Eminem seeing a therapist

Lil Windex

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    1. Lil Windex

      NOTIFICATION SQUAD WHERE YALL AT?! 🔥💯 Which part was YOUR favourite? 🙌🏼

      1. colourful souls

        I only just found your channel earlier so this is only the second of yours I’ve seen- I like your concept and bars, very entertaining, I’ll defo check out more

      2. scorpion MK11

        The puffer part

      3. Mr Coco

        0:40 LOLOLOLOLOL i am dying

      4. Jacob Lee

        "And not actually machine gun kelly"

      5. Thank You Jesus My Lord, My God

        @Lil Windex Bro these video are hilarious. Has Em ever hit you up about them?

    2. YOU SUCK AT LIFE with yourboi_Derek

      seeing him out of costume throws me off lol

    3. Muscleman8562

      Lol 😂

    4. Odds On

      "not a real machine gun, Kelly" Fucking dead. I can't get enough of these

    5. ExwesRapMusic

      Plz no one copy write this I just thought of it: his mom's an acholic these pill bottles getting so big we need a U haul to haul it got my back hat lakers jersey on so y'all know I'm ballen cops at my door better get kim to stall them dre just ran past my yard I think the saw him.

    6. Pamela Maxwell


    7. Lacey Richardson

      I could watch this all day

    8. Alex Cruz

      Wow that's very psychotic 😆

    9. Joshua Waugh

      The dude is a professional rapper tdg or lil widex lol

    10. Blue C0smic

      am i the only one who got the mike tyson reference

    11. Vladimir Marquez

      He should make an hour video of rhyming about pure nonsense 🤣🤣

    12. Not Anna Jones

      All of these shorts are hilarious and the filmmaking and editing is top notch.

    13. AG-F002

      The bukake rhyme was actusy fucking sick

    14. Anthony Keegan

      Best one yet 😆

    15. Kenneth Cjay


    16. ιll ѕweѕтae

      Nxa this dude 🤣🤣🤣

    17. K3lp0gaming

      “Not actually a real machine gun Kelly”🤣

    18. YJO benjamin


    19. youssef ben

      Dude is exposing how new Eminem stuff is boring as fuck.. Rhymes always fall short when they are devoided of meaning and human factors when it comes to music. Old eminee became legendary because of subject matter delivery style and flow.. Not rhyming for rhyme sake like a maniac

    20. Roger Dargartz

      He also killed Everlast.

    21. colourful souls

      It’s the starter jacket line for me

    22. Mugiwara-ya

      How didn't you mention this one "I have a disease and they don't know what to call it" Just don't give a F

    23. Kyle Tursi

      This must be the dude who made the stan “pac man” MGK diss

    24. Paul McCollister

      “You see what I mean? It’s fucked.” 😂

    25. DreadHead Snap

      Bukkake target practice. Bruh 😂😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    26. Chilly Cereal

      can't describe the vibe I get When I drive by six people and five I hit whoops Aw $h!t, I started a mosh pit.

    27. Nathan Harris


    28. Lucas Pringle

      Eminem killed MGK so fucking hard he went #1 in and is selling triple what he was in a basically DEAD genre. So glad that MGK dude is dead and without a career now thank you Eminem.

    29. Samantha Parker


    30. Jennifer Telfer

      The psychiatrist doesn't know what he's talking about all that is is PTSD and there's a way to get over it trust me and it's not from lithium

    31. Bradley Zhou

      techer me how to rhyme like that

    32. Diane Dillon

      This was the first video of Windex's I saw. Instant sub after that.

    33. thedreadedzero

      lol the guilty conscience reference

    34. Shibby120

      Any traumatic events? “Well this one time Machine Gun Kelly..”

    35. The Yeast of Thoughts and Minds

      Rap Devil, by "Not-Actually-A-Real Machine Gun Kelly"

    36. Avesta Atif

      “My dad wasn’t around at all and” that’s a legit Eminem thing

    37. Andile Nabo


    38. Goat Note

      "I just have a problem not rhyming every single word..." is a one the parts were he didint rhyme

    39. SwaggCeejay


    40. Alpha Male

      That little jump is golden

    41. The Dream of Sunsets

      Ploy twist the therapist uses his words for fame


      I can say I rather listen to talent then mumbles

    43. Evelyn Mc Bride



      Therapist.....2 words combined to make 1

    45. Oteph


    46. Jarred Perry

      "You see? It's fucked"

