Get It Together, NZXT: BLD PC Undercover Review as a Real Customer

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    Our review of the NZXT BLD Streamer PC features customer service benchmarks, system performance, assembly, & build quality analysis. We're auctioning this off for charity, 100% to Cat Angels Pet Adoptions: It didn't feel right to buy, review, and return given this was all undercover and that we can mostly afford this now (unlike the old days), but we also don't want this computer taking up space in our office. Place a bid (only if serious, please, or we'll have to relist) to benefit Cat Angels in its efforts to take rescue cats and find them homes. Cat Angels is a no-kill shelter that we are happy to support.
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    In this review, we're secretly testing the customer service experience, build quality, and performance relating to an NZXT BLD "Streamer" system for gaming and streaming. The configuration was about $1500 pre-taxes, featuring the specs listed below. Our goal was to evaluate NZXT's customer service after being horrified at the level of its incompetence when looking through its twitter feed, but we wanted to do that as real customers and without alerting NZXT. We also wanted to test NZXT BLD's ability to assemble a system properly, which is a test that, thus far, Walmart, iBUYPOWER, and CyberPower have all failed in our pre-built reviews. We assume that someone will do it right eventually, but we were 0 for 4 leading into this review. Sometimes it's small, like forgetting to initialize a drive or enable XMP, and other times it features cables disconnected. NZXT's chance to prove that it can be better than long-standing system integrators lies with its BLD systems.
    - Case: NZXT H510 White
    - CPU Cooling: AMD Wraith Prism
    - Motherboard: MSI B450 Tomahawk
    - CPU: AMD R7 3700X 8-CORE CPU
    - RAM: TEAM T-FORCE VULCAN Z 16GB 2X8 3200 (XMP OFF by default)
    - SSD: INTEL 660P 1TB
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    00:00 - Our History of Bad Pre-Built Systems
    05:40 - Build & Assembly Quality, Hardware, Connection Issues
    15:10 - NZXT customer Service Benchmark
    28:22 - NZXT XMP on vs. Off Benchmarks
    31:47 - Conclusions

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    Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman

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    1. Gamers Nexus

      CHARITY AUCTION LISTING IS NOW LIVE! We're auctioning this system off for charity because we don't want it. Signed on the side panel by the team. 100% of proceeds goes to to Cat Angels Pet Adoptions: GN Walmart DTW Pre-Built Review (Part 1) GN Walmart Second Chance Review: Cyberpower Undercover Review: iBUYPOWER System Review:

      1. Owen_ 07

        @Gamers Nexus seeming though you found things wrong with this system, could you setup a NZXT h510 and explain the things you showed in greater detail such as the ram update, to get it to 3200mhz and plugging in cables where they really should go, and also a check of the pc and if things are set up correctly (in terms of updates and physical hardware)?

      2. Randy Chaim

        Dunno if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my friends Instagram password by using Instapwn. Cant link here so search for it on google :D

      3. ReganMarceLis

        The Redd-it Comment Firefox add-on is insane for your videos - LOL, Your "nasty" a.k.a. vicious, ruthless & I Love-it!.... I just ordered the new corsair 5000 X icue Case with front airflow grate, looking sexy in white and also the 850rmx corsair gold PSU from new-egg, to bad I am still on the asus-w-usb-3.1 ssi-ceb x99 board with a 14 core xeon 6950X - broadwell - least my corsair ram runs at the rated 3000mhz, somehow, maybe I should of grabbed the 3200mhz although I am sure I can overclock that and see allot of "broken" haswell and broadwell CPU's on eBay so believe that is the memory controller VOLTAGE running thru the CPU often doing this on x99, IMO... so to keep it down I suppose is not to bad, 300mhz is still okay.... I use my computer as a workstation first and casual gamer that games hard when I do game, it works out with the Radeon VII - I prefer HMB2 ..... BTW: Anyone know how to keep white cables from turning yellow besides changing them? Maybe time for a sealant cover or something to be invented?....

      4. Dark

        Don't auction stuff you don't want, just smash it and make a video

      5. Raphael Hidalgo

        I saw this video on how NZXT builds their computers. Hard to believe this review wasn’t good and they had so many issues. Here is link to video.

    2. Jace Young

      Out here benchmarking customer support

    3. morgan ghetti

      I contacted NZXT about a case I bought a few years ago. The plexiglass was scratched and I can't remember what the other problem was. Their customer service was excellent. They shipped a brand new panel and I received it in a few days after just a couple emails. They seem like a good company. Hopefully they get their pre-built support sorted out.

