Building a Value Gaming Rig at Home - $800 Budget

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    Products we used in this build!
    Buy AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
    On Amazon (PAID LINK):
    On Newegg (PAID LINK):
    On BHPhoto (PAID LINK):
    Buy ASRock B450 Pro4 ATX AM4 Motherboard
    On Amazon (PAID LINK):
    On Newegg (PAID LINK):
    On BHPhoto (PAID LINK):
    Buy G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 8 GB DDR4-3200
    On Amazon (PAID LINK):
    On Newegg (PAID LINK):
    Buy HP 512 GB M.2 NVME SSD
    On Amazon (PAID LINK):
    On Newegg (PAID LINK):
    Buy EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 6 GB KO GAMING Video Card
    On Amazon (PAID LINK):
    On Newegg (PAID LINK):
    Buy Deepcool MATREXX 50 ATX Mid Tower Case
    On Newegg (PAID LINK):
    On BHPhoto (PAID LINK):
    Buy EVGA 500 W 80+ Gold Certified ATX Power Supply
    On Amazon (PAID LINK):
    On Newegg (PAID LINK):

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    1. Brent Davis

      Which amd cpu would you recommend to be paired with either a 3090 or 3080 ??? Help !!! @ linustechtips

      1. Kanishk Parmar

        Ryzen 3700x to 3950x and the whole Ryzen 5000 lineup.

    2. The Gamer

      Linux looks better In Beard...

    3. reddogloc

      Just an idea LINUS, why not auction off the computers you build for charity?! Maybe even the charity of your sponsors choice. Hows that not a win win for everyone.

    4. who who6970

      Nah its not 800 dollars i dont belive u 2060 and 3600 in a 800 dollar budget and a expensive motherboard and pc case brooooooo wtf

    5. Valiant Cashew nuts

      Linus looks younger without a beard

    6. Bike Doc

      Ok big difference in your facial hair and woman breast. If breast was building the PC I would not be able to pay attention to build parts 🤣

    7. Ha Ha

      Wait what?! When did Martin Skrelli started doing pc builds? Oh no.

    8. Florian Petrariu

      Hey, long time watcher first time commented. I love your channel and I have just subscribed to all the channels you enumerated. Keep up the good work, geeks around the world cheer for you. BTW, this is a great build for my 13y old son, he is a gamer and also just started to nibble with Blender(the software), and Adobe Premier and this works great. Thank you, --Florian

    9. PryvatCyan87

      Linus please do a video about tech for bikes

    10. Deep Kaur

      He has a beard

      1. Marshall Pieri


    11. Daniel t

      im in australia and the exact card from amazon cost 981 dollars... more than the whole budget in us

    12. Spid3rBit8

      Good for streaming?

    13. Mr. Willy

      10 months later and the GPU is now $999 on Amazon. Yup...

    14. Pixy

      My rx 590 is more than this whole pc now...

    15. Paul Melkus

      Can't build this system for 800 these days because the cost of the video cards has got so high.

    16. Charlie Szczesny

      I Like TRAINS!


      it’s honestly insane to think that an 800$ system before march was a ryzen 5 3600x and a 2060... what a different, the graphics card now has the same cost as the entire system

    18. Guy Ferrante

      Love that pink laptop

    19. Cyndicial

      Kurwa mać 799 dollar gaming pc 800 dollar gaming pc better

    20. Brick Army Productions

      This is pretty close to my build, except for I have a ryzen 3. Is that bad?

    21. Sean Kennedy

      This same build now costs $1800+

    22. Luke Hoppa

      2021 no

    23. Mike E

      You don’t have a beard!! That is pre-pubescent computer geek stubble.

    24. TheRealSpoony

      Does Linus have a identical "STUNT DOUBLE"?...Because this guy has no idea what he is doing!!! ...haha

    25. Reginald B. Campbell jr.

      You done a awesome job

    26. Reginald B. Campbell jr.

      I'm a motorscooter ryder I enjoy it freedom!! 🛵🛵🛵

    27. Reginald B. Campbell jr.

      Some roles are not mint for some people!!

