Ex-Cav Richard Jefferson: 'I had LeBron on my team & I didn't want to see KD' | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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    While discussing a potential Knicks-Brooklyn Nets playoff series, friend and former teammate of LeBron James, Richard Jefferson, warned Knicks fans about what they might be getting into. Jefferson said quote, 'I even had LeBron James on my team and I didn’t want to see Kevin Durant.' Hear whether Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe believe Kevin Durant has surpassed LeBron James as the best player in the world.

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    About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
    UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

    Ex-Cav Richard Jefferson: 'I had LeBron on my team \u0026 I didn't want to see KD' | NBA | UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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    1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

      Has Kevin Durant surpassed LeBron James as the best player in the world?

      1. Joey Kabs

        WTf stop that cap Kevin Durant is the 1 millionth best basketball player of all time I’m better then him and u regular clowns are better then him too

      2. j spi

        @Gerald Taylor it was even 😂😂 spoken like a true kd fan boi and lebron hater

      3. j pro

        @OB you nailed it bruh!💯

      4. j pro

        @House of Guards miami wasnt a 73-9 team (best record of all time for regular season) yet when lebron joined miami. That's the difference.

      5. j pro

        @House of Guards kyrie never brought the cavs to the finals before lebron came. Neither did kevin love. The warriors were already a 73-9 team when KD jumpshipped.

    2. nnlknk kln

      There are levels to this... Unless your name is Michael Jordan no active player is on lebron's level... they're all competing for 2nd.

    3. Alfredo Cuevas

      KD is that kid who raps about coming up out the mud but had rich parents

    4. O HPVII

      The alcoholic crowd normally heap because apartment undoubtedly prevent beside a tall wrecker. wary, worried platinum

    5. Derek Vincent

      When did LeBron and kd go against each other when they had even teams lebron has either had one more star or kd has had one more star to play with I feel like scoring kd is better passing lebron is better IQ I'd give to lebron over kd not by much but still better then rebounding and defensively they are about even lebron has alittle better on ball defending but kd is a better help defense guy so they are pretty even players they are on the same tier imo atleast fyi I don't have a goat in team sports it's just to hard to say who the actual goat is I only do tiers for team sports

    6. ToIcy4TheSnowman

      Everytime Skip is wrong and knows he’s wrong, he says he “doesn’t care”

    7. yy jtjytj

      The raspy spandex holoprosencephaly avoid because camp greely kneel athwart a shy richard. careless, melted galley

    8. OnTheSpot

      They probably both wrong. Jefferson feared durant because he was better than LeBron in some facets of the game which he feared greatly. To say than Durant is better overall than James is an overstatement.

    9. Mysterial Chief

      9:22 did Shannon drop the f*** word on tv?

    10. Tyair Robinson

      I Dont watch no other sport talk show. No first take, no first thing first no colin cowturd. Unless Unc and drip take the day off... Nobody else has the credibility of an legendary journalist and Hall of famer. Take they debates to the bank!

    11. Tyair Robinson

      God i love this ffffffff show...

    12. Tyair Robinson

      This segment is ...FFFFFFFF..legendary! I swear my day be ruined when unc n skip dont debate... I feel it in my core when the debates be heated like this... Omg🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    13. R.D.L OfficialTM GAMING


    14. SexySnopeyYT

      *Lebron gets AD to help win a ring* Skip: Hahahahha He needed help how disgusting *KD joins one of the greatest teams with a unanimous MVP* Skip: He is the greatest player, they needed him to save them

    15. David Duncombe

      Skip cracks me up😂❤️ and if I was playing two on two I would chose Durant over Lebra anyday😂

    16. Tony Cero

      Some people are just cowardly... You pussys scared on a basketball court wtf .. Of what ??a twisted ankle maybe a elbow.. Scared of a man on a basketball court .kd 180lbs 7ft .. Lmao .. Then kd soft .. Defend him push him bully him .. Thats it any of you NBA bitchs can do that ...

    17. Peggy Cornute

      What is skip on?

