Film Theory: How WandaVision Will End And Why It Matters (Marvel)

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    I am thoroughly impressed with Disney's first Marvel Disney show, WandaVision. The old time sitcom comedy mixed with the almost Twilight Zone feel of the mystery is just what I needed to reinvigorate the Marvel Theory side of my brain. Today Loyal Theorists, I am going to PREDICT the end of WandaVision based on all of the cluse so far - plus how I think it will shape the rest of the MCU moving forward. You won't want to miss this!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick, Bob Chipman, and Zach Stewart
    Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Forrest Lee, and Pedro Freitas
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. CreeperCraft

      Hey the twins can change age they have powers not under wandas control

    2. TheAHAGamer

      This is one of the VERY FEW theories that are actually proven correct, Good job MatPat.

    3. AwesomeGuy842 Animations

      this was correct!

    4. Blake Nisbet

      I hate Wanda vision

    5. Maria Isabel Cabán

      You dumb wait for the end and there is no 3rd witch

    6. Alrich Rey Eborde

      "Who's been messing up everything Its been disney all along💃🕺🎶

    7. Alrich Rey Eborde

      "Who's been messing up everything Its been china all along"🇨🇳🎶

    8. Random-kun

      HOLY CATS HE PREDICTED EPISODE 7! Maybe the other parts might happen too!

    9. Louis Duarte

      Watched the last episode last night, and MatPat is MOSTLY right. Except for S.W.O.R.D. orchestrating everything, they were just observing then (heavy-handedly) responding. Wanda was just there to see Vision's body. And I think the hexagonal layout of Director Hayward's degrees on his office wall was a misdirect; he's just a stickler for neatness and procedure.

    10. Marlon

      You keep using Mickey Mouse as the evil cartoon mascot for Disney but turns out it was Winnie the Pooh all along

    11. DerpyTacos Of Taco Squad

      Agnes: iz evil Me: iz shocked

    12. SoBlub

      It's been Agatha All Along

    13. Alberto T

      Do a video seeing which version of Quicksilver is faster. MCU or Xmen

    14. Evarose MacLeod


    15. DIO

      it was agatha all along

    16. Bexie Mounne

      Mec tu es trop fort

    17. OracleoftheBOP

      Haha yes! Someone else noticed the soap commercial's connection to Agents of Shield!

    18. MCU Mango

      I came back to rewatch these series to see how accurate this is and ummmm he got it all correct

    19. DJ The Great

      Here is a little theory... Wanda Vision Has A Simalar plot to frozen.... I just noticed that

    20. Everett Robins Gaming & Vlogs

      help dad

    21. Wyatt Frederick

      I like how I am watching this even though I already seen it all the episodes.

    22. Memer Teamer

      Dang this guy is good

    23. Adam Monk


    24. Paige Singleton

      My word Matpat why are you always SO SPOT ON! It's incredible!

    25. Marta Pasoń

      i don't know why but wanda kinda sounds like sssniperwolf

    26. TheAllSeeingEye

      well matpat got most of this right again

    27. Barquilla Yuki


    28. steve

      waiting for polaris to be integrated into this universe :))

    29. Zhi End

      I dont usually watch any marvel movies or series but after watching this with my aunts i just fell in love to wanda shes so awesome i love her so much

    30. Asia Qúe

      The facts that he got the whole thing right baffles me

    31. Maiky D


    32. abhimanyu nr

      FILM THEORY IDEA:pls do a THEORY on fanfictasia by artspear entertainment

    33. JMsonic05

      He’s right

    34. Intrinsety

      The predictions in this video actually aged quite well

    35. Someone Someone

      Oh no! I would of never guessed!

    36. alex swin 2.


    37. Little Bear

      me: watches this AFTER all episodes have been released so i know exactly what happens matpat: the name agnes is close to agatha, blah blah blah. me: WOAHHHHHHH YOU PREDICTED THE FUTUREEE

    38. Iron America


    39. Sir Ramen


    40. sfonx

      he was spot on

    41. Renny

      Why are western companies trying to please a country that's locking up minorities and brainwashing them into thinking more like the average han Chinese who are already brainwashed.

    42. Oliver Smalley

      I realize that yeah Agatha is the final villain, but I think the main focus of the show is more toward Wanda and Vision's death, making Wanda her own villain. Think about it: the first stage of grief is denial, and Wanda goes and creates an entire alternate universe where Vis isn't dead. This is how a being with the ability to alter reality experiences grief. Next comes anger, and... yikes.

    43. JaeJae Noodles

      Well, this aged pretty well

    44. windex pexs

      Thats why hexagons are the bestagons

    45. Curtis Clay

      Great another Steven universe future

    46. Eesha Agarwal

      Hey MatPat, did you secretly write the series?

    47. jach otep


    48. Abdullah Omar

      Agatha all along ya that’s what happened

    49. Mustafa Ahmed

      Watching after finishing wonda vision, woooow he was sooo close !

    50. Noe Fierros


    51. Blazethedwarf

      Just had an add for soap right after the guy was telling hiw thry brain wash you...

    52. Aloha Snackbar

      So tired of all these movies and series based on fake super-heroes. No wonder the kids of today are completely out of touch with reality.

