Former NASA Astronaut Explains How Hygiene Is Different in Space | WIRED


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    What's different about hygiene in space? Former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino breaks down all the differences between using the bathroom, washing your hair, and brushing your teeth on Earth and in space. How do you take showers in space? Do you get a private bathroom on the International Space Station? Can you bring your own toothbrush into space?

    Mike Massimino is a former NASA astronaut, senior advisor for space programs at the Intrepid Museum, and professor at Columbia University.

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    Former NASA Astronaut Explains How Hygiene Is Different in Space | WIRED

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    1. m imr

      why are they so comfortable touching the area around the commode............

    2. Stevo z

      every-time you see a rainbow on earth, you can thank an astronaut

    3. Robert Douglas

      super interesting and well explained!

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      The things you take for granted on earth. Kudos to these incredible people. I don’t think I can last a week in these conditions let alone six month.

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    7. Purplespartan14

      This guy looks like Paul Blarts Dad Im not trying to be mean lol

    8. LGM02 Dark Quasar - 02

      So at 2:15, we can make a rainbow effect with our urine, interesting.

    9. Chani Kynes

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    15. forty inches

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      Holy cow, I didn't know that guy was a real astronaut when I saw him on BBT.

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    19. xmubinax

      Mass is a real astronaut???? I thought he was an actor!

    20. Evil Minded

      You could sleep, you know? Screw that, let's hear what it's like to take a dump in orbit.

    21. Litha Landu

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    33. Beelo Tv

      I saw this dude on The big bang theory, I didn't know he was an actual astronaut. 😂

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    38. Ewald Wip

      To Much Information!

    39. lang 1007

      i will not take the modern bathroom for granted anymore; even the most basic ones sound pretty good to me right now

    40. Wookie Gamer76

      imagine in the future when mankind is exploring the far reaches of space and comes across the crystalized waste that did not burn up. i can imagine that will be and interesting find indeed.

    41. gigantes YGO

      Spitters are quitters

    42. KawaiiRafa

      If only Howard wolowitz could see that they didn't interview him

    43. Malcolm Kekua

      me seeing urine dump starts raining outside me guess ill stay inside for now

    44. Simonexs

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      Who else thought this guy was just an actor on Big Bang theory?

    49. Angela S

      What about female astronauts and their periods? I’m surprised that wasn’t addressed as matter-of-factly as the other personal hygiene issues.

    50. Shen and Phia

      So astronauts at the space station drink their pee?

    51. Isaac Raj

      What kind of watch is he wearing? I saw the female astronaut was wearing the same one on the shuttle.

    52. Stephen Tejada

      Whatever happens to the crystalized urine in space? Do they fall back to Earth? Do they remain there for eternity? Or do they hit other satellites and the ISS?

    53. The AM

      So everyone's planning to go to Mars but they haven't even worked on a decent toilet yet .

    54. King David

      But in space! It's different!

    55. Moyaingam Maring

      So now we humans wanna mess up space with our waste

    56. Urban Pictures

      10:56 "If you're a spitter" xD

    57. 30_3i1_Muhammad_Naufal_bin_Mohammad_Hafiz

      how about we explore the sun at night so we don’t get burned😳

    58. MGMB

      I can't imagine how much worse it would be for females

    59. JustPlaying GAMES!

      I thought his name is - Fruit loops

    60. Jelani Mack

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    67. Paritosh Taklikar

      This makes me realize that gravity is so important...

    68. Zr design lab

      Now I don't wanna be a astronaut

    69. Sam Turner

      hygeine is diferent in space because the crabs can float to other pubes in the area like a aibrone virus.

    70. Nick Cook

      Im just watching space videos cause of Howard lol

    71. Khori

      “Today’s coffe is tomorrow’s coffee”

    72. Eli G

      This was hilarious. And this guy must be the coolest person on planet earth.

    73. AllineedisKIMI

      We all know what happens with defective space toilet. We've all seen The Big Bang theory.

    74. Kami sama

      Never forget that there's crystallized space urine raining down on Earth every minute.

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    78. Laura M

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    79. Vice Versa

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    80. R A R

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    81. Dylan Pritchard

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    82. Patrik Nagy

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    83. Vaisakh Krishna U B

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    84. Stories of Robert

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    86. Vintage tears

      Velcro is NASA’s bestie.

    87. Isaac D

      It's funny he asked "poops okay? We're not gonna offend anyone on this planet?" Please take me to space now

    88. LexiSexy

      Respect to the people who had to do the said deed 5:45

    89. Evey K.

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    94. Fat Tony

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    96. Nuxehh

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      1. Chinedum Onuoha

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      2. dyycyucdu

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    97. Mi Blvd

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    99. Onebeets 1

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