ETERNALS Trailer: Every EASTER EGG + Captain America & Thanos Connection EXPLAINED Marvel BREAKDOWN


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    1. ScreenCrush

      What did you think of the trailer?

      1. Jerami L

        @micah06v8 True. I came to say the same.

      2. Tanner Collins

        Do you think that their ship is made out of vibranium and is the “meteor” that crashed in Wakanda?

      3. SteamPunkKitten

        crap, Gilgamesh was actually 3 times the size of a human being , he used to lift a lion with one hand, and he wasn't asian.... is it hard to bring a giant iraqi guy from Babylon to play his role? i am interested in watching the movie, but these facts made by uneducated individuals,,, itching my bones

      4. David Nabbit

        I’m not familiar with the Eternals at all, so at this point I’m only interested because it’s MCU. The breakdown was helpful, but I’m waiting for a more substantial trailer.

      5. BricktownBoss

        Visually, the trailer is stunning. The visuals seem a bit "Prometheus' inspired, swapping out the blue "tech/magic" effects for gold. THere does seem to be some Engineer inspired behaviors coming from the cast (which I mean as a compliment). I know it's early, but I'm slightly disappointed with the lack of action and a plot explanation. I'm sure we'll get more of that closer to November.

    2. Dr Cidd

      8:56 That's a chimera, not a griffin.

    3. Ethan Kang

      Who is the girl in the middle of the shot with all the eternals? She wasn't mentioned and I'm confused now.

    4. mrs.nyoung

      At 5:16. I think she says “we have watched…unguided” meaning they have only watched and NOT guided. Thereby NOT contradicting herself. Your thoughts? Thanks for the always awesome content!! I enjoy your videos & breakdowns 😍

    5. Mary Woll

      Camelot is a silly place.

    6. Nihalkrishna N.B.

      Wait, if Thanos was a deviant, then why didn't the eternals interfere during endgame or infinity war? Both of them were a threat to humanity...🤔

    7. Jiah

      I mean this whole Eternals story, prolly can be base on" How EGYPTian pyramids was built by Aliens help" theories herofied.

    8. Tony Goly

      Man I hope the X-Men join the MCU...

    9. 19EHF

      Honestly them loosing their memories is the only legitimate reason i can see as to why they were nowhere to be seen during the entire MCU saga

    10. Adrian Bratu

      The song implies a link between the marvel universe and fallout universe - facts !!!

    11. Locutus D'Borg

      In the Eternals evolution is real? How do religious people think about that?

    12. Taylor David

      There's way too many romantic relationships to keep track of 😅

    13. Dhaarwin Kumaravail

      in minutes 15.16 you can see a "K" too if you guys noticed

    14. ethan swanberg

      8:56 thats a chimera my guy

    15. markomus

      03:10 - Cap's original shield in the background on the right (her left ;) )

    16. markomus

      07:22 - Sumer predated the Babylonian empire.

    17. PhantomQueenOne

      The one statue is of a chimera not a griffon.

    18. Ameen Abdulla

      too much bro

    19. Radar O.

      The Eternals are human. So are the Deviants and X-Gene carriers all come from the Celestials messing with humans. So it's really a more powerful group assuming control over a group of Aboriginal folks. That's super dismissive of aboriginal cultures. I mean, that they'd need an outside, colonizing force to advance. It's kinda propaganda. Also, colonization is land theft. And them being from Titan doesn't mean they can't be modified human.

    20. Pam Cervantes

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    21. Carlos Davis

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    22. Fernando Alves

      I like that Kit Harington is no more... now is Jon Snow!

    23. Robert Martin

      “Show me what you got!!!!”

    24. aferna Codes

      hi doug

    25. Sophia Wilson

      The Thera Eruption that happened 3600 years ago that what showing in the volcano scene.

    26. Jon Q. Public

      My theory is that Dane Whitman is the connection for their memories. And whenever he is resurrected he is somehow drawn to find them and when he does it restores their memories. Also, that could be part of the reason the Ebony Blade "the storage device" for their memories seem to make him mentally crazy whenever he uses it.

    27. scbooy p00p

      The thing that fastos was making was in the end credits of Loki

    28. Doug Higgins

      Childhoods End


      notice how the lights used in the room (that you say is DNA) looks like the light bulbs seen on the walls in Egypt. They were the ancient lamps used by the Egyptians. Although they look like lamps with snakes in them on the pictographs in Egypt.