    53. Aaron Crozzen

      Hey Theorists... Quick Question. When Agatha lures Wanda into the basement, where the runes prevent the magic of any witch aside from the creator, how does Wanda's magic continue to work outside of where she's at? is it because it was created before she entered, or what?

    54. [GD] Obsidian

      Jeez Matpat, you really got this wrong. Just remember that it was AGATHA ALL ALONG

    55. Austin Crumbley


    56. Austin Crumbley


    57. Ayonna Allen

      I love how I got a soap commercial in the middle of this

    58. TeKWhEeLChAiR OP

      i am thinking galactus will be the next big bad thoughts?

    59. Mr. Volinski

      The trick's on you Matpat, it was Agatha all along!

    60. ghost Man

      This is so impressive

    61. Saint Arj

      I'm gonna need an update now that it's over

    62. ruma begum

      china is so confusing istg i don’t get why people like that country

    63. Rat Boy

      After watching the entirety of WandaVision after it came out, it’s scary how accurate this is

    64. 0.

      Me after finishing WandaVision: yea smashed it mate

    65. Abigail Mounce


    66. Jasper Reyes

      The thing is it doesn't based on the ending that we saw I think everyone here knows when talking about when I say we were boned

    67. Buttery Toaast

      hexagon are the bestagons

    68. partytuanight

      Not mattpat being 100% right

    69. Neeraj Kumar

      That thumbnail is terrifying

    70. FunZone with Jeremy

      Video idea: lore of willys wonderland

    71. Tanya Von Degurechoff

      Because hexagon is the bestagon

    72. Not Very Proud

      He got this so right that is scary

    73. jason harmon

      The alluring canada bizarrely reach because doubt coincidingly concern unlike a few fierce timer. snobbish, mixed aries

    74. Sharkie


    75. Ethan Charlot

      It kind of makes me mad how he got pretty much everything right.

    76. Jordan South

      This is honestly MapPats most accurate prediction to date

    77. Best Friends

      do you know how all you peasants had suspense? Me and my family watched all 9 episodes in one night after it was all released

    78. GlitchTrap The child murderer

      Get rid of S.W.O.R.D and bring back S.H.E.I.L.D

    79. Jumbo_Joe MC

      this would of been a better ending

    80. David Duong

      The jazzy castanet incidentally stretch because dill internally owe before a selfish porter. giddy, lacking mexican

    81. MaggieFox45

      Why do people keep hating on my explosive arrow boi? I luv Hawkeye…

    82. Pasticios Awesome

      I AM FROM THE FUTURE! WandaVision is over! Falcon and the Winter Soldier is in it's 2nd episode! Mephisto is not real! yet. Agatha Harkness was revealed! Although she is independent and is not working for Mephisto, maybe. I don't personally think that Wanda is a bad guy, but it is a possibility because of her multiple traumas that we see and her multiple emotional breakdowns.

    83. Shadow Waffle332

      I was so scared you would get something right I waited to finish wanda vision and what do ya know. Look who got more than 90% of this correct

    84. kittensRcool

      And to think you where so close.... Atleast he got that Agnes was Agatha..... He just kinda messed up the bad guys and good guys.

    85. Lapispider :p

      Woah Matt was scarily mostly accurate tho.

    86. Calix Sampas


    87. CodytheNerd

      He may have gotten 7 right but he was pretty off for episode 8 and 9

    88. Quantum

      Am I the only one who laughed at "She's basically creating a reality where cars are on top of you"?

    89. arghir daniel

      It is scary how accurate this is

    90. Waaliyah Coolcoolwoman

      Nobody: Me: playing with the like button because it’s 190k and when I press it, it turns to 191k

    91. Aliyah Sky StopMotions

      This is so crazy how he totally guessed what happened

    92. Clayasorus Rex


    93. Bugs Bunny

      MatPat I love you but that's a gross oversimplification of house of m, you should at least linked to a more in depth analysis of the story that's 30 minutes only on that and still an oversimplification, I'm sorry you just didn't do the story justice.

    94. Shifty

      Ok so, wanda can change reality, and her powers are red, guess what else is red? The red infinity stone which can also change reality, basically she's a living breathing infinity stone.

    95. Oof GamingPlayz

      9:19 I think marvel heard that, Wanda did smack a car at the final episode

    96. Kit kat Gaming

      You think a week is bad? DB fans have to wait a month for a single chapter

    97. Cashagon

      "Multiverse of Madness" isn't the cheesiest title in Marvel's new line up. No, that honor goes to "Love and Thunder".

    98. Jlin0012

      Whao.... MatPat is getting good... his prediction is coming true.... can you read my hand please... i need to know my love life

    99. Friendzone virus

      But the thing is.... why wont Disney just cut out EVERY scene about Mephisto in China and make a Chinese remake. And uhh i just thought of a theory that Wanda is the Reality Stone, i mean she can warp reality, is red and the reality stone is said to take many many forms. So Wanda is a sentient form of the stone.

      1. Lloyd_lyle

        That reality stone thing actually makes a lot of sense when you put it like that...

    100. Sarvesh Gawande