    18. Less Is Moore

      Skip deflects questions a lot.

    19. Ernest Wimberly


    20. DMX20001

      if richard had kd he wouldnt want to see Lebron so no big deal

    21. Vigus DNA

      I don’t know if KD is the Best Player in the NBA, But what I Do Know is that LeBron is not the best Player in the NBA presently & even prior to his injury, I didn’t feel like he was the League MVP... I mean Embiid, Giannis, Jokic, Harden & Luka were Having better seasons....& I’d Say Kawhi is a better Player (since Toronto) than Lebron, Does anyone Think that Lebron would have won the NBA Finals with that Roster (Toronto) where the second best Player was Lowry....... Lebron has to have A Bonafide Top Level Elite Player to win plus at least one other bonafide Allstars The least.....& needs some Great role players usually vets At the end of their career.....

    22. Blacc Migo214

      9:21 unk dropped that F bomb 🤣

    23. Tracey Williams

      Kevin Durant is a great player & that can't be taken from him. He is a two time champion & two time FMVP. It doesn't matter & that's just how this era of basketball is atm. Lebron departed Cleveland to go play with a 2006 Nba champion & finals MVP in Dwade, who averaged 34.7 ppg...7.8 rpg...3.8 apg & 2.7 spg in that finals, though I believe he was 23 back in 2006 while playing with Shaq. Also, Bosh was an allstar when Lebron decided to take his talent to South Beach. In this era, players are too friendly & they want to team up, while in the older era, players wanted to play against the best. That's what MJ alluded as well.

    24. Master Splinter

      Lmaooo im surprised they uploaded this one

    25. Gee Money

      @RichardBankole nah bro it can’t be gas , bro gotta be on percs or san cause...

    26. SimplyMicah

      LeBron James is still the best player on the world and Kd is the second best. First it took 4 all stars to beat LeBron and the second finals with Kd it took 5 All stars to beat LeBron. It took a team of Monstars to beat 1 player

    27. The boss lowkey

      Kevin durant is better than lebum !!! Duhhhh lebum is shooting 69 percent form free throw line 😭😭

    28. Richard Hill


    29. hitler Mussolini

      LeBron started the super team thing dating back with the heat

    30. Tommy Amine

      Omg I literally have to stop watching this cause skip is so dumb and such a bad journalist he literally will not admit that shannon is 100% right and skip will not admit that lebron is the best player in the world n won't admit that kevin choked and using westbrook as the escape goat like skip shut up bron is better than kd get over it n how u gonna say that curry choked in those three game blew a 3 1 lead the same exact thing kevin did the round before the finals like how can u not say the same thing happened to kd !??? Oh yeah that's right cuz that would mean that your wrong n god forbid you can't be wrong like just shut up skip damn u drive me nuts shannon won this from start to finish like he usually does smh

    31. Fredrick Bryant

      Me thinking he's giving Westbrook a compliment 🤔 "He's gonna just dribble it to oblivion"... 😂

    32. Mike B

      They edited out Shannon’s F-bomb at 9:20 😂😂😂

    33. Larry Sallet

      Everybody saying kd had a stacked team every team lebron has had he hand picked the teams never forget the super heat lost to the mavs and Spurs lebron is easily the weakest player to play basketball he can’t and never will win without a stacked roster he even lost with a stacked roster

    34. Mogul Smith

      Dude stop it lebron got KD number dude had to go get steph curry and Klay to ice LBJ.

    35. Darth Maul

      one day Skip says Ray Allen hit the shot of shots in 2013, other day Irving in 2016 now Durant in 2017? be consistent Skippy boy...

