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    Did you know that you can use Dyanmite in The Forest? Well we know now! And it's gonna make EVERYTHING better!
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    1. Spinge Bill

      true but i didn't watch

    2. Starnova

      Each episode ends on a cliff hanger, but then the next one it always turns out to be anti climatic

    3. Marianne A

      that arm creature makes me jump every time i dont think fnaf was even this bad jfc

    4. Robert Marshall

      BTW, you can pick up the cannibals' teeth when they come out and attach them to axes and maybe the katana, I don't know for sure with the katana. Like so Mark sees. You know, if you want to, I don't mind.

    5. Shadowperson

      Wade's singing is beautiful Like if you agree

    6. Natalie Long

      id like to be impaled by marks spear but i doubt he'd be able to hit me

    7. rowena deferm


    8. Moonlight Violet

      Bob: “Go in the hole they’re coming!!!” Me: 😳 🤦🏽‍♀️

    9. dr. fire hydrant

      How does Mark manage to hit a random rabbit but not hit one of the cannibals

    10. Skylar Pri

      i shook so much for the jumpscare from the armsy when mark had dynamite in his hand- just heres the thing that killed me inside 3:17

    11. dr. fire hydrant

      The music scares me more than the mutants

    12. Elmer Waldrop

      There's a another ax

    13. Elmer Waldrop

      The sword is in the lab

    14. Caden Robinson

      Hey we should hire Wade for the sinning competition eh

    15. emma maness

      are we just going to ignore wades taylor swift joke🥲🥲

    16. LJ C

      Wade: Cooking Head!? *fixes skateboard* LMAO

    17. William Petrus

      How am I such a wuss?? I love horror movies, but THIS ONE SERIES has me flinching EVERY FUCKING TIME!!!!

    18. LEMAR doski

      3:47 i shited my pants

    19. Malachi M

      Shout out if you caught the Lion King reference.

    20. weebhead.

      damn Wade has pipes

    21. Peter Marron

      This series goes from knee-slapping comedy to pants-shitting terror really quickly.

    22. rosalie knuckles

      We need another Forest videooooo. Its been a month 🥺💗

    23. Conflicted_Donut

      Mark: Sad about little bridge being destroyed Mark Episode 9: Go ahead and destroy that bridge it was just a foundation bridge to get logs across

    24. Gabbi McBride

      When he said “how many viewers would love to be impaled by marks spear?” I choked lmaaooo

    25. ShexzAnimations

      I love the stranger things reference that mark missed because it fit so well into the context

    26. Rhys Bees

      chekovs waterfall 😔

    27. James Frazier

      I don’t really know what to think about wade... but i do know that this series wouldn’t be complete without him

    28. Bakugo Katsukii-_-

      The ending kills me every time

    29. NotSoGoldenHalo

      The Katana action tho

    30. ItzMuffin UwU

      I love how they forgot that they took down the s e c r e t b r i d g e

    31. Tayah Kinakin

      Why does Wade sound like Barry from the Bee Movie sometimes hah

    32. Afro kid


    33. Will Lau

      "When it goes, it goes."

    34. Dakota2174 !

      Now they need the keycard and the flare gun

    35. Ethan Thomas

      They don't realize that they still have the climbing axe

    36. Kaiden Bryant

      The way to get into the sinkhole is get a turtle shell and slide down

    37. Brianna Allen

      Nobody: My dog when I try to take his toy: 12:05

    38. Matthew Stewart

      When's the next mincraft video?

    39. lil_ otaku

      15:45 Wade: if you ever comeback will kill ya Me: ... did he just quote the lion king 😆

    40. Jose De los Santos

      snl cold open

    41. mia turna

      why is no one talking about that smeagol impression

    42. Roblox Losers

      You guys should play roblox again.

    43. Willow Hull

      When are you going to play Little Nightmares 2?!?!?!?!?!

    44. Star Platinum

      has anyone else encountered a giant flying flesh dragon?

    45. Neopetune

      Guys i just watched this whole series in 1 sitting. Its 8pm I started at 1pm Help...

    46. KillerPotatoZ

      Hi random person who reading this follows their dreams, My dream is to be a successful NLnamer! Hope you have a good day. :3

    47. Raymo14

      Therapist: poggers mark isnt real, he can’t hurt you Poggers mark: 18:51

    48. Mel

      I liked him in the beginning of Prometheus killed me 😂🤣🤣

    49. Alexandria Lilith

      title: "Dynamite fixes everything" My uncle an explosives expert: YES THE FUCK IT DOES

    50. Littl3 Lily

      From all the previous Forest video, I think this was the most jumpscare in one episode 😂

    51. sammkynegt kvikindi

      3:26 i almost shat my pants because of that

    52. Juane Greeff

      18:30 the game had enough of your stubbornness so it made the deer disappear.

