Cool Tech Under $50 For Your Setup - March


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    Here are some cool tech items for your setup that cost less than $50! Check out the YubiKey 5 series key here: Use code Techsource10 for $10 off your purchase #CoolTech AD
    ▶$15 Windows 10 Key:
    20% off Code: TS20
    ▶Cool Tech Playlsit:
    ▶White PC Build guide:
    ▶US parts◀
    Muzata LED Channel - Flat:
    Muzata LED Channel - Tall:
    Muzata LED Channel - Corner:
    Govee Strip used:
    Tzumi LED Bars:
    Programmable/Custom Numpad:
    Tez Coiled Cables:
    Jellycomb Monitor Riser:
    Koss UR40 Headphones:
    Headphone stand:
    OONTZ Bluetooth Speaker:
    Dekiru Hexagon Acoustic Panels:
    ▶Misc/Cable Management items◀
    3M Tape for Raceways:
    3M Squares for Acoustic Panels:
    ▶UK parts◀
    Muzata LED Channel - Flat:
    Muzata LED Channel - Tall:
    Muzata LED Channel - Corner:
    Govee Strip used:
    Tzumi LED Bars:
    Programmable/Custom Numpad:
    Coiled Cables (Alternate):
    Jellycomb Monitor Riser:
    Koss UR40 Headphones:
    OONTZ Bluetooth Speaker: N/A
    Hexagon Acoustic Panels (Alternate):
    ▶Misc/Cable Management items◀
    3M Tape for Raceways:
    3M Squares for Acoustic Panels:
    ▶CANADA parts◀
    Muzata LED Channel - Flat:
    Muzata LED Channel - Tall:
    Muzata LED Channel - Corner:
    Govee Strip used:
    Tzumi LED Bars: N/A
    Programmable/Custom Numpad:
    Coiled Cables (Alternate):
    Jellycomb Monitor Riser:
    Koss UR40 Headphones:
    OONTZ Bluetooth Speaker:
    Dekiru Hexagon Acoustic Panels (OP WTF):
    ▶Misc/Cable Management items◀
    3M Tape for Raceways:
    3M Squares for Acoustic Panels:

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    1. TechSource

      Hope you guys enjoyed this months cool tech! White PC Build guide:

      1. Lewewk

        @TechSource do you know where i can find this mouse and keyboard mat?

      2. Elite_is Hyper34

        Can I have a better desk and a monitor also a mic?

      3. Infrayous


      4. Brandon Henry

        Bro where did you get your mat for the mouse that’s straight breezy I need one

      5. vS ZΞUS

        whats the name of the keyboard ? and the mouse

    2. ᴋᴇʟᴇᴍᴇɴ Qt


    3. Fanta Blox

      Who elses is gonna to buy the key for their channel?

    4. Paul S.

      The Mousepad?

    5. EvolutionSev

      Hastat mer axpere hye a

    6. James

      "Here's Cheap tech" Uses expensive power tools

    7. Melakalikimaka

      “it’s honestly gross looking to not have this light defuser, and they’re so easy to set up” *20 seconds later* “-all i had to do was run down to my local hardware store and purchase this jigsaw-“

    8. Lewewk

      does anybody know where i can find that keyboard and mouse pad

    9. Sweito

      Someone can tell me whats the wallpaper pls ?

    10. Zini Tabaku

      broooo this setup is lit its too good and not much expensive

    11. Hexed

      what is your discord group called plz

    12. Deez Nuts

      Probably use some of that money for a second monitor instead of a bunch of bright ass lights

    13. My Leisure

      Liked the video ✌️ twice for that balloon 🎈

    14. XMegaJuni

      I thought this was random frank p lmafo

    15. XEQshon

      be careful with KOSS products from amazon. There used to be a lot of fakes in Europe with the original logo on them. the headphones were still great but when the plug got faulty nobody wanted to replace them, since KOSS was not associated with the product sold on amazon. I am not sure how it is nowadays, though. This was around three years ago.

    16. SkiMask

      Where did you get that mouse pad??

    17. SkiMask

      Picking up those lights at Walmart today 100%

    18. Tonky Tron

      KPH30i + porta pro > UR40

    19. Fnl Curry

      Can you guys plss make a pc for me idk how to make it a beuti

    20. GOATBOY YT

      what if you lose the key

    21. Jessop DeRosby

      What happens if you lose the physical key?

    22. glazedzero


    23. amjed kelani

      what mouse pad is that?? pls let me know

    24. George Spall

      Are we just gonna ignore the condo

    25. Keavlar K


    26. Sunnyy UR

      How you can use your mouse for a gaming ... its all block because of your cabel .. in every setup i first watch there is enough room for mouse or not ...

    27. Zectifin

      the durex is cringe

    28. Lou Ann Sockyma

      i got the tizumi light bars for half that price

    29. Awkho

      What is the mousepad

    30. Христиан Ангелакидис

      loved the vid! btw what is that pad im in search of one?

    31. repul5e _

      that condumb had me lmao

    32. Ismael Santos

      The nebulous epoch conversely impress because payment electronmicroscopically bruise abaft a quirky plane. ceaseless, hurt skiing

    33. Stc IQ199

      7:53 Well you are real man ngl

    34. PN physicZ

      Video about the gaming setup please like everything in your gaming setup

    35. JaaL

      Can i get a link to the desk?

    36. Mustafa Nasif

      I mean I bought some Razer headphones with the most amazing quality I've ever had in headphones just for 36 €. (Razer Kraken X) (it was a discount price)

    37. Chris McAllister

      Well we all know what you do at your desk during your off time hahaha.

    38. igieoo

      Anyone know where the mouse mat is from? been looking for something like it everywhere but havent been able to find it online just by search.

