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    Are we near an Apocalypse. Are the end of times really closing in. This second acts a pre secondary installment to my song called Book of Revelations. If you have time go check that out after along with Dear God. I think this topic is important. What are your thoughts on a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE? Let me know in the comment section as I love to read and reply to as many as I can. Do you believe God is soon returning? This song is meant to create a discussion. Thank you. Let's share and make an impact. My name is Dax and I am an artist who is currently creating something out of absolutely nothing.

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    Shot By: Logan Meis
    Produced by: Lex Nour Beats
    #Apocalypse #bookofrevelation #God #dax
    I see violence
    And I hear sirens
    Uh oh oh
    No where to go
    No where to run
    They gave me the shot
    They took away guns
    nothing to eat
    We can’t go to sleep
    We’re stuck in our homes
    They’re flooding the streets
    Everyone watching and glued to their screens
    misinformation like every week
    This ain’t no game better choose your side and protect your soul
    devil is lurking he’s looking for victims in power to use and regain his control
    No one to trust everybody’s corrupt
    End of the world really feels like it’s close
    Feels like it’s Truman and I’m just a person they’re watching at home on a evening show
    Fake information and all of it’s free
    Dumb politicians, Corrupt police
    Tanks and riots, bodies piling, smell of
    corruption is flooding the streets
    Children are crying there’s nothing to eat
    Left and right there’s no in between
    Who do we trust when it’s us against us and we’ll do anything just to get a retweet
    2021’s no joke boy you better stay inside pray to God during these times
    Let me you give some advice, at night, stay inside, your life has a price, they will buy
    Everybody’s trying to fight, gas prices spiked, no bus can’t walk we can’t drive
    Everybody's on edge, trying to get ahead, so I’m chucking up this peace sign
    Let me get into the real
    They I don’t care how you feel
    You’re just animal and you’re their next meal
    There’s no peace
    I pray to god on my knees
    The gates of hell open are we can all feel that heat
    I remember when everything changed
    When Technology went from an aid to the primary poison of all of our Brains
    We’ve been programmed to think that we need it we slave and we worship it everyday
    and in every way we’re becoming the robot they gave us and losing humanities way
    I see violence
    And I hear sirens
    Uh oh oh
    No where to go
    No where to run
    They gave me the shot
    They took away guns
    nothing to eat
    We can’t go to sleep
    We’re stuck in our homes
    They’re flooding the streets
    Everyone watching and glued to they screens
    misinformation like every week
    If you're a soldier stand up ya know
    Stay 10 ten toes
    look em face
    don’t you fold
    They’re watching your moves I hope that you know
    People are dying because of religion
    Selling sex, selling children
    Genocides, waters rise, Homicides, missing women,
    rich got richer
    what did they do?
    man they cut out small business
    fake statistics,
    flood the streets with drugs and filled up all the prisons
    They’re shifting the energy
    You can’t see the enemy
    God is returning they don’t got to say it the climates been telling me
    From way the they’re abusing the teachings and pushing religion like it’s an accessory
    Pick a side it’s the dark or the light, in the scariest times that we’ve seen in a century
    I see violence
    And I hear sirens
    Uh oh oh
    No where to go
    No where to run
    They gave me the shot
    They took away guns
    nothing to eat
    We can’t go to sleep
    We’re stuck in our homes
    They’re flooding the streets
    Everyone watching and glued to they screens
    misinformation like every week
    Put ya lighters up
    Put ya lighters up
    Put ya lighters up

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    1. Dax

      Protect your soul... Share and help spread the message. Available on ALL streaming PLATFORMS: ingroov.es/apocalypse-pc

      1. Ghosting SoWell

        Awesome work

      2. YRS Mikeyy

        Dax the goat all the other rappers spit bout bullshit keep it up brother

      3. ts Lafferty

        @Cursed Kennedy no hope for you my friend

      4. Will Howe

        You got it bro

      5. Bethany’s Daily Life

        I’m from the live I’ve been flipping back-and-forth for the past 25 minutes watching the video commenting coming to your live commenting I’ll do it until your live ends bro I got you Fam💕❤️✅💯⭐️🔥✊🏼✅ your music is what our world is missing as a whole and your music always puts the pieces back together in my life I have so much respect and love for you.

    2. Zim Gir

      Dax will for ever be the fucking goat

    3. Wickedicp Twiztis

      Fire 🔥🔥🔥

    4. Zachary Dietzel

      yo bro when we finna do a song together

    5. Prudent TV

      DAX is a prophet...His songs are relatable too...Long live legend

    6. William Silene

      If you didn't notice , his eyes are gone because he says he can't see 🙈🙈

    7. William Silene

      If you call him an ass hole 🕳️ then your not happy where your at in your own Life because that's how I see it .

    8. Joe Chammas

      what a deep message.. Dax speaks the facts. Stay with god. Protect yourself. Dont let apps control your behaviours.

    9. Venera Berens


    10. Tornike Katamadze

      “Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and put you to death, and you will be hated by all nations for my name’s sake". Matthew 24:9

    11. ROUNAK KUMAR Mishra

      *Maturity is when you realise this video is based on Reality, and every word has a true meaning*

    12. Zach Malanoski

      Face book wont let me out And twitter tried to cap my mind Instagram is just filled with models Yea havent used it at all this year I cant cause i know shes out there Let me find her and be aware Suicide prevention is my fear

    13. Zach Malanoski

      Did my real bars get taken away or did i just lose the movitation? Willy wonka persona

    14. Valentino Berger

      They believe a rapper who talks About it But the Bible talks about it more Then 1000 years and They dont believe it Jesus wil Come Back verry soon and when hè take the christians whit him in heaven on earth wil be a allot of world broblems then wil come the antichrist he wel say i m god but dont believe him hè s satans follower hè wil do big things that de peapol say hé s God but then after vieuw years he wil show his real fase The last days of the world are comming Come to jezus hè wil save you from this He is the only way true the father the only way true heaven. The bible speak about this time dont believe me ? Go read the bible the last stestament there you can read the last days Pray to God and ask him to come in your life and pray to him 🙏 he wil save you!!!




