Catching Jumbo Sand Fleas #Shorts


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    Look at how many monster sand fleas I caught in a single scoop using a sand flea rake on the beach in North Carolina #Shorts #Beach
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    Gepubliceerd op 14 dagen geleden


    1. Chan Sison

      good food try it :) no kidding

    2. Emma Zander

      😱 omg

    3. Unbox Combo

      Can i eat them?

    4. RedKayotic

      This camera movements makes me dizzy

    5. Marvin Weber

      Die armen Tiere

    6. Rhevan Aqillah

      Wah ena sekali nih di daerah saya namannya katupong🤤

    7. Preston Johnson

      Is it me or do they look like cat head crabs from half life

    8. Xo-Demon - Foxes-oX

      ....... I am very uncomfortable

    9. SkyKnight

      Reasons i have thalassophobia

    10. Shem Maxino

      They are very delicious when it’s fried

    11. Angel Ceballos

      We called that kaskas in cebuano😊 Ka usa raku kaon ana katu 7yrs old paku😊

    12. AnotherUnnecessaryUnboxingChannel

      awesome i already got anxiety swimming in the ocean but now it got worse.

    13. Sara Angulo

      I thought he said sand bees 😂😂

    14. Luke R

      I have found these before but I never knew what they were! On Cape Cod there are these biting flying insects a bit bigger than gnats that are everywhere when there is no wind, I've always called those sand flees.

    15. unbias_Orbit #

      So you're telling me these are the sharp things that kept on bothering my foot whenever I was playing with the waves???

    16. EthanFilms

      Can you eat em?

    17. Oscar Revoredo

      En Perú les decimos Muy muy

    18. LizardKing174

      When I saw them running all I could think was "RUN! RUN YOU DAMN FOOLS"

    19. Michael Moore

      Why tho? Genuinely curious why one would rake them up, and why this rake even exists. Do they serve some sort of purpose?

    20. Osun Wanica

      Sand fleas?

    21. SlowMotionVid

      hi, I just wanna let you know that "YOU MATTER." Sending you the warmest virtual hug to any sh*t you're going through🥰🤗

    22. this channel makes you happy ~_~

      hi, I just wanna let you know that "YOU MATTER." Sending you the warmest virtual hug to any sh*t you're going through🤗

    23. alex

      They are eaten sautéed in oil, chili, salt, etc. 🤤the shrimp of the poor

    24. Karen Brown


    25. EMPRESS Heather


    26. Furious Phoenix

      You can use this for fishing bait

    27. Ginny Cash

      I was randomly sticking my hand in the sand while zoning out at the beach one day and pulled one of these out and freaked tf out

    28. Found Wanderer

      They don't mess with humans and they are great for fishing.

    29. NOT, HERE.

      Can I get a combination of words I never want to hear again for 600 please.

    30. Jesus Flores

      Your not gonna eat that?

    31. Joe Nic

      Pop them in your mouth like popcorn shrimp. My drill sergeant said if you're high speed you'll do it.

    32. Melvin Thomas

      I used to love the beach! Used to.

    33. Stormtrooper TK-5213

      Nah those just sand crabs , don’t even cause harm just tickle

    34. TotalToxic


    35. Slickster481

      Are those edible?


      Boycott china

    37. Kurama5151


    38. Rimuru Tempest

      Healthy Beach.

    39. Leandro Mata

      Nice calf’s

    40. butswami

      Anyone else wondering why there is a sand flea rake? What is the purpose of that item?

    41. BWTECH

      Wait, so do these...?

    42. AllOver Florida

      Fiddler crabs?

    43. Speeefy

      And even more reasons to fear the ocean

    44. Putra Desa

      We eat it here in Indonesia

    45. Brian Kim

      i thought this was stradman

    46. Tiger Oak

      Deep fried them, n dip them in sweet n sour sauce

    47. Dapur Bagor DZ khas Lande


    48. Danel Fernández

      Sand fleas definitely sounds scarier than sand crabs


      What tf is that,never seen it

    50. Lucas _da15

      Oloko nunca viram um tatuzinho num é possível 😳😳 os daqui da minha cidade ja entraram até em extinção praticamente kkkkk

    51. imam novi

      In Indonesia actually in Java we call them "Yutuk"

    52. 骨精强

      Eatable ?

