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    1. Tony G

      @5:40 gib: lands a combo Commentators: 🦗🦗🦗

    2. Kayn

      I love how the commentators were sucking tayler off thq early rounds then switched when they reapised he ain't doing shit

    3. King Joseph

      This tayler child should not be fighting

    4. Ya Boi

      Gib got robbed big time I’m glad it got changed

    5. psn ibz_0311


    6. sagar

      I think fousey was the most irrelevant person of this entire boxing event and he just made his case a lot worse with that but gib got the win in the end

    7. Chickenlor11EggRaptorJesus

      The commentators are annoying

    8. RF BoxingTV

      Gib destroyed him the only Round that was close was the last round

    9. DennisOswinFunGaming

      Gibbs has a very good jab the way he worked it in this fight was perfect hes got very magic toll if keeps working on it that way

    10. enduro rider

      Everyone was forgetting gibs amateur record was 2 and o one of them being tko and the other being him winning everyround

    11. Josh Down Under

      Gibs name should have been THE TANK.

    12. Cas

      I get where taylor is coming from with i didnt get hit much but taylor didnt do enough so gib got more punches in

    13. Makeupbykiira_

      Bro how on earth did you travel to the US whilst the covid ban? Help a sister out pls

    14. Mr. Mr.

      Commentators were super awful. It is like they were obsessed Taylor was more professional and was more complete boxer. He does nothing but they go "he is showing patience", he gets hit - "Good blocking"

    15. Cheeriosシ

      I wish i would have been able to see gibs reaction to Winning and Taylor Holders Reaction to losing.

    16. LikelifeComet 63

      Bro what is this girl talking about 😂

    17. Hez Gaming

      I though he was fighting Taylor holder, not cal freezy

    18. 30 Fps

      It looks like cats fighting

    19. lil squeaky

      can you do Taylor holder vs big gib again and get better judges

    20. R M

      I know the fight was over turned so that Gib won the fight as he should have, but how the hell does score cards “50-46,49-46,49-46” make a draw, in boxing if all 3 judges score cards read one person as the winner it’s a majority win, the only ways it can be seen as a draw is if the majority see it as a draw (2 read it 47-47 and one reads it 50-46) if it’s a split decision draw when one judge sees the fight as a draw and the remaining 2 judges believed the other fighter won (45-50,50-45,47-47) and I’m not sure about this last one because it’s probably next to impossible for it to occur but a unanimous draw in which all 3 judges see it as a draw (47-47 on all score cards). I heard the fight was rigged in favour of Taylor but it’s one of those scenarios in my opinion of innocent until proven guilty, and just to clarify I’m a Gibber fan.

    21. Freddie Hallam

      They just wanted money from a rematch this is why they just want money

    22. Walid Sewileh

      Respect to Taylor he looks professional and all but sadly GIB is the winner of this fight no cap

      1. Walid Sewileh

        @Laksh Tripurari True true😂

      2. Laksh Tripurari

        Sadly? You should be happy Gib won lol

    23. Joe Candice

      When she said : They looked professional 😂😂😂... That's adorable . Edited : But, that guy Gib clearly, clearly Won . lol

    24. lacrimosa

      im not that experienced w what boxing techniques are but i know something dont look right every time holder just stands completely still w his gloves up

    25. EP Styles

      someone flipped the betting odds before the fight. Pardon my tin foil hat but i think they knew someone wanted to throw the fight in Taylor’s favor. Unfortunately you can’t BEAT THE GIBBER

    26. Romaissa

      huge difference in de power punches and total but its still a draw i think they calculated wrong

    27. LM

      I like how Gib got way better than when he compared to when he fought Jake.

    28. platano

      "taylor looking really good rn" meanwhile gib beating the life out of holder

    29. Ryan Kraus

      Y'all saying that Gib was beating him . Holder was the more experienced fighter here , he was calm , composed , defensive . And overall better .

      1. Laksh Tripurari

        Bro??? You can’t have boxing experience if you haven’t been in the ring you mug. Gib was the better fighter overall

    30. iSwanky

      Gibs blocking at 14:37 looking clean af crazy reaction speed

    31. balter

      Gib went ‘gibo mode!’

    32. Ol' Pricklebush

      Gib lookin' like a pro!