      God bless us all !

    17. M22 Soundscape

      Best rapper... love this dude !!

    18. Burty Smith

      It's now people are kids are running bout with their 20 inches zombie knives and we are all walking around like zombies with are heads in are phones n or up ars coz dis shit ain't right.

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    20. Dream believe Inspire Xplor

      This song is so fire...Preach my guy! Love this song! My fav besides proclaimed ones...the video is siiick!🔥

    21. David Oluwadoro

      Spits the truth😇

    22. Dax Ter

      When u type Dax from ur nickname and find out this guy..damn..so happy to see a guy like this holding this nickname..love it.



    24. Mills Young Farmer

      Great message 🙏🙏❤️♥️

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      I was going to say somebody tag Lil Nas x but I see the producer already tagged hem in his head

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      Let us be us th7s tus just us darkness Let us reap har.vest wear and send our toys to the swine and let me be to you and me are the only thing that will make things easier and more for you and your friends and I will make sure that we will be happy to have the kids 😊 the same thing for me lol and then 😊 2nd time in your 2nd time 2nd year 😊 I think that the only reason I could be of help

    27. Roz Honor2theKing

      Let's get a job and get out of the blood and get a job and get a better place We love

    28. Roz Honor2theKing

      Mmmm Sleeper cellular service is activated the time is now my legion it is i and beast we Wake awake my eyes on the phone here and there is a way to get a new one mind if you want to be a good listener Mmmmm devil is i Mmm your sexy 😍 eve was my toy let's play together ❤

    29. Fils de Jean Noir

      0:03 Nope. Destruction comes without warning.

      1. Trishtian Dailey

        Destruction of any sorts comes with warnings. Nukes, breakups, gunfire, etc. It's just about whether or not you can see/hear those warnings.

    30. Fils de Jean Noir

      0:00 You look convincing but the girl looks like she's been dipped in tomato juice. She needs a shot of vodka and a celery stalk in her mouth, then she could be a bloody Mary! (What d'ya call a bloody Mary without the vodka? A bloody shame.)

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    32. Chrisy Nova

      not the anti vaxxer anthem going hard as fuck!

    33. Slumptey Dumpty

      Just found out about Dax like 20 minutes ago bro fire 🔥 🔥🔥

    34. Shaban Rugova

      The best Man with great voice , big greetings from 🇩🇪🇦🇱

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      I'm just here to say the direction of your vids are genius.

    36. Hachim Hm

      I hear silence

    37. Scizor Bullet

      Im honestly tired of somgs dedicated to just shitting on social media like yes nigga we got it the 499th time you niggas made a song about how bad and hateful the internet is talk about something else. We get it society is mean talk about something new. Its boring and corny.

    38. Elliott Potter Klein

      is this an anti-vaxx song? I can't tell but even if it is its still fire

      1. Toppy Games

        take that experimental vacc bro. darwinism will take effect

      2. Scizor Bullet

        Its an anti social media and society song as usual.

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      I love Jesus he is my king and my heart 👑

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      bro he's literally making me scared a bit! all those edits are insane!!!!!

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      Love this ❤️🕊️✝️🙏 repent please Yeshua loves you he just wants you to show love , but love does not mean tolerance sometimes love is tough and sometimes that tough love is the best love cuz that's the true love... And I love the fact that you put the zombies in there cuz that is going to be Satan's army they're going to be an army of the Dead zombified people

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      You never disappoint DAX🔥

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      Dax. ? You threw a left punch in this video are you ambidextrous, or a south paw? Thanks.💓🌌😎

    46. Junior Daxified

      I believe Dax is an artist with much to bring to the table, with one of his main goals to entrench the concept of hip-hop In this society.

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      I have been saying the same and how the world is being destroyed by social media, the government and religion. The World is full of Awesome People so if you don't know One become One. ✌😎

    52. mohnesh sharma

      i listened this song so many times i cant even count ,your songs made me accept my self thankyou bro.😘😘😘🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟👌

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      Your music is the best I’ve seen in a long time God is just speaking through you to people ✝️

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      Revelation 16:2 “And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image.”

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      Dax you need to add captions so deaf/hard hearing can still enjoy the message!

      1. Dax


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      ZOOM 4465109550;2021 #viva #est #apot #canada #usa #europe #india #asia #africa #world #peace #NowPlaying #noninewage

    84. shai f.

      You seem to be the only one who could understand my mindset. And I just gotta know how you stayed strong even tho the universe only showed you violence and rejection. Have you ever found love ? I feel like i just gotta ram this car off the cliff just to get them to shut up.

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      thats better.

    86. Jollyboii 21

      Man a zombie apocalypse is already at the door. Sad to see how the world is being turned over easily fixed topics.

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      It’s so refreshing to see people like Dax waking up and getting saved. Preach 🙌

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      Thanks getting back to idea that rap music is for the streets to recieve a positive message,im oldskool bdp era, and all you see now is people flaunting what they have,but everybody cant get a contract,so they do anything to emulate what a lot of the rap say’s is the status,thats one of the reasons we cant stop black on black violence.everybody out there tryin get they drip on and dont care about anybody else’s life as long they get that money

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    95. Dominique Crawford

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      I feel sad for everyone that believes in Covid19. For your health, don't get the vaccine.