Did PSG FINALLY silence its critics after beating Bayern Munich in the Champions League? | ESPN FC


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    PSG advances to the Champions League semifinals after winning on away goals against Bayern Munich. ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Julien Laurens and Jurgen Klinsmann join the show to recap the quarterfinal tie.
    0:00 Burley explains why he fully expected Bayern Munich to advance
    1:10 Laurens lauds the team spirit of Mauricio Pochettino’s side in the second leg
    3:32 Is the perception of Ligue 1 a downfall to PSG when it comes to Champions League?
    5:20 Klinsmann talks through Neymar’s impact and how he was a true difference maker for PSG.
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    1. SKB

      Hansi is a great coach but stubbornness also cost him. Over exertion of players. And constantly starting the worst paired center backs. Alaba and Boateng. But the board also is to be blamed. The man won everything and he asked for 3 players and what he get instead. A bunch of trash players.

    2. Croatian Kid

      Psg is not beating man city

    3. Theokoles

      PSG is going to win this champions, trust me ! 😉

    4. Otanakabeats

      Bayern played without LEWA , GNAB, GORETZ, and still managed a draw in two legs.

    5. Gin Ko

      Don is the main guy calling it the farmer's league xD .... playing innocent so good xD ....but Farmer's league has a nice ring to it xD

    6. Gucci Alan


    7. J T

      I hate psg... and I’d say they proved themselves. Definitely.

    8. Croatian Kid

      I don’t understand all this credit giving to psg do they realize they beat a bayern team that was 75 percent healthy missing key additions in lewandoski goretzka and grnarbry these 3 were key in those 6 titles there is no doubt in my mind if Bayern were a 100 percent they would have beat the brakes of psg 31 chances in the first game u mean to tell me lewandoski or grnarbry don’t put away at least 5 of those if Bayern was healthy psg would have got embarrassed it would have not Ben even close Bayern was missing there two top finishers that were key in the treble run I don’t see psg beating man city tho why praise Neymar matter of fact he should feel lucky imagine if Bayern got a second goal we’d be having a different convo now we praising Neymar for missing absolute sitters the guy is the new Torres I had some respect for Neymar when he was younger I mean u seen red flags but u always thought he will get it together the guy is about to be 30 he still acts like a child and he can’t stay on the field to save he’s life I give it to Neymar he’s great on fifa 😂😂😂

    9. Archisc

      In this world right now, only Neymar and Messi plays with no system. They go around the field to draw 3-4 defenders, they dribble through ppl, they scores and assist. All teams and players only have "system and positions" in their mind. They are literally play street soccer in the games. I love soccer because of this type creative of ppl and not because of wins and scoring.

    10. flegmatee

      Silenced? If Leandovski had played, they would score 4-5 goals in Munchen. Bayern was the better team.

    11. AWS Germany

      I’m sorry, but if Lewy and Gnabry were there at least 1-2 more of those 31 shots in the first game go in and the tie is over. If anything both legs proved that Bayern is still comfortably one of the (if not, the) strongest team in the world.

    12. gdelaporte

      Farmer's league comes from reddit. Reddit is the biggest online forum on the planet. So...Yes, many many people call the French league "farmer's league".

    13. J Grajeda

      Absolutely Not. Unless they win it all.

    14. Astro Kid Lo’

      They passed thru on away goals and Neymar missed 2 sitters and lost the second leg after playing Bayern without the current best ST in the world, Lewa. Scraping by isn't really silencing critics. They're a good team when Neymar and Mbappe are fit.

    15. siraj awan

      and what about neymar calling kimmich motherfucker is this what football is supposed to be ?

    16. Maciej Mazur

      If Lewandowski, Gnabry and Goretzka can play, PSG would be no chance. They are lucky to play Bayern in this moment of season. Bayern had bad luck this time.

    17. splintEight

      They will silence critics once they win the Champions League

    18. Alex Rostov

      To silence the critics have to win it .If not they are nothing.

    19. KT

      psg think they are a better team than bayern 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 idiots

    20. Archie Simpson

      Bundesliga has always been a farmers league ligue 1 is slowly getting better

    21. Marian M

      True football has lost in regards to the fact that we will see an "El plastico" CL final...

    22. Marian M

      You seem to forget that Bayern had to open up because they needed to win and score. With Lewandowski on board Bayern would have crushed PSG without a doubt. PSG will get knocked out by Chelsea - mark my words.

    23. Sagnik Bhandari

      Neymar is so good in this quarter final


      A few days ago: Neymar needs to grow up Today : Is Neymar the best in the world?😂😂😂😂

    25. StevenyGabby Perez

      They sure silenced me. And if they can beat Bayern they can win it all. I'm still pulling for Chelsea.

    26. Stewart Del'Romero

      Everyone keeps thinking Madrid won’t win this competition lol Madrid have a great shot

    27. Matthew Quinn

      Yea some.ciritcs but you still have to fight harder

    28. Matthew Quinn

      Why isn't Bakher a starter it makes no sense

    29. nobre du

      Let me tell you how it is to shut the mouth of people, since, Rai, Ronaldinho, Alex, Ginola, Sakho, Néné, Whea, Fernandez, Pauleta,..., we always have good players, but since Qatari's money we reach the star like the others!!!

