First Person View PC BUILD Guide! (POV)

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    Linus is taking the reins away from our film team and giving you his own view of building a gaming PC. This is a first person build guide featuring Intel's 9700K CPU will take you step by step through the entire build from scratch.
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    1. indian pro


    2. BlankPage

      I followed this step by step and my pc won't turn on 😔 idk what to do. I've triple checked every wire and every part to this thing and it won't turn on. 🥺😞

    3. ghoul

      Can you use any case for any parts like lets say you have a gtx 1650 super can you put thqt in any case.

    4. georwilk

      02:02 Great! Guys, this is the easiest way to activate the system: 𝗯𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗸𝗲𝘆𝘀.𝗼𝗿𝗴 I got my Windows activated. It now shows as a genuine copy. No more not activated window! Shit, it's the best deal i had in while. Highly recommended, licensed os is cool. Getting a key is cheap and safe

    5. georwilk

      People, this is the easiest way: I got my Office from there and it's working perfectly. Way better than using some unknown files from this video. Licensed software is safe and easy to install.

    6. InfernalPenguin

      0:20 bruh he actually looks like that now

    7. יהודה רומנו

      welcome to a totally normal pc build *HERE AT LINUS TECH TIPS*

    8. Sz Splixys

      dude my pc wont turn on i need help pleaseeeee

    9. Munching Izun

      I asked on discord to give me recommendations on what pc should I buy ( I've never own a computer b4) and this dude just literally share me this link and be like- built it ur own self mate. is this a rightful video for someone who doesn't even have a basic knowledge about computers?

    10. cowboymaxwell

      i got lost at around 28 minutes in

    11. Luner Hallowz

      Where to get all the cords

    12. Blue K

      The beginning: *Hey you, you’re finally awake*

    13. Baby Speece

      Good thing I’ve been building expert level lego sets since I was 4

    14. Aaron Machado

      He said " Do Do" Lol

    15. Porter Oliver

      I’d like to order all of the parts for my pc but I can’t find a graphics card 😐

      1. Luner Hallowz

        Where to get all those cords

    16. Jason Furious

      If I built a computer exactly like this one, how much would everything cost all together?

    17. Tommy Graphics

      *Chapters* 1. Ground yourself - 0:58 2. CPU - 2:18 3. RAM - 3:35 4. M.2 drive - 4:15 5. CPU cooler - 6:19 6. Get the case out - 12:06 7. Cable planning & Case fans - 13:06 8. Motherboard install - 17:00 9. Motherboard wiring - 19:54 10. HDD - 22:44 11. PSU (power supply) - 23:58 12. Wiring power - 25:41 13. Cable tie-down - 29:52 14. Graphics card - 31:42 15. Reassembly - 34:27 16. First boot & BIOS - 35:39 17. Driver install - 37:03 18. Benchmarking - 37:55

    18. Coffee Bean Daddy

      POV: Your PC parts are coming in from the mail and you're awake at 5 am too excited to sleep

    19. Nektarios Kromm


    20. Ieuan Howell

      This would be trippy as hell in vr

    21. Nathan Yu

      36:22 Oh my God I have never seen anyone do that or have those like are all them filled with ram

    22. Nathan Yu

      What happens if you don’t use the static thing when handling it or the parts

    23. Gerald Aw

      lol bro.........

    24. Nathan Yu

      Ooo so those screws for the fans are the ones that drill their self a hole

    25. Nathan Yu

      Damn that’s a good graphics card to and also looks clean

    26. Nathan Yu

      I’m going to build a PC myself but right now I’m just using a refurbished computer and modify it and getting some like you know like a little bit getting some RGB going like mouse, keyboard, ram, graphics card, and etc but I will be ending up building an actual computer my self and yes I just take off the cover because the refurbished computer it’s doesn’t have a see-through or glass panel I just takeoff the metal cover so I see the lighting and better cooling But this video will help a lot when I’m building my PC thank you

    27. googlewolly

      Pretty sure that you put those mounting bars on wrong. They go horizontally.

