DUSTY LOCANE - RUMBLE (Official Video)


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    DUSTY LOCANE - RUMBLE (Official Music Video)
    Stream: music.empi.re/rumble
    Subscribe: bit.ly/DustyLocaneSubscribe​​
    Filmed & Directed by: @janoffilms
    Edited by: @janoffilms @ipavetv
    Produced by: Blazin Beatz
    Co-produced by: Christopher Henderson
    Follow DUSTY LOCANE:
    TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@therealdustylocane?lang=en
    Instagram: www.instagram.comdustylocane​
    Twitter: DustyLocane​​
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    Facebook: dustylocaneo...​
    Business: dustylocane@gmail.com
    Shows: DUSTYLOCANEBOOKING@gmail.com
    Official Video by DUSTY LOCANE “RUMBLE” © 2021 95MM / EMPIRE

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    1. O u t r o S p a c e

      Man for sure this should stop the hate and spread the love and nobody gets hurt cause shits gets real tjo

    2. François Fabienne

      Good pop locane🙌

    3. Daniel Tejada



      to pop smoke bruhhh make your own style with that voice

    5. la jayjoux

      King Pop Smoke's legacy is saved now seeing longevity!!!!👉🏾💨🆘️

    6. la jayjoux

      L'héritage du King Pop Smoke 💫🤙🏽

    7. Trap Lord So

      Stole Pop Smoke whole style

      1. Zxnki

        stfu lame ass

    8. Kailey Do edits

      smoke pop



    10. Reg G


    11. Shaquan Adams

      Like no cap this dudes carrying on pop smoke's legacy♿👣🚼💤💙

      1. Efta

        haha, you should listen to mgl-cyberthugs

    12. Inshuti yamuzika TV Rw

      Pop smoke is back

    13. Olateju Daniel Oluwatobiloba

      Okay ... Pop smoke clone

    14. krystian kownacki


    15. ilyn Payne

      Who else from TIKTOK

    16. ilyn Payne

      This song underrated

    17. ilyn Payne

      Man this the pop smoke vibes

    18. Ishorn John

      Woo never die💙🌎

    19. 2KBeats

      I swear there’s a million deep voice ass Crips frm Brooklyn 😂😂

    20. Gardy Lohier


    21. Fuccshed Prod

      woo shittt 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    22. OoO OoO

      Dust after the smoke 🔥🔥🔥💨💨💨

    23. Samu vergil

      Bush Master, are you?

    24. Floadzy

      he can't keep up the pop smoke flow forever he's going to have to change his flow before his fans get tired of it.

    25. Slurxi

      Shit is straight heat bru 🔥

    26. Good

      I'm rolling and I'm shooting 😂😂😂🇯🇲

    27. Deadly for 4 Zaza


    28. Da-punisher556

      He sounds so much like pop I think that’s why the first time I heard him I liked it

    29. Brian__

      im ready to rumble

    30. Jay Theboss


    31. Jay Theboss


    32. Larry Cubbison

      Pop SMOKE JR

    33. Vexkoh

      I cant be the only one to notice him using the pop smoke style

    34. Jerry Michaud

      Jerry michaud 23

    35. Bigg Maine

      Where smoke is dust,where dust is what

    36. Bigg Maine

      Who will be the third

    37. itzz dee

      Dude sound like pop smoke 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    38. Hayden 78

      The DJ played this at the club and said “Rip Pop smoke” 😂😂

    39. Stage iq

      I thought this was pop smoke😭😭

    40. Alejandro Tamez

      POP SMOKE?

    41. Captisss 17

      Pop smoke in the goodd🙄

    42. Johanna Rivera

      A song with swipey💙💙💙💙💙

    43. Eddie WorldTruthTV

      East NEW York is LEGENDARY...