    30. Ahsan Tariq Majeed

      trash psg team. got lucky

    31. nobre du

      You will say it at last they are in the top 8 !!! Paris est magic!!

    32. Justin S

      Im not a bayern fan but lets not forget Lewandowski was injured, arguably the best player in the world stats wise

    33. Marcus Holloway

      This is proof pochetino is the king of advancing on away goals 😂

    34. BigLEX BigFlex

      they silencing yall, espn Fc is the critics lol just before the 1st leg yall weere saying psg didnt have identity neymar is too old and blah blah blah!!

    35. Barcelona forever



      Neymar, man of the match vs bayern.

    37. François Girin

      Idrissa gueye is a f**king good player!!!! Allez PARIS!

      1. Exelmans

        He is.

    38. Freddy Sebie

      The farmers League is serie A. The football there is so boring. Ronaldo went there improved it a little bit still the standard is that of farmers league. Teams in serie A will win big trophies once in every century..

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    40. Big Broski

      The only reason Bayern lost is because Lewangoalski didn’t play that’s the only reason.... they’re trash and will get knocked out in the next stage it’s so sad Bayern would of won champions league again this year if it wasn’t for Lewangoalski getting injured so mad at this.....

    41. NBR X LØFT

      PSG couldn’t score there lucky aggregate exist

    42. Devin Halim

      A match when the weaker positions being the Hero when the strong points didn't produce

    43. Tom

      why did they win the cup last night

    44. Bilal Fouzi

      It's all thanks to Navas PSG made it

    45. Sniper 11 N.D.

      Big blow for German soccer ⚽️.

    46. SpiceBoy7UK23

      coming from the same channel that published an entire segment on " WHY BAYERN WILL COME BACK..." . Seriously never spoke about the absences of Marquinhos-Verratti but hours on Lewandonski missing. Give me a break

    47. toju sote

      Lewandowski INJURED too bad no golden boot for Lewandowski

    48. Toure Mamoud

      Vraiment le joueur parisien montre à Bavarois que parler trop c'est pas bon

    49. Neil

      Farmers league, don't kid yourself

    50. Ankit Gurung

      PSG played well but that’s all. Bayern were without lewa and gnabry. Can you expect this PSG team to go through without mbappe and neymar. That was actually bayern’s situation.

      1. Simon dh

        i tought Bayern was team whereas PSG is just a bunch of stars ? So not anymore ?

    51. Vincent de Oliveira

      Di Maria was elegantly dancing around the Bayern players. Let’s see what they can do versus City/Dortmund!

    52. Racheed Wilson

      I like how PSG "silenced" their critics even tho they could have easily given up goals in the last 10 minutes but Chelsea shut down Porto and pundits say Porto were poor. FOH

    53. Rixx Kumar

      Sane still adjusting to bundesliga

    54. guly b

      If lewandowski was play bayern would go through

    55. Ohioturbo

      Bayern have a team psg just have mbappe and neymar

    56. Sascha _GER

      2 great Games .thx . congratz psg. Both would have deserved it

    57. Russell ward

      The French league is a farmers league.

    58. Dell Boy

      I was always baffled as to why pep let sane go but I see it now his decision making is shocking from what I've seen since he left city

    59. Heleaven

      Bayern won, drew and lost all in the same match. When was the last time that happened? 😂

    60. Daniel Tolbert

      PSG deserved to win but lets never forget that had Bayern had the Lewandowski of before injury with the amount of chances they had over the two legs they probably would of won the tie. PSG had an advantage regardless of how good they were

    61. Noiaa

      I think everyone knows that if Bayern was fit they would have won

    62. Nirav dhandhukia

      Mbape was awful today, Di Maria and Neyamr were brilliant! Navas saves PSG

    63. kevin

      They proved themselves by loosing, drawing and winning in one match...

    64. Nikan Wethr-Shirazi

      Bayern literally subbed on a defender to play as a striker cause they had no one to sub on. Without these injuries PSG wouldn't even be this close


      Where is Frank lebeouf 🤣🤫🤫.....I really want to c him re-correct his words/compliment against psg🤷

    66. Joni Pashako

      Bayern is still the best team in the world. Injuries and missed chances cost them the cl.People are praising psg too much for beating a bayern with so many important injuries

    67. Steven oshana

      PSG won't win it

    68. Raising Kings876

      Great performance for PSG to get past Bayern with their depleted defense.

    69. Augustus Glupsch

      No one is talking about the absence of Lewandowski, Gnabry and Goretzka.That is the heart of Bayern. Strange.

      1. Augustus Glupsch

        @Jam J jeah that´s the same...