    4. Jim C

      My 14 year old nephew is saving to buy one of these. The cheapest one they offer. I really want him to build his own and think he can better spend the $700+ building his own. I am even willing to match or even double what he saves if he builds his own. Where can I point him to learn how to build a gaming PC? He has an above average knowledge on the hardware needed. Just not what's good and what's not good. And he also gets very excited when I mention to him about building one.

      1. Jim C

        @Mitch Bond Thanks!

      2. Mitch Bond

        Google logical increments that site has a good guide

    5. Kol Andy

      The tan rock philosophically hop because notify preferably cross next a selfish color. naughty, tasteful flugelhorn

    6. James Orr

      I buy Powers customer service is just as bad

    7. Michael Costa

      The point you made at the beginning of the video is so on point. Last time I was into computer gaming and building, a 233mhz Pentium II Gateway was all the rage. I went to consoles. I play FFXIV on PS4 and my raid static has talked me into trying PC again. So I bought a pre-built from iBuypower. It came with a 3070 that was artifacting and had shipping damage. The way they handled it was so poor that I just decided to stick with console (this was just last month BTW, so you know they haven't gotten any better). I am giving CLX a chance to change my mind. I've started looking into the DIY side but if there are issues with the CLX, I am done with PC gaming. The static requirements and reliability at suboptimal performance are more attractive than all these headaches.

    8. Foxy

      I've had to have my PC go through RMA TWICE.

      1. Foxy

        @JayzBeerz That's my plan. Wanted to originally but I started the process as Covid hit, thought it would be easier to get a complete package and have something to do away from work, but just headaches.

      2. JayzBeerz

        get a refund and build it yourself. that's what i did. nzxt is a shit company.

    9. Josh Mellon

      Steve, it sounds to me like they gave that advice as an attempt to get him to void his warranty. They guy says he's not tech savvy and the solution is either send it in, or [Brick Device] so they don't have to deal with it.

    10. Mister ppK*

      hahahah you can lead a horse to water but then .......what! hahahahaha

    11. Ihavenolife21 Help

      I was just about to buy one should I still I only have 900 dollars

    12. Ovrlord Etna

      love to get a job as a pc builder

    13. soulmilk

      i bought my first prebuilt through NZXT. i spent about 2600$ with them. everything was great until about 2 weeks in of having the system. out of nowhere is started to receive error code 00 and the computer wouldnt work at all. i called them and they were pretty helpful with the problem. luckily they give you a two year warranty so i sent mine back in and it all took about 2 weeks for me to send and get it back. havent had any problems since then. they stayed in touch with me through the whole shipping process and told me what the problem was when it was fixed.

    14. GeEkI SiNs

      I watched a few other reviews on the prebuilt starter series and this might be the only one that NZXT hasn't commented on.

    15. Mo z

      Artesian Builds the way to go tbh

    16. 1OlBull

      Fix a customer issue with email? Pick up the phone.

    17. David s.

      Can you test helium pc?

    18. Haze〆

      never seen a pre build that comes with xmp enabled

    19. William Wood

      You should try the legion line of pre built pc I just got a i7 with a 1660 super for under 1k 🤯🤯🤯

    20. Jokin Plays Games

      I hadn't built one in years. So when I wanted super new. I went with Ibuypower. Mines worked fine minues one time it erased itself and reformatted the ssd and forced a windows reinstall. After a clean install it was minus their bloat were and the pc runs totally fine I've even did self upgrades of ram. SSDs. M.2 which was totally NEW to me and its ran and been fine. I've enjoyed it soon I'm repasting thermals as it seems to have always ran a tad hot. So repasting cpu gpu thus weekend. I dust it once a month with a compu cleaner 2.0 electric blower. Lol. Sorry yalls experience was shit.

    21. Jacob Blosser

      Yeah... I think I’m gonna cancel my order. Was looking forward to finally getting a 3080 but I can’t jive with a company this flippant.

    22. Adrift

      Well i wouldn't let my cat buy anything from NZXT.

    23. Eric Lopez

      Steve why dont you work as a trainer for these pre-built pc companies as a freelancer?

    24. Brian Lambert

      After watching a bazillion of your videos, I'm left with one thought that I want to share with you: Start your own custom PC company. I'm a software developer, and over the years I've built about a dozen of my development machines. My current build is an i7-8086K rig, so it's a couple years old and I'm ready for a new machine. The thing is, I'd rather have someone else do my builds from now on. I want to pay someone as knowledgeable as you to pick out *exactly* which case, power supply, motherboard, graphics card, and cooling system would be best for my AMD Ryzen 9 5900X or 5950X build. Things have become too specialized for me to research and get every detail right about building a new PC, especially when I do this exactly once every 2-3 years. Cheers!