    39. njocodes

      Can Somebody pls tell me the Keyboard Name from 5:15

    40. Jochem en Diemo games

      with led channel are you using in this video the tall or the flat one

    41. AimPinguin

      step 1: get a setup

    42. Mahmoud

      Whats the table, i really like it

    43. Manavjot Singh

      Awesome mousepad. Please provide the link man.😍😍😍

    44. Manavjot Singh

      luv that mousepad. please provide the link.😍😍😍

    45. Xander Travers

      whats the mouse

    46. tubo_channel

      when the setup is more expensive than my whole computer

    47. novamusic

      hello! what desk, mousepad, and keyboard do you have? i like them all a lot

    48. The Crispy Chip

      Monitor riser is nearly 80 bucks rip :(

    49. JayS574

      Is the monitor crooked or am I?

    50. Nelly Rose

      Those journals look exactly like one i have that my dad gave me awhile agoand I've been looking for where to buy them where did you get those you have?(there's and blue one) under the monitor good vid btw :D subbed

    51. Luka

      I search for white wierles mouse can someone help me to find one if someone know. Thx.

    52. honeycomb _101

      I looked at the comments and then rewinded. I thought it was one of those mini wet wipes people carry in their bags when they need to sanitize.....How did he get away with that lmao🥲🤣

    53. Spirals

      I went straight to the comment section as soon as he pulled out that drawer in the monitor riser

    54. mohammed samsheer

      the coupon is not valid anymore. :(

    55. Jeremy Tanudtanud

      i have the same tzumi led lights since i found them at tj maxx and with the remote you can control both lights at the same time but they need to close to each other for the ir receiver to control both lights at the same time. i found that out by playing with the lights 1 at a time and decided to try both lights with 1 remote. The led lights are like a tv remote since they use an ir receiver.

    56. Trenton Smith

      He really used a whole ass vice to clamp that metal lol

    57. Laura Brown

      In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

    58. Novice Bets

      best spot to keep you essentials item such as condom lol very essential :-)

    59. Armin On yt

      I can’t see the rubber 😉

    60. Nem Joaquin

      we'll just ignore the durex lol!

    61. Jackson Corliss

      A 12 YeAr OlD wHo PlAyS fOrTnItE how about stfu and let them play the game they want if anything ur the 12 year old for hiding people over a game

    62. Britain Johnson

      50 i cant afford that can we drop it to 10 :)

    63. scorcoz

      Damn you just stole randomfrankp's bit? Wild

    64. DonCesar Blogs

      Awesome, thanks !! New suscriber here!

    65. SerpentZ

      bruh my guy i dont even have a pc lmfaooooooooooooooo nor a ps4

    66. SEMI

      When your not on a budget ur just cheap

    67. Electro Gaming

      So what is the pc I want to know

    68. bPace120

      Like half the video was an install of led lights and covers

    69. Θανάσης Παχούλας

      Can you give the link of your extended mousepad it looks sick

    70. animator dude

      I legit though that thumbnail said $50 setup

    71. Ph0xy_

      Please do a video on the benss biometrics usb

    72. Probably Showcasing

      Hello,where can i get the table?

    73. Momen Abuawad

      What desk do u have

    74. XClout

      I got the lights from five below

    75. marcos calderon

      i think this is stolen content...

    76. Joe Gatta

      What you is this in this pc??

    77. ACCEDDS

      Looks shit

    78. JORDXI

      8:00 NICE 👍🏼

    79. HideTheCrown

      Anyone know what desk that is??

    80. Gabe le babe -

      Below 50 bucks - use a metal cutter.

    81. R4nd3mDNA

      Am i dunb or wheres the yubee key link? (Correct me if i wrote it wrong

    82. Ilce Angelov

      Where can i find the table?

    83. H e n r y

      *The people who disliked the video don't have $50*

      1. iAlveri

        Me 🥲 but I’m not disliking

    84. mSa

      The light bars are 50 euros in germany :'( Still technically under 50 but they seem to be way cheaper in the US (or wherever you live, I'm just assuming lol)

    85. Bradley Gibson

      Can't even get the LED bars Shipped to NZ 😔😔

    86. Lisa Speller

      Wow can u please doo a £100 one ONLY USING EBAY!! A Great Chalage I think And Dw if u don't havr the money

    87. Maxxie

      can u give the link of yubi key

      1. Maxxie

        @TechSource oh it was the first link didn’t see thanks tht thing is very useful

      2. TechSource

        its in description section

    88. 6MM Drip

      Hey quick question, I have a 5v 4 pin free. I ordered some static rgb strips anyone have a better solution? Most splitters and accessories I saw were 3pin or 12v 4pin it’s a asrock h110 pro btc+

    89. Jack

      what happens when u lose the key?

    90. Shojo

      I'm just wondering what mousepad do you use?

    91. foreverNwonder

      Great info. Looking forward to your April vid.

    92. Phantom Vipour

      0:47 were is the build guide?

    93. Tsakッ

      that durex tho

    94. Rodrigo Martins

      "I don't own a tablet" But I do own two phones

    95. Christopher Rodriguez

      "Nobody": Edgar showing accessories, pens and condoms

    96. Bloxxize

      fortnite is a good game

    97. Hello Wacko

      What’s the desk called ?

    98. RZR Flixy

      6:59 tHeY cOmE iN tHrEe dIfFeREnT fLavOuRs

    99. Bentai King

      6:59 “and they come in 3 flavors” is nobody going to talk about that or do you also call colors flavors

    100. some random weeb dude 0-0

      7:53 i see youre going to do adult fun with your wife/girlfriend 😏