    28. Magic L

      now you kind of do look like a merged version of you and your cameraman

    29. Leonard

      Linus could you make a video about witch parts are compatible with others

    30. Panda Gin

      "People enjoy all kinds of content on the internet from a POV perspective" - The man didn't even mention what kind of content, that's a real hero right there. We all know who we are, and what sort of POV contents we watch.

    31. Tebla

      Gret video! helped a lot doing my first build :) thanks! Random thought: I wonder what the total ram capacity (installed and in storage) of the LTT HQ is?!

    32. JC Ruhrskov

      Hrmm ...wouldn't you use 2 cables for the graphics card instead of 1 with a pig-tail on it? Or perhaps that depends if you're OC'ing your system? And ... plug in the SATA connectors 'til the very end, since the SATA drive's plastic-notches are fragile. At least I would do that. Also ... we can't see the proper installation when filming the interior of your case. Power sw, reset etc. pin connectors were all visually hard to see properly :) (yes, mu brightness were as high as possible) ;) Would've been nice to see up close how to install those pin connectors the right way. Keep it up though ... thumbs up :)

    33. Samridh Kumar

      Imagine recording building a pc video POV and after you built whole the computer, u realise u focused camera on ur legs🤣🤣🤣

    34. Nathaniel Bradberry

      hi hi yuck poo ok


      i like how he explains everything

    36. Scribble

      Do an updated 1 for the z490 mate

    37. Imthiyas Abu

      For all of this how much did it cost

    38. Zephyrus

      How much is this in £ if you can?

    39. Agitated Asparagus

      instructions unclear i’m in prison for arson now

    40. Kurama Games

      What kind of Wifi card does the Motherboard need? Anyone know? Im looking to use what's in the video as a starter but I want it to use the Wifi card.

      1. Jose Javier Flores

        You can use a USB Wi-Fi adapter or an internal PCi-E adapter. Either will work fine.

    41. Nicholas kelly

      3:00 I knew this was Linus sex tips, btw hot vid.

    42. edogawaconan wada build pc

    43. Romello Brown

      Whoever mixes your audio should use a deEsser. Cuz your “s” noises are crazy in this vid 🤣

    44. Catseman

      video was 40 minutes but took me many hours, mostly just spent checking and rechecking things that were right all along. thanks! cant beleive ive built so many pcs and still end up watching a video every time in combo with the manuals

    45. lads_on_tor

      smooshy smooshy

    46. Nightfall202

      Imagine if the whole thing was a voice over!

    47. Mehran Khan

      He's talking differently in this

    48. Kixhys

      This is exactly what I needed I couldn’t understand any other videos because they always make cuts and I don’t know what there doing thanks a lot

    49. Chiel Van Steenbergen

      i just put this sound in the background while doing something else :D

    50. RadioAktivNightcore

      thx this helped alot i build a more budget pc with amd

    51. ImJustR2D2

      great video

    52. R35PECT

      Imma be honest, I had to watch this whole video just to look for and how to install a Sata power cable. This is the only video out there that shows you specifically where it goes and what you need.

    53. CBFL YT

      I wish I can have myself a custom desktop

    54. ATLAS AU

      Can somebody please tell me how much this would cost?

    55. Lol

      What is the whole power supply thing about? (as in the strap)

    56. [GAMEKILLER]

      Just watching this so i dont freak out when i eventually get the parts that i want to make a gaming pc.

    57. Kyle Tressler

      I'm a child for this but... Linus says doodoo at 6:12

    58. Smile Komics

      Fried $1500 down the drain fml. Thanks for your tips tho. Should not have started with a serious rig. I just wanted to pc vr game. Fuck crypto miners and scalpers.

    59. Anton A

      ok ' .

    60. Anton A


    61. Anton A


    62. Sandra L

      Just built a beast of a pc! Runs pretty smoothly, stats are NZXT H500 MSI MEG X570 Godlike AMD Ryzen 9 5950x (16 core) AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT (2 of them) M.2 2TB SSD (3 ssd's) 64gb RAM 3600 MHz (4, 16gb sticks) 1200w power supply GamerStorm Fryzen and 3 corsair 120 rgb fans. If only this was IRL because this is in PCBS...

