Demi Lovato - Dancing With The Devil

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    Listen to “Dancing With The Devil”:​​
    'Dancing With The Devil... The Art Of Starting Over' out now:​​
    Watch the Demi Lovato: Dancing With The Devil documentary:
    A true story by Demi Lovato
    Directed by Demi Lovato & Michael D. Ratner
    Produced by OBB Pictures & SB Films
    If you or someone you know is in need of support, it’s OK to ask for help.
    If you are struggling with addiction, call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit
    If you have experienced sexual assault, call the RAINN Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).
    Need someone to talk to? Reach out to your local crisis text line:
    USA: Text HOME to 741741; UK: Text SHOUT to 85258; Canada: Text CONNECT to 686868 or 741741
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    Music video by Demi Lovato performing Dancing With The Devil. © 2021 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Jeanelle Repolles

      Bagong kantang kakaadikan ko nanaman

    2. dani mckinley

      This song is so powerful. It made me cry. It really shows how hard drug addiction is

    3. The Power Of The Mind

      She is so human it hurts..a truly survivor this song gave me the chills💔

    4. opzz xsin

      Almost 2 years clean from cocaine abuse. I hope Demi and everyone who relates to this is doing well💕

    5. Aiza Grate

      This had me crying. I don't need to be someone who had gone through the same to feel her truth. This one is not just a song, but an actual story of someone who's been in the darkest part of life and survived. Hope this song reaches and helps more lives.😉

    6. Natasha Richardson

      I love you so much Demi! As painful as it is to see what you went through, you give such a cautionary tale with your beautiful voice and story :o!

    7. reema kokil


      1. opzz xsin


    8. bel Ballesteros

      L O V E Y O U D E M I

    9. Vision Scream

      this is first song and music video that had me in tears in the first verse. Love you Demi.

    10. Hkun Seng

      Beautiful song that came out of a dark experience. This song will be relatable to a lot of people, it's really going to blow up, just like skyscraper.

    11. Emeline Howard

      I cried listening to Sober, I cried listening to Anyone, and I bawled listening to this. I've prayed for this girl countless times and I will continue to do so. It's crazy how much she can touch our lives to the point where I feel like I know her and love her on a personal level. A true and amazing artist.

    12. Emeline Howard

      So so indescribably powerful. Love you Demi. Always have and always will.

    13. Lacie Adair

      That's a bad bitch right there 👏👏👏🥳👌

    14. Lacie Adair

      The haters are proof your on the right track girl ✨ LOVE IT

    15. Lacie Adair

      Your starting a Revival ✨ keep it coming 👏👏

    16. Lacie Adair

      Thank you so much for sharing your story, now look at all the people beinghealed by your honesty and self humbling 👏 You surely have a beautiful spot in God's hands ✨

    17. Samantha Lacerda

      omg i wanna cry

    18. Lacie Adair

      Praise God for resurrection power

    19. Mary Fabela

      I’ve struggled with a nasty heroin addiction for almost 8 years it’s is very hard to say no, I’ve been to four rehabs and incarcerated twice,my health is has suffered because depression has fucking crippled me, I started using because of my depression,I’ve struggled with depression since I was 9 years old but started using at 13,2months away from being 14, I’m 22 now still struggling to fight my demons

    20. Flavio Flavio

      I love you so much Demi, since the time of Camp Rock I want you to shine a lot because you deserve it, I love this music

    21. Sebastian Strike Guilang

      What a Powerful Voice!!

    22. 성름


    23. J.P. Sedenio

      The word 'survivor' at the end is such an overwhelming Justice for the music video. Wow!

    24. Molly Darling

      Last summer when I escaped my abusive relationship.. from a man who preyed upon me while I was weakened because when he found me I was grieving the vengeful suicide of the love of my life, who took his life after a stupid fight we had... I had become addicted to heroin and fentanyl, but then he had isolated me to the point where he was the only source of the poison... keeping me basically a slave to him, forbidding me to see my friends and family... I used to be a school teacher only 3 short years ago, I was a good mother to two boys, 22 and 15, he tore me away from everyone I loved, until all I had left was him, and the drugs. I lost everything I worked my whole life for... I even used to play guitar and back up vocals in a successful all female punk rock band called “Rackula”... anyways... last summer when I finally escaped after he shot me in the leg... I got a tattoo on my forearm of a woman dancing with the devil... it’s been my symbol for everything I’ve been through over the past 3 years, all the trauma, the abuse, the drugs, and the flirtations with death that I just can’t seem to feel fully safe and protected from because something deep inside of me absolutely HATES myself for all the things I’ve done when I knew better, when I should have been able to “power through it” but I was just too weak to say no, so when I feel ashamed, and self loathing consumes me, it’s almost outside of my control, once the music starts playing in my mind, the dance begins, the devil takes my hand, and I’m no match, as we begin to dance, I’m taken away to a place where all of my pain and sorrow disappears, but only until the song is over, and he lets me go without notice, and let’s me fall flat on my face, sick, abused, twisted and bruised... while he takes the hand of his new unsuspecting muse....

    25. Morgana Pitts

      Bro I just cried this is too real.