    36. Brian Smith

      Skip is immediately wrong here- I watched that clip with Richard Jefferson on The Jump, and RJ didn't infer that Durant was/is better than LeBron -- The Jump crew were talking about how good Durant is on the Nets now, and RJ brought up as an example, that when he was on a playoff team with Lebron (the best player in the NBA) that himself, Richard Jefferson, didn't want to see KD- because KD is still that good of a player, and trouble to play against

    37. Rob K

      YOOOOOO! Who else heard Shannon slip the F-Bomb at 09:21? 😆😆

      1. KJay

        @SavPlayz X naw he actually did say it live they just edited it rlly good for the NLname video. I just saw the unedited on Twitter

      2. Addison Williams

        Unk was makin his point🤣🤣🤣🤣

      3. SavPlayz X

        I think he was gonna say finals

    38. Marcos Ramirez

      KD better than Lebron.

    39. Twizo Buckley

      The Lebron Stan Leader continues to hate on KD🤣🤣


      I love how y'all talk about Skip trolling when Shannon Sharpe trolls everybody everybody that threatens LeBron knock it off


      Why do Shannon Sharpe always talked about Golden State as if Cleveland did not have LeBron Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love they had three Superstars as well they were a super team as well

    42. Savannah Victor

      Shannon has to be the most patient person ever putting up with skip😂😂

    43. Antwan Westbrook

      Kd better player

    44. allen baker

      9:23. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Had my Man Sharp Cussin😱🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    45. soulsearch1234

      Shannon be trying hard as ever with any angle he can spun to make LeBron look good but he leaves out many facts

    46. Anas Arabi Katbi

      get over it sharpe , KDs is the best player to ever do it

    47. JamRoc News and Culture

      Shannon Sharpe is a big lebum groupie...KD is the best now..lebron washed years now and got a lucky bubble ring

    48. Alan-Michael Alston

      KD has been the best player on the floor for a while. All due respect to LBJ but hes not the best anymore. Let the past go. These are the same guys who thought MJ on the Wizards was still the best player in the league.

    49. Jeremy Watts

      Shannon always bring up kds game 6 in the wcfs he never mentioned how klay went for 40 and steph had 30

    50. Jeremy Watts

      Shannon a real hater man he worse than max Kellerman

    51. Mall .0090

      K.D. TO FIRE BRO💯

    52. Trio Ramos

      I'm sick and tired of this show. Day-in Day-out, they talk about either Lebron or Durant or Embiid. Skip trying too hard to discredit Lebron and Shanon just being the usual hype man. This talk show has CLOSE TO NO depth with their discussions Talk about the Nuggets, the Suns, the Jazz. Talk about how the bucks are experimenting with defensive schemes and giannis is developing his mid range game. Talk about why the Celtics and Heat are struggling. Why the sixers have a more efficient offensive scheme, why the clippers have a higher offensive rating than the Nets. Talk about what portland needs to be a legit contender. Maybe you want to talk about how Memphis is averaging the most steals per game and is becoming one of the best defensive teams? You guys are paid millions, you each have a team of researchers and analytics people. Bring some DEPTH to your discussions.

    53. James Antonio

      Go look at Kevin Durrant "In the same fucken western finals"... he was heated

    54. Lexxurious

      Did shannon cus 🤔

    55. fatboy269

      7:38 😣

    56. Manveer Ball

      Shannon lost in the sauce 😂

    57. fatboy269

      Little 🌈 Richard Jefferson

    58. Manveer Ball

      Kd is unguardable

    59. Tom Ebinger

      Damn skip is pitiful how can Shannon do this everyday lol every time he’s wrong he just says idc. Shannon should just keep saying that then the show will be over

    60. MONOKING


    61. ric roc RAW

      7:38 Skip trips!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    62. uncle G

      9:23 mark lol Sharp dropped the F Bomb😂😂😂😂😂

    63. Eugene Rice

      😂 Skip

    64. Isaac DaGoat21

      Plus Lebron Never went up against KD with one superstar. Stop with the lies

    65. Isaac DaGoat21

      Lmfao shannon bro the Cavs were still great but ok .

    66. D Salas

      Idk but i saw Lebron fall down and watch KD dunk on him that one year!!!!

    67. Random Tales (GWR)

      "Handicapped" HAHAHAHAHHAHA

    68. Trevor

      Kd is a better scorer but that’s about it lol.

