Can the Best Champs in the WORLD Beat Pros in Rocket League?


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    So a couple weeks ago I found Champ 1s who were peaking in my video. They beat the Diamond 2s... by 9, then beat the Grand Champ 1s and then lost only by 1 against some SSL's.. And the community demanded that I make them a video of their own. Well here it is and we will see some Cracked out champs go up against three different kind of supersonic legends. The "Normal" SSL's.. the Semi-Pro/Bubble Player SSL's.. and of course, the Pros. Will the champs beat any of these Supersonic Legends.. or will they be put in their place and find themselves struggling to score ANYTHING? There is a little incentive for them if they win or score so let's see what they can do..

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    1. May alobaidellah

      Bro im better then the champs and im a gold

    2. Winless Gaming

      Those two champs vs the champs who beat SSLs in the intel world open

    3. alex playz

      SSL people tryharding against champs

    4. Zuan Verreynne

      I wish I could subscribe more than once

    5. George Pagoulatos


    6. MagmaZ.

      SSL pc player in console vs console champ

    7. weth

      It's actually crazy how good these champs are. Even tho i'm c3, i look like garbage compared to these guys. Well played!

    8. Daniel Perez & LockDown

      Dutch army🧡🧡🧡

    9. Oreo OnYT

      Damn those first SSL's were hella peaking

    10. kostproaek

      Bro me and my main duo do too better and we are diamond 1-2 players. There's no way they were the best Champs.

    11. Samson Amare


    12. Daddy Clix

      They should be grand champ?!?!?!?!?!

    13. CheekyVX

      dude these are the worst champs to represent us bruh!

    14. DownGraded X

      You should’ve not mentioned the £250 if the champs win to the SSL’s they would’ve been less competitive

    15. Trinx

      This is the worst video idea honestly

    16. bonkezz

      bro those champs are trash, im c3 in 2s and I could easily clap the last two guys they went against, they were so bad

    17. ofreaaa EU

      Why are the champs play so defensive?

    18. Yuh_itsryo

      There’s no way there champs they play like my gc2 opponents

    19. Jose Rangel Jr

      i what to 1v1 RLCS X

    20. snizr6

      lmao me and my friend are way better than everyone on this video and we only c1/d3

    21. B Z

      this my sound weird but i am a silver that actualy belongs in champ 2 or 3. why? u may ask. i have alll the skill needed. airdribble, flip reset, breezi flick. mustly flick. and all good mechanics like that. and im pretty good at seeing what the enemy is going to do. when opponents challange me, i go at them with a angle that 96% of the times gets me a open net. and a goal. why im not grand champ but silver? teammates. this may sound like a 9 year old blaiming their teammate, but really. if i go for a airdribble or a ceiling shot. they just bump me or the ball mid air or on the wall. even tho i could have easily scored that. and believe me, they bump me all the time.... in 1v1 im grand champ, almost supersonic legend. so thats why i say this. and not because im flexing like a 9 year old about my supersonic legend rank 1000000 or something like that but im not that cuz teammates suck. its actually harder to get out of silver and bronze, even platinum then champ to grand champ. and again, im not a 9 year old blaming their teammates. i get it, their pretty new to the game and they think their the best player on the field so they ball chase cuz ur the only one that can do something thats good to win. but no, dont make grand champs almost ragequit my bumping into them, stealing, yes, stealing shots or dribbles or other stuff. and just dont double commit. if any silver sees this. try to not think ur the best player on the field. RL is mostly a team based game. let ur teammates do something to insteand of letting them almost ragequit.

    22. Mat Ponte

      Guys it is funny how the pros are disrespectful, they think that a Champion can't do anything and that they will make it all wrong, I on platinum I almost don't make a mistake

    23. vinnie 678

      @CBell What song is that? 8:21

    24. Emiliano Andrade

      Im diamond 2 and I see the champs making so many mistakes i wouldnt do😬


      Bro the first champs in the vids r garbage

    26. DarkClypso

      Video Idea: Make a content creator tournament where there are 4 teams of 2 content creators and they vs eachother winner gets $250

    27. Pulse Kain

      POV: he says 2 rlcs pros shows the number 3

    28. Luis47

      these champs were pretty bad ngl im c2 and im better

    29. Adam Samir

      Is there any c1/c2 guys that would 1v1 me to help? I was one of the diamonds that lost to these champs last video

    30. Emmanuel Johnson

      The were like tornados

    31. fire slinkey

      I’m plat 1 and I think I could be diamond 1

    32. عبد العزيز اليافعي

      يواد فين سام

    33. Βασίλης Μητρου


    34. Daniela Bagagem.

      I love how every time we need v bucks in the game, we easily get them from 垃圾

    35. Thunder Chimp

      I know they lost, but imagine scoring against two pros, that would be sick.


      To be fair I think they did a good job

    37. Superpunchie

      they should have done a rematch against the first ssls they would've beat them then as they were warmed up

    38. Morozyvo Games

      Oh im playing like this champs but i cant rank up from d3 :(

    39. dhaidh

      jrf_kain is best champ!

    40. Karim Myllymäki

      Gg pro

    41. Eraldo Augusto

      Im sure im the best championof south america, i should bem gc3 for sure.

    42. Isaiah Salinas

      dude the first ssl's were toxic asl like ur playing champs u idiots😂

    43. Martin Caballero

      wth u found content out of 3 champs getting bullied?