    26. ERICA Woods

      You Beautiful woman n soul this is the best thing i have ever heard you sing , Thank you so much for you opening your heart and soul and the message that you have put out there is one i will always remember COURAGE, GOD , STRENGTH , FAITH, SELF DETERMINATION

    27. Msnidoqueen

      She is obviously in the best of her life and career now. Hope this artistic, creative part never go away on Demi. She's wonderful, one of the best that came from this generation.

    28. Christina Catalano

      I tried to dislike Demi. Her drama was overwhelming. This album changed me a bit. Takes a special type of self-awareness to acknowledge the balance of accountability and being not quite “there”- which is so relatable. Finally, I can listen to her and not her past narrative. Well done, Demi. We are rooting for you.

    29. lina mai

      man this shit made me cry so hard

    30. Lauren Percy

      Through school I self harmed and even into adulthood. After smoking weed for a few years I got onto speed and coke. This song is my anthem. I’m trying to get sober. I was close to heaven quite a few times. Still gambling with my soul at times. You’re amazing Demi! Stay strong beautiful

    31. Johnetta Stevens

      You still are my dear, it's all or nothing. Your choices are about to bring right back to this. Some of us will always struggle with self control.

    32. Jean Mary perfil 1 LOVE IS LOVE

      What procedure is being done to her at the beggining of the video?

    33. May Rose

      Watched this so many times already 😭💕

    34. Xivono Chabalala

      Thank you for sharing this Demi ❤.

    35. calderonjd30

      You can't expect to go to heaven if you are dancing with the devil girl 🙄

    36. nair

      i cried :(

    37. Juliana


    38. Desiree Williams

      I've battled with addiction to heroin and been in and out of recovery. I am now 3 years clean and sober and this song hit deep for me. You can hear the strength in her voice ❤ love you always Demi ❤

    39. Megan Gagnier

      This is such an inspiration. I can't imagine how much she had to go through to free herself from the demons in her head. It's a complicated and emotional journey to struggle with something as heavy as this. And for her to share her experiences with the world and overcome it -- is absolutely incredibly. The amount of strength involved is admirable. And for her to re-live the trauma to help spread awareness in the from of a video, I can't imagine the PTSD involved. Stay strong Demi. The world stands behind you xoxoxo

    40. lafontes fontes


    41. Stefan Andrei

      Oh my gosh

    42. Nuisance

      You guys glorify this shit I've had 3 ndes from drug use I'm not recognized just because she's a song writer she gets millions of views and attention...

    43. Zig Field

      Something about her just comes across fake af, phony. Everything seems so manic and about her always. Narcissist

    44. isay mesal

      this is a fucking depressions that people shouldn't experience we all need help deep help i feel so sad and tears in my eyes when i heard this song make me afraid of depression that maybe it may happen to me right now because of all this problems and being lonely i so feel you demi and i hope we get through this

    45. Thayssa Ribeiro

      Queria poder abraçar e dizer obrigado por essa música ♡♡♡

    46. Timothy Jones

      Demi Lovato is still on drugs she was off that stuff that stuff going to kill her I hope not I thought she was sober because she was in the news last month

    47. sweetangiegirl1


    48. Valerie Anne

      I just finished watching the episodes and damn sis I'm hella proud of you and my heart goes out to you, as a recovering addict myself it hit me in my feels n gave me chills! We can tell our stories til we're blue in the face but NO ONE will ever fully understand unless they've walked in our shoes as much as I've wanted my family n friends to understand me n the things I've gone thru I would never wish addiction on my worst enemy.

    49. Reece Williams

      The jacket that she’s wearing in the video is the same one that she was wearing on the night of the OD xx

    50. Adan Rr

      Her father ,and steff mother are same pain harm too.

    51. Adan Rr

      Give her to motty steinmetz again or to god nalula ericsson.she is them to belong.

    52. Brooke Wahlstrom

      Her vulnerability is powerful. Thanks for sharing your story, Demi.

    53. Gui Albertini


    54. Deborahlponce

      Te miro y te admiro

    55. Romo López Cynthia Jaquelin

      Cómo quisiera que esta canción saliera en alguna escena de la temporada 6 de Lucifer

    56. Bubba FourTwenty

      Must be nice to be famous enough for people to give a shit.

    57. QU5ST9ON


    58. Paulo Henrique

      Demi Lovato tu e maravilhosa eu te amo muito sou teu fã já fazem 13 anos quero que saiba que só te desejo coisas boas amo você ❤

    59. Ashanti Shurat

      This was so deep! Powerful visual Demi 🖤🖤

    60. Cody Blake

      So freaking powerful.

    61. Geovany almeida


    62. Tsiyon Weldaregay

      Wow... so emotional 😭 n so beautiful... she truly is a survivor. I got goosebumps! To have a near death experience and then make a music video about it... that’s bold n bravery! She literally recreated her worst day!

    63. Anita Didion

      Father God please send your Angel's to Protect and Heal every soul suffering tonight. In Jesus name, Amen.