    28. Reginald B. Campbell jr.

      Video looks fine to me

    29. Reginald B. Campbell jr.

      Thanks for the pc gaming build step by step video!!!

    30. m4ch1n4

      800$ Maybe in sum parallel universe.

    31. Mark Arnott

      Zombie doubletap - Owen wilson he also couldve played in love & monsters .

    32. winter forge

      community wanted bearded youtuber

    33. mountain biking Eire

      thanks for this gonna make a simular build for my first pc

    34. Cameron

      Owen Wilson is from Texas, there’s tons of people who sound like him here.

    35. Stefan Albrecht

      12:56 roses are red, violets are blue... i must eat yoghurt off of you

    36. CloudProductions

      IF you can find a GPU right now, they're selling for 2x, 3x, 4x, and some places 5x msrp. it's ridiculous. I've been sitting with a built computer, with no GPU, for 2 months now.

    37. TeaSToRM

      i brought that Motherboard a couple years ago with that CPU lol but i have an RX580 AMD card :D

    38. ShockAtt277


    39. Jonathan Delos Santos

      is this motherboard compatible with this cpu? I think the bios on this motherboard need to be updated.

    40. Hollow Dog

      Amazon price EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 Used - Very Good $799.00

    41. JP Dickey

      Now $2000

    42. Vito

      Love the youtube vids. Can you make a power house pc For 2021..

    43. Braden Mayew

      That is not a beard.

    44. IIBliskII


    45. Joe Cortese

      Linus should take down this video. You cant even get the RT 2060 for $800!

    46. Joseph Kasler


    47. Dustin

      So uh I hear you don't have the technology to take a part a computer to reuse it. I could use a new PC, my PC is on its last leg literally. I think I might be able to put one of those built computers you cant do anything with to good use. My current PC is 8 years old. Typing that honestly just made me sad. I play OW on it nearly every weekend though. But it has been shutting down mid game and my comp rating has gone from diamond to gold due to it >.

    48. Zeek M

      Budget rigs are not gaming rigs Linus That's just the cold hard truth.

    49. HZGaming4U

      I watched a video of a $300 Budget PC that really came up to $478... I watched a $400 Budget PC Build that really came up to $617 Total after adding everything... I watched a $500 Budget PC that really comes out to $763... I am sure this $800 Budget PC really would come out to around $1,050 to $1,100 really... :(

    50. Gamebag

      That exact 2060 is over $1000? I dont understand

    51. Surefiregs

      You lost me at the amd box

    52. thomas malone

      the rtx 2600 is between 800 and 1500 bucks on newegg right now lol

    53. Marek Čelko

      2021 comment, wow Linus hitting his puberty phase, predates his Hobo phase.......

    54. Han Lu

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    55. stephen williams

      you forgot the thermal paste bro

    56. Rampage

      ok so im guesing the ryzen 3600 was not in stock or the 3600x was same/lower price than the non X 3600. becaus there aint no reason to get the 3600x over the 3600.

    57. Colin McKenna

      Now you can get a 2060 and almost a CPU for 800!

    58. Luke Franko

      That graphics card alone costs $1,644 on NewEgg right now for one that's actually in stock... Freakin' COVID man.

      1. Gamebag

        Bruh, so true I have 800 to spend on my b day and I saw this video and thought "perfect!" I click on all the link and this PC come to nearly 2000

    59. Michele Ventimiglia

      hello can I close what you need 2 network cards in a server


      Sponsored by the Wuhan Institute of Virology

    61. Miguel Renteria

      If you come out to leguna seca!! Hit me up! My hotel is the closes hotel to the track!!!

    62. Andres Cisneros

      This bixch so wealthy he spending $800 every weekend lmao

    63. Ollie

      Did Andy Robertson just quit football to build PCs?

    64. Do Ngoc Quynh

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    65. Zane Gray

      I’m making a 67,000 p gaming pc and I have 12 hard drives i don’t care for a ssd I have always had problems with them

    66. Civil DK

      NON filtered case gets 'honorable mention'. Thanks Linus!

