Building the $900 Gaming PC that Everyone Should Build!

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    Building the $900 Gaming PC that Everyone Should Build!
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    0:00 Intro
    0:41 Parts For The Build
    12:34 Case Overview
    17:04 Motherboard Setup, CPU/Cooler/Memory Installation
    18:22 Motherboard Installation
    20:18 Plugging in Fans + Front Panel
    22:35 SSD Installation
    22:59 Power Supply Setup + Installation
    24:07 GPU Installation
    24:17 Closing Thoughts
    25:39 Testing Memory - DDR4-3600 XMP Settings
    27:01 Outro
    AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor -
    MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX ATX AM4 Motherboard -
    G.Skill Ripjaws V 16 GB (2x8 GB) DDR4-3600 Memory -
    ADATA SU635 480 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive -
    AMD Radeon RX 5700 8GB (This Powercolor one is $290) -
    Fractal Design Meshify C ATX Case w/ 2 fans -
    Corsair CX650W PSU (this 750W version was cheaper) -
    PARTS I USED (may be more expensive than those recommended above)
    AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 3.8 GHz 6-Core Processor - (has been on sale for $200 recently)
    MSI Gaming X Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB GPU -
    Cooler Master MWE Gold Modular 80+ Gold 650W PSU -
    Monthly Builds November -
    How to Build a PC in 2019 Tutorial -
    How to Build a PC Playlist -
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    1. Paul's Hardware

      Hey everyone! I just wanted to say thank you to y'all for watching my videos and for all the positive feedback on this one. It means a lot to me and I really hope my content helps you guys make good decisions about the parts you build with, and also helps with putting it all together of course 😁 see you all in the next one! ► TIMESTAMPS (edit) 0:00 Intro 0:41 Parts For The Build 12:34 Case Overview 17:04 Motherboard Setup, CPU/Cooler/Memory Installation 18:22 Motherboard Installation 20:18 Plugging in Fans + Front Panel 22:35 SSD Installation 22:59 Power Supply Setup + Installation 24:07 GPU Installation 24:17 Closing Thoughts 25:39 Testing Memory - DDR4-3600 XMP Settings 27:01 Outro

      1. greese17

        O iilkl ll

      2. sagyare5

        Paul's hardware excellent

      3. Dustin Heims

        Should do an intel build like this one.

      4. Prashanth Krish

        How dare you say RGB does not affect performance

      5. JKweezy

        I can't even afford a pc you have nice life man

    2. David Rains

      how does the 3600x compare to the 1600af they are both 6core 12 thread and the 1600af a half the price

    3. Matze96DAK

      Where are ma 4790k lads ? Raise ye cores fellas, raise ye cores !

    4. Horsemanray

      this same computer costs about $3000 now

    5. Randall Cass

      I built this PC 6 months ago with the same upgraded parts as you did and this machine works great!!! thank you so much for the info and the tutorial on how to build it I appreciate you!!

    6. Zeus Solomon Olivar

      now $900 is the GPU alone

    7. Tim the Gamer


    8. Liam Theetge

      is this really a good option? i am building a pc and have been saving up for a while and i know absolutely nothing, mine is getting slower by the second lmao

    9. Mumads

      Gl getting that gpu

    10. Saint Marvel

      Now the gpu alone cost 900 dollars

    11. Ed

      one year later that video card is selling for $1000.00 or more

    12. autistic boi

      but some 450 motherboards have to be upgraded for 3rd gen cpus and also the 5700xt is literally the same as 1660 in the nvidia platform so you just pay a extra 100 and youll get the 2060

    13. Mack P

      thank you! I am definitely going to be looking more into doing this!

    14. Senbei409

      if only i could afford and find a new graphics card this year.......

    15. aBram Bam

      I would just subtitute the motherboard for a x570 or b550 😉

    16. Adrian P

      Are cases compatible with all parts?

      1. Jose Javier Flores

        No. Look up PC form factors. That will help point you in the right direction.

    17. cyber punk

      price now 2000 0.0

    18. Max Escaño

      Will a pc connect to the internet after installing Windows 10? Or do i have to manually download and install drivers. I have a B550 F Gaming Wifi and want to use wifi as my room is upstairs and the router is downstairs for now.

