Get Ready for a Sanrio Crossover! - Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Nintendo Switch


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    From Hello Kitty, My Melody, to Keroppi, get ready to discover new residents, styles and items inspired by adorable Sanrio friends! The Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration Pack comes to the US for the first time on March 26, exclusively at Target!
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    1. iamjohnporter67

      Nintendo you really are starting to bother us. Why you being so silent on the next update?

    2. J S

      there are custom made cards on etsy of these and they work just like the actual ones to anyone who couldn’t get them

    3. MiragesMisteryGirl

      So, where’s our next update? 🥺

    4. Syopøw

      this event is probably over or something but I want Chai

    5. Madeline Illustrations

      Will they ever be coming back in stock on the UK website?

    6. Jesus Prado

      Surprised people are not talking about how much of a mess it was.

    7. Taylor Richmond

      .....Yea this is cool and such, but like MAJOR BEYOND UNFAIR!!! I called All the targets that were within 500 miles of me, my mom 1000 miles of us and every target stated it was online order only for pick up, and that each store had only gotten 14 packs! Like how unfair! 2 packs per person! It meant only 7 people could get them! That’s not fair to many of us and if we want any of these we have to pay like 200 for them or get the items but never have them for our catalog in the nook!

    8. Herobrine 27

      Yo Nintendo where’s my boi guedatama he’s such a cute character

    9. Nintendo Sony Pro

      Ugh no on Gilla. She to ugly and I don't like apes. Easy for me I got 3 villagers I want gone and an empty lot since Snooty left. God I want her gone so bad. The villagers I want gone for Marty, yeah want him and Toby because their the only boys and Marty just my top choice I don't care about the saniro thing with him. Villagers are Boris, hate pigs, Apple cute but meh and they cuter and ugh, Broffina ugly snobby chicken. It's easy for me! I place my order today and should be here Thursday hopefully sooner! Thinking deer and sheep for the other 2. Not a fan of elephants but I do like the teapot head and she is cute,hm. Hey I got stitches to move in from a amiibo card I had left over from that awful wii U game. It took to long and Boris move in to the lot I made for him! I just brought another lot so it work out. You can use amiibos to get villagers to move out when your island full up

    10. NerB studios

      I wish they could add a new villager to go along with this.

    11. Yellow Toad

      R.I.P updates

    12. Skyan TV

      nintendo: we included all your favorite sanrio characters! aggretsuko: am i a joke to you

    13. Charlotte PlayzxROBLOX

      Chelsea, I need her. She fits so perfectly with my island theme-

    14. Nehemiah Vang

      I like what you’re trying to do Nintendo But there’s only like two characters that are like really for me cute I feel like the designs could be better I know you can do better I’m not hating I just thought that you would do better for the characters and I don’t think I’m buying them A Meebo

    15. Alex 4k

      Hola :)

    16. ꨄ_ᴍʏ_ᴍᴇʟᴏᴅʏ_ꨄ

      They know how to put the neighbors? I already have the cards but how they get

    17. Hitomi! s.

      Can you make a Kuromi villager and outfit amiibo too :o (i suggest a bunny villager)

      1. Hitomi! s.

        Sadly yes T^T

      2. Kirby Kirb

        Nah they will probably choose a hippo for her

    18. Tricky Friday night funkin

      It's already great with hello demon

    19. OtakuGamerBby

      i want kuromiiiiii ;-; edit: dislikes are from people sad that there isnt kuromi

    20. Demitria Fallscon

      Okay but when is a restock pleaaase? C'mon what are new players supposed to do? Can't buy it off of Ebay for so much money 😟💔

    21. Kork

      I need Chelsea now

    22. lemony_ lemonx


      1. Madeline Illustrations

        @Kirby Kirb I don't know? I've only gotten like 6 Amiibos before.

      2. Kirby Kirb

        @Madeline Illustrations Can’t you make your own for like 5 bucks?

      3. Madeline Illustrations

        Dont mind me being in the UK with no targets and the cards are sold out on the Nintendo store and not wanting to pay £26 including postage for some dumb coins.

      4. lemony_ lemonx

        @Kirby Kirb and even my maid is a grandma cuz she has kids but 1 is not a kid she is pregnant that kid

      5. Kirby Kirb

        @lemony_ lemonx that’s cool I wish I had a maid

    23. friyay


    24. Pickle Planet

      If you haven’t already repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand

    25. kathryn Dupre

      Me:*watches with my pack waiting for my game to update*

    26. Geisted Shyster

      It's unfortunate that the Hello Kitty character wasn't a cat.