      2. Jam J

        No one is talking about Verratti,. Marquinhos and Icardi either

    70. souls mischief

      After this game, PSG just have to win the champions league

    71. jakob klein

      Does craig burley and Jules actaully know football its a joke football how these nuffies have jobs in football journalism! How was psg good playing a bayern side with out Lewandowski that a lone is enough but gnabey also thats 80 goals gone from last season!!! Süle out goretzka out during the 1st game! Costa and Tolisso out before the tie even begins to and bayern still destroy psg 31 shots to 6 ???? And that's a good game?? Bayern gifted 2 of those goals they could have and should have been beaten like Barcelona and spurs and Chelsea did last season even with out Lewandowski look at those games Stata and actaully watch the games all 3 sides played much better than psg did!!! And then they loose the 2nd game again 1 goal and they are out and they (psg) would have been absolutely embarrassed in general play and the result from a bayern side with out Lewandowski and gnabry and 4 other star players missing and even more telling 80 goals missing!!! Imagine Lewandowski and gnabry playing with 31 shots!!! Psg have never shown to be more pathetic than they did in this bayern tie! If bayern were clinical they would and should have re-wrote the record books yet again against psg!! Bayern bet them selves that simple!

    72. akshay 0

      The way neymar mbappe dimaria played....this is best front trio right now in the world....

    73. Zoa Nuna

      It was Choupo Moting vs Mbappe, why everyone's praising PSG so much, if Mbappe was injured there's no way they win!

    74. MSB

      PSG got lucky as they’ve played against a Bayern team missing lots of its main players, most importantly Lewandowski... congrats to PSG for progressing, but honestly I do not think they are good enough to win the UCL. On a normal day, Bayern would have bashed them in both legs; that 1st leg would have probably ended 8-3 had Lewandowski been there, they’ve created 31 chances vs 6 for PSG, only the stats of the UCL final against Chelsea in 2012 were more ridiculous (Bayern 43:9 Chelsea)... Bayern got so unlucky with the injuries before the game, it is really sad for them honestly, because they have to be in the final.

      1. Jam J

        At least Choupo-Moting scored in both legs. I can only recall Lewandowski being anonymous in the UCL final last year

    75. Jack Burton

      bayern out cus half of the team dint play....would be a nice game bayern vs city but now city gnna eat psg alive

    76. crypto zoology

      PSG is still overrated. I’m still waiting to see someone give Naymar a career ending foul. I don’t enjoy watching serious soccer injuries, but for naymar i’ll make an exception.

    77. Paul Odili

      Di Maria was a beauty to watch.

    78. Radai

      City vs Psg the battle of oil's money

    79. Tinizel

      As an Arsenal fan, just watching the absolute quality of both teams makes me so sad how far we are from that level

    80. THE MAN

      They complimented Neymar??! WOW

    81. Jack Hall

      Where frank le buuf what u saying bout ney now 😂😂

    82. ColeTrain

      Let's just ignore the fact that Lucas hernandez shut down mbappe and neymar

    83. Jack Hall

      2 of the 2 Laurens best dont even say 10 maybe 5 is fair enough

    84. ChriBx

      PSG was quiet lucky to get the win, Bayern was better in both legs. If Lewa was there i think its a clear win for Bayern, just like it would have been a clear win for them when either Mbappe or Neymar were missing. What a performance from those two!

    85. fubu b

      Farmer's league true ,but it's not PSG fault that others teams stayed behind, so relax Craig

    86. Chandler Minh

      Bayern did without Lewy😂

    87. Jerry Dboss

      Arent these guys part of the critics

    88. Shaurya Kapoor

      Di Maria Should have won the MOTM. Inch perfect passing crossing and amazing ball retention and pressing. Best player on the pitch for me

    89. VIS MONG

      Lewandowski deserves the Ballon dor even if PSG win it..

    90. FBI AGENT 02

      Yes they did but not entirely because they beat an incomplete Bayern side, I’m sorry if u hate me for saying this but they got lucky Lewandowski and Gnabry were injured. Anyways congrats to them they got the job done

      1. Jam J

        Wasn't PSG incomplete too?

    91. Nebgnaud Karia

      F**king Sanè

    92. Tanyi Franç

      I often told you there was no way Bayern could go through , absolutely no way

    93. Tanyi Franç

      Gana Ngueye was the player for me.

    94. jared oriko

      I thought Craig resigned from ESPN after Man UTD beat His Darling Man City

      1. jared oriko

        @hunter but a man UTD hater

    95. Joao Antonio

      3:00 he himself has basically called it that many times and I'd love if someone can find a link lol. I somehow hate this show but can't stop watching it either, I guess it must be good content after all so props to the editors and pundits for always making me leave a comment.

    96. Rodrigo Bueno

      Neymar is fantastic!!! 🔥🔥🔥

    97. Micah Kiyimba

      the fact it was this close without Lewandowski shows you what happens

    98. Anton bender

      PSG trying to destroy the beautiful game... Abusing play stops since the very start of the game. And ref let’s them do it. Sad to see football move in this direction.

    99. Sledge Dog

      Daniel Orsato, that corrupt referee got paid by Psg oil money both in this match and in last year's final. He was not letting Bayern play their usual game by constantly blowing the whistle for imaginary fouls, destroyed the tempo of the game.

    100. Rajyavardhan Singh

      Where are Frank and Steve? Steve mocked PSG for their defence, his Liverpool won't be make to semis, and Frank who knows nothing but to hate Neymar and PSG. Where are these losers now?