    19. Michael

      When this exact gpu alone costs minimum 1400€ in your country 😅 900$ budget wont manage that

    20. ицательный

      great content plz update gpus on newegg cant build pc because theres no gpus

    21. Myesha easler

      03:22 Amazing,for my gaming pc I got windows 10 pro for only $19 and office 2016 for $20 from *thekey365* just go to google and search for *thekey365* The familiar Start Menu, which Microsoft replaced with Live Tiles in Windows 8, returned in Windows 10. Users can still access Live Tiles and the touch-centric Metro interface from a panel on the right side of the Start Menu

      1. Luigi Plush From Mars

        I am on maximum render distance and I cannot find who asked dumb bot

    22. Martin

      When the entire setup is worth the same than the Rx 5700 xt in your country

    23. EdgarTitan

      This build is at under 700 right now and thats with a 1tb drive

    24. Sean Williams

      Hopefully people went out and built rigs last year...because Graphic Card Prices at the moment...OMG

    25. Jim Riopelle

      Good video. I build systems and this was excellent for someone wanting to build. Like the choice of hardware also.

    26. Areiks

      It is now 2021 and the 5700 is €800+ what terror has the world come to, this video was released a year ago

    27. Chris Jones

      I wanna build a PC so bad but I truly feel like I'm not smart enough

      1. Jose Javier Flores

        Compared to the past 2-3 decades, modern PC building is brain-dead easy. PC parts are mostly plug and play. If you are seriously interested, you should take the time to read up on PC hardware first. Get acquainted with the terminology and what the parts are and how PCs works. Once you get start understanding how they work, you can start looking into what specific parts to buy for your budget. That's where a lot of research comes into play if you want to make informed purchasing decisions. Currently,t he hard part is finding PC parts in stock.

    28. TNZN

      I'm new to the pc universe, I've been doing my research and looking into detail of how everything works in terms of construction but just needed to watch it be done. I've gave myself a budget of £1000 to make use of and coincidently, I near enough all parts here is what I've chose. I've always wanted to get into video production as well as pc gaming so I'll be getting more RAM and possibly a stronger processor so I can make my dream a reality, also streaming would be amazing to do as well. I've waited so long to get this project going and now I'm finally doing it

    29. Snoxu

      Hate to break it to you but not everyone can spend that much on a pc where not all rich like you

    30. Dason Cane

      Can you play games like rust squad arma 3 with decent frames with a 1000 dollar pc?

    31. larry tanton

      I used pretty much same parts except used the 3400G cpu and if use xmp it becomes unstable and get blue screen errors any reason for that??

    32. Sebastian Price

      There is a large amount of people that shouldn’t build this.

      1. Strafe


    33. Eian Ortiza

      I've tried each and every one of the web apps for free free gems, coins, gold or whatever and only GameCrook was real.

    34. LaGreatness

      Hey does anyone have an gpu that can sell me ? Used?

    35. Im_2 good

      What graphics card you using im trying to order all that today

      1. digital curry

        @Jose Javier Flores yeah it sucks, hopefully they come back but in Canada its pretty bad

      2. Im_2 good

        @Jose Javier Flores ok

      3. Jose Javier Flores

        Its in the description. However, graphics cards are in very short supply and absurdly expensive right now.

    36. Cameron Estrada

      I built almost the exact same build with the same 3600 CPU and Tomahawk MAX motherboard. the only things I've changed were the case, because I sound a cheaper one (DIY-s07) on Newegg, and I used a different graphics card. I also went for a 2TB SSD instead of a 512 just because I want to have lots of storage for games like ARK lol. But pretty much the same everything else minus the case, GPU, and SSD.

    37. Dj Michael Braaps

      Dude you can't even get a 3080 for 900$

    38. Beniamin Popusoi

      Very informative video, can’t wait to build my first PC. I got a budget of about $2k, looking between AMD RYZEN 9 3900X or Intel Core i9-10900K. Which one would you recommend? Also what motherboard and graphics card to go along with it? Keep up the great work!