    30. WILSHIRE25

      I feel the obvious thing isn't gonna be it. Like say the Snap or Blip that brought their memories back but I think its gonna be because of Dane and his search for the Ebony Blade. I believe he see's Cirsei in very old photo's with knowledge of who she is or atleast what she can do. [Alittle bit like in the first Wonder Woman.] He's prolly see's her on the News and seeks her out.

    31. eddie5525

      Cap is referred as Captain Rogers because at the end of Avengers: Endgame he gave up his shield and resigned from his position as Captain America. Thus, he is now just Captain Rogers, the retired veteran & war hero.

    32. Sophie BADREAU

      Pergamon Museum, in Berlin

    33. _ jsl_

      I thought Hulk did the reverse snap? Iron Man’s snap killed off Thanos and his army.

    34. Lindsay Coffey

      We are definitely overdue a visit by the Eternals!

    35. Tanner Collins

      I think that the Eternals ship is made of vibranium and is the “meteor” that crashed in Wakanda.

    36. SteamPunkKitten

      7:23 this is not Sumeria .... LMAO (if i am from saudia and live in america , doesn't mean america is saudia)... THIS IS BABYLONE and that is the ishtar gate (or aster), and sumeria is not a city .... (Sumeria and Mesopotamia) are sided like canada and USA, and babylone was in mesopotamia, Babylone city which is in that video shown population contains (sumerian, akadian, assyrians, and babylonians) However, ruled by the babylonians .... (Thanos is not a pure deviant, he is hybrid "Eternal-deviant)

    37. Unnamed

      Doctor Strange: Idiot Eternals I should have summoned them with my ring. They are just making it hard to help us.

    38. Andrew Bovasso


    39. Gaston Lamaitre Fotografie

      The Ishtar gate in Berlin is (re)build with the original material. It is not a copy but as close to the original as it gets.

    40. big chimp

      what if the actual eternals are coming and that’s why they’re releasing this movie now during the coverage and disclosure of UFOs.

    41. Your Mate Nate

      The voice-over at 5:15 said " we have watched, unguided. We have never interfered"

    42. Bridge

      So people are willing to believe in myths ...This is the proof that they have the visceral need to believe in a greater force and infinite intelligence. Yet, they still won't believe in GOD...

    43. doliio volay

      phase to lead to Secret Wars or at least involve One above all

    44. Tim Shields

      This movie should’ve been a series. Seems like there’s way too much to introduce in 3 hours.

    45. mikea hiooi

      My guess is that isn't a volcano, it's the Celestial waking up.

      1. doliio volay

        leader of the avengers. Fantastic Four will soon join the party. Reed Richards and The Invinsible woman will have a son. If you know who their son is, then you know that he w


      I think that is thena who reaches her hand to grab gilgamesh, the shirt she is wearing in the scene in the woods looks the same.

    47. Alan Rogers

      Being from that time, I always saw this song, (The End Of The World), not as a lament to a lost love affair, but as a "Goodbye" from a soldier headed to Vietnam who may not return.

      1. mikea hiooi

        Once more, all these theories will wind up more creative than what we will actually get.

    48. Jeff Oelkers

      Wow so many 'could be's' and 'what if's' in one video. What if all the could be's are wrong? I want a refund!

    49. dolita windo

      and sorrow in the look of it and it’s shot cool unlike the other two.

    50. Damond Antoine

      Is that Thor’s hammer 0.44?

    51. Krusty The clowm

      This look like some Harry Potter cronicles of narnia shit come on marvel make a ghost rider or solo hulk movie just don't messed up this time Robbie Reyes kick ass on shield why can u do something like that on the big screen

      1. dolita windo

        Did anyone notice the Playstation VR headset at 8:47 under the chair to the right?

    52. nativemrv19722

      I have no idea what's going on with this movie ...I'm not on my Eternals histories or stories...But willing to see the movie and hopefully find out...

    53. Ken Nechee

      ⛲👚✈💛🦓🐼💮💗🎋🌟🌠🎦💙👙🎄✨🎄🌙 *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead* *He'll give you eternal life* *(Look up at the sky and ask God)*

    54. miko foin

      The fact that you compiled this within less than 24 hours blows my mind. Amazing

    55. Joshua Hotstuff

      The trailer is eerily similar to the fallen angels story from the bible. These fallen ones teach humanity about all kinds of shit that we didn't know or weren't supposed to know. I think 7 is a significant number in the bible and there are 7 eternals. What's even more trippy is that these recent triangular shaped UFO sightings are thought by some to be the fallen angels. And it just so happens that the eternals ship was triangular.. I don't even know how I ended up thinking about this.

