Christian Horner's tour of our new Engineering 'Treehouse'

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    Access granted 🔓 Join Christian Horner for a behind-the-scenes tour around our brand-new Engineering Treehouse we're using at European races this season.
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    1. ChrisVaz

      ¡What???. Thats it??? i´m expecting a 45 min especial... :(

    2. M Oliver

    3. scorpion 7

      can you please go through all the team on Max verstappen and tell us what they do that would be a great video to watch as I know someone who works in F1 Red Bull

    4. Mohammed Ali

      The dislikes are from the other teams engineers who don’t have a treehouse

    5. bocoy noiu

      Kudos to Christian for lowering his voice as to not disturb those working. It's great to have a boss that respects you.

    6. pbenga

      Sad that's it's only 2:30 long.

    7. Thato Modisane

      I like how, although Christian is the boss. When he walks into a room and people are busy, he lowers his voice. Thats true leader right there✌

    8. Marc Goodman

      I don't watch anyone while they wear face nappies. Come back when you behave like a normal human being.

      1. bocoy noiu

        See that is the secret of Red Bull's success: no doors that can be foksmashed.

    9. Robert Miller

      All the money on this heap but couldn’t keep my boy Jack on board!

    10. Phipper Analysis

      Whoa whoa...the IT guy *also* does the rear jack?!?!?! He needs a “raise”! 😅

    11. Donn Pugh

      Mercedes Benz social media content is waaaaaasaaaaaaay better, js.

    12. Max Martin

      Can't fooksmash sliding doors. Smart

    13. Tuomas Holo

      There is so much happening behind closed doors, but nice to catch a glimpse of it in the tree house.

    14. Sam M

      Kudos to Christian for lowering his voice as to not disturb those working. It's great to have a boss that respects you.

      1. Sam M

        @nieooj gotoy - What in the hell are you talking about and how does it apply to my comment? You sound like a crazy person!

      2. nieooj gotoy

        China cancers spread to the World! Thank You So Much for the Passion & Love shown in Your Crafts! Long Live Good Craftmanship & Management! 🙏🌷🌿

    15. Dean Ellis

      Meh. No zipline.

      1. nieooj gotoy

        Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene asechados.

    16. Luis Cuellar


    17. family party

      very nice bamos checo perez

    18. Ricardo v-f

      Digo shit strategi tires with checo !!!

    19. Rinish Harpal

      I hope I can work there in the future

    20. Tom

      No withe edition in the fridge shame on u

    21. Carl Harris

      I didn't expect the IT guy to be the rear jack!

    22. RayDavidsCEO

      So hold this thing portable? And moves to another country every week?

    23. Henk Janssen

      See that is the secret of Red Bull's success: no doors that can be foksmashed.

    24. Daph Smith

      Perks: Free Red Bull supply but nobody drinks energy drink cuz it’s unhealthy.

    25. TheRaceEngineer

      Me being a race engineer...: LIKE

    26. Average Place

      0:48 dudes like shit I’m on camera gotta put the mask on

    27. No Copyrights

      1:36 this is where we decided to destroy Kvyat and Albon’s careers.

    28. Laura Márquez

      Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene asechados.

    29. Toma Hawk

      This is Nostalgic >>> Like going back into a Brand New Facility in the late 1970s ... The Smell & Sight of many High Quality Equipments & Masters at Work ... before the Made in China cancers spread to the World! Thank You So Much for the Passion & Love shown in Your Crafts! Long Live Good Craftmanship & Management! 🙏🌷🌿

    30. JrP

      Someone should make a video on how do you become a Part of a TEAM, Could be enginneer, pit crew, or even a photographer, videographer. Like anything that is part of F1 Team

    31. JrP

      Those Tires are SHINNNY!!

    32. Jefferson Vinicius

      Cara sou muito fã de vcs, sempre torço pra red Bull 🔴🐂 LETS go winner

    33. Derek Cote

      A time lapse of how the trailers are set up and tore down would be cool. Always interested in how these transform. Thanks Christian!

      1. Josh Christiane

        Absolutely! That's what I've been wanting to see as well.

    34. nieooj gotoy

      I`ve done F1 boss personality test and got Christian. I love winning tests

    35. Yolanda Padres

      ❤️I LOVE ❤️ RED BULL🏎️🏎️

    36. Briek Van Audekerke

      Wait so they move the Whole thing through Europe?!

    37. Cesar López

      Vamos Red Bull, los apoyamos desde México 🇲🇽.

    38. Ethan Fish

      The architecture and mobile offices of F1 is a modern marvel in of itself

      1. nieooj gotoy

        What's next? Red Bull City.


      Engineer engineer😁

    40. Doug From M1 Racing

      Resume e-mail?

    41. Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin

      This looks like the kind of house minimalist-minded people would build.

    42. Mick H

      Love seeing stuff like this thank you 🙏🇳🇿👍

    43. Henry Swarbrick

      Pit team introductions would be good. Had no idea the head of IT also operates the rear jack.

    44. Nick Lucke

      ok cool, but when will you invite me to one of those?

    45. Alex Onarres

      Great tree house. Is the tree inside or outside.? 😋

    46. Josh Lee

      That's a spaceship

    47. Paul Ceasar Mateo

      Do you think merc is still cheating

    48. John Bouttell

      It's bigger than my house.

    49. Spying Dutchman

      So they cut down a few trees to make a "fully sustainable" house? ... 😂😂

    50. Carlos Arroyo

      Wow! Thx for the tour Christian

    51. Joel Kristensson

      It is going to be a sad day when Horner retires

    52. Star Chaser

      What's next? Red Bull City.