    27. TACO ZILLA


    28. Fluffy Pelican

      I still can't believe I managed to get a pack... With everything I've been reading, I was anxious about the pre-orders for the Nintendo UK store... But I managed to secure a pack!! :) Idk who I'm going to move out, if anyone. I really like Marty though...

      1. Madeline Illustrations

        I didn't know about this because my wifi was being crap so I never got to pre-order and I doubt it's going to be re-stocked on the uk store. :(

    29. Mary Saotome


    30. Dakota Shea


    31. Joshua Diocares

      Sanrio character names are so cute. "Pompompurin" "Keroppi" "Cinnamoroll"

    32. SagittariusAyy

      Gee, you sure bungled this one, Nintendo. It’s time to restock these HARD.

      1. MK8 Master!

        I wonder if EB Games has them.

    33. hila shmuel

      I found the Amibo in Israel!

    34. schimmer panda

      I wish you could buy these digitally on the Nintendo switch shop too because they are sold out everywhere 😔

    35. Free Free cookie

      Who agreed that the hello kitty villager looks the least cutest from the other villagers

      1. Free Free cookie


      2. Kirby Kirb

        Ugliest villager ever

    36. Charles Mcknight

      What if you make a wwe game with all the Nintendo characters.

    37. Tactics Radio

      So we can't have Zelda or Kid Icarus items, but we can have Hello Kitty? What kind of screwed up universe did I wake up in this morning?

      1. Kirby Kirb

        @Tactics Radio uh idk

      2. Tactics Radio

        @Kirby Kirb I know. My point, as I have already stated, is why are they integrating 3rd party franchises before Zelda, Kid Icarus, Star Fox, or a dozen other big-name IPs owned by Nintendo?

      3. Kirby Kirb

        @Tactics Radio but the Mario thing happened before the Sanrio one ;-;

      4. Tactics Radio

        @Kirby Kirb It was about non-Nintendo franchises getting AC cameos before Nintendo franchises, which makes no sense.

      5. Kirby Kirb

        @Tactics Radio uh wasn’t your point about 1st and 3rd party games and Kid icarus

    38. kat

      im going to kick bob and marina out for etoile and chelsea if i ever get the chance to get my hands on those cards. my island theme is fairycore

      1. kat

        @Kirby Kirb yes

      2. Kirby Kirb

        @kat hunting for punchy?

      3. kat

        ok well since bob is my most recent villager he didn’t ask to move out so someone was nice enough to give me 250 nmt for free on an acnh 24/7 livestream so marina moved out and i’m hunting for him right now

      4. kat

        @Kirby Kirb ok

      5. Kirby Kirb

        @kat ya I make lots of mistakes too that’s why I edited my comment

    39. h i

      I fell bad for kuormi

    40. Phrog


      1. Kirby Kirb


    41. Angie Yonaga

      Etoile! Get the frick over here!

    42. Laila

      Everyone: I CANT GET THEM BECAUSE THEY'RE SOLD OUT! Me: uh...w-well...etsy still exists- Everyone: THEY'RE GONE FOR GOOD!

      1. Boring Dude

        I am glad there are some on etsy

    43. Annika Saunders

      Never got my cards Nintendo and Target messed up big with the launch 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

      1. Kirby Kirb

        Technically if you don’t have the cards they are not your cards

    44. Lilo & Daisy 2020

      I used to love Hello Kitty when I was young. And I still have an interest in her! Good thing I've got some of the merchandise!

    45. blebsoup28 savin

      Bro I’m gonna download An emulater and your not gonna stop me

    46. George Kenyon

      I have an idea for among Us so what if you add the miniature crewmate as DLC even the hat please if you even read this comment I would love a miniature cremate DLC for among Us

      1. Kirby Kirb

        And she deleted her comments. See this wasn’t criticism this was CONSTRUCTIVE criticism

      2. Kirby Kirb

        @Ladynoir bug Kinda but just saying that this comment has to be one of the most criticiable comments ever. Like you say to that poor person that this isn’t innersloth when it is literally about a video of a crossover

      3. Kirby Kirb

        @Ladynoir bug Something called crossovers like this one. “This is Nintendo not Sanrio” 🤦‍♂️

    47. Zizzi

      marty marty.. here i come

    48. Maria Dominguez

      Hudson and super smash Brothers officially 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 please,

    49. klaus grönemacher

      Me a month ago: can't wait to get them Me now: wow they didn't bring them back in my country. And didn't given any information about thay for us.:(

    50. Alex Young

      "Exclusively at Target" why is it that I can find more of the card on ebay and etsy including fakes that cost 2X to 50X original price? I really don't want to pay some scammer or get banned...