    56. ScorpionFury

      Can't believe you missed the PS VR headset on the table when talking about this scene 8:32 I think that would be an artifact worth mentioning

      1. miko foin

        Phastos is an engineer who also built weapons. The inspiration for Hephaestus who did the same for the greek gods. since you seemed to have missed that part. I hope the

    57. Spenser Blevins

      Pretty good, but that was definitely Angelina Jolie's arm/hand reaching to Gilgamesh. You can see the same white gown and grey sleeve in other shots of her.

    58. yacchaga

      The gold dagger looks like ancient ceremonial dagger from Mesopotamia/Babylon.

    59. Mahdi Alizadeh

      Well I’m pretty confused now I hope it’ll be a good movie

    60. Eric {O}

      My theory is this. The eternals were woken up by Tony’s snap. Tony’s snap was a altered reality snap used by a time machine to correct the thanos original ‘real’ reality snap. (You following me so far ?) In essence because the avengers opened up the time machine not only they woken up the eternals but they also woken up the deviants and other evil entities from the multi verse and essentially they also woken up the celestials. The celestials are the creator of all things so if time machine was opened they would be alarmed which means that the avengers who are technically humans first have interfered with the gift that were given to them by the celestials through the eternals. Once the avengers crossed the line and went back in time, that is going against the celestials order of things. Altering reality is seen by the celestials as a disobey and it’s unacceptable. Thus the celestials knew this thousands of years ago prior to the snap but because the avengers do not have a clue that the celestials were the creator of all things and that the eternals existed, thus they are not aware of the set of rules of the celestials. (Following me so far ?) The eternals find that humans are acceptable even after they did crossed the line by using time machine to change reality. The eternals found that the avengers did that to protect earth at all cost from Thanos future reality which ironically is exactly what the celestials wanted to do in their third host thousands of years ago. To destroy humans and earth and create a better race. In the avengers eyes, they do not accept thanos reality but thanos saw that as a defeat. The avengers altered reality for a better world and the eternals saw that as a sign of mercy and not a conviction. And the eternals are on the avengers side. The celestials saw that as a conviction. But here’s the thing, the celestials already knew that the avengers would altered reality thousands of years ago prior to Tony’s snap thus why they tried to come to earth and destroy it because they saw Tony’s snap as a rebellion. The eternals defended earth when the celestials 3rd host arrival thousands of years ago and pleaded their case with the celestials. Finally the celestials accepted the eternals plead and warned the eternals that next time around won’t be so merciful. And that because Tony have opened up the time machine portal sort of speak that anything that will come around their way the eternals would be responsible for them. They have to now protect the avengers and earth and the universe from all source of attacks from deviants or other evil entities from the multiverse. Because the avengers and tony have used the time machine it has opened up a portal for entities to come in different way form or status. Thanos had deviant genes. Killing him will alarm other deviants and send a msg to other entities that the universe now it’s up for grabs. The eternals are all have power cosmic which means that all enemies that marvel cinematic universe will encounter from here on out will be cosmic levels threats. Galaxtus and his herald Silver surfer is coming. Mephisto is also on his way. Captain Marvel and Ikarris will be the leader of the avengers. Fantastic Four will soon join the party. Reed Richards and The Invinsible woman will have a son. If you know who their son is, then you know that he will be the baddest and toughest villain that any superhero or eternals would have to face. Doctor Doom will also show up. All these things will happen and show up in a span of maybe 10-15 years. We are just getting started.... *This is just my theory based on the marvel comics*

    61. Soinas Doyi

      Once more, all these theories will wind up more creative than what we will actually get.

    62. sina por

      Angelina Jolie ?

    63. chding zuure

      that the team is boarding at the beginning of the movie is the Lemurian Star!

      1. Soinas Doyi


    64. Vol Fan

      This movie looks like a woke pile of sh!t

      1. Vol Fan

        @Sha’Quez R. If you are like me, you want to see a good movie to escape. I'm so sick of hearing about racism, politics, and wokeness every time I turn on the tv. I want to watch a movie to escape all that. But yes it has potential

      2. Sha’Quez R.

        Honestly yeah but it has potential

    65. Jeff Fackler

      Did anyone notice the Playstation VR headset at 8:47 under the chair to the right?

