FALCON and WINTER SOLDIER: What's the Point? | EVERYTHING Explained + Deeper Meaning BREAKDOWN


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    Falcon and the Winter Soldier introduced many complex themes on race, wealth inequality, capitalism, and empathy. You know...fun superhero stuff. But when you take a step back and look at the big picture, you can see how all of these varying themes tie together into a deeper meaning.

    The show is an examination of where our world meets the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How the legacy of Captain America echoes not just in the MCU, but in our own lives.

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    Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ( ryanarey )
    Edited by Daisy Perez-Cohen and Harriet Lengel-Enright

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    1. Chavanun Siphomsay

      What's the point? So Marvel can make cash bro

    2. Jacob

      This was hard to watch

    3. Amber Shoba

      off topic but whenever I see the scene in Endgame with Steve & Tony and him saying he lost the kid, I'm always like ''his breathe must've been harsh with all those days in space''

    4. Rashad Lewis

      6:20 tho

    5. LocoHuero A.G.

      Thank you for voicing the under text of this show better than most can even begin to understand in a way that becomes painstakingly clear.

    6. JLo™

      but.....Captain America's shield was destroyed by Thanos....

    7. garf


    8. Mark Ahlquist

      Great analysis!

    9. AlmosT AlmosT

      Honestly Thanos was right , there is too many people on the planet , I get it sucks for family to disappear but in the long run He’s right . The avengers just brought back everyone to suffer once again now or later , my opinion but don’t feel wrong nomather how crappy it sounds .

    10. Melanie Darmawan

      "... and Madani being Indonesian for civilians." Me, an Indonesian: is it???? No but seriously though?

    11. Ken M.

      But it’s not Donya it’s D-O-N-A with a little accent mark over the N, it’s the female version of DON so in Spanish it means lord or lady as in this case. The actress is Mexican and the scenes that were supposed to be shot in Puerto Rico were scrapped, it’s not a first name it’s a term of respect.

    12. Rojas MD

      I love his insights and analysis, gives the deeper meaning to a show thought to be just about superheroes and kudos to the writers.

    13. Saidah Edwards

      Oooo okay so do u think that each of the shows that marvel is putting out is somewhat still exploring the stones okay here me out not a finished idea but think about it,wandavision -mind stone ;she was having a whole battle inside of herself and vision and her powers were impacted from the stone. Falcon and the winter soldier- power,: he basically explained it in this video, Loki- time ; 👁👄👁literally all about impacting the timeline and time war and all things to do with time and space, and that’s all I got just a little idea I thought of

    14. Kc Lehmann

      One nations terrorist is another nations freedom fighters

    15. Jan Grossman

      I got very emotional while watching this. I LITERALLY cried! I think I'm going to start menstruating. Nope! That was 2 wks so, this video just got to me emotionally. FINAL ANSWER

    16. KC Johnson

      I just found your channel. This is just awesome, thank you.

    17. Me KroBar

      Only watched a few episodes, but the white hate is strong with this one. The bad people seemed to all be white and the good guy black. All the racism talk, the good guy is a black guy named "uncle sam", lol. Etc, etc. Whereas as some people literally needs this nonsense in their lives I just want to watch a show. I don't need to be preached upon that white people are evil all the time.

    18. Weirdo Bishop

      I feel like the mcu is slowly making sam and bucky gay for eachother

    19. Golden Paydirt Reviews

      Terrible show😞 they had to inject to a superhero storyline! It’s Supposed to be make-believe! It’s supposed to be fantasy, the wish! This generation is beyond fucked! You make it like two financial crash is 911 and a coronavirus can partake in World War II and World War I the Spanish flu society get over this things! Growing is human, Superheroes is fantasy non-reality! You don’t need to force children to watch a superhero movie about fantasy and not reality and jam your views into it! There was no reason to interject racism there was no reason to interject feminism you should’ve just shared a story and a superheroes win! It’s I’m not a placate to the leftist liberalism! Sad future our world has to be in! Every superhero will soon be a women and black man! They’ll soon erase all white people from the story line! See that’s the reason, I love Star Wars! They have everyone in their mixed with aliens, strange beings, not forced views!

    20. HellJumper

      "Activism and healthy change" Lol the political bias in this video is disgusting. Nobody should take this seriously.

    21. Alex Bain

      So….screw this show then. Got it. Virtue signaling 101

    22. yungpm7

      show was ass

    23. Vjcj Dj

      Wasn't Wakanda supposed to pioneer world rehabilitation? In falcon season 1 they were only concerned about zemo

    24. Kim Garcia

      tired of the politics..shows are to get away from that crap!!