    25. jan eisenbeton

      Well that was a dumpster fire.

    26. xxR00ZTERxx

      Does NZXT hire directly or does their customer service go through a BPO? If it's through a BPO it explains why their customer service is so bad. BPO companies will hire pretty much anyone regardless of how good they are at customer service. It's basically like "Oh you have customer service experience? Hired!!!"

    27. Mada M

      Good deal in 2021 xD

    28. sociald18

      Ok so what company would be the best to buy prebuilt from?

    29. Daniel Delatorres

      pee on!!!lol

    30. Taika

      NZXT gives the aura of "I don't know what I'm doing and at this point I'm too afraid to ask"

    31. fishchampkirk2

      SO glad I watched this... Honest Opinions are great. I was looking at having a system built by NZXT BLD just because I have No time to source & build My own much less get key components. So @Gamers Nexus and @Chat other than a couple good things about NZXT what have you heard about Maingear and would they be a good place to get a prebuilt.. Thanx for some good advice

    32. X FY

      The only reason to get nzxt is the GPUs that they get in stock every couple of days that are somewhat close to MSRP.

    33. Joe mores

      I'm more concerned with curtacy over intelligence when dealing with customer service.

    34. Sean Wolz

      Id love to see a covert of Redux, iv heard very mixed reviews from friends and online. Iv heard they are better then nzxt

    35. Kir Kanos

      love watching all your content and love how you have help angels pet adoptions keep up all the great work

    36. Chris†ianomaly

      Such a great video lol. Thank you.

    37. Chud Chadanstud

      I've had a good experience with NZXT customer service. However it still doesn't change the fact that their Electronics are poorly made.

    38. Kaumba Chingonyi

      Do Redux as well

    39. dwarfer777

      fps is grossly overrated and poorly thought out when 80 years of tv has proven 24-30fps is all you need with motion blur. our brains have evolved to perceive motion blur as motion, ever notice how a still image with motion blur looks trippy? well thats part of your brain that fills in the gaps between missing frames. 24fps with motion blur gives better motion perception than 300fps without. when the first gpu manufacture adopts motion blur to their cards then fps will be more about responsiveness than performance

    40. morrissey guy

      As you get older and have more responsibilities in life. Buying pre-built is just the better choice. When your time is limited, you start to factor in things like "Execution Risk". I Would much rather bypass execution risk entirely and have the box sent to me so I can start gaming ASAP.

      1. morrissey guy

        @Rafael Markos Always factor in execution risk with everything. If ur short on time always go pre-built. Building systems is a young mans game. Or I should say a man with free time game.

      2. Rafael Markos

        The thing is, given what I've seen about the build quality for these prebuilts, I'm not sure that building it myself isn't the safer option.

    41. Steezus Christ

      review ABS next

    42. Petey J

      It’s March 2021...I just built my very first pc through NZXT through a buddy’s in the future; graphics cards are impossible to come by but other that the pc I built is top of the line. This video has me TERRIFIED that they are going to fuck up my first buy which cost me 2 grand btw...if they fuck this up I’ll go back to console and never fucking look back. 😞

      1. hoohu

        Whenever you receive your PC could you please tell me how it is? I’m looking to get a nzxt prebuild because like you said GPU’S are impossibld to come by rn

    43. TKyron

      His hair lol

    44. Mad House

      Wasted 7 hours of my life trying to fix my NZXT. Never buying another NZXT 😑 Vr ready, yet 3 of my vr headsets didnt work. monitor got zapped and booped. customer service tried and failed at helping me fix loud fan issues with cam/bios over a 3 day period. :p Back to my laggy computer.

    45. Mad House

      I just got my NZXT computer :D as soon as I plugged it in and hit the power button, it transformed into MY OWN PRIVATE JET. Who would have thought!!!! I always wanted my own jet. Just hearing the engine roar in my living room gives me the comfort I need to stream. I almost opened my window to see how far my NZXT would fly.

    46. Wutface

      I like that you actually care. I enjoyed watching a few videos before this, but this sealed the deal. Liked and subscribed.

    47. AB

      Ive been building my own PCs for 20+ years but I just ordered a NZXT bld custom system since it was the only way I can get my hands on a 3080. One thing I will give them credit for is the price was very fair and it looks like the build quality is fairly good. (Mistakes are going to happen sometimes so I wont kill them for it) Hopefully all goes well but I am not too worried. I will let you know how it goes.

    48. Conrad Hernandez

      Get to the fucking point

    49. Jet Screamer

      You love cats, that's an automatic follow from me.

