Freestyling To Supersonic Legend #2


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    Camera Settings
    Field of view - 107
    Distance - 280
    Height - 100
    Angle - -3
    Stiffness - 0.3
    Swivel Speed - 4
    Transition Speed - 1

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    1. Marks •edited

      Sphinxxx is one of youngest freestyler ssl’s look him up

    2. Mitsuo

      You wont find anyone as mechanically gifted

    3. Roland Barat

      Plss sensny!!!!

    4. onzyh

      Oh my 😱😱😱😱😱😱

    5. g0rilla. coupe

      evample is mr nice guy tho, rarely see him be toxic or even mean

    6. Jason Wison

      Triple flip reset double tap

    7. Im from Florida You wont understand a word I say

      Te amo, Pulse Evample🗿💃🏾🕺🏽

    8. Art_ prds

      Full bullchese

    9. Stinky Skully

      i keep finding myself watching this video i really dont know why

    10. UnderDog13

      I hate youtubers that dont put the soundtracks name

    11. Daryl Eckerson

      Wat r ur settings?😅😅

    12. Eli tim

      The first lemonade ideally tame because okra yearly x-ray towards a decisive cloth. questionable, stale iran

    13. Ashura

      "the nice little 316 stuff" damn evample really calculating the spin

    14. The Legend of Kendra

      I love how every time we need v bucks in the game, we easily get them from 垃圾

    15. Mr_FoRtCrAfT FLY

      Does anyone know how to play rl on ps4 with keyboard

    16. second WaveyTM

      14:37 how? to do that

    17. ريس بن محفوظ

      ياليل دانا 😂

    18. john lavvas

      The draconian position differently cover because sleet coronally encourage from a faithful wolf. ruthless, purple roadway

    19. The Legend of Kendra

      I love how every time we need v bucks in the game, we easily get them from 垃圾

    20. biel_ hunter05

      0:35 o audio parece q corta

    21. Genaro López

      omfg you are soooo good and your clips are soooo facking amazingggggggggg🔥🔥🔥 SALUDOS DESDE ARGENTINA🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

    22. Legend Ninja

      what are does wheels u got called

    23. Emre Yılmaz

      whels ?

    24. La.-.Patata

      Evample literally the best freestyler on this planet to a grand champ 1: " he is so much better than me"

    25. Muhammad Kamal (mohkamfer)

      It's me. I have made it into the field, the guy is so skilled I bet he's related to SERN. El. Psy. Congro.

    26. Exotic Outlaw Gaming

      That off the ceiling fake play was nuts. I just need y’all to understand that

    27. Luc

      evample with 39 boost: i have no boost. evample with 19 boost: yeahh lets go triple flip reset

    28. Galli Gunde

      what keyboard do u use? im planning on getting a new one. thx.

    29. Roki


    30. ShatteredShadow

      I love how the community just accepts Fire is pinch king

    31. (2B) Franco REY

      You are de best friend 🤯🤯

    32. Rafael Tenorio

      Whats the name of these wheels?

      1. Racer

        Hanasha jrl I think there item shop exclusive and I'm too lazy to check

    33. Revenge of Eli

      So I've seen you practicing on Leth's new neon rings map. Any chance we are going to get a video with some smooth rings movement soon?

    34. Parker Schneider

      Why does he sound like mrfreshasian

    35. M.R.V.N

      Hey evample do you do coaching if so how much?

    36. Ваня Кеся

      what name wheels pls?

    37. Rosario Sanchez Jonathan Alberto

      We need a video about all your settings

    38. Ваня Кеся

      wheels ?

    39. Gabriele Romuwalther

      This is so fake you steal the clip an a italian streamer

    40. Solomon Novak

      it was insane meeting you my name is solomon boss and i ran into your friends acc fake gc

    41. Lengboii Tupeng

      I wanna see you do a serious 1v1 match against Jack the no1 duel player

    42. Actual Amateur

      You faking, is just me hesitating. Lol

    43. Panagiwths Aggelinas

      Seeing this guy play on keyboard annoys me somehow😂

    44. HOKES

      I think Evample is the Bob Ross of Rocket League

    45. Gabriel Faria


    46. Sinai Manna

      ask mrfreshasian to play rocket league w you :)

    47. Frenzy Gamer

      the last dude said “neck” .. what does that mean

    48. Elotrix Ehrenmann denno Ehrenmann

      I can you play fennec pls

    49. TZADIK

      0:20 I’ll show you in game? Next time I wanna see it in real life

    50. AboutToBlaze

      Your legit the best player, idc I said it.

    51. Mathieu Robinson

      He's just straight up the best player. Like I thought I was decent at the game but damn.

    52. hamoody xx


    53. It’s just me

      8:17 pause

    54. Bruno Reyes

      Wheels ?