    53. DNG Titan

      0:47 “Oh Shit there’s Christian with a camera man!!!!! Better put my mask back on”😬

    54. Edwin Hendricks


    55. Darren Boston

      That trailer sat to the left of the tree house is RT4 the race car transporter.... my truck when I was at RB👌

    56. Σωτηρης Τρομπουκης gaming 2020

      Nice team-treehouse

    57. Atelier DE GRIFF

      Anyone else more interested in this massively complex behind the scenes part of the sport rather than the races themselves? 😅🤷‍♂️

    58. Gerrard Rodrigues

      Red bull is amazing

    59. dheeraj Rao

      Other teams using drivers for tour videos. Red Bull : lets use Christian Horner and use that DTS fan base.

    60. Majority of 1

      Different stripes for different colours, insightful.

    61. joseco1978

      Good luck tomorrow!

    62. hangm4n

      Grands Prix* Christian

    63. Weekly Dose Of Formula 1

      Treehouse without the tree is just a house Let that sink in

    64. Ben Blakemore

      Wow love it Christian

    65. ALX-KS™

      Quick question: How many cans of Red Bull do you guys bring to each GP?

    66. Pablo Benitez


    67. IvanNahuel

      That 'Good evening' says a lot of this man 👏

    68. Jake Aycicek

      They’re also building their own engine for next year....Where tf have they got the money to do this

    69. Brenton Born

      The different stripes are the different colours? Who knew!

    70. kenny-kent60

      0:25 wait that's illegal

    71. Shaneey

      Imagine having free redbull cans at work in a mini fridge

    72. peter v hest

      I am a huge fan of redbull an so tired of the mercs pffff hope the don't become camp again this year i really love f1 for more than 25 years even one of my Kids have a driver's name but toto en Hamilton i am so sick about that the have the best car for years so it was so easy for them and really proud of redbull to win ones in a while but now its time for redbull for the next years to win and as a huge max fan i really hope he's staying with redbull for many years and never go to the arrogantly people of the mercs

    73. Komandor Bentus

      One thing to understand: it was said, this is for all european GP. What about other Grand Prixs, what kind of base do you have for your team?

    74. Michal Lacki

      Awesome look behind the scenes 👌

    75. Ellen Sten

      But is the ”treehouse” moved to every Grand prix or do they build it up every time..? Seems kind of inconvenient to be stationed at one place when they move around so much.

    76. Corey Cox

      I love how the engineering room is just like it is in the F1 game... 😂

      1. juan

        I FINALLY FOUND IT! The comment i relate so much

    77. Obi Wan Kenobi

      Nice to take a look inside of the 2021 WC! Cheers guys!

    78. javier gonzalez

      thank you for the tour, good look tomorrow

    79. Fazrin Budi

      That's it?. That's all you had to show us?. 🙄

    80. Eulus Garza

      Nice place but the engines shop will look as cool as this place ?

    81. Diego Mariguin

      I want this mini frigobar please!!

    82. rohan mondal

      Christian should host more of these!

    83. TheKingkingg

      Congrats to all drivers... Max don't let anger or the past beat you down we can only control now and tomorrow to some extent, but we cannot undue what's already done. Max will win tomorrow, Perez top 3, Pierre and tsunoda top 7 in race tomorrow at end of race. May be a quick flight in a Honda jet will help clear drivers mind to remind them you can still enjoy life knowing you are not in control.

    84. Canan Öz

      God you know my dream

    85. AWildSnowball

      the 3 dislikes are binotto and his 2 drivers because they didn't learn anything from this

    86. Marten Sytema

      always baffles me that such a facility is basically built up at each venue. So much logistics and building up and tearing down. Insane world. Love it . :-D

      1. Ian

        It's pre constructed cubes and flat-packs. Just big Legos.

    87. Mario’s Channel

      You guys did a great job on this video

    88. Lacuno

      Wait so this building is fully portable so that they can unassemble and reassemble at each track?

    89. Aika Tsujimoto

      Is the 'threehouse' transferable? I never get the chance it transforms into something or how it moves once race is over.

    90. Rick in Texas

      Thanks for the quick tour. Good luck in tomorrow’s race!

    91. Andy Anto

      What's the internet speeds like?

    92. Mátyás Kutas


    93. Ave Jaly

      Dislike by default. Anything Horner.

    94. Derek D

      I was totally expecting "This is the cage we keep the engineers in"

    95. x-force-entertainment

      oh 2 dislikes... I think Toto and Hamilton was here

      1. glenniz1

        Bahahahaha!! Christian sure put Toto in his place today!!!

      2. Rowan Uzumaki

        7 we got the pit crew in too

      3. petiertje M

        @Victor Mezquita Looks like some mechanics were here too ;)

      4. Victor Mezquita

        Three dislikes now Bottas was here too ,;)😁

    96. Gaze

      Very cool 👍

    97. Alfre Millan

      que grande

    98. Berk Ç.

      Great content. More like this please.

    99. jose martinez

      #GORedbull 💪💪 El mejor lugar para trabajar! 👍👋🇲🇽

    100. Guinness Harvey

      I love how the IT guy is also the rear Jack guy:)

      1. Larissa Schaaf

        @day 2 day there's a maximum amount of people per team, so most of the pit crew also do other jobs. I heard that at another team the head of human resources is also part of the pit crew.

      2. Robert Hiseman

        @day 2 day all the mechanics working on the car and various other people that don't do much whilst the race is actually happening can be involved in the pitstops

      3. day 2 day

        I've always wondered who makes up the pit crews. If it was a job in itself , or other members of the team , etc ???? I guess that gives me an idea