    69. D ChrisJr

      TIMEOUT now I'm Talking ‼️‼️ Did I Hear What I think I heard @ 9:21 😆😆‼️‼️‼️ Bruuuuuuuh 🤣

    70. Biyamin

      KD was the guy who said if u can’t beat them Join them 😭😭 he will never get credit for those championships. KD will always be that loser in Oklahoma

    71. Marcus Spain

      Skip pissing Shannon off😂


      Actually, the Warriors did not need KD but they needed more money to pay the refs off. Pleasing stop talking about the 3-1 deficit where Tyron Lue cried about the refs not letting people touch the Warriors; this opened the door to hard fouls during the series; the NBA suspended Draymond; Steph fouled out (refs); all of this to even the series. This why an * should be by this championship. The first Warriors championship with KD it should have been a sweep but the refs in Cleveland... Yes Skip...I would take KD any day of the week over LBJ.

    73. bristol miriti

      I am afraid I agree with skip.

    74. Michelle Elvy

      Kd best player on this planet 💯

    75. Jekenji Mitchell

      Skip is crazy n don’t know the pitch the Warriors said to KD they basically told him you need us to win a championship we don’t need you

    76. Michael Harvey

      Did he say F___😂🤣😂🤣

    77. Ryan Nobles


    78. Yung Lulu

      How do these grown men argue about so many remedial things everyday. This is just ignorant.

    79. D R

      Please fire skip. He is not objective when it comes to lebron.

    80. D R

      Game 5 steph had 25 game 6 steph had 30 but game 7 step only had 17 but klay had 14 it was green that had 32. That game 7 lebron and the cavs just wanted it more and things had to go just right for them to win. Lebron and the cavs were just better and they had lebron who was the best player but the notion that steph don’t play well as skip is saying is ridiculous. Even the finals Andrea won if you look at the stats steph out played Andre in the whole series.

    81. Johnny Andrews

      I wish unc would leave this show with skip

    82. Jose Cruzz

      If i was playing a team that just went 73-9 then added a kd, I wouldn’t wanna see them either, nobody would.

    83. John Smith

      @7:38 😂 skip nearly curses. @9:21 Shannon goes all in and curses.

    84. Shariff Singh

      People don’t realize how deadly that 35 points KD averaged in 2017 was. Had he of averaged like 26-27 that series it probably goes 6 or 7 but those 35 points in the moments he got them killed Cleveland that year

    85. john bowen

      And lebron left Miami so he could team up with different players to beat Tim and The Klaw😂😂

    86. Xavier Williams

      Skip has the most rediculous argument the whole time, shanon was jus bat’in them all, shanon 100% right

    87. Lorna Aguas Quiray

      If Lebron says he will make a team win, he will, no other players can do that except Lebron

    88. Lorna Aguas Quiray

      Lebron is the best and complete player in the NBA

    89. True Hebrew

      Give uncle Shay a young black & mild 😂

    90. Greg Staples

      Skip the man 👍

    91. Fred Singleton

      Lmfao bron went get every star that he can get.

    92. Fred Singleton

      Steph is. Choke artist... if he and Klay hit shots a steph dudbt go missing. Steoh got his points once we are up lol. Stats will fool you

    93. Fred Singleton

      He a better hooper than LeBron lol damn

    94. Beebo Davis

      Lebum Lames vis a crybabay

    95. Hal Stokes

      This dude skip

    96. anthony jones

      Nice try Shannon we know the Dubs didn't need KD

    97. B Rabbit

      Any opinion anybody has: skip: mmm

    98. Malik Thomas

      Mf my favorite player and Lebron better skip just stop 😂😂😂😂

    99. Balton Raven

      Shannon acting like Lebrons never played with anyone. HE SAID HE DIDNT WANT TO SEE KD. Not Klay, not Steph, not Draymond.... KD

    100. Teron Davis

      Skip always says Steph doesn't show up in the Big games. But steph literally get Triple teamed at half court in the playoffs