      1. Ladynoir bug

        The ones on etsy (depending on the ones you buy) are completely safe to use! They won’t ban your account or anything :) They look the same and work the same, ebay is full of overpriced scalpers so i don’t recommend

    51. Aron Is Cool

      Nintendo add more space villagers update ok?

    52. The battle gamer Duo

      can you guys make a new game based on sonic and mario teaming against bowser and eggman to win ton save amy and peach and the sonic and mario's universe

      1. The battle gamer Duo

        like another collab with sega for a new game

    53. FI_zzZ

      Make a new switch pro

    54. A random BITCHES

      I'm watching this again just to wanna say that Nintendo doesn't added Kuromi bc if Kuromi have in this game, people maybe go craziest and overrated Kuromi like how they do it with Raymond and Marshal

    55. That Inky Mushroom

      I’m getting my Sanrio Amiibos! (Also thanks for this update!)

    56. Sophia Pacione

      Everyone is talking about how Marty is adorable (which he is) and that these wont be available anywhere, but can we take a moment to appreciate Toby? He's so freakin' precious!

      1. Kirby Kirb

        @Nope Nope lol you seem like the type of girls who type “yas queen your so pretty 👄🥵💖” or “don’t even try 🙄✌️” or “Barold my baby girl 🥺🥺🥺” or “Tabby is precious don’t even try to prove me wrong 😭😭🥶” but seriously we could’ve gotten the actual cute frog he is based on not some RABBIT. People always use the excuse “it’s because they are FaNs” but why are they fans why not the actual villager

      2. Nope Nope

        Mm...but he is cute c: u can take ur opinion somewhere else and just let Toby thrive like the queen he is✨

      3. Kirby Kirb

        Toby is so ugly. We could’ve gotten a good frog villager who is actually cute

    57. Leonardo Galvis

      There's Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, the Little Twin Stars, Kiki and Lala, Cinnamoroll, My Melody, and Kerokerokeroppi themed-houses.

    58. Sue Alvarez

      Im so excited to never get these because there sold out :(

      1. Kirby Kirb

        I’m so excited to never get these because I don’t want them

      2. klaus grönemacher

        I'm so excited to never get them because they don't bring them in my country :(

    59. Mohammed Bhayat

      nintendo make all games free

    60. Meme Kid

      why did it have to be hello kitty of all things

    61. Ollie Show

      Its Mario's march 31st, it better be an April fools joke tomorrow!

    62. billie RH

      someone PLEASE talk about how amazingly designed the animal’s house exterior looked!

      1. Kirby Kirb

        Looks like the others just recolors

    63. ꧁ButterBunny꧂

      i need the my melody amiibo *now*

    64. mason collis

      Bruh what.

    65. katelyn suri

      Another update i would like to see is us being allowed to buy multuples shirts and stuff at the able sisters change room instead of having to pick a few come out then go in to pick more and so on

      1. katelyn suri


    66. Amer Alomair

      No no no no no no no no no no it can't be

    67. Lil Lucy!!!

      Omg, when does this come out?

    68. Readysetplay567

      Me: wants to get Sanrio amiibo cards when it came out. Bots and Scalpers: hippity hoppity your cards are now my property.

    69. WP04

      What about the UK?!?

      1. - CasTheSeal -

        They were available in the UK (and Japan too) in around 2016.

    70. c1plas

      I want this but already sold out. Oh well.

    71. Khalil Richardson

      Save sml

    72. TDMFamily

      I want Super mario maker 3

    73. Mauricio Castaño Contador

      Estoy protegido por ETA

    74. captnmaim

      I didn’t know Nintendo supported satanism

    75. MnMn Bahr.


    76. jxst_b33

      aw man! I can't wait to get into my german stores to get myself these villagers! ;-;

    77. Nelida Cartagena

      My grandkid loves Elotie and she will kick one resident out of her town for Elotie

      1. AxolotlLover737

        Same same

    78. NintendoPepsoune

      What is Pompompurin and Keroppi ?