    44. Goofy Goober

      I played 1v1 against that YT Fuji guy the other day. I can't remember how it went, or who won because I played the entire day that day but I remember his name because it was similar to Defughij which is my in game name. I am pretty sure he was quite good, because that day I lost a ton so I probably lost to him as well.

    45. zlIst GD


    46. Shinobi Dream

      I feel like I’m a really good diamond but I think I deserve like c1 or c2 after watching this idk

    47. coldmirror117

      I love how every time we need v bucks in the game, we easily get them from 垃圾

      1. Kaleb Calverley

        Nice. * drags nuts across the screen *

    48. ???

      How are these Champs?

    49. Lennart Hägerbäumer

      The best champs hmm maybe the best champ 1 players. But I am champ too and I can play on GC2 and become MVP so can I count myself as the best player too😅

    50. Lynx

      One of the champs is Netherlands

    51. Mohamed hedi Bessadok

      These are my casual opponents

    52. Christopher Torres

      Omg this is so easy (IM A GOLD IF U NEED A GOLD IN A VIDEO I WANNA BE IN IT)

    53. realberi1


    54. Dogemaster55

      Try a video called: "I made an ssl 1v1 a grand plat but the plat is secretly a pro"

    55. Jason Hood

      Champs lose all

    56. Derankz

      Video ida let free to pleyer ranks go up agenst steam players like a 1v1 epic games player and a steam player

    57. Mostly Noob

      @CBell i have never seen a champ clearing balls and hitting them like that. Bet if they're champs. Im champ 3 and i think im waaaaay better than those guys

    58. Daniela Bagagem.

      I'm curious how everybody on Rocket League get their Credits easily, and i get my Credits from 垃圾

    59. Jacob Alford


    60. Reese Burkholder

      I’m champ and I’ve played against one of them

    61. Penguinz4realツ

      I wouldn't say they were the best champs in the world since there are a lot of champs out there. But good video

    62. dark


    63. David xv3smíR Brza

      best champs ?

    64. Jake The Whiskey

      I don't understand how these guys are best champs they play like plats

    65. Hamburgerd

      I think we all already knew the answer to the title but still a good vid regardless.

    66. Temmie.

      you should do a tournament every rank versus each other but they can go on the walls.

    67. Devinn Barberr

      So now how about gc doing the same thing as what the champs had to go through🤔🤔🤔🤔

    68. joseph eland

      Let me 2v2 them I’m champ 3

    69. HntSRt G.

      Am I the only one who thinks the champs did amazing? I am pretty sure any other champ would get clapped 10:0 by the first SSL and these guys managed to score twice on RLC pros. Like, I had matches with a score like that in my games and everybody had the same rank... These champs simply amaze me.

    70. Da'Joun Dotson

      I don't subscribe if I only like one video. I don't subscribe if I only like 10 videos. But when someone consistently makes high quality, interesting, and passionate content that I continuously like, I can find no reason not to subscribe. CBell, you've earned this one man. Keep up the great content and enjoy this sub. It's well deserved.

    71. Iconic_plaiz M

      I’m a gc and I feel like I could definitely play with these ssl’s.

    72. II RamboFn

      I smell nederlands

    73. Maël Cabon

      i just got to c1 and these guys are so mutch beter than me im Worried.

    74. pwr (boss fn)


    75. pwr (boss fn)


    76. gianino pattipeilohy

      one of the champs is from the Netherlands, right?

    77. buffvisualz


    78. Alethian

      Day one of trying to get CBELL to help me(and a random other person of CBells choice) face off against an RLCS PRO to see the absolute skill difference. I'm a Diamond 1 on a bad day Champ 2 on a really good day. Reason: I get better when i play against more skilled people. It won't be immediate but I'm DYING for a training exercise like this.

    79. vinnie 678

      What song is that 8:21

      1. vinnie 678


    80. bg se

      The hilarious philippines transmurally influence because disadvantage namely hope including a watery unshielded. private, rapid niece

    81. slimeyredman

      Best champs

    82. Based UP

      Man even with me being rusty I could do better than those champs

      1. A man With ankles

        😑😑just enjoy the vid no need to get cocky

    83. Unknown YAG

      my 1s opponents be like

    84. Haddy Boii

      You know theyre the best champs when hes at 81 and leaving mid boost for teammate🥺

    85. Gh0st1e

      These are not my champ tm8s

    86. TTvCaptaincody11 cody

      I want to fight some ssls

    87. UpstairsSkater6

      Bet I could beat the SSL’s

    88. Kyle Mellick

      They are giving champs a bad name. Really.

    89. LeeOne 2000

      0:30 everyone thought u meant ur comment on that comment lol.

    90. Corbin Rosin

      best champs in the world? lmao, i got a champ friend who can easily 1v2

    91. Elijah Corado

      You should do grand champs against people who are hardstuck in champ

    92. Brandon Keegan

      2:48 best part

    93. Redwolf 312

      I haven’t watched the video yet but if the champs are so good, why are they champs

    94. Lost RED heaD

      Yo guys never gets old

    95. Cloudy Clipz

      I’m the best plat ngl just built different

    96. those diamonds

      Now make the champs 1v1 each other

    97. Alexander Sanchez

      Beat ? 💀

    98. David Rushton

      Hey Cbell, the only reason you aren't at 1 million subscribers already is because you stopped cold calling local businesses asking for subs. You're missing out on a whole market.

    99. KordezKD

      the plats and diamonds suck in youtuber videos