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    Still working on who broke into my car but we are making progress!

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    1. Coltyy

      YO 🔥I want to put you all on to the prank game so I started a prank community called we make a subscription box with my favorite props. New ones get sent every month and each month my favorite prank submission using a prank from the box will gets flown out to LA for a weekend to make content with me! Check it out!! 🎉 Appreciate everyone’s support 🙏🏼

      1. Hippychic

        What a load off crap you caught no one doing nothing then show the back of a woman walking down the street fool

      2. Yo Drop

        Does the race of the perp really matter? Or are you pointing out the fact that the person ain't...?

      3. Jambo Cochelli

        Pranks? California? Subscription box? 🤢🤮

      4. Rob

        Dummy idea

      5. Rodrigo Da Silva

        U snitched 😤

    2. Lockdown Sucks

      Why are you talking like that?

    3. 😏ya yeet

      Oh this comments going to do nothing with the video but what's your Instagram

    4. Casey Neal

      5ft Asian lady and not a single proof of evidence. I call bs

    5. Google User

      Can you talk at a normal speed, please?!?

    6. binocular rivalry

      Now I completely understand the SNL impressions of guys that sound like this

    7. Iain Mair

      What makes someone a “criminal”? If breaking the law is the definition than everyone is a criminal.

    8. Youknow Whoiam

      Not buying it

    9. John Dydasco

      What a waste of time

    10. Dr. Alcurad

      The right way to manipulate the system and be a vigilante

    11. Donna G

      Stupid video

    12. Abel


    13. Hippychic

      Where did you actually catcher breaking into a car all you have shown is the back off a woman walking down the street

    14. Rya J

      Yes, what cops use to do to catch criminals committing crimes is now something you have to do! Buy a bait car, buy expensive items to place in bait car, stake out bait car, record everything then turn over to police once all the leg work is done. Meanwhile the police do nothing to help and just hang at the police station posing as 18 year old web models trying to crack down on internet sex crimes that are "destroying our country" 🤣🤣🤣

    15. 6972Gallium

      Because she is “Asian Female” you guys start pussyfooting around..!

    16. Joel -


    17. darren stettner

      Gj. You should rig a car to release a swarm of bees on her.

    18. Trill Planet

      Dumbest way to try and catch someone lol

    19. Cee Vee

      Dude no footage!? Ughhh

    20. john alt


    21. Caliman5

      Hope that lil beeatchee go's to jail, along with all her vagrant druggie buddies...

    22. Annette Kingsley

      They never catch her and they don't have any video of her or the police getting her

    23. AnimeFam-999

      “Places items to catch thrift,” After:grabs stuff and don’t let it get stolen:chack

    24. sarnieken

      Regretting clicking on this. Awful video and didn’t really do anything.

    25. David Cisneros

      Has anybody else noticed how they are tearing down homes and not replacing them?

    26. Diego Chavez

      Some really had 0 time on their hands lmfao

    27. M ike

      Lying title. This is tease for a future post. Thus, THUMBS DOWN and "DO NOT RECOMMEND VIDEOS FROM THIS CHANNEL" selected. If enough would do this to every click-baiter, they'd go away.

    28. CleopatrasNemesis

      Worst video ever lol talks so fast couldn’t understand him anyway and yes no footage of thief 😂total fail

    29. That1PlaceBehindTheBush

      ...part 3 yet? Probably not cuz this video comes off pretty TikTok level -- hard to take serious. Could you make the next one longer and more *detailed* instead of rushing it into a short?? Edit: Nvm, I actually looked at the other content on the posters aaand I'm gonna say probably FAKE

    30. A Mathis

      Female privilege is a power tool.

    31. John Gafa

      What a blabber mouth, and you cant understand what the hell is being said. Bummer.

    32. Hamham


    33. Mikael Forbord

      Pure clickbait low quality shit

    34. hoiy vinosa

      Holy shit it’s a miracle you actually made a second part

    35. David Watts

      Ha! You caught a 20 year old Asian woman did doing this BS?? Do you know how many woke people think you're a racist now?? Too many!! Good for you!! Book'em, Dano!

    36. Eagle Eyes

      Whatever, so lame 😒 👎

    37. Anthony Cadena

      Its fake as shit but look at the views reason why

    38. Central

      This was boring

    39. Mark Rossiter

      you should have helped her, she is obviously desperate

    40. ITPalGame

      slow down!

    41. Maria Zimdars

      I'm glad you caught the bastard👍

      1. mikea hiooi

        I was hoping to see him confront some dude and have the guy turn and beat his ass! I just can’t stand that obnoxious voice!

    42. Glen Granger

      Guess rich people don't know what its like being down on your luck, could have had a little compassion and tryed to help her or offer to get her help

      1. ste coo

        Lmfao fuck off glen

    43. johnnyjustbecause

      If only he talked faster

    44. DrNogueiras

      Police are super hesitant to use evidence tainted by civilians like this. Let them do their jobs, if it’s real.

    45. Mike Schneider

      Your first and only mistake was involving the police you should’ve handled it yourself like a man instead of involving other people

      1. seiom jvony

        Hold on did I hear that right " we followed her 100 years Later here's some houses in the future" WHAT

    46. abbsnn cose

      Plot twist : she is also watching your videos bro

    47. RS Golden

      Community Trail Cam!

    48. Clapped Shinobi

      This is why you should buy a nice secure house first before buying nice cars 🎊

      1. abbsnn cose

        This video is full of Sh!t lol. Where the f@ck the young Asian woman ? 👎fake!!!!!

