DaBaby - Beatbox “Freestyle” (Official Video)


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    IG: @DaBaby
    Directed By: @Gemini.One1

    Gepubliceerd op 15 dagen geleden


    1. David Davidson

      Brooo i love how got his own cream and chocolate maybach

    2. radzahir1

      You know I’m the poop *splart* ewww I need a plunger mm yea look at my bench god daaamn I think I luv her let’s gooooo

    3. Kamryn Lear


    4. Bonnie Ekpenyong

      Fire music😻

    5. Hair Master

      Jojo Siwa

    6. Whale

      we ignoring the Stevie Wonder line???????! HUH!!?

    7. G.M.R Gutta365 365 G.M.R

      Lil baby 🐐 n.....lol

    8. Alex 504


    9. Alex 504


    10. Alex 504

      1:6 ?? 😂😂😂

    11. jaymedre3

      T.I A combo

    12. jaymedre3


    13. Alex_ Poke1239

      OK let’s go Nigga

    14. Manuel Serrano

      Bro this good 👇 👌 😎 🔥

    15. wing

      Upload this on Apple Music

    16. ASAP_tez Fl


    17. Jawxvy Fn.

      Jojo see Why🤦🏾‍♂️

    18. VerticalSZN

      I thought the picture of jojo siwa was a fan add on but its actually on here HAHAHAHA

    19. OG_begone _THOT

      Ok look he killed someone so I think he would win in a fight

    20. 4ourthQuartar Zah

      Dababy I need the feature rs💯 Hmp @fourthquarterzah on insta

    21. In'Veigh Jones

      i mean jojo forehead anti even a 4 head that shit a 8 head she got a reseating hair line

    22. Bigg Nugg

      Slaps hard asff as usual 🔥💯

    23. Gabriel Sliwo


    24. Gabriel Sliwo

      It’s bad

    25. Gabriel Sliwo

      It sums

    26. reaction pods

      Dababy sacrifice his dad

    27. Spitefull xd2


    28. Keonta Virge

      Jojo c wa

    29. Ayden Doswell

      i saw you kill that guy dababy

    30. mason buchta

      what if jojo siwa resonds with a diss track

    31. Sanai Hii


    32. NovaFN

      dababy don miss

    33. Jeddy Akubueze

      I’ve listened to this more than 15 times and I’m not tired 😭😭🔥

    34. End killer

      All my homies don’t fuck wit JoJo Siwa

    35. Darren Lewis

      I was waiting for it.

    36. rene pinto


      1. Wavez SZN


    37. Kaydan Pearson


    38. Javie Williams

      Beatbox 2

    39. Javie Williams

      He got this from spotemgottem

    40. Pdgreen23 Kings

      I hard

    41. Cbass is cool

      "I can piss on a cup and still call it lemonade baby" wtf dababy???? you good

    42. Kei Gotti

      The old flow 😭

    43. Temelko Brown

      Who else is here before i was born and they put it on tik tok

    44. phoenix Referrer

      Not jojo siwa because shes a children person

    45. Justin thenewnupcoming

      Was supposed to him march 15 n it canceled till april now smh no explanation wht happend g

    46. Elijah Da boss

      It’s a play on words ok chill he’s not dissing jojo siwa

    47. Dj xxtravagant

      using big words like ti 😆🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    48. Mr Dc

      this shit is fucking cazy cool shit the best part was jojo siwa

    49. UKW-uknowho

      Can anyone pay homage to spotemgotem for this beat????? Fuck!!! I don't siwa all people wanna talk about is jojo.

    50. Jamarion Mills

      “Ig motel at da hotel now want me to give her da Johnson”😂

    51. Chastity Warren

      STFU PPL WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED (respectfully)

    52. Gray

      These dudes knock out actors. Rapper’s have to rep violence cause it sells. It’s part of the brand. “Beefs” ain’t real no more, but it’s lucrative AF.

    53. Jasper144


    54. Juggernog Soda

      dababy in real life

    55. D- Don

      All his music sounds the same : (

    56. Tiffny Burton


    57. JAYY WRLD

      Shit so tuff‼️

    58. TikTok Trends WorldWide


    59. STAR MUSIC

      is this on apple music?

    60. Shawn D

      Stay solo

    61. JJ on 120hz

      I was dababy 12 million view

    62. Hugo


    63. Varsity Slayzz

      Is this song on Spotify

    64. Clint Edwards

      North Carolina BABY ‼️‼️‼️💯🙏🏻👑

    65. Tiara Doss

      Jojo siwa lmoa

    66. Kamryn Jones

      Why he talking about jojo siwa

    67. Kendrick Roberson

      my boy

    68. Ronaldo Rampersad

      it's punctuation, "You a bitch, (Jojo Siwa) Bitch" like, referring to male being feminine like Jojo Siwa, so saying "You a bitch, feminine, bitch" wouldn't make any sense. So he just needed someone to rhyme with guys, no beef no nun.

    69. Debbie Sinclair


    70. niall al-hilali

      Stop talk about jojo siwa it is over now

    71. OdysseyK

      this song sucks....

      1. Really bro


    72. PO1SON 1VAN

      He said "Jojo see why" not jojo siwa

    73. detective Cromwell

      so good!

    74. Chava Navarro

      I like dababy

    75. Saucy Nayyy

      Da baby is mocking Jesus. Christians wya?

    76. Alannah Rogers

      Hi dababy

    77. Shamarea Maxie

      not he just rated

    78. Marlan Wilson

      He jealous

    79. Mason Cannonn

      This is going crazy wanting to record JoJo siwa on big photos funny

    80. xsilent YEET

      Ion "siwa" every body mad he said he was joking his 3 yr child liked her and he spent alot of money on her products for his daughter

    81. jakefuller8

      Why you do money mitch like that son.🥶😂

    82. Chr1s -_- K1llzzツ

      He ment jojo see why

    83. Crocodile d.m.e Official


    84. Ciydnere

      Y’all saying Joni Sita could beat him Up CHILE PLEASEE

    85. Brianna Dunston

      u jojo siwa

    86. Delphina Stewart

      Jojo swia BITCH

    87. Arryet Love

      This hard.

    88. Digga F

      Lemme guess, they're gonna cancel DaBaby for calling Jojo Siwa a B

    89. terrance chandler

      His nickname was jojo the verse ment jojo see why

    90. HuntedWarrior

      Dababy: Disses JoJo Siwa Bunch of salty 9 year old's has entered the chat

    91. Bruhburrito

      Less goo

    92. Dre_Da_Goat

      so fire 💯💯¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    93. Faze Dagger

      Jojo siwa after watching this 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    94. Faze Dagger

      1:05 best part

    95. 360 Tryhard

      1 Percent of ppl watching this vid: Hot Barz 98.9 percent of ppl watching this vid: what did jojo do 2 u .1 percent of people who DONT just watch dababy: he didn't mean it

    96. onlydracoworld


    97. Lovaya noble

      there is no beef it just rhymed and it was fire James Charles made it so much worse

    98. Jordan Whitinui

      Why this beatbox but he diss jojo Siwa

    99. marto ar

      always the same fkn flow, the same beats

    100. Oral Robinson

      This is trash