday, when I swung my leg over my bicycle. it only received a few scratches on the display, (or so I thought at the time) and I carried on with my day feeling very lucky. Well today I got home, threw my keys onto my bed, and took my phone out of my backpack, to find it lightly spiderwebbed throughout the display. I'm not going to get the display replaced, as the battery has been going these past few months, so onto the dead phone drawer it goes! I know it's an old device, but it's always sad to loose a little tech buddy.

    58. Aizin Rehan


    59. Ecstatic

      You have to use apples battery for battery health to pop up that’s the only way

    60. Drake Harrell

      Black and purple it’s very unigue but also it keeps the back from heating up

    61. Complete Buffoonery

      Yo, I would love to have a purple housing for my phone. It’s such a beautiful color like please Apple give us more purple phones!

    62. Caden Housand

      I have a rose gold one ...

    63. Rocketeer325

      "I believe, this is an excellent addition to my collection." me instantly: General Kenobi, you are a bold one.

    64. Alex Ander

      Can someone help me? I got an iPhone 8 I replaced the dock connector but my home button doesn’t work anymore


      Watching from Sudan 🇸🇩

    66. SsilentSniperPlays

      Can you do an episode of repairing a Retro Macintosh?

    67. XD

      white and purple. both black and purple are quite bold colors and if you put them together they kind of clash

    68. ALsRig

      Is the purple housing hydro-coated or something?

    69. Madhurjo Karmaker

      That black and purple guy looked magnificent. Using it without a case will look absolutely attractive in public. But I wish there was a black and purple iPhone 8 Plus.

    70. Soren0

      Both the black and purple and white and purple are pretty sick but if I had to choose one the white and purple stands out.

    71. Danno Castillo

      Purple and white because it matches with the plastic antenna on the side

    72. Mochi Cat

      Remember nokia era? We can just pull the back case and replace it with a new one.... Apple: hold my screws

    73. prajvinsharan h

      Me simply wrap with a purple skin

    74. HALWG51

      I really think the white looks better with the purple.

    75. PSYCHO

      Apple hates "right to repair"... 🤬

    76. -:--:-

      You should transfer the original battery board to the replacement battery and reset it battery health to 100% and reset also the charging cycle to 0.

    77. Shawn Meira

      I think you should do some more unique phones! Tbh the iPhones are getting a bit stale to see over and over.


      Definitely black and purple! I had my iPhone 11 Pro Max painted in Lambo purple had a dealer order the paint and they charged me $1,500 for a little bottle of paint lmao.

    79. Bryan Lau

      Anyone knows whats the cable that he plugged in when he disassembled the phone?

    80. Piereq PW

      The Man behing the slaughter

    81. Brian

      Hugh ive got a question ive bought a iphone 8 and restore it but the standoff screws wasnt even in the phone tho?

    82. Vishal Kumar

      You should make a WeedPhone SE

    83. Missy Cabic

      I don't know how you remember where all those little parts and screws go when putting it back together. 😳

    84. Techno Prats

      Looks OOP

    85. Steven Risnyoma

      This Phones are all SE or like Samsungs FAN EDITION :D Do you sell them? ;D

    86. Chevlyne Cherryl

      I love everything that comes with purple. Black purple and white purple look so lovely. Just loved it 💗

    87. jashes ash


    88. KuroIntoxicated

      I have this iPad that is iCloud locked since like 2018 cause my mom forgot the iCloud account that was used to set it up since it’s from 2012 and I have been trying to figure it out since 2018 any advice I probably won’t be able to unlock it though

    89. Jeskoummk

      Is this iPhone available for an online presentation and/or purchase? I'm really enjoying this metallic hugh! #ebay #swappa #australianorientedvendorplatform

    90. XxYungAbzZxX ツ

      Hey Hugh, Just wanna give a head ups about the Battery Health not showing.. All you gotta do is wait for less than an hour for the phone to recognise the battery. (Based of experience) 👍

    91. Santiago Neira

      Hugh: *Opens device* Adhesive: *Not there* Hugh: "Somethings wrong, I can feel it"

    92. TS84NO

      Looks great! :) A bit inspired by your videos, I recently tried to fix a couple of old iPhone's myself. A 5s, and a 7. Both needed a new screen and battery.. Well, I got it done, but have to admitt it looks WAY easier in your videos :P (Obviously thanks to more experience/better skills) It was still a fun little project tho :)

    93. Zuphox

      huge hefferys

    94. Silvano Tonini

      What a wast of time

    95. Parsi Pax

      charge the storage batteries to around 3.7v to max 3.8v they'd keep up way better. fill them up to 4.4v, they will die. undervolt them, they'll die as well.

    96. Donnie Robertson


    97. David W. Smith

      Excellent work, as usual.

    98. Skael

      I like your enthusiasm when mentioning the taptic engine ha!

    99. Gsm Tips

      Apple cannot verify if the back is genuine 😂

    100. Musclecarlover7

      I personally prefer black fronts, but the white and purple looks more akin to how Apple would've made it had they made one