    53. Kresten sid

      when you kill the naked grey naked dudes you could cook the limbs and body parts to make bone armour, its pretty good:)

    54. Sean Ruebush

      Wade made this so much better.

    55. Akshtale Playz

      Everyone talking about spears and Deers but have you noticed how well the outro was synchronised with the Video? watch it yourself 23:27

    56. Aries Girl

      Mark: I chopped the head off Mark: I'm a good person

    57. Aries Girl

      There's a lot of birthday parties going on 😂🥳

    58. originalcovergirllola

      17:35 ✋✋✋✋✋✋✋

    59. tan yi han


    60. -Freaky-Freckles-


    61. Ben Baxter

      Shit me man me heart stop like mad

    62. Daniel Smith

      23:28 That's my dance!

    63. Katnïss Gamëzz

      Is any one else concerned about Timmy? No? Just me. Ok.

    64. Shammy Hakdog

      And Mark Just Allowed Bob To Brake His Secret Bridge Or Small Bridge And Forgets And Becomes Sad ;-;

    65. Shammy Hakdog

      I Lovee How Marks Friend i Forgot Name Just Says No Head Brakes Scatebord In Raft And Continues It In The Forest

    66. Cheri Palmer

      They are like screw Timmy he's ugly

    67. Myles Charles

      Tip: break the computers for more bomb supplies, you make put a maltof on the spear just light before throwing, and i cant wait to see what ending they get, if they make it

    68. ooga booga

      Mark Loosing His Spear: A Trilogy

    69. Leroy Superwoof

      Wade with the Bad Blood reference :) :) :) :)

    70. MONKE

      I chopped off a person's head by cascading my sword all the way through and into his throat after my friends stabbed him with a CuNTanA In short I am a good person **you son of a trump**

    71. The Freaky Bean

      13:43 the beast

    72. nope com

      i want to be impaled by marks spear

    73. Charlotte Searle

      I love the idea that they're just surviving on this island and Mark and Wade are totally down with being cannibals and Bob's just like, "Nah, you guys go for it but it's not for me"

      1. Charlotte Searle

        @Caitlin Mitchell "Been there, done that, less tasty than it looks"

      2. Caitlin Mitchell

        The best part of that, is that Bob was the FIRST to eat cannibal meat, in like the 3rd or so episode lol

    74. Game apps Girl

      3:26 I never flinched so hard in my whole entire quarantine-

    75. Buggeroff Iam

      I've played through this game 3 times and it still freaks me out.

    76. : AcridGalaxy1772 :

      I think Amy might want to be impaled by marks spear

    77. Isaiah Mccarthy

      Impel me with your spear

    78. Finn Kupu

      For these guys this entire game is just happy birthday

    79. Commander Axe

      18:50 = poggers

    80. Rylan Guess

      Holy shit wade has a beautiful voice

    81. _PARKOUR_

      so u can kill a small rabbit first try but it takes like a dozen tries to kill a dear...?

    82. Daniel Cruz

      5:29 I got so scared I farted!!!😂😂

    83. Orange Jam

      3:25 So it's like dat , I have a spoon full of mac and cheese and it went flying in de air and now i have mac and cheese on my desk

    84. Meerah

      Wade's Gollum voice is SO good haha

    85. MC Chan Sama!

      16:23 *I've been Repeating this over and over again while Trying not to Laugh but I keep on Failing*-- Edit: 17:59 Is it weird that I Actually Laughed when Mark said "I'am Going to Kill ANYTHING"

    86. dog_on_chair YT

      Ok cool video but that Golem impression was on point holy shit

    87. MavisRead

      I don't know if I'm excited for them or not to head back home only to find ruins cause the cannibals asked a mutant to wreck the outsider's camp!

    88. Owl

      13:47 it looks like Mark is climbing up the rope to Heaven and Wade is the one singing at the gates

    89. Otto Staudenmaier

      when the monster came around he corner it actually made me jump

    90. omni

      That fucking armsie made me throw my phone

    91. Unknown_ ERROR


    92. SweetLilWeirdo

      3:45 Pogmark

    93. Nic Irving

      Wish u could see u have a flashlight use it

    94. Nic Irving

      I like how he focusses on killing the dear and doesn’t bother bringing it back to the camp

    95. Minion You

      Flashlights before player use: **lasts for all eternity** Flashlights after player use: **lasts for 11 seconds** _Video game logic_

    96. ThatGreyHat

      i would like to be impaled by mark's spear 17:30

    97. Dire Wolf

      "Its just half" Me: *goes unto fetal position and quietly sobs attack on titan opening music*

    98. Anna Makulova

      He was filming this while I was Selabrating my bday😂

    99. Music Man

      “Slide through my crack” -Bob 2021 11:08

    100. ddragontrainer

      15:43 ... Only at this point in life did I realize that Wade sounds like Barry B. Benson...