    47. TheUpwardSpiral

      When he dropped the notebook bahahahahaha

    48. Willy Wonka’s Poop Factory !

      Is that the drug addict Walmart looking Eminem

    49. Alex Stokes

      “You see what I mean it’s fucked” 🤣🤣💀 gets me everytime lmao

    50. Isaac Stevenson

      Dude you’ve got Eminem’s cadence and rhyming down

    51. Ricky Webster

      Soo your "hood" accent is CLEARLY 🤥 fake

    52. Vivianna Perez


    53. Aaron Palms


    54. Pacey Hackett

      "And not an actual machine gun Kelly" lol 😂

    55. MrManGuySir 13

      All jokes aside, this guy is actually talented when it comes to rhyming.

    56. Anna Kamm

      Not actually a real machine gun kelly lolol 😂😂

    57. Broken Arms

      Do eminem having a seizure

    58. William Boehm

      I just realized he is left handed lol

    59. HARRY MONK

      Good old feminem

    60. Nathan Williams

      Bro, what if @Eminem put out a @lil Windex video??

    61. Thanos

      Work for Amazon! with his box cutter teeth, he'll double their unboxing speed x2

    62. Jesse Monteon

      So you dont have a guilty conscience😂😂😂😂😂

    63. Sebastian Dynamite


    64. Agenda TwentyOne

      Wait for it wait for it and you just laughed out loud. He gets me everytime.

    65. L4unchp4d Gaming

      I hate MGK, but in that battle rap, he MURDERED Em. Eminem is washed up, his last good album was Eminem Show. Fight me.

    66. mary tyrrell

      i hope eminem sees these and responds! that would be dope! you got serious talent 💯💯💯💯

    67. Anthony Patti

      There goes his career if he ever had one

    68. Ian Parker

      Not actually a real machine gun.. Kelly. 😂🤣😂😁

    69. Fred Dallas TX boxer

      Goat 🤣🤣

    70. Psyber

      New favorite series, also I’m sure Eminem would include him in his next album hell yeah

    71. Michael Jones

      Well...that's 40 seconds I'm never getting back. Wtf!

      1. TransNIGHT tHe kNighT Still

        E You are the newest comments

    72. TierraAllNewsWaze

      Even if the words don’t rhyme LIL WINDEX make em rhyme.

    73. Adrone

      See what I mean? It's focked

    74. Shannon

      “Not actually a real machine gun Kelly”

    75. Baked N Confused

      "Your face looks like it's used for bukkake target practice" 🎯 Holy shit dude ☠️

    76. Atlas Complex

      Honestly these multisyllabic rhymes are impressive as fuck


      Bruh stop🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    78. mike roth

      Damn dude can rap

    79. Kanji Uchiha

      Dude really said mike tyson punch her

    80. Garnett addison


    81. Jeremiah Rochon

      probably my fave from the series

    82. FanbaseZ

      when he roasted the therapist, I felt that 🤣🤣

    83. Fade Frosty


    84. Bonnie Fouzou

      So you DON'T have a guilty conscience. Tight.

    85. Nadeem Sanity

      I want eminem trying to meditate

    86. DGV

      The talent is underrated here.

    87. MAFIA FPV

      I love the slow motion hand movement 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    88. Summer dawson


    89. 3097 Pawar Shubhangi

      When I read the name ‘Lil Windex’ it reminded me of that song by Mariah dissing Eminem ‘see right through you like you’re bathing in windex’ 🤣🤣

    90. Terrance Hoffman

      Did you know hes black from the waist down

    91. Emphanie Mines

      imagine Em's real therapist tho lmfao, everyone'll keep referring him to a different psychiatrist because they can't take it 😂...

    92. Jiu Pui

      Ive wondered this about Em if he thinks in rhymes and if its something he controls or does it drive him insane

    93. Mr Coco

      0:40 LOLOLOLOLOL i am dying

    94. Grimsanity

      When you bring a Kelly to a gun fight.

    95. Lil Tommy

      This guy through these Eminem videos is trying to show off his own rhyming skills..

    96. Fab Puff

      Hilarious 😂 😂 😂 he’s taking his characters very seriously.

    97. The Plant Whisperer

      Love you windex this shits perfect lol.

    98. Ben Dover

      Ooofff more of that original content

    99. Kevin Perera

      It took me a while to notice that its the same guy. 😂

    100. Qorzo

      "Not actually a real machine gun kelly" leaveeee the poor man aloneeeee