    25. Rock Kraken

      yea we know "white man bad, black man good". I am so tired of these racially charged plots. We can't have racial peace until we stop using race as a means to show where we stand. If we aren't all just people then racism is still going strong.

    26. PlexTV

      Awesome video…. I really liked this series even though it was short. They really hit serious issues in this world.

    27. Xavier Smith

      From 6:00 - 7:59 you was fucking spitting. My goodness. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    28. Brenda Rodriguez

      How is it possible that such as short tv show and NLname has more meaning that a documentary? America needs to watch this show. I can’t express how much I loved it. I understand the world and myself better and want to help too.

    29. Kariné Poghosyan

      This video made me emotional allll over again!! Beautiful analysis of a truly beautiful and profoundly meaningful series!!! So grateful to and inspired by the entire team and especially Anthony Mackie for delivering such a healing message- I pray and hope that beautiful speech he makes at at end helped melt some of those cold hearted people “that are staring and judging” ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    30. hasnol hassan

      This explaination was so mind blowing. Thank you

    31. DJ Vendetta

      The best breakdown video I’ve ever watched ..bravo

    32. Country Boy rebel

      These things just race bait really

    33. Country Boy rebel

      Agent orange would spread to all soldiers not just black people get that straight because I had a great uncle that was the effected from it

    34. Country Boy rebel

      Yeah but the show was stupid too

    35. meatly1108

      Ok but let’s just look at the story in general and how it was executed, very poorly, even the racial stuff they “tackle” was very poorly done, forced even, and made me hate every minute they talked about it.

    36. Fully Nelson

      As an “African American” man, I appreciate your research and delivery regarding the African American struggle in this country. Subbed and noti bell tapped

    37. Taylor Falk

      Eminem was the falcons arch nemesis.. remember the line. “I’m still standing here screaming fuck the free world”

    38. MisoSoup

      I truly enjoyed watching this. Great job!! 👏🏽

    39. Broken Pictures

      Wow, well done. Great work, once again!

    40. Jerrell Conner

      Great channel always love the videos. And though I can see Walker as a white supremacist symbol for the show, but I don’t see any of walkers actions motivated by ethnicity. And I sip not to you this; Does anyone consider Sam becoming Cap as a step backwards? Falcon was a great character in his own right. And one of the FIRST ORIGINAL BLACK CHARACTERS in the comic. But he is stripped of his name/title/history to be called cap. Anyone consider that???

    41. Jerrell Conner

      I’m not familiar with at that 🤚 👁 symbol in Christianity? 🤔

    42. Mike O'Brien

      What's the point? Disney still trying to cash in on Marvel characters.

    43. E. joe joseph Griego

      Living stone

    44. E. joe joseph Griego


    45. E. joe joseph Griego

      Vocabulary litituer word live ViDA

    46. Anthony Branch

      I didn't feel that FATWS was entirely without mis-steps (Walker's "You don't think Lamar's life mattered" was a little too spot-on for me). But GENERALLY SPEAKING, I thought the show did an excellent job of balancing the all-out action we signed up for, with social commentary it would have been disingenuous to have completely ignored. Thank you for this lucid and eloquent discussion about the themes and ideas underpinning the show.

    47. Spam _

      All that symbolism is empty when the plot is disjointed and the messages you’re attempting to preach just straight up never land

    48. Yung Lova

      The greatest breakdown I’ve ever viewed and I love how positive all the comments are 💪 this is amazing we need more of this

    49. E. joe joseph Griego

      Word"symbols) metamorphosis for may 2021

    50. Brian Anderson

      I had no idea how much captain America not him that character specifically but the writers of the show or so anti-American. They will never get a red white and blue sent of mine at the box office ever again. God bless America, God bless our freedom to say things like this

      1. CoconutJews

        What was anti-American about this? What is anti-American about being anti-systemic racism? You can’t change history and the facts, and you can’t keep praising a country as the “best country in the world” without acknowledging the sins and the fact that the entire country was built off of Indigenous erasure and the enslavement of black people. IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS

    51. Brian Anderson

      I cannot believe that there is anyone in this day and age that is fucking stupid enough to believe that soldiers are any more than fodder

    52. Brian Anderson

      Wow I am so surprised that they showed white males as the bad guy🤔 This is the most retarded video I have ever seen

    53. bunny123

      omg...i just finished ...it took me weeks to watch because i only did like 15 min a pop. but im like ...hmmm. ps...cutest dog ever !!!!!

    54. Ikke Wang

      I really enjoyed this episode as always but my gratefulness has been elevated by your words. Well done 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Marvel needs to spoil you Ryan and Dough.

    55. Michael Campbell

      Great video man. You nailed it.