    39. yumna wiratmaja

      which one better? 3600mhz but cl18 or cl16 but 3200mhz

    40. marius ica

      From what I researched, it seems that it's a bit better if you don't use the daisy chain on the GPU power cable. When using independent cables there seems to be more stability and it can add like 25mhz on the GPU clock, as the GPU can be overclocked further. It's not a noticeable difference, but I thought it's worth mentioning.

    41. Asim Gyawali

      That will cost more than 2000 dollar in my country

    42. Cup & Cone

      Who knew trying to build this for $900 right now would be impossible.

    43. lexwaldez

      A year later and I can't thank you enough for these recommendations last winter/spring Paul. I purchased all my hardware before parts started becoming scarce. The only things I did differently were investing in a 1TB Intel 660p NVMe drive (which has been GREAT) and buying a Sapphire RX 5600 XT because my gaming needs are modest and I wanted a silent build. Case, CPU, mainboard... everything else has been great. I'm glad I built what I did when I did. We moved to work from home and have been online since so the new rig came in SUPER handy. Great advice!

    44. Deanny Skyler

      NLname comment section is so full of shit these days. There is way too many bots. I wasted so many hours using all kinds of sites from the comments and none worked. I did find a NLname video regarding this website called Gamecrook. It worked to my surprise.

    45. ItsBeerMe

      Will a 600psu run the graphic card

    46. John Spence

      I like that the graphics cards have tripled in price since this video...

    47. low flying pigeon

      Those graphics cards have gone up in price ridiculously 😒

    48. Angrry BoB

      Will the pny ge force 2060 super 8g work with this build

    49. CrazyOldBiker

      I built my computer based on this build, most of the components. I was able to keep it under $750. Using a new MSI Tomahawk B450 MAX and Ryzen 5 3600x, a used XFX 5700 thic GPU, bad mistake, it was loud and overheated. I also used a semi-modular Corsair 650 bronze PU. Somehow the GPU, PU, and the motherboard failed. So I built another using a new B450 MAX, a Corsair gold certified fully modular 850 PU, and a new Gigabyte RX 5700 XT OC, added a 1Tb m.2 and 2 more sticks of ram, 32mb total. It's working great, although the build, not including the original parts that failed, is now around $1200. I thought about switching to the Meshify 2 case, but this one is nice.

    50. Joseph Koulouvaris

      id rather get a 2tb hard drive, wayy cheaper

    51. Sid Ajay

      how many frames roughly??

    52. Dustin Eddins

      Looking to build my first pc. Still have my first console Nintendo SD and I feel it's time to make the switch. Love the content and help you provide ace.

    53. kqzz ( would make my Christmas ☹️

    54. Hussain Al Bagali

      Hi any one try Radeon 6800xt or 6900xt in macpro 5.1 !!

    55. Eberle Tyler

      The abrupt mayonnaise bilaterally choke because format concurringly note in a broad mustard. juvenile, stupendous black

    56. DaltonHasRisen

      Amazon never have the AMD 5 available

    57. Jeff Schlarb

      SSD drive? Really? MB has M.2 slot, no heat sink like the ASUS boards but..600 Mbs vs 32 Gbps? From MSI ...Turbo M.2: NVMe support, up to 32 Gb/s using PCI-Express Gen3 x4


      I wish that was only $900 in my country


      Do I need thermal paste if my cpu fan has it pre applied

    60. DylPickle

      building a pc with this case and motherboard but with a 3070/80 (Not sure yet) an a 3900x

    61. Suim Beazly

      This budget is similar to my build budget except no GPU

    62. Emperor Dijkstra

      20:35 a beautifully constructed rhyme.

    63. Carson's Cafe

      Hey, so I just wanted to say Thank You! I built this PC for my first build with some minor aesthetic differences and it surpassed my dreams which says a lot! I'd love to send you photos of the final build! Thanks again!

    64. uzekq -

      How much in CND?

    65. Grace Owaga

      watched this video over and over again still waiting to build it

    66. shots 2nd account

      How much fps on warzone and fortnite

    67. pt42sundevils

      A woman found dead on the side of a Houston road has been identified as a social media influencer:

    68. HAJAAN

      Buy Gaming PC From Best Buy :

    69. Zara Kelly

      How would this go running planet zoo?