    64. Khloe-rose Gray

      The realist of all famous people i have so much love and respect for demi I don't really care for celebrities but i love her so much

    65. Michelle VanDeWalle

      I know she struggles with being a role model but as long as she's honest, she's helping somebody.

    66. Tsiyon Weldaregay

      Is it just me or do u guys notice how the beginning of this song sounds so similar to the beginning of “if you say so” by Lea Mitchel? The “it’s just a little red wine...” in this sounds almost the same to “it’s been seven whole days...” by Lea in ‘If you say so’.. just me?...

    67. MysticMoonx

      i'm not crying, you're crying.

    68. Love to hate Hate to love

      It’s so hard to say... NO ! Wow you can feel her pain !

    69. Jason Genova

      So sad to see what she’s done to herself, she’s really let herself go, hopefully no girls look up to her as what to be

    70. druw jones

      the fact that she showed us and came back even though all this happened shows how fucking awesome she is

    71. J M

      This is a life-saving story for many drug addicts. May God use it to deliver many from this enemy....drug addition!!

    72. Yasmine Boubezari

      The fact that she used an old iPhone (which takes her back to the past) shows us how much she cares about the little details and how much this videoclip means to her. Blew my mind

    73. Shabree Taylor

      Please god help my fave & the guidance she needs. Lord these drugs are not the way & she needs your help. Please god don't let anything take her life from this earth Jesus! We love Demi & want to see her shine; god lay your hands upon her in jesus name, AMEN!

    74. Heavenly

      As soon as the chorus came in telling you my soul left my body...well done Demi ❤️

    75. KBear

      Beautiful and haunting at the same time

    76. Joel Correa

      this song touched my soul

    77. Carolina Gimenes

      Mano essa música é muito pesada e profunda, demi realmente é uma sobrevivente 👏

    78. Haylie Tyler

      I've seen addiction, this song means so much to those who have seen it!

    79. Darian Patterson

      This hits home so much it bring memories n tears

    80. Jacob Supik


    81. Maria Redlinger

      Lyrics!!! wow

    82. Carolina Reguera Guerra

      Una gran lección para todos, el peligro siempre nos asecha , debemos ser muy inteligentes y cuidadosos para que nada malo nos pase a causa de otros. me encantó tu música Demi, dios te proteja y saludo caluroso desde Iquitos.




      Vamos por más streams

    85. Rafaela Nogueira

      aulas cria

    86. Justine Nguyen


    87. Homa Maurer

      What is it about her that makes her so special? There are no words to describe. She just is. I pray that she can heal to the best of her ability. We are all a little fucked up.

    88. Estaline Demoe

      I wish I could click that like button till this video reaches to a billion likes 😩❤️🥺

    89. Dedra Garner

      gave me chills...i deal with substance abuse to cope, so i get it...hard to hear her story knowing how many people can and will be affected by the reckless loss of life... sincerely glad she got help and is living her truth...we all have our pressures and ways of dealing with them...we can all just hope she stays safe while navigating through life.

    90. Giselly Silva

      Demi o brasil te ama!🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    91. Aspen Leany

      The lyrics are powerful and the pairing with this video. I cannot express how proud of her I am for being this open. I had chills the whole time!

    92. Willow H

      It takes someone who has truly lived through hell to tell the story of it...

    93. Crystal Dona

      I hope she chose to make this music video and some money hungry producer didn't make her do it

    94. Michelle Fyfe

      Those people who have people stick with you are Very lucky!

    95. Eduardo Guillen 98X


    96. Eloiza Vitória

      algum Brasileiro aqui? 😍

    97. Nightmeow on Elm Street

      Came from an ad..

    98. Gianna Mathis

      that made me feel a way i didnt even know i could feel

    99. çay çay

      I was a huge fan i always followed her and amazed by her voice each time i hear. But.. enough drama... Simply complicated meant sth for me. Every minute that ive been watching i cried. And now there is New documentary. She lost all her sincere to me BC i will never trust her words. Cuz we all know that she failed and after a couple of years she will fail again. I am terribly sorry for her but i guess making money and fame is more important than keeping urself about personel life. I truly loved her and was inspired but all seem fake right now she always shares her problematic stuff and seriously enough drama. :(

      1. Emily Rivas

        She’s a person, there is not a single person who doesn’t fail. You’re not her, so you cannot accurately pass judgment onto her life. She doesn’t do this for “drama” she’s telling her story in real time as it happens. In ‘Simply Complicated,’ that was her story THEN. But life keeps going and this is her story NOW. If telling her story makes her feel empowered and helps her come to terms with it, then why should you have any reason to say she’s not “sincere”? And no matter what she does, the news is still going to try to find out what’s happening to report on it. So she made the choice to say “well since they’re gonna talk about me, I might as well tell them the true story so that there aren’t any rumors.” She’s a celebrity, constantly in the spotlight, she can’t escape it- so she’s embracing it and telling her truth. Don’t come after her for that, imagine how you would feel if you filmed this whole video about this traumatic, awful experience you had, and put your heart and soul into it, struggled so much making it, and someone said to you what YOU just said to her. Imagine you’re struggling with this addiction and showing it, and someone says “they’re not sincere.” Think about your words, they mean more than you realize.