      1. chding zuure

        The 10 Rings and the 7 Infinity Stone

    66. Violet Blue

      I need prolog movie that explain every eternal character before they act as one. Is like watching avengers 1 while skipping hulk, thor, first avenger and ironman 1.

    67. Lane Mortensen

      Doesn't look like Thena is using the staff the weaponsmith was creating earlier, rather than a map?

    68. vinasu maaj

      So basically eternals are the power rangers/Captain Planet mashup!? Gotcha!!!

    69. Don Koehler

      This will be a crap movie and doesnt surprise me it will be full of easter eggs to build false hype.

      1. MAd Man

        how do you know did you watch the whole movie bum

    70. Stevie Beavy

      Wait so wong is gilgamesh

      1. vinasu maaj

        Ronin Warriors type beat

    71. Rubixpress

      Phastos is an engineer who also built weapons. The inspiration for Hephaestus who did the same for the greek gods. since you seemed to have missed that part. I hope the movie is good cause I loved the Eternals and feel like they haven't gotten the proper treatment in the comics yet. There have been good writers, just none I've read that made them stick.

    72. Orlando Duran

      In the scene were the Enterals are in front of the entrance of Babylon facing what you said may be an enemy they are actually facing a group of villagers that bow down to worship them. You actually see this in another scene. When the villagers bow down notice the blue tile on the floor its the same blue tile and same pattern as the scene when the Enternals in front of the entrance of Babylon.

    73. rojoi kikoe

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    74. lVl Arsenic lVl

      Looks lame.

    75. Asher’s Tribe

      Wow I have zero interest in seeing this movie. The first marvel movie in a while I just don’t care about... I thought Wanda vision and falcon and the winter soldier were let downs as well. Hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.

    76. ProfPolish

      This is the first Marvel movie that isn’t hyping me up. I’ll see it because I’m probably wrong but I’m not fired up for this right now

    77. Star8888嵐


    78. Corey Levine

      Unkown to the Eternals the Kree will kidnap some human to turn them into Inhuman

    79. Corey Levine

      The 10 Rings and the 7 Infinity Stone

    80. Bolia Fops

      The geometric design is similar to the gods/ precursor people seen in assassin's creed odyssey gods armour!

    81. 9 Innings LIVE

      Maaaaaaan...!!! Just give this guy the script of the next marvel movie!!! Pleaseee....

    82. Files: The Politics aR real

      9:50 in that's the way to bring mutants in mcu easy call

      1. Bolia Fops

        I hope Kevin Bacon plays Adam Warlock in the next Guardians. That would be cool.

    83. david do

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    84. T Martin

      Ronin Warriors type beat

    85. Haris Hasanovic

      I am even more confused than I was before..

    86. Running With Scissors

      That's a Chimera not a griffin

    87. Raphael Elwert

      Why no mention of the VR Headset at 8:45 in the "trophy" room?

    88. blazingchaox

      Was Thanos a giant Eternal / Titan? He is huge compared to these Eternals. I bet MCU will go a little differently than the comics.

    89. AMRUTHA A S

      Glad that we are now past the hexagons. Circle is the new hexagon😂

    90. Sameer Kori

      What about 1:18 Iron Man suit in behind and 1:30 Captain America shield behind on wall....

    91. Dragon Pharao

      8:58 the statue is of a cat, and it was always a cat. the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Pasit in some pronunciations, a cat never a panther or a leopard. usually worshipped as a deity representing many thigs: magic, magical powers, jou and happiness, and even motherhood and secret powers.


      How do you know all this shit? haha

    93. Amariea Landrum

      The Eternals copying the Avengers ending credits scene is amazing

    94. shivaram Gujjula

      10:57 here, its amazing. LoL.

    95. SoftFingers92

      Ma Dong Seok (pronounced as SOK)

    96. Jason Garrison

      I hope Kevin Bacon plays Adam Warlock in the next Guardians. That would be cool.

    97. Koushik Dhar

      Cersi looks like Brittanya Razavi

    98. Arjun Sathimon

      This is a long shot, but this land that the Eternals come to, it looks empty and then we see a shot where they grow grass and plants. So is it possible that this land is the one showed in Ragnarok or the land where the new Asgard is? Let me know what you think. Love your channel by the way.

    99. Donny Green

      Mischievous has 3 syllables, not 4!!! [MIS-cha-vus] Notice the ending, “-ous”, NOT, “-ious”... You mispronounced several words, but that is the one the hurts my ears the most! Thank you very little. -C. Chase

    100. jerdavis

      I think the kid in beginning is young Namor.