    67. Jim Riopelle

      use your 3d printer to make a custom io shield.

    68. Jim Riopelle

      Is that a pink notebook? Your daughter is looking for that.

    69. Gagan Singh

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    70. Owen Marrie

      Can you run zoom on it?

    71. DogCatCow Chicken

      Hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit sinasabi ng mga tao na mayroon kang balbas marahil ang aking mga TV ay hindi sapat na mataas na kahulugan upang makita na mayroon kang balbas

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    73. emanhoover

      i know other have seen that gpu is $1200 you should fix the title Building a Value Gaming Rig at Home - $1600 Budget

    74. Vikas Hadiya

      This possible in india?

    75. Witold Kraszewski

      Why there are No thermo paste?

    76. Igho Eruvwetere

      my guy please stop taking about cars and tell us the cables your hooking up i know its a stream and you're chillin but some of us are trying to follow

    77. Sigma Male

      Yeah hard drive never left my rig so for me it won’t make a comeback, I really need to upgrade my ssd though, I only have 124gb ssd with 3tb hdd

    78. Thomas Miller

      I hate this covid shit

    79. SitcomSimba

      yall stupid if you think you can build a rtx build for under 1k

    80. darksmoka GT Sport

      Flip GPUs too so the pretty bit is on top!! Who wants to look at the circuitry!!!

    81. Mia

      Is the triangle smaller or are the cpu heatspreaders larger?

    82. Mr. Ben60

      Imagine that he did this all by himself and so much effort!! Wow And it was good!

    83. Brandon B

      Fun fact. Cars actually is the most accurate car movie of all time. Kid movie or not.

    84. Emily P

      The total for me was 928$, hint go to Micro Center for the best prizes

      1. Aiden Barrett

        @OneStarVFX that sucks

      2. OneStarVFX

        My nearest microcenter is 6hrs away :(

      3. Aiden Barrett

        Microcenter is awesome

    85. David Bruce

      I'm admittedly ignorant of many things PC building, but was he supposed to apply thermal paste? Edit : 30 seconds after I made this comment he explains... 🤦‍♂️

    86. Xiu Jin Jiang

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    87. Destroyer

      I gonna use a White edition off that case u bild that pc in

    88. Sam Moss

      They've jacked up the prices since April 2020...the one bad thing about being all cooped up so is everyone else.

      1. Sam Moss

        or exhaust fan

      2. Sam Moss

        didn't see any paste applied or any on the cooler itself....hmmm

    89. Savage Biaz

      I don’t know why this is so damn calming! Watching you build is like hanging out with a friend shooting the breeze

    90. Richard Diaz

      WTF is wrong with you? Everyone loves Owen Wilson

    91. EVIL QTip

      WOW Dame man Your Sick? Time to make systems and more babies !!

    92. Easa Laly

      Thank you so much were all going through rough times and I really appreciate you delivering great content regardless the circumstances

    93. Ryan Cacatian

      No thermal paste?

    94. gerad nerison

      Linus what wireless control is that

    95. Aaron Goodwin

      Thats one way to find a screw .. Aeeeghhh You know what i mean..

    96. TwistyChimp

      i put everything on here into my amazon cart and it was 1400 not 800

      1. TwistyChimp

        @Aiden Barrett yes lol that wouldn't be crazy

      2. Aiden Barrett

        @TwistyChimp no lol that would be crazy

      3. TwistyChimp

        @ezikel luna i thought it was because more people were buying because this video

      4. ezikel luna

        It’s because production has been slow the past year cause of covid so prices have gone up

    97. Lilibet Black

      My other half is watching with me and said you are like my spirit animal 🤣🤣. Can chat for England and you’re as clumsy as hell!!!

    98. SammyxbAd


    99. Ayan Saraf

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      1. Mark LoPresti


    100. Congheleech Conghelach

      Linus you're never shirtless during these videos why? Most of us are shirtless boxers installers.