    70. CALM DOWN

      When the gpu is now selling for 500+ dollars more USA

    71. Julianuz

      See I just built a pc with a 5600xt and it can't even run destiny 2. Weirdest thing

    72. Willem Jansen

      these build videos are pretty useless if you dont live in the US. The GPU is 527 dollars here... Insane difference

    73. Rudy Hoblit

      On PCPartPicker, Optical drives are not an option with these components. Anyone know why? Don’t I need a drive for game installation

    74. Coruu_X

      I'm watching this in November 19 2020

    75. Adrian P.

      Can you update this budget range build for the amd 5600x im pretty sure thats the newest gen not the most technologically informed

    76. Pulse

      Can u make a bnch mark for this pc

    77. mcghanny dultra

      I hope I can be in the give away stream and win it i don't even have a gpu lol

    78. MPRF12345

      do the 900$ include Windows?

      1. MPRF12345

        @Jose Javier Flores well, that sucks. Thx

      2. Jose Javier Flores

        No. Pretty much no PC build guides include the cost of the OS.

    79. Arman Serobyan

      Will this beat the PS5

    80. Pulse

      Thanks i think im going to try to build this

    81. mmi mm

      im seeing this now after i build mine but i have a 1660 super instead

    82. Marc Jacob

      hey have you given this pc away yet ?

    83. Reece Georgens

      512 GB should be good... Me: laughs in Ark

      1. L̲a̲t̲e̲ H̲a̲t̲e̲ ̲i̲s̲ ̲M̲e̲

        Yes you can download Roblox about 25600 times

    84. Sam French

      How good is the cooling system on the amd chip compared to one you pick up separately. Never built a pc before been wondering if using the amd cooling is a good way to save

    85. IIT Fatality

      Just let me reach in my back pocket real quick and appear $900

    86. H Far

      in terms of money, i have money.

    87. darrenjpeters

      Fuck MSI. Scalping arseholes can go get fucked. My money will go to companies that don't actively attempt to screw their customers.

    88. Jack Seddon

      What should I do, build this or get the series x. The series x seems really impressive but don’t know if it’s worth just getting a pc for the long run. Also it means not paying for Xbox live

    89. suresh k

      This is Kumar from India needs assistance in building my own PC. This is my first PC and need a expert advice, hope you will help me on this. PC is used for : VM Workstation, Coding, Gaming & VR gaming. Budget:$1000 - 1500

    90. DJ-TlK

      Idk of these parts would be good or not, but I found some of the parts you did for the pc on Amazon. These are the parts and prices: •Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming Motherboard (ATX) - $120.99 •Corsair CX Series 550 Watt 80 Plus Bronze Certified - $79.99 •Fractal Design Meshify C - Compact Computer Case - $89.99 •MSI Gaming Radeon RX 5600 XT Boost Clock: 1620 MHz 192-bit 6GB - $309.99 •ADATA SU635 480GB 3D-NAND SATA 2.5 inch Internal SSD - $46.99 •v-Color Prism Pro RGB 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3600MHz (PC4-28800) - $78.99 •AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Processor with Wraith Stealth Cooler - $149.06 Total: $876.00

    91. Colton

      That's 1500 in canada

    92. McBain WoW

      No one should be building a pc atm.

    93. P B

      If you were to do this build today would you opt for an X570?

    94. Alle Vince Romanes

      Not everyone have $900 😔

    95. Jorge Salgado

      Is this pc still good?

      1. Nate Balls

        not if you can get your hands on a rtx 3070 but good luck getting for msrp $500

    96. Ianu b

      Been subbed, already clicked like, and now im leaving a comment for the algorithm. With that being said i really did enjoy the video, much love.

    97. Abstractandroid

      Could this work with the nxt 510 case

      1. Nate Balls

        yes but that case isnt the best for air flow

    98. Jay Ar Enemenzo

      This is my dream pc, but i just can’t reach it 💔

    99. Steelabyss1

      Is this good for gaming and what is the FPS for most games

    100. Richard Hewitt

      Just priced this up a year later and it’s OVER £1000! Not quite as cheap as first said!