    79. Olivia Jean

      it is march 29th and 5the sanrio items are not updated yet is this normal or does anyone have advice?

      1. Olivia Jean

        @ellie bagel. ohh thank you!

      2. ellie bagel.

        Unless you have the cards the items are for sale

    80. Morning star

      Can we just talk about how Hello kitty is a damn gorilla

    81. Anime and Acnh Lover

      Is there going to be a restock? Half of them literally went to scalpers on ebay and other places who jacked up the prices. ;-;

    82. 林沛鋅


    83. Monika Neilande


      1. Kirby Kirb

        $60 is pricy but it’s not super overpriced I guess. Also I’m not getting Mario 3D all stars due to the limited release and I’m not complaining.

    84. Ava Foust

      Dear Nintendo. Please consider bring the Roost back. This is the best update yet,... and you could make it better. you coded the villagers to say “ Brewster said that 13 cups of coffee was crazy..he was right” are you gonna keep pulling on my heart or are you gonna put it in the game LOL I love you Nintendo pleeeease . Everyone is asking for him my heart WANTS BREWSTer 🥺🥺🥺

      1. Ava Foust

        @Kirby Kirb yeah, I agree.

      2. Kirby Kirb

        I didn’t really like this update since it didn’t bring that much other than more custom designs. The Sanrio stuff was small especially since it requires payment. But that’s my opinion

    85. John Christopher Somo

      So no one's gonna talk about Hello Kitty being an Ugly Gorilla Villager 🤢🤮😬😭😭😭... wish they will change her 😥

    86. Lydia Rose

      i did get ready and i got nothing

    87. luis perez

      I Hate target

      1. Kirby Kirb

        Target is me childhood kinda....

      2. MisterAlex

        You can blame Nintendo, too. They've done store-exclusive amiibo releases in the past, and it was a fiasco every. single. time. Every time.

    88. Olinka Medina

      Que botana

    89. Supermy singing monsters Brandon Humbug potato head

      Please make super Mario maker 3 with 6 player

    90. Gustavo Rodrigues

      I must trying all games for android an iPhone

    91. John Lewis

      Please allow us to have more than ten villagers on an island.

    92. Woofles

      Who is here after target is literally broken and just waiting for more of these cards to come in stock?

      1. Woofles

        @Kirby Kirb it is 👍🏻

      2. Kirby Kirb

        Your pfp looks like that girl from Persona 5

    93. Harrison Whaley

      It’s too bad you didn’t produce enough of them for people to buy

    94. ThatOnePersonThatTriesToFindACommentToArgueWith

      Just got an amiibo of Marty. Gave Marshal away for it. I don’t regret it since Marty’s my baby 🥰

      1. ThatOnePersonThatTriesToFindACommentToArgueWith

        Kirby Kirb i don’t really like some of the popular villagers. Mostly because they’re overrated and some aren’t even that cute. Marty is the villager i’ve been wanting to get so that’s why i gave Marshal. My opinion though.

      2. ThatOnePersonThatTriesToFindACommentToArgueWith

        Kirby Kirb no worries. Gave Marshal to my sis so i could still see Marshal whenever i want to.

      3. Kirby Kirb

        NOOO not marshal... I really don’t see how people find Marty cute. He seems like a tier 5-4 in the villager ranking but that’s my opinion

    95. SeafishNeko

      Guys if you weren't able to get a hold of these cards please check out etsy! 😉

    96. Sabrina Torres-Gonzalez

      How can you have Melody and no Kuromi :(

      1. Kirby Kirb

        They just ported the villagers from new leaf. They didn’t add any new ones

    97. katelyn suri

      If only you could do an update that lets us put only garlands on cliff walls. I would really like to make a place on my island that looks like a birthday party is happening or a garland between 2 trees

      1. Kirby Kirb

        Same I want that a lot. I made tangy a birthday party themed yard since she is on the cover of K.K birthday

    98. TAFKAN74

      Nintendo? Nintendont! 🤬 No Sanrio cards in Germany, Austria und Switzerland... are you freaking kidding me, Nintendo? 😡

      1. Kirby Kirb

        Getting mad won’t do anything. Try to remain calm

    99. pieovercake

      It sucks that Nintendo America mishandled the situation, but guys.. Nintendo Europe failed badly. Aside from France, the other countries didnt even get a release

    100. Matilda Green

      Marty. That’s all I have to say.