    53. John Hui

      Taste like dirt tho

    54. ryder ants

      Fresh and taste better than lobster

    55. Khalil G

      Best bait on earth for fishing 🎣👌

    56. Shane Rudd

      In Venice Florida they use that rig to scoop up sharks teeth

    57. Nothing Follows

      Crabs: I'm running away from a crazy dude trying to kidnap us for dinner.

    58. Melting Mike

      We also call them sand crabs in the east coast

    59. GingerWithSoul

      Never played old school runescape?

    60. Arnold Mauro M. Cordova Tolentino

      Jsjsjsjs más conocido como muy muys jsjsjs

    61. One Yt

      Buyutuk :v

    62. Santiago Alonso

      She sells sea shells on the seashore

    63. Tony

      Seagulls be like. It's free real estate.

    64. Brié

      I thought they were a baby turtle 😭

    65. Jake S

      They are great bait, ava they apparently taste good

    66. DefNotEmi

      Y thi

    67. icontrollaplaya6

      I'm never going to the beach again

    68. leodies lewis


    69. bullatthegate

      Mmmm yummy !

    70. [SPRKY]mattheelectric Cook

      This is why I stick to the Great Lakes

    71. phongphan saekim

      In thailand can eat

    72. Fahim Ibn Dawúd

      Wait, what?! Wtf are sand fleas?

    73. Mr. M

      The sand fleas are "fleeing" from him 😂

    74. Blitznstitch2

      Do you eat them

    75. JaimeGP

      Chiquirines in El Salvador 🇸🇻 Make them fried👌🏻So delicious 😋

    76. ryarod

      Underneath my wonderment I have a petty question: Are they edible? For humans I mean.

    77. AMM

      This is the most white thing I've seen today

    78. DeeTheBomb

      This some high quality reel

    79. Alex Argueta

      Huh, you know as a kid when my family went to the beach I’d spend my whole day finding those guys, never knew their real names though

    80. Deshaun Whitt

      Thought they were called sand crabs

    81. Jamaal Padmore

      We call those cockles in Barbados or sea roaches

    82. Chris E

      Those aren't sand fleas anywhere,those are sand shrimp, or sand crabs. Sand fleas are found in sand away from water, and belong to a different class of creature

    83. Sietelos Sietelos

      Don't do it, don't disturb animals.

    84. MoroseLoki C.A.

      What what's he going to with them? Why bother meh cool video.

    85. Ricardo Baptiste

      In my country we call them seat tatoo's

    86. scatercat jones

      They would make great live bait For fishing

    87. Connor Smith

      my man with the crocs sheeeesh

    88. Gyuki Flame

      Wait so that’s what’s been getting blasted at me when I get hit by a wave

    89. percy fonolulu

      In Peru we call them Muymuy

    90. Владислав Кучеренко

      Что за сущность кто знает подскажи пожалуйста

    91. Erin Hutnick

      No more ocean for me 🤚🏼

    92. P Diddley

      Can you believe people fry them fuckers up an eat em?!

    93. febri istiyadi


    94. P Diddley

      Theyre like the pubic lice I once cotracted from a... A public terlet. Ya, that's it. Only these ones in the vid was smaller..

    95. João alves

      Destruindo a vida marítima devia ser preso 😡

    96. LakeSunapeeTradePro Anderson

      Got them fuc%$# Sand fleas in Maine on the saco river. How they live thru th winter I've no idea

    97. darren stettner

      Crazy! But also... why?

    98. Red Man

      We use them as bait to catch fish in barbados

    99. Another McBastard

      Sand fleas are from Flat Mars.

    100. Nuno Barros

      We call them "Tatuí" here in Rio de Janeiro. As a reference to the Armadillo, which we call "Tatú."

      1. JaimeGP

        We call them chiquirines in El Salvador