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    Have you ever wondered what's up with those sketchy products promoted under viral tweets? (such as ocean galaxy lights, sunset lamps, squish / plush pillows, slime clean, etc.) who is paying for these promotions? are the products legit or scams? how much money are Twitter influencers making through these promos?

    0:00 - intro
    6:56 - why do companies promote their products this way?
    8:32 - false product endorsements
    9:28 - monetizing stolen tweets
    10:02 - what's up with the products?? knockoffs mostly
    11:46 - what about the companies? drop shippers mostly
    16:51 - how much do these sellers actually earn?
    18:35 - are the influencers being paid fairly?
    20:31 - (content warning: diet culture \u0026 fatphobia) the infamous "Sarah's Discovery" scam
    24:07 - small channel shout out: Aime Maggie!
    24:41 - small channel shout out: Mary McGillivray!

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    1. tiffanyferg

      new internet analysis!! let's explore those sketchy ads promoted under viral tweets! TIME STAMPS BELOW: 0:00 - intro 6:56 - why do companies promote their products this way? 8:32 - false product endorsements 9:28 - monetizing stolen tweets 10:02 - what's up with the products?? knockoffs mostly 11:46 - what about the companies? drop shippers mostly 16:51 - how much do these sellers actually earn? 18:35 - are the influencers being paid fairly? 20:31 - (content warning: diet culture & fatphobia) the infamous "Sarah's Discovery" scam 24:07 - small channel shout out: Aime Maggie! 24:41 - small channel shout out: Mary McGillivray!

      1. Tuna Tale

        All your internet analyses are very well made!👏 Can you PLEASE make a video on NLnamers & instastars having fake followers? Fake-likes etc?

      2. MargaritaMolly

        THANK YOU FOR CHAPTERS I can’t explain to you how much my adhd and I love this 💕

      3. Maki

        Actually the octopi are stolen too -> those are the original ones, I’ve had one for a few years before they went viral so here are the way cuter ones-> toys.teeturtle.com/collections/reversible-plushies

      4. Sweet YFT

        At the end of the video you talk about your desire for content creators to form unions. I’m not 100% sure it would qualify as a union but there’s something similar that was created by French content creators. It’s called « Guilde des vidéastes » if you’d like to look into it.

      5. Piz Meyre

        Awesome vid as usual. Also, that orange cap looks so good on you!

    2. geezyX 333

      The day influencers unionize is the day non American influencers from outside America will rise haha

    3. snupernation

      this whole thing is so much slimier than i thought omg

    4. rita

      i got a dropshipping ad before this 😭

    5. R Quincy

      Spencer's Gift Shop.... well... Yeah, I'll agree that d1ld0s can be gifts. You know, that's fair.

    6. Razia Sultana

      I don’t have Twitter, but I see these ads on Instagram all the time too. And even on NLname videos that are compilations of tiktoks. And Ivnever seen them be disclosed as ads.

    7. iamdatname

      Anyone else get an ad related to drop shipping lol?

    8. Alyx

      who could forget the infamous Purple (Thing that me saying will probably break YT's community guidelines)

    9. Ana Ceru

      I've so often thought about how there is no kind of online creators union where individual creators can band together to ask for fair treatment from corporations. The industry really needs it.

    10. Ever García

      I’m always very wary of all this. I only buy quality products from reputable brands.

    11. 𝕯𝖗𝖊

      No joke, i didn't know they were ads. I thought everyone loved these items so they wanted to share them with everyone. I swear im not new to twitter i just didn't know 😭

    12. rising raisings

      brought to you by purple vibrator gang

    13. Chloe Murray

      that was so creepy i got an ad about drop shipping right before you started talking about it

    14. Garden Fairy

      I- got a ad for how to dropservice while watching this video lmaooo I usually just listen to videos while I draw so I honestly thought it was a part of the video itself only to realize I just listened to a whole 2 minute ad promising me "free training" in dropservicing--the irony lol

    15. pater from real life

      I have one of those seals.. I bought it at a small local toy store tho

    16. Jo

      Oh no I got two dropshipping masterclass ads 😂😂

    17. el.paint


    18. Viteaification

      when these ads first got popular, it didn't dawn on me they were ads. i was just like "why does every viral post has this nasty ass face mask in the thread?"

    19. VianneyCreates

      The ad before your video was for "ecombabe." Basically, an MLM! Too funny considering your past videos about those types of companies. (BTW, they didn't even really say what they sell...just a mishmash of real company names she threw out there.) Edit: there were three of her ads sprinkled in here and there and she is going to teach us the tools to make thousands sitting at home! Yay! LOL!