    56. Techy Nerdy Gypsy

      You guys have done a great job on your breakdowns of all these shows... Kudos to Screencrush and Ryan (the doggie as well)!!!

    57. em alberto

      This kind of breakdown solidifies Marvel Studios's campaign to put TFATWS up for an Emmy for Best Drama. This kind of review validates that the show is not just a superhero series but so much more.

    58. TheFireNextTime

      Excellent assessment.

    59. Zama359

      I like many of your other videos but your analysis here is just a bunch of woke nonsenese without factual basis. For instance, saying there is a nazi presence in the US in plain sight is a fallacy. No matter what side of the political spectrum one comes from in the US, 99.9% of Americans would reject any nazi philosophy. It is just a lazy attempt to use a universally recognized group of "badguys" to reinforce the narrative of racism in America. People are people no matter their color, and when people stop pushing false divisive narratives, maybe we'll actually be able to come together as a unified people that show goodwill towards each other. Please try to be better in the future and be a part of the soluition, not the problem.

      1. ScreenCrush

        First of all, I made a video about what the show is about, not my personal opinions. Second, identifying that racism exists doesn’t prevent people from coming together, it’s the first step toward actual empathy, which is the enemy of racism.

    60. Maniac Miklo

      The liberal left are the modern nazis

    61. Michael Muffoletto

      Amazing, as always. But that’s Echo! Not Fives!

    62. Don Logan

      This made me tear up 😢✊🏾

    63. Chris Grey

      Me I don't plan on watching Falcon and the Winter Soldier because the shows does not seem that interesting to me at all.

    64. Joe Leasure

      Dude, that was a wildly biased interpretation. You're basically outlining the wrongheaded motivation of the enemies in the show. They weren't innocent poor people. They were terrorist squatters who took over other people's property during the snap. Those people weren't necessarily rich and it's the politicians responsibilty to restore their homes. Sam's speech at the end was mostly ignorant gibberish because he completely ignored this fact. The whole premise of the overwrought racism angle in the show was completely ridiculous too. Isiah claiming they'd never have a black captain America after we had a black president for 2 terms is just historically outdated. You actually highlight this with your various examples or racism all of which happened generations ago. There's also not evidence of Walker being a supremisist. Just the opposite when as evidence by his reaction to Battlestar's death. Try to be more objective in your reviews.

    65. facts matter

      Great show

    66. N K

      Clap, Clap, great job, SC I was surprised that you didn't try to push the BLM narrative in this show.

    67. Erika Gholston

      You get it! You are invited to the cookout.

    68. Neil

      Ryan, I just read an article on the internet (I know not to totally trust it's authenticity), but it claims that the name Uncle Sam is derived from Samuel Wilson, a meat packer who supplied rations for soldiers during the War of 1812. Army troops would jokingly say that their food came from Uncle Sam and that they were “Uncle Sam’s soldiers”. So after the war, people started associating Uncle Sam with anything related to the United States. Why has no one I follow, like yourself, ever made the Sam Wilson and Uncle Sam connection? I know his nephews call him Uncle Sam in a scene, and we all hear the on the nose reference. But I don't know of anyone making the original Sam Wilson/Uncle Sam connection. Is it true or just some internet hooey?

    69. Paul Hodgson

      Top work.

    70. Prismagus

      100% on this one. Consistently some of the best breakdowns and content on youtube. Keep up the great work!

    71. Sadaboutspace Imhereanyway

      I watched this In the hopes that it would make me interested. I gotta say, I still hate capt America, winter soldier, falcon and hawkeye. I find them all to Be so Incredibly fucking boring.

    72. Tony Anderson

      If we all raised our kids to look at someone"s integrity instead of race, color or Creed. we would no longer have racism. And a plus-people would be forced to be better as well.

    73. Chef_Floridaboi

      I hope we get Isaiah Bradley scenes in captain America movie or the whole movie

    74. matthew utley

      Good video but I could have done without the liberal point of view agenda, fuck man, every god damn thing isn't WHITE MAN BAD, WHITE SUPREMECY BULLSHIT, RACISM SHIT!!!!!!!Enough already, this is the VICTIM MENTALITY the left loves to embrace! LeBron James twists his ankle on the basketball court and it's because of white SUPREMECY bullshit is FUCKING GETTING OLD AS FUCK ALREADY!!!

    75. shivee87

      This is an amazing breakdown. Thank you for this

    76. Bretton P

      I’ve seen like every marvel video you guys have put out. And this is the best one. This is such a fantastic, thoroughly thought-out video. Thank you for being the type of people you guys are

    77. kazuma Jay

      Thank you Ryan and the team of Screen Crush

    78. John Price

      This video shows why this show was great. Your best work you all have ever done!