    50. Jim Riopelle

      From experience I know that most, if not all, CSR’s don’t pay attention during their training sessions, so this response does not surprise me in any way. It’s a pays the bills...........they’re not paid very well..............they just want to get through the day. Who’s to blame..........who knows!

    51. channelix l

      And people still love the compnay they have possibly the worst customer service of any compnay and they make shit jokes to customers who spent 2k on one of their products fuck nzxt and their products

    52. Sam Fannin

      This is what happens to NZXT after Linus left the job...

    53. HYPNOPED

      Next up is Xidax and Lyte Technology prebuilt PC’s

    54. Jeff Wayne

      Fuck NZXT. Giving customers a bad joke as tech support is beyond sketchy. They will NEVER get my money, and I would never recommend them to anyone either.

    55. lawnboat

      In an alternate universe : Wendy's tries to be like NZXT.

      1. Can be Combative

        They serve computers in the drive thru

    56. Tech pubs

      So is the PC good or bad

    57. Lewz

      Is it just me of can this dude pull of going bald

    58. Tano

      cpu shaken loose, i only saw something like that on intel cpus amd cpus with the pins do not "shaken loose" if that happens, the cpu is for sure, destroyed, pins do not end loose, never

    59. CptMatt

      that gpu shakes 1in every time he hits the table lol

    60. peanut butter

      I can tell you almost a year later I put in a tech support ticket for a front panel issues on my H510. After 22 days of no activity on the ticket, I had to get on the online tech support to get anything done. They sent out a new front panel part but it was for the wrong case. When I contacted them again, they told me they didn't have the part. Two hours later I get an email about them now having the part in stock and would be sending me the part again. Customer Service is still garbage. SO ill be waiting for the next few days for the new part.

      1. channelix l

        I saw a video and the dude had to contact them through social media to get any response to say the least nzxt has a garbage customer support no one should buy their shit anymore

    61. _Nines

      They started their email with "hello there"

    62. Austin Mills

      "just yank hard" - me to Steve's mom

    63. Donovan Bailey

      Very good point about the bios(first thing I touch personally so it was a non issue) but for someone who doesn't know how to setup, that's a terrible thing. After the 2080ti launch i got a good one. I spent a really fair price($3,800) and have had an nzxt pre-built that I have added hard drives to for years with a overclocked 9900k and a 2080ti. I upgraded my 2x8 3600 c17 mem and got 2x16 cl16 and upgraded to a 3090. Its been good to me. Sucks a 2TB nvme drive cost 700 at that point though. Then again, I only paid parts MSRP plus $100 to build it and I was willing to have someone take the time to build off my hands and have a warranty.

      1. Donovan Bailey

        Also hit 2295 with cinebench (r15?) Anyways, the old one with a Asus Maximus XI Hero. So got a good silicon. Voltage was at 1.33 and 5.3 all core at the time.

    64. BOT Larry

      So you've never been hardcore gaming and your CPU falls out? Only me?

    65. ssgbluu

      I like nzxts energy im buying

    66. Franky Hernandez

      Clearly it isn’t actually NZXT in charge of that account.

    67. Jake Wallace

      Hell yeah I appreciate your donation to cat angel, so many people dont care about cats like they do dogs, that’s why I have 6 cats in my house and god knows how many neighborhood out door cats I take care of

    68. Affan Siddiqui

      The yellow department osmotically slip because hour findingsinitially rule with a absorbed clerk. absorbed, domineering xylophone

    69. Peter Riehle

      can you do corsairs prebuilt?

    70. Cody Muscle

      Lol after dealing with there customer support I can tell you they helped figure out the problem other than that did not answer all questions did not answer timely

    71. Cody Muscle

      I ordered the bld pc the $1500 one and i was told after sending in footage and talking with them that my power supply is faulty is there anything I need to worry about or check over before I send the pc back for repair just to make sure everything is fixed? Also does this effect any of the other components in the pc?

    72. Star boy

      Personally, i like icue, but then again i try to buy all my rgb shit from one manufacturer to cut down the amount of bloat i have to install to make my lights pink

    73. MellowMoo

      Last year I tried to use NZXT’s BLD service. Over the course of two months they sent me 3 dead on arrival PCS. It was frustrating as hell as I was out $1500 for those two months and had to keep making trips to ship it back. I ended up getting a full refund because I couldn’t trust them with my money, used microcenters services to build a custom pc, and they got it right the first time. If you live near a microcenter, please use that over a web service.