    49. Mr Smiff

      Wait what lol this video was filmed in my neck of the woods?

    50. Moist Buthole

      I don't care and you're shit

    51. Roseplays78 Moon friend

      All is just the same bro

    52. Twila Jones

      Now we have to catch the criminals

    53. Todd Smith

      You talk way too fast terrible narration slow down

    54. REPTILIANMAN 626

      I would have clocked her very solidly

    55. Flammable Elmo

      What is this fake shit...disliked also for talking 90mpha

    56. Donald Herbold

      I was hoping to see him confront some dude and have the guy turn and beat his ass! I just can’t stand that obnoxious voice!

    57. raspycellist

      Speak slower

    58. DJ M


    59. Evelyn Hoffman

      Plz do a part 6 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    60. Evans Family

      Hold on did I hear that right " we followed her 100 years Later here's some houses in the future" WHAT

    61. Wreckit Lethal


    62. my bad

      This video is full of Sh!t lol. Where the f@ck the young Asian woman ? 👎fake!!!!!

    63. Peter mc

      Can this guy actually talk this fast or am I half asleep

    64. Landon Purvis

      I am so sorry man

    65. Guntucky

      Why don’t you try slowing down your speech you’re putting five words in one syllable which that’s what Mexicans called Chilangos city people I got a horseshoeer friend that says city people suck, I understood about 1/10 of what you said slow down city girl. ,

    66. Louis Vanasse

      Is that Halifax, Nova Scotia?

    67. King Velasquez

      This is why you wouldn't survive if the apocalypse came.

    68. K H

      Get a life loser!

    69. Scuba Steve

      This guy’s voice makes me want to die

    70. Kafele Boothe

      Too many parts, I'll pass

      1. Rock girl

        What if she saw the tic tok

    71. Hikergy 16

      Rip for the people who think this is real

    72. Ailsa Ni

      when you been scrolling through youtube shorts for so long you actually find part 2

      1. bcvbb hyui

        mind because I have no way of asking them to finish their damn sentence. 😂

    73. A_True_Generic_Gamer

      Hm. Okay.

    74. best LR

      Idk he thinks there's one theif but how is that the case everywhere has dosens of theifs

      1. Ailsa Ni

        cooked down for her, she will do it again, therefore giving you more and more evidence

    75. Norseman

      If you break into my stuff I'll beat that ass regardless of gender or age.

    76. Brandon Niederhauser

      Jesus Christ this is so stupid... Who cares if your car got broke into ur lucky ur whip is still there n LA they would of took ur whole shit...guess ur hurting for content...

    77. ###

      Congrats you just arrested a homeless squatter over your stupid toys

    78. Full Reptile

      You should of maybe helped her

    79. CoolMan Caravan

      Lock her ass up

    80. Moo.

      Stop Asian hate she’s probably not even Asian

    81. Steve M

      Your waterbed was stolen under your seat?

    82. tennesean man

      We need more people like you

    83. Kat

      What if she saw the tic tok

    84. シ Yᴏᴛᴄʜɪ シ

      You are so blessed. Trying to solve a crime is pretty amazing when your not even a officer!!

      1. The real GD master

        His car was broken into how is he blessed

    85. Dunkzskunk Strats

      But let's arrest her.

    86. Dunkzskunk Strats

      Sounds like she's broke and needs help

    87. Geralisha Brothers


    88. Y C

      That happened to us to with are car some tools some toys we left and some other stuff

    89. oiuet souiu

      cooked down for her, she will do it again, therefore giving you more and more evidence

    90. iTs Rob

      Literally failed at your whole mission, NO footage of HER….

      1. Annette Kingsley

        They never catch her and neither do the police

      2. Matt Marzula

        Patients non-contributing anonymous user.

      3. oiuet souiu

        It’s pure bullshit that y’all had to go through all that just so that the police can do their jobs. I commend you for the effort.

    91. Katrinka San Francisco Bay Area

      I really feel the personal violation when someone breaks into my car. It's like a "in-home invasion"

      1. oiuet souiu

        They just want a claim out of you

    92. V0TEB!

      Dude you could've added a tracker then you'd show to the police then they track the tracker then they arrest the woman ex simple

    93. Johnathan Cruz

      Just stop making NLname

    94. Damu Vang

      This is like when you are watching a NLnamer and they are explaining and get interrupted/distracted and never finish what they were going to say. Like ughhh that destroys my mind because I have no way of asking them to finish their damn sentence. 😂

    95. soiung toiue

      I want to see the motorcycle races in Japan

      1. Rocky

        I dare you to destroy somebody's random car and even if you don't know that person Momo a person you don't know

    96. Justin Pierce

      Try running around Chicago like this and see how long you last..

    97. Gabriel Villas

      I mean..kinda clever but kinda foolish too. This sort of thing could go the opposite way very easily, somebody else might not be so intimidated by a couple of dorks with a smartphone and y'all could get messed up. No amount of likes is worth getting hurt, so if you wanna be vigilantes go for it but broadcasting it probably isn't the best idea.

      1. soiung toiue

        the Dream demon wishes the best for the thief

    98. Isi Gonzales

      I hope u find her

    99. trunk

      why not help the girl. if she is living in a abandoned house obviously she has no one. She is just trying to survive. Help her out instead of locking her up

    100. yasio bolo

      Never thought I would watch part 2