    33. Ayo Freshh

      How dare the judges talk shit about you gib

    34. Fire gamer

      taylor you are bull crap

    35. fade lynx


    36. Yerra Anirudh

      I wouldn't even care if I run over someone and that happens to be Taylor Holder himself. This kid finna getting dropped someday and gonna end up like his boyfriend Bryce all humbled 😂

    37. Bao FC

      That female commentator was sucking off holder for most of the match

      1. Maritza J

        All of them were but gib still won

    38. Endriza Muflih

      Lol literally holder paid this judges and commentators

    39. Rikchal Sherchan

      They need a rematch with 10 oz gloves

    40. RajJ Gaming

      Gib gets tired out? Ahhahhahahaha jokers

      1. RajJ Gaming

        @Laksh Tripurari yo i dunno if u know english cuz Im saying that gib tiring out is a in it did not happen..

      2. Laksh Tripurari

        Gib tired out??? Are you dum Gib didn’t even slow down a bit in all of the rounds

    41. SPF Awoken

      Dam gib got robbed

    42. stephany moreno

      Gib: talking Taylor: blah blah blah

    43. Edward Castro

      Glad I didn’t bet on this fight 😅😅

    44. Benjamin O'Dell

      I don’t know who either of these geezers are but blue shorts won every round. Slipped punches, moved, controlled the ring, was the aggressor, landed most punches by far. How one earth can that be a draw? Ref knows too. Look at his face at the decision. Don’t know who the judges are, but what a joke.

    45. YJRZzAntisocial1

      Taylor couldn't fight for shit he throws punches like a toddler

    46. YJRZzAntisocial1

      Nahh Gib Won that there was no fucking draw bullshit

    47. The Wanderer

      Gib, are you gonna fight Jay again?

    48. AbdxlExtra

      Taylor is professional at getting his ads beat lmfao

    49. Mattdawzon Yosores

      Commentary so biased

    50. Riley Taylor

      I’m only watching the fight now but gib obviously won this fight there no way this was a draw

    51. Andres Pineda

      No one: Paige: Did I mention I’m a professional bare knuckle fighter?

    52. Jo

      how could Paige say with a straight face ''it was a close fight, we didn't know how to score it...'' after they all said that they would be shocked if this wasn't a 50-45 score on all the judging cards...

    53. Lewis Dolan

      'His training made him too professional' wow what stupid commentators

    54. Lewis Dolan

      Commentators are soo dumb

    55. ee thaw

      I am not gonna invite that referee at my wedding night… if he say go at own corner…. i am done

    56. Joshua Griffis

      I like taylor but gib destroyed him fare and square

    57. Xxsever_ ShadowxX

      WTF 9:08

      1. Laksh Tripurari

        Lol I was also thinking the same thing

    58. matthias martin

      And his hooks were weak ash the only time he turned up he was doing shit still and his clinching is tuffff😂 gib uppercut him when tylor tried holding his head to get a break

    59. matthias martin

      The ref is payed off that’s why they even said it was a draw the entire time was saying he had way more practice yet gib beat his ass they entire time n the ref only really called out gib for anything if he should’ve even been stopped he was usually just looking at gib maybe he was biased or maybe he was payed for so Taylor could do better lmaooo

    60. Cameron Taylor

      Good job big gibber

    61. Fahim Rahman

      Daylight robbery

    62. Its - Scythe

      what a difference form Gib form the last fight MAD

    63. airplane

      Teacher: The maths test won't be that hard. Maths test: 17:37

    64. David Elias

      Lol gib was so mad it was a draw took everything not to start punching Taylor hats off to the 2 young lads they both put in a great show 🙌

    65. Nicky Cophen

      10:10-10:11 that punch by Gib tho the commentator "good left hand by Taylor" Taylor didn't do shit!😭😂😂 Gib out classed Taylor and they were just to embrassed to admit that period.

    66. LS lover

      The Commentators were riding Taylor but at least they had the integrity to call out the judges!

    67. Javier Reyes

      Ya taylet lost

    68. Jack Atko

      My MVP ❤️

    69. Golden Supernova

      “Too professional” isn’t professional

    70. Patrick mahomes

      Gib got robbed

    71. Mamax

      Gib won all the way.