    20. troebeliewoep

      Ive seen a lot of this backfiring on BOOS. Its hilarious and kinda sad at the same time.

    21. abee

      can i just say... you're such a queen for making this video wow I don't learn this much in college

    22. Amy Feldhut

      I couldn’t escape that reversible octopus plushie for like a month And those lights are probably forever

    23. Zeppelans

      on your comment about content creator unions, there actually is one for NLname, and goes by the name Fairtube. There hasn't been much activity surrounding it as far as I know because it hasn't been around for very long and fnot many people know of it.

    24. Lauragfit

      omg 'Sarah's Discovery' is a HUGE SCAM and stole one of my fat loss transformation photos from IG. The worst part is, the keto and intense dieting they promote is sooooo far from what I ACTUALLY did to see those results... and NOT what I would EVER recommend people to follow!! lol ugh. I was never able to get the pics taken down and for a bit, they were EVERYWHERE 😫

    25. DZstudios

      As a NLnamer, I DONT want to be Unionized….it would be sooo much a Headeache for my channel and life….

    26. Dr Fishalicious

      I can't believe so many people have made step-by-step video tutorials on how to steal a product and marketing material! "Just replace the TikTok watermark with my logo" like wtfff

    27. Janneke Jaeschke

      could you do a vpn sponsorship next, because likewise is not available in Germany😪😇😂

    28. Baaspark Openings

      fuck yeah im gonna become the next internet dropshipper for my original product Anti Analog Amigos (this is a joke but I do have a project of original plushies called Anti Analog Amigos, to the point of having already spent 1k to get some prototypes with a reputable company done, and im currently waiting for the prototypes to finish design. Totally am not plugging my own merch under this cool video)

    29. iStackOk

      I got 2 or 3 drop-shipping ads during this video lmao

    30. Scotch Tape

      This is kinda related but I had a teacher pass away and I posted on Instagram about it (because she was absolutely amazing) and one of those "ambassador scout" accounts for brands that are stupidly expensive trying to get you to try to sell their expensive crap and it was like "cool picture, check out our page we're interested in working with you" and I'm LITERALLY TALKING ABOUT MY DEAD TEACHER

    31. elizabeth j.

      Someone needs to tell Safiya Nygaard to make a video testing all of these products

    32. Bewilderbeastie

      oh those guys who do drop-shipping and steal people's videos and put their own watermarks... horrible bastards

    33. masterpig5 S

      The hat :)

    34. Alicia Pinedo

      your canines look so sharp omg

    35. lot grauzinis

      An interesting point as well is that not all countries have the same rules as the us for sponsored posts and stuff. So a company based somewhere else won't tell you what the rules in your country are.

    36. Lone Galaxy

      Lol I actually have that seal plushie, I got it for Christmas. It’s a pretty good plush ngl. Although it looks a bit cheap

    37. iivvnnaa

      It’s so weird that out of all videos, this is the one that shows me an ad to join a dropshippers discord

    38. bread

      not NLname giving me a drop shipping training service ad mid watching tis video

    39. Grace Thomas-Hurley

      When my twitter mutuals get paid everyone congratulates them for selling out lol, if you can make money on making a dumb comment about Naruto, good on you

    40. Jamie Mastrogiacomo

      Hi I just wanna say you are so smart and perceptive and I always look forward to your videos!!

    41. Bored Student (Kurt)

      TheSlingshotChannel once tried to start a NLname Union, idk how its going though.

    42. Andrea

      I am afraid I have an unpopular opinion but I preferred when youtube and other social media were hobbies and not businesses and there were no sponsorships and cooperations long time ago. I understand that making content is very time-consuming, so people have that as a job, but still... And a lot of creators make very quality content and they deserve a reward I guess (it's like any other entertainment), but some cases are quite extreme. The highest NLnamers and tik tokers make so much money compared to normal jobs and I don't think it is okay...

    43. Sreoshi Bhaumik

      I loved the sponspr, but the app isn't available in my country.

    44. Nuance Novice

      It was a small component of this video, but I wanted to say thank you for blurring the fatphobic diet before and after selfies. I haven't seen anyone else blur whole bodies before like that, and wow that was really really beneficial to my viewing. Thank you for that. 💖

    45. Gilly Puente

      if people already recognize it as an ad, then why do they need to say so? How is that a moral issue? It's not. Get off your high horse.