    63. phontez taylor

      def awesome man thanks for the good video and keep it up. That was so talented and helpful

    64. Jacob Price

      How many ram sticks do you have?!

    65. Senqoul

      "We recommend videos like the one you just watched" *Xqc video* *autoplays to this*

    66. Gaddesh Pro

      Hahahaha that camera📷 operater and Linus face merge was funny

    67. Rochiiee

      Dang, can't believe I watched the whole 40 mins of this pc building video

    68. Heiro

      When I touch the alligator clip when it is connect to the power supply I feel a shock. Can someone tell me if it's normal?

    69. Hank Frederick

      How much did this whole build cost

    70. RedKeeper33

      Instead of doing the power supply anti static thing can’t I just wear gloves

    71. G Pedroza

      Dudes voice sounds like Michael Scott

    72. Nicarz

      Le sabe al POV

    73. MinecraftGamer2K

      He should have built it in a white case

    74. AlanQSmithee

      POV: Building in a black case with no additional lighting so you're just reaching your hands into an undifferentiated void half the damn time

    75. Mellow Minion

      So simple 😂 not if I tryed this it would have to be with every component he has🤣 i feel smarter tho thanks linus

    76. Paul Petruti


    77. Georgianne Ruemann

      The gray greasy great science utrastructurally pat because behavior feasibly terrify near a voracious pain. angry, wiggly lan

    78. BigOunce •

      I'm building my first pc and I just found out it has the same motherboard cooler and cpu as this video. Now wait until I can find a good you at a reasonable price and I'm not playing Minecraft at 40fps and not just Minecraft.

    79. Nick Serga

      lmaooo i lowkey made a video about my experience

    80. EKRDragon

      Things I learnt from this video: Put it in until it clicks

    81. Alesta

      Boy am I glad most PCs are pretty much the same bc im gonna build a new pc soon and im gonna need this

    82. AQG0 ___

      Casual 4K pc with today’s market

    83. xcgfg

      My screws to put on the motherboard are too small :(

    84. ViperGoliath

      Great Video! I love the humor there too. Keep up the good work. This helped me a lot.


      this tutorial helps a lot, but i am very confused about what each thing plugs into on the motherboard. you briefly pointed at something.

    86. Hika Harris

      POV: you watch this dreaming of building your own pc but then you realize that you’re broke

    87. joe

      Linus dick tips

    88. Dan Florence T. Rizal

      Linus can u make me a setup ;-; i rlly badly want to play minecraft on 60+ fps i only get 20-30 i always watch ur vids abt building pcs and whilst me imagining me having the pc parts then making it D:

    89. xBxnni

      good video!!!👍

    90. Erebus

      whos done so much research on parts and how to build a pc for years that they are practically already a veteran without actually building one

    91. Peter Parker

      I've got to ask exactly how did you feel Miss? Are you using a GoPro or what sort of set-up? I'm completely curious and wondering did you put a GoPro on a head mounted unit or what?

    92. bryce kurk

      Couple of things here Linus. Firstly the lighting was god awful at times, you were connecting wires to the shadow realm. I had no idea what pins you were connecting what wires too most of the time. Second main issue was a lot of the time your camera angle was simply looking down and you were doing things off camera where we couldn’t see anything other than your hairy wrists and elbows. Other than that thanks for the help

    93. Blake Williams

      is it normal to watch this entire video without skipping anything? Even the interesting intro..

    94. airra


    95. Bad Baby Ray

      17:50 "thats not always the case.." he says as he is in the case................

    96. Bad Baby Ray

      "people watch all kinds of pov videos on the internet" yeah yeah we know what you are talking about linus.....XD

    97. Rishav Kumar

      Mmmm .....never mind but from 13:00 onwards I was bit blank , since it was too dark for me to seee

    98. Harrison Worth

      I want to build this but i have no money lol

    99. J Egbert

      The goofy history expectably bathe because smoke developmentally tick after a parsimonious battery. acrid, juvenile hope

      1. Jose Javier Flores

        @Kaleb Ward those are the wise words of the inept spam troll bots.

      2. Kaleb Ward


    100. Sir wemrhys

      Nobody: Linus: male and female threading port