    79. Ryan Rose

      “Walker never questions if he should take the serum” yet you literally play the scene where he asks Lamar if he should take the serum

      1. Michaela James

        He had already made up his mind before talking to Lamar

    80. Miguel Angelo Abreu Sousa

      Great! I always watch your videos and I never comment, but that one deserves it: excellent!

    81. Pouya Neav

      yesss... now this video gives me real hope!

    82. zep909

      Good vid. Commenting so maybe more people find this. Wisecrack has a good one too for anyone interested.

    83. bball90

      Wow just WOW. Thank you so much for you and your staff and everything you broke down. Just amazing.

    84. Johnathan Sawyer

      Can't wait to see how and where Deadpool fits in!

    85. NOLA NERD

      Who is Sam to even ask the question or having the thought he could or would have the right to destroy the shield? Its not his to destroy. It doesnt belong to him.

    86. NOLA NERD

      Malcolm spellman would love Brian as his friend. What a pair.

    87. NOLA NERD

      Americans are always good and right. We lead innovation and the free world or whats left of it.

    88. erik sinica

      Well played my friend.

    89. Tayab Azat

      word Donia Madani Both Are Parsian Not Arabic Or...

    90. Brett Myers

      Absolutely amazing analysis. Loved this vid!

    91. David Windsor

      Great video. Very thoughtful and lays out the multidimensional complex issues that plague our world. Solving economic disparities will help eradicate terrorism. That's what many people at the top or privileged don't understand. Giving up some power will actually make the world safer.

    92. ElJefe Patron

      💯💯💯💯💯💯 as a Black man in America let me say spot on🎯

    93. Demontor 27

      Great job on this video. Loved it in entirety. Subscribed.

    94. Drone Dad

      watching this is like reading the abstract to a university paper on sociology.. really good video

    95. Celon Delon

      I cannot thank you enough for this video and I wish it were shown in schools to teach critical thinking this is one of the best video essays ever produced. Thank you.

    96. Derek Olga

      In a way you tackled personal responsibility in a way that transcend normal views and values... Sam didn't just view Captain America as a race but an ideal, like he should have and I respect that... America, the melting pot, be the best, no matter race, gender, religion... just be the best American you can be... that's the America I grew up in, this America now is stupid with division and I truly hate what Americans are now taught... be you, be the best you, and if you're having trouble look to a person who came from a immigrant family. Then you'll know what true hardship is, because those people are the most truly patriotic people who know how hard it really is outside this country...

    97. PCSA

      you don't hate the grc, you hate capitalism

    98. Nephi Ginnett

      Sadly the terrorists in the BLM group and those pushing racial injustice are trying to erase our history and looking to punish people that had nothing to do with the past instead of facing the mistakes of the past and working to make the future better. Your video is pushing so many falsehoods.

    99. T.K.

      Y’all are gonna lose followers for this and Ryan is going to get death threats...but fuck em. I’m really glad he went in on this. Job well done.

    100. Adrian Wehunt

      Alright. I want to be as delicate as possible by asking this, but, would someone mind explaining to me how John Walker is meant to be a Supremacist? I’m not really seeing it. Supremacy, to me, is when someone devoted themselves to ideals that are rooted in pettiness, malice and sometimes greed, and then attempts to act on those ideals, oftentimes in aggressive ways. To me, John Walker is more an example of how a man with insecurities and a bruised ego can let authority and power go to his head. Having said that, I do see the police parallels, but how and when does he imply racial superiority over anyone? He is basically equal-level with Lemar, his one true confidant in life. If anything, he has an entitlement issue while conducting his missions, but, again, that’s from his deeply flawed, inferiority complex and bravado. I know lots of guys like him, and none of them are supremacists; they are just assholes who don’t listen. Also I’m fairly certain that no one really knows that Sam was handed the mantle by Steve; only he and Bucky know that. So pointing out that John never considers Sam as an adequate successor to the title of Captain America is an empty point. Sam gave up the shield in good faith, they handed it to a new dude out of hubris and that man became Captain America. As far as John is concerned, he became Cap the same way Steve did, so why should he question it? He’s a soldier, with a new title and job rank, and he simply wants to prove that he can live up to the legend. Granted, him having something to prove is ultimately what causes him to be so insecure and entitled, and thus, lashing out in anger and violence, going off the rails, taking the serum out of hubris, and then that clouding his decisions, causing him to get so emotionally charged that he murders a man in cold blood...but, again, these are human flaws, not inspired by unwavering conviction to malicious ideals. Does this make sense? What am I missing?