    46. Luna Lovebuzz

      Not a union, but there's the Instagram account influencerpaygap, where people (mostly anonymously) share how much they got paid or how little they got offered, and they often include their ethnicity, age and genre/niche.

    47. Nekoszowa

      I can only afford knock offs. But I love seeing the same knock offs getting sold for way more than they should be. I bough a "kawaii" face mask two months ago on Aliexpress, it was like $5, then I started getting ads on Instagram showing the same exact mask but the "shop" was selling it for $40. I saw multiple ads like that with clothes I normally buy from Alie for almost free that were priced extremely high even though they sell THROUGH Alie anyway. Anotheer exaple: a pair of stockings I got for $3, saw them later in an ad for $30. And buying through Alie I get free shipping.

    48. Dominique Govinden

      You deserve more subscribers, your videos are top notch.

    49. Akosua Boahemaa


    50. mossy morgan

      Hey so, I don't think anyone in this comment section is trying to promote sketchy products on viral tweets, but I see this myth all the time that FTC guidelines *only* apply if you're in the United States. From the FTC themselves: "If posting from abroad, U.S. law applies if it’s reasonably foreseeable that the post will affect U.S. consumers. Foreign laws might also apply." Since Twitter is an American company, it's reasonable to assume that it will be seen by Americans.

    51. Blossomness Studios

      Quick question, do you think you might be autistic? I'm not a professional but i have a good amount of personal experience. 'Previously gifted' is often shorthand for 'neurodivergent'. You remind me so much of my ASD best friend, and as someone w/ ADHD I've spotted neurodivergence in several of my friends before they got Dx'ed. I don't know you, only what you choose to put online, but there are certain things that I've found are specifically linked to neurodivergence.

    52. Hannah Witton

      unionise, baby!!!

    53. Bennn

      Omg thank you for this ❤️

    54. Satoshi Okujun

      This honestly looks like some sort of project a business uni student would do Wow this blew up, check out this octopus you can turn inside out

    55. Kiera Clements

      literally got some dropshipper’s video advertised underneat yours, wtf youtube

    56. surasshu

      of course, we get youtube putting a "how to be a dropship guy" ad on this video

    57. hackerling

      wow, i would love this video on a shirt!

    58. Sir Prize

      I got a drop shipping add on this lmao

    59. Infamous Sphere

      "we've become used to 1-2 day shipping turnarounds with Amazon Prime" *laughs in Australian*

    60. Erica Baker

      if that's corporate art behind u, you might prefer buying from an artist idk

    61. 뽀뽀

      Wonderful video as always!

    62. nesteaisnasty

      11:08 *HER*

    63. Data.Complex ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

      idk why you're being so judgemental about this. the purpose of twitter is to make money. there's literally no reason to be on twitter unless you're using it to make money. if you use it for any reason other than to make money, you are a chump and you're letting other people make money from your own wasted time. wake up, it isn't 2005 any more. if you don't like what they're doing, good. you shouldn't. now delete your account and leave them to their filth.

    64. Avie

      don’t forget the tweetdeck gimick accounts who’d rt ads endlessly like the rose bear or the bad weight loss article 😭 hated those mfers back in 2018

    65. yx

      i literally got an e-commerce ad after this video LMAO

    66. CorgiNub

      Tbh I think your best bet with unionizing as content creators is to join the IWW. They're an industrial union anyone can join, they have the most experience with online creators of any union I know, and joining gives you access to organizer training which can help a lot if you have zero experience with trying to start a union. I hope that helps, and thanks for making such interesting videos!

    67. Haise Succsaki

      youtube had the NERVE to give me a drop shipping ad on this lol

    68. Gabrielle Is always singing

      Can we just appreciate the pain and effort Tiffany goes through to make these super informative videos like :,) her dedication

    69. Roberto Costa Jr.

      This is so absurd!

    70. izzy cocuzza


    71. synthiandrakon

      So that's why the scary looking vibrator gets scary on tweets

    72. Samjin (thelolsj)

      This is reminding me of those awful instagram ads "Guys they updated the game and added more shoes!!!!" who is "guys" bc as far as Im aware NOBODY plays that game. Alternatively its a screenshot of a sunset lamp TWEET on instagram. Then theres also the final one of "Link in my bio to plant game uwu it cured my depression"

    73. Nina Cinamomo

      More recently, I stumbled upon a fake twitter account promoting hematite (i think?) rings that supposedly break when they fisinish protecting you. Imagine how unsurprised I was when I found out that particular post had been posted 3 times on the same day.