    55. NRG-Splashy

      Open nets and ground freestyles should count

    56. luis ramírez

      Hello bro

    57. Samuel Berry

      Is your tiktok evampie?

      1. ThatsFinn

        They're not him, all stolen clips

    58. Thomas Buxton

      “just going to shoot it normal” fake breezy air dribble shot

    59. Afonso Duarte

      i don´t even play Rocket League but i can´t stop watching him.

    60. krizz

      Imagine being a c3 your final match to finally hit gc and you have to go against someone called yep

    61. Cozmxc

      What are the wheels that you use

    62. Trip

      0:33 I once was called TryP and then changed to trip my name has a history of over 8 years damn

    63. Victor Choe

      UOu!!!!!! so good. MAnda salve for brazilian fam!!!!

    64. soccer tuck

      how does he make the car all black isn't black a secondary color

    65. Luke Jarvis

      I actually prefer the last game style of trying to freestyle until they play so annoying the only answer is to humiliate them

    66. Piqez

      Guy remember my name cause I’m in the next video I versed him and the score was 7 6 he one

    67. Prosper Huang

      What are your keyboard bindings?

    68. DrifT Clan

      Bro examples words I mean I love when he says that was good but it wasn’t I mean my man is big brain

    69. DrifT Clan

      His says everything after he does it I swear I think it’s pre recorded then he narrates it

    70. Νικος Μανωλοπουλος

      How is his car Black??????? PLS somebody tell

    71. Abby Normal

      "That's a bad Breezi...cut...That is in fact a bad Breezi."

    72. Michael Opagi

      Try this if u want, when he said intentionally at 5:36 i accidentally. pressed 3 (like the number on my keyword) and he said it again (like the word intentionally). it is and was because when you press 3 it goes to 3/10 of the video which in this case 5:58 which is also the time he said the word intentional again. I was lost but I was also really comfortable so I kept pressing 3 and really wanted to share this with you guys because I really want to you guys to hear and maybe experience it yourself

    73. Bob the Builder

      Evample: I think I'm lagging Console players: I see no lag

    74. VIZE Iceyyy

      Hi Evample i love ur vids 💜💜 💜

    75. hugo mf

      Wooow you are amazing

    76. Mitch Graham

      i need the best tips you can give for keyboard/mouse players!

    77. javi with games & movies

      I would love to see you play serious but only on the wall, so everytime you go of the wall you have to score. These can be simple shots like ceiling shot and single flip resets. Whatever you see fit.

    78. Flaco Blanco

      Hello Barton

      1. Flaco Blanco

        @Evample omg he replied 🥰🥰

      2. Evample

        Hello Flaco Blanco 😱

    79. Elotrix Ehrenmann denno Ehrenmann

      Invert swivel in a camer settings on or off?

    80. Lucas Van den velden

      Some tell me his car design!!! :)

    81. Isaac Bertram

      If I saw someone do this to me in ranked I would call an ambulance

    82. jam sauce

      5:46 evample used the curvedash

    83. JDM.Brotherz

      so i play on rocket league on PC, i cant see any in game notifications like, first touch, hat goal, goal, literally nothing, and i cant see anyone profile picture, someone plz help me

    84. Jumperr

      You know you wanna go for a breezi double because I asked you to hit one for me on stream like a day or two ago hahah I’m jk but your streaks are highly entertaining

    85. dylan morton

      Hey Evample so do you think you can set a milestone for a face reveal at 1 mil?

    86. ShiRaul Pro

      The start “why would you name yourself dry p” 😳😳😳

    87. DeontaysWRLD

      evample... the fresh of RL

    88. Nee san

      el psy such a trash xd

    89. FaZe HyPeR 4659

      1v1 me I will destroy you PS (I don’t know what I was thinking because you are way better)

    90. Aaan-gela Merkel

      El Psy Congroo

    91. Xavala

      "Well I guess we're gonna fake the shot here, because he went up the wall. I am gonna punish him for that." Me with a mouthful of meatloaf sandwich: Kinky

      1. The Hate Commenter

        What were u smoking when u decided to post this comment

    92. xXUrijaXx

      Your voice makes me want to know how you look like ngl no sus

    93. Epic bottle flips

      5:47 nice curve dash

    94. astrorya

      Banger job at editing the video @thatsfinn and great content @Evample ;)

      1. astrorya

        @ThatsFinn you're welcome!!

      2. ThatsFinn

        THANK YOU

      3. astrorya

        wait evample do you play with keyboard safety on or not?

    95. Thing's To Do When You're Bored

      I'm still waiting for the "reversing to ssl" series. Nobody has the skills to do it yet

    96. Bald Bandokay

      I've been waiting for this second banger

    97. TamatoSluG 1

      Me that’s been stuck in plat for 2months😭

    98. jeftavdberg

      Best serie in NLname, keep it up man!😁

    99. Anthony Dow

      Muiricle reset off the ceiling to musty double would be sick to see