    44. xrodiwrld

      album plz

    45. Djoulanda Gèdèon

      Popsmoke 🇭🇹♥️

    46. Rahiem

      I'm ready to rumble 🥊

    47. botz black

      pop smoke soul really entered his dusty

    48. botz black

      wake me up when he misses

    49. J

      So many industry plants

    50. Joey Alarma

      respect the widescreen gang

    51. Anoshka Cruz


    52. ImNot Broccoli

      This iant pop smoke is Dusty locane R.i.p pop smoke wooo

    53. Will

      He does sound like Pop Smoke... all he needs is his producer 🔥🔥🔥

    54. cold twilight

      Beat on this song similar to Rowdy Rebel's song called "Re route"

    55. demon baby


    56. demon baby

      I see

    57. demon baby


    58. cobra9

      Imagine if him, Busta Rhymes, Pop Smoke, and DMX did a track together

    59. philly's finezt

      Lil pop smoke 😳

    60. Eszkeree

      Polska gurom

    61. TG 666

      He sounds like pop smoke lmao RIP woo

    62. JH EDITS

      Fire he did i again I hope you ready to rumble.

    63. Rene Joseph thierrry

      I went the wrong way (what), I had to reroute (skrrt) These is bloody shoes (what), I'm gonna bleed out

    64. WAKANDA FF

      Next Pop Smoke?!?!?

    65. Manizha Faquili

      He’s the pop smoke of the new generation no cap

      1. Bruh Moment

        Bruh pop smoke was the pop smoke of the new generation

    66. Jovan Bogicevic

      Dj Funk Flex Re-ROUTE beat?

      1. cold twilight

        Just similar i think

    67. Bahaa Hanna

      We need an album now

    68. ZyDaGoat 223

      He makes pop smoke sound like a baby

    69. Shamarley Wolfe

      Hey sounds like pop smoke

    70. THE JESTER

      I just had a Brain pop while smoking that this dude reminds me of someone but I can't put my Finger on it🤔

      1. snmasdh shgdus

        pop smoke

    71. Khaotic TTV

      Jesus Christ luvs us all 💜

    72. Ytp Homeee

      Good one

    73. Houston Texas

      This dude already got several grimey ass drill bangers. He spit 🔥. 💫💫💫 Woooo!

    74. Paka Pala


    75. ANC ASTRO

      He sounds like pop smoke

    76. Boo

      I think pop smoke 😪💫💫

    77. Comando Crunch

      Beat go crazy

    78. Zana

      Reminds me of Pop

    79. Dreaming

      Not gonna lie🔥🔥🔥

    80. It’s Just Jordan

      I thought this was pop smoke. I’m not gone lie kinda disappointed but still a good song 💯

    81. Kyle Connell

      I guess it gets dusty after you pop smoke 💙❤️😈🔥🔥

    82. Richard Raga

      Pop smoke

    83. PLO STYLE

      Fake pop smoke

    84. Josue Bessette

      Instru , Flow , Voice are Pop Smoke !!

    85. Hoodrich Kapo

      I know pop up there smiling rn 🤫💫 his sons putting on for him

    86. Franko Chavez

      We nee mo music ma man foshooo!!🌠🌠

    87. high life


    88. high life

      Yo you no baby woo💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫

    89. Ricky Roy

      MadMax He A Demon He A Killer When I Put Him On The Scene 💯🤟🤟 #KingDusty

    90. Naija Micasa

      Who's here before 5 Milli Views ?

    91. Sue M

      The more I listen to dusty the less he sounds like popsmoke. It just takes a while.

    92. Eric Turner

      Locane rocking u can see his flo just keep getn hotter! This W💫💫 Dominating!!!! Wish him in pop could've done song together u wouldn't kno who was who except they both W💫💫

    93. EL PERFUMÉ


    94. Lewis Kunta


    95. no mames cuhhh

      This beat kinda sounds like re-rout

    96. Bla Bla

      Sounds like Pop Smoke!!!🤔

    97. Groovy Q

      Lil Bibby & Pop Smoke = DUSTY LOCANE

    98. MR々 S

      The smoke will never clear 💫😔

    99. OD CrossT

      Who thought he was Pop Smoke 💨

    100. WhatIsTheDill

      I played this song for a few friends. None of them liked it. Clearly I need new friends..

      1. stan-g kilo


      2. Carline Augustin

        Bro it’s trash ! 😂🤣 I just miss pop smoke

      3. L V

        @Bohqz? lol naw this mid his friends right

      4. Bohqz?

        Ye you do brodie

      5. Your Average Twitter User

        Dill I've seen your videos, they are great (You have a good taste in music)