    74. Sophie

      I literally got an ad for a dropshipping course near the end of the video. How ironic

    75. Causticks

      small flex that i used to run some shitty ig page with 20k followers but i think i only ever advertised like 2-3 things, because my 14 year old mind was very morally conflicted whenever i was asked to run an ad :') I would always try to confirm how legit the product was and the company would NYOOM out my dms... moral of the story dont buy anything advertised on social media? its always sketch as fuck

    76. Kira Veritas

      I have that seal pillow I think, it's fine, it's a cute plush. The fur is the wrong way in one spot

    77. IvyEmblem


    78. Celine C

      tysm i was always curious cause its so weird lmfao

    79. Drifter

      Fascinating analysis Tiffany! I hope content creators like you can get an organisation that helps soon, I’m in one for freelancers and it’s a godsend, I’ve heard other freelancers like artists, writers and musicians in different unions/associations that rely on them a lot too. I guess content creation is still a new industry so it might take time. I really like the small channel shoutouts you do, too!

    80. Copyright Home Run

      Companies not informing people that hawk their products that they have to say they are hawking their product is a very 'Die to protect me' attitude, and not even a little surprising.

    81. Tay Charlese

      I’ve been approached multiple times by these people but refused to stoop that low for money, personally. I’m not promoting anything I don’t actually know about. Even though I’m not an influencer, integrity is important to me

    82. 3kbote

      Lol I worked for a startup that was trying to get into dropshipping and we didn't do that well because these dropshippers have ridiculous turnaround times and we were trying to go for quality, which made us take longer.

    83. corvnair

      I just got a dropshipping ad before this video lol Like " if you use dropshipping on Facebook, you shouldn't skip this ad -"

    84. Kristin Myers

      If I see one more hustle culture e commerce shopify college hater grind hustle 24/7 ad I will absolutely snap and become the lazy couch potato netflix binging lowlife that they seem to fear so much

    85. String Cheese

      OH MY LORD, SARAH'S DISCOVERY. I keep seeing it being advertised to me, and I report it every account of it I see. I just. How many different accounts with the name 'Sarah' can you come up with? Also, I am pretty sure that the before/after photos they use are of different people, and all of which are stolen. Just. Scummy all around.

    86. Latonya Vires

      i had to unfollow all meme accounts on insta. it turned into constant softcore porn ads. often degrading to women and always annoying

    87. Mae Beline

      This sounds kinda bad but I've seen multiple girls with the tweet saying "MY RAPIST DIED LETS GOOOO" or some variation of that and tbh it's starting to look kinda sketch.

    88. Casper

      I'm going to peel the can openers from my mom's beer cans

    89. Schreckschraube

      I honestly didn't even know there where ads on Twitter because I use and adblocker on most sites. It's easy to forget how shitty some aspects of the internet can be this way.

    90. silver lining

      2 video ideas: - Rae Dunn and everything that goes with it - The Bold Type (show on Netflix) and how it avoids the usual tropes/stereotypes. Also, I think you'd really like it

    91. Ziair Clark

      This was my thesis lol! I don’t like when they don’t follow the FTC guidelines

    92. S M

      This is on par with those insta brands whose whole business model seems to be reaching out to people to be "brand ambassadors". If all your customers are ambassadors, they're not really ambassadors, they're just customers! It takes advantage of peoples' desire for fame, success and recognition - to be like influencers

    93. ZomBiE_TraSh

      I work at Spencers and we definitely don't sell any of that crap.

    94. havannah

      2:21 i loved how that person replied with a nagatoro panel, absolutely iconic

    95. sealz sealz

      ok, high key the seal pillows (from osaka aquarium) are A M A Z I N G... and no I am not paid to write this, I just love them

    96. Angel M

      She reminds me of my english prof with PHD WE TOTALLY NEED THIS IN THE WORLD

    97. Britt

      I’ve ALWAYS wondered about those stupid ads. I instantly clicked this

    98. kintsumori

      I appreciate the shamelessness, unauthenticity and lack of self-awareness of cringe worthy social media ads because, in all honesty, they do provide comic relief to my meaningless existence... trying to survive in a digital world devasted by the Third World Twitter War.

    99. charlie joubert

      Could you do a video about NFT ?

    100. Emily B.

      It'd be cool if content creators could all contribute to a sort of database, maybe anonymously, that tracks things like payment for ad deals, so that other content creators could look at it and see what other people are getting. It's hard enough figuring out what you should expect for a wage in a "regular" job, but it's got to be even more complicated for content creators.