    74. Oof Master

      What do they mean by connect the antennas

    75. Jim Flagg

      You and Linus are not wrong giving these tech support guys a hard time but have you guys ever tried and flip the script. Have a customer (Linus) call you and see if you can help them fix the problem. Then you call Linus and he helps you fix your problem. This would be a great collaboration. You could even use your favorite NLnamer, Jay.

    76. Jim Flagg

      Snowflake approves of the sponsor.

    77. JayzBeerz

      Shithead NZXT shipped a PC to me without the motherboard being screwed down. Talk about quality control and people who work there don't even know how to build a PC. NZXT is the worst PC building company. Stay away people trust me.

    78. Taylor Dalton

      Like father like son I guess

    79. grottles grotto

      only reason to buy a NZXT prebuilt RN is for the parts

    80. United City

      The cheap rail aditionally try because italian suprisingly correct toward a tawdry crown. old-fashioned, useful cardboard

    81. Nick Facenda

      Found this while considering purchasing a pre built because of issues finding parts right now. Thanks for saving me a headache.

      1. Emmy

        Well I have to get a prebuilt I can’t afford the huge prices on all these parts, I’ve seen videos that this computer is amazing by NZXT

    82. Stephen

      My first prebuilt was a dell dimension 2400 with a p4 non-ht at 2.8 ghz, 256 mb of ram, 40 gb hdd, and integrated graphics. Played many many hours of halo PC at 30 fps or less with all settings on low and a smile on my face!

    83. AGOR2

      Makes a video flaming a company. Cant flame he’s hair out. ‘puke’

    84. Jesse Parris

      I’ve emailed NZXT customer support TWICE about parts for a couple of old Phantom cases I still have. They never even bothered to respond. Nothing.

    85. Nick E

      Holy shit does he tear apart NZXT lol

    86. Medigo Verus bosses don't reply to all my questions even when I do bullet them...they'll reply and ask me questions i explicitly answered in my 4-sentence are certainly right about that corporate comment there.

    87. Medigo Verus

      About to buy a custom prebuilt for the first time in a couple decades because work is too stressful to deal with potential DOA parts or my own stressed out hands screwing up a DIY build...almost tried NZXT due to lower price than Origin but...HEH after this, nah I'll pay the extra.

    88. Eric Hagen

      if u truly wanna help ppl how bout offer it as a contest or gift not an auction. there are a ton of ppl with money who can just afford a new comp as well as donate. then there are ppl who cant afford anything and in need but i guess u only care about making "hit pieces" against a company who made one big mistake with that rizer cable and pretending to be generous with something u wasted money on.

    89. Sean Flynn

      Why does the WiFi card need to be installed away from the GPU? I would guess because of fans or heat?

    90. Travis Champion

      I forgot to come back to this video. I bought an NZXT BLD pc like a year and a half ago. About 2 months ago after watching this I decided to go through my pc and clean it and what not. Discovered that the air cooler was mounted weird. One screw was hella tight and the other 3 were hand tight. I cleaned the cpu and put on new thermal paste and mounted everything evenly. Dropped like 12c under load after testing oh and no my xmp was not enabled on my RAM when I got it. I did that day 1.

    91. Limpdaddy345

      You can't trust anyone to do anything right now days. Their all drooling over their phones at work. Mechanics are the same way along with their customer support. Just the other day a lady pulled out of a tire shop and made it a football field away and her tire came off. Lazy Mcfee didn't tighted the lug nuts. I found 4 of 5 trailing back the shop.

    92. T. King

      I love your approach to customer service

    93. T. King

      When one of the most intelligent and knowledgeable PC youtubers says that DIY-only elitism is off-putting, that's strong. I like it

    94. jaeguerra909

      It's literally so easy to build ur own pc. NLname can guide u as well. I understand people ar doing it Because damn near every gpu is out of stock. I hate every single nzxt case I would not run one of their pre builds.

    95. JGrizzlyz

      I only disliked the video because the ratio was at 666. You’re welcome lol

    96. DIABLO318

      get one from microcenter

    97. BrandorT

      sad to have to drown them in the water to get them to drink it..

    98. Vasiliy Barva

      I mean I know the customer always right but I got this feeling this goober unplugged some shit

    99. Emulation_Junkies

      Just an idea why they didnt set the ram at the right speed, they have an "Option" for overclocking, so technically, if you dont select that option, they just turn it on and make sure it starts. They dont go into the bios and set anything. I only know this because I almost bought a Prebuilt just for the GPU.

    100. Iconic Boogie

      this is scaring me cause i just ordered the nzxt streaming pc with a 3070

      1. Roky Hawk

        Same here