Drenchill & Giorgio Gee - Wa Wa (Official Video)

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    Stream \u0026 Download "WA WA" ► lnk.to/dg-wawa

    Music video by Drenchill, Giorgio Gee performing Wa Wa. (C) 2020 Dusty Desert Music, a division of Planet Punk Music GmbH under exclusive license to Nitron Music a division of Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH


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    1. Ardent Ares

      song is lit love it i hear this song when I play games to give me extra boost 😍😘😎👍❤

    2. Xillo. pl


    3. OldLarsツ

      onlöy autotune

    4. GabZツ - House Music Guru

      Absolute banger🔥Inspiration for my new track.

    5. Just Ziomek

      still good

    6. Anna Luca Nopens

      Incredible dancer !!

    7. LordYakilad

      This is supposed to be music? Pfft.

      1. Hotmen _pro_

        I mean, try hearing Brazilian funk or North american rap. Absolute trash

    8. totallybo.onkers “Voxelien”

      Wtf are these Lyrics man xD

    9. Paweł Mencnarowski

      Dawno nie słyszałem takiej lipy...

    10. Ginger & Poppy

      great track

    11. 6D6

      Hell yeah keep this kind of shit up FR! So hard to find quality these days

    12. Soussan Soussan


    13. Yuri Silva De Almeida

      Música muito boa, e dança muito legal também

    14. Artur Ismagilov

      La la la 👎

    15. Gregory438 SanekPutin


    16. Wild00one D

      Definately be out on the dance floor with this...if we were able to go clubbing.....

    17. tromidt

      Idiot!! Bad music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    18. dance.stance


    19. NΞXUS

      Zaraz w RMF FM będzie latać 🇵🇱❤️

    20. Ján Koller

      Super, like !



    22. Benjamin Blackburn

      The best DJ of Portugal

    23. Amstel Drag


    24. Dj umut Çevik


    25. Toneart Musik

      Musik : facebook.com/DJToneart/videos/393963224463550/ Musik : nlname.info/fund/4kGlMDjSlfaPvsSb7-qCzAvideos?disable_polymer=1 Musik: soundcloud.com/tone-art-272300804

    26. Giorgio Gee


    27. Berke Kanlı

      I hope arabic people can't found this song

      1. Mostafa Mohey

        Found it already 😂😂

      2. uni Hhg

        They do already 😅😂

    28. Sascha S

      zu kurz

    29. :]Anna[:


    30. ꧁Gнꕕ ѕ༒꧂

      Waaaawaaaaaa ❤️

    31. Heková Patricia


    32. la Youtube

      cool song

    33. k3z