    72. Mamax

      The commentators are so far up Taylor’s a$$ it isn’t funny. 😅🤢

    73. Hussy

      Commentators do be riding holder

    74. AbhinavFIFPES

      Let's have a minute of silence for the commentator who bet 10k with niko if tayler holder wins🙏🙏

    75. Jack Back

      Even after all 5 rounds, you can see that Gib still has a lot of energy by the way he speaks. He looks like he can do another 5 rounds. His cardio is INSANE

    76. Small potatoes

      How is it a draw gib went ham meanwhile Taylor Holder just stood there!!

    77. Austin Hong

      Holder is living up to his name: Holding

    78. Mohammed Abdul


    79. Kakushka Playz

      Hon you won 🏆 💯💯

    80. Bejan Bajrami

      The commentator is pissing me off especially the women

    81. Av

      The commentators are so stupid

    82. bb Q

      As someone who is middle ground with both and isn’t gonna lie and say one is better just bc they’re a fan like the rest of y’all. They both can’t fight.

    83. Michel Bick

      It’s hard to watch the fight with the commentators sucking off Taylor the whole time

    84. Rico Chico

      All that time kicking it with Ryan Garcia and you couldn’t beat up dude ? Smh

    85. G T

      "They looked professional" 💀

    86. Tiktok edits 🔥🔥


    87. Solomon Cisneros

      The announcers really sucking off holder the entire first round even though he’s getting battered 😂

    88. Kasey Lee

      Holder looked board towards the end of fight he's alot taller then dude he should of towered him instead of fucking hugging.

    89. Sheryl Florance

      Gib: ✔️💪🏼 Tayler: -winning-


      Omg I'm gib and my brother is Holder

    91. TDunn77

      How could they say draw like wtf that made no sense at all

    92. Louis Cool

      The entire commentators box: This was a clear robbery, this win was obvious The ufc fighter chick in the ring: We had no idea how to judge this, this was a close fight

    93. Shawn Bullard VM

      Not gonna lie now that i rewatch this i have gib winning still but i wanna see him stand more high i think he will have more power possibly could've knocked Taylor out this gib could've maybe last 3-4 rounds with Jake the Gib i think he could be if he stood tall could last all 6 if not beat Jake. Also looking at Taylor he defiantly could've won if he had been more aggressive and threw some over hands he already has height advantage and with how low gib stance still is he could've easily been clipped by Taylor if the overhand was every thrown, i can't wait too see Gib back in the rig i wanna see him against Landon McBroom just because too me personally it makes since both have same height and reach Gib could possibly lose a little bit of weight maybe 5 from where he was in this fight and landon gain about 10 i know people wanna see Gib against Vinnie but that doesn't make since, what does is a Vinnie vs Deji 2 also i don't believe KSI should go right after Austin McBroom i think KSI should fight no other then Jarvis understandably i get why people say KSI vs Austin would make more money but why not have a tune up fight that isn't also a very easy fight against Jarvis it will be hard too sell but not really everyone wants too see JJ fight and Faze fan base wants too see Jarvis fight again so it could sell and just have professional fighters on the undercard, then Austin McBroom have his own event of the likes of Austin McBroom vs Taylor Holder, Gib vs Landon McBroom, and Deji vs Vinnie 2 later on have Austin vs KSI then the big show down Jake vs KSI which i believe Jake will win then Jake should go straight up pro

    94. Tiana Haynes

      Tayler should have won fair and square

      1. Lucas BWH

        what? how delusional can you be?

    95. Dark dagger

      AnEsonGib 3-1-0 (1KO’s)(1KO’s) Bouts 4 Rounds 12 KO’s 25% Date Opponent W-L-D Result Rounds 6/12/2021 Tayler Holder Debut W UD 5/5 1/30/2020 Jake Paul 1-0-0 L TKO 1/6 8/25/2018 Jay Swingler Debut W PTS 4/4 2/3/2018 MaxPlaysFifa Debut W TKO 2/3

    96. carlitoskafre

      man the commentary is straight bullshit

    97. ŁÁÚŘÉÑŤ1

      Taylor pay ref

    98. M A X V E R S T A P P E N I N G

      Insane dub bossman

    99. Russell Supertramp

      Taylor Holder should retire. He's been boxing for years and has the most experience on that card by far and is still horrible.