Government Surveillance: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    There are very few government checks on what America’s sweeping surveillance programs are capable of doing. John Oliver sits down with Edward Snowden to discuss the NSA, the balance between privacy and security, and dick-pics.
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    1. Allen S

      I still remember being confused one day. Looking at this and at everyone. And I said, “This isn’t news. I always knew the government spies on us and collects that data. Didnt you already know that?”

    2. Tom Birmingham

      wow, the amnesia is insane. I feel awful.

    3. L Allen

      Fuuu!Look at Britain.Cameras monitoring every movement on the street.Probably monitoring every fukin call.US aint got nothin on that

    4. Oh Really

      INSANENLY good interview

    5. Chloe -

      pls bring dan gurwhich back, he is literally so funny!!!!

    6. The HMF

      Lets just embrace the fact that at the time I am typing this comment, John Oliver got 28M people to care about National Security, using dick pics.

    7. First Name Last Name

      The government of U**S creating a false enemy to justify their awful operations on Muslims, Oliver would reply with that by "don't leak this false case , because it is hurting our interests", but still he would lectures the same countries to follow his human rights values...the irony.

    8. Diaper Sniper

      Sometimes I’ll watch John Oliver but that Snowden video is so heavily edited and it’s very obvious. He’s trying to act like he’s mocking Snowden, but Snowden is and always will be a legend for letting the public know what was truly going on. Shame on John for this one

    9. Karelyn Rosa

      I hope Snowden will someday be exonerated, pardoned, and welcomed back in the US.

    10. Helen McDermid

      No one should send any dick pics for reasons of aesthetic taste and decency, women don´t like dick pics.

    11. Matt Logue

      Technically PATRIOT act is acronym

    12. movieloverfan18

      The NSA story being preempted for Justin Bieber, the look on John Oliver's face. And the lovelorn turtle that was perfect.

    13. MrBritishguyESQ

      They spied on Doctors Without Borders.....fucking really?

    14. Cody Murphy

      This is my favorite episode of Last Week Tonight. I’ve watched it quite a few times.

    15. Jennifer Pyrce

      The sad truth is that while most of us will, justifiably, be outraged by the mass surveillance of US citizens, a HUGE percentage of those VERY PEOPLE, will continue to broadcast their ENTIRE lives on Social Media! NSA: "We don't need surveillance, we have FACEBOOK"!

    16. Jakob Goodwin

      He’s a traitor. We should treat him like one.

    17. RAWTWT

      I love this episode, but Edward Snowden is a traitor, if he was truly an American Patriot, after the news broke which gave him political cover. He should of turned himself in, remember Daniel Ellsberg released at the time the most sensitive documents of his era, and because he was able to get it our there to the public, yes he was initially charged, but all charges were later dismissed. Instead he went to are biggest adversary and now works for a private company that contracts for the FSB(former KGB).

    18. reallue

      *Edward Snowden Is a National Hero.* The ONLY way America improves/regains its status as the Greatest Country and #1 again in all the objectively _IDEAL_* rankings is for *ALL* Americans to have the courage to plant themselves like a tree & take a stand against corruption when they witness it & blow the whistle whenever anyone in positions power violates the constitution &/or the rights of the American people. We ALL Need to have the Courage & the Convictions of Edward Snowden. *(vs. our only current #1 rankings of °Incarceration, °Military Spending, °Illegal/Endless Wars, & °Corruption - in terms of how easily/cheaply bought our politicians & media truly are & the speed/extent of which our alleged "Representatives" constantly rig all our systems against the American people & transfer the wealth of Americans upwards into increasingly concentrated fewer/more powerful hands)

    19. gothnate

      Something not mentioned is the fact they can use an altered version of facial recognition software to keep a database of dick picks so they could potentially match yours up to one that might have been exposed in a terrorist plot. Besides facial recognition, there's also tattoo recognition software that uses the same principle. Eventually, government agencies and police departments will have full body 3D scanners to save everything about your physical person, even your rusty sheriff's badge, in a national database.

    20. mario yu

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    21. Hyden Ray

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    22. Peter Barker

      ..trance aparrent law's..

    23. Michael Ståhl

      Snowden is a hero and causality of war, the war against the common people.

    24. Locked & Loaded

      Sad that people would rather give up their freedom than their smart phone.

    25. Scorpius Jones


    26. isaac anthony

      You can watch me in the mens room, to make sure its ONLY MEN!!! BHUT don't touch muh guns! FREEDUMB!!!!

    27. vacuumunit

      You were soo young back then

    28. Amber

      Edward Snowden is a traitor to our country. If you think Putin is letting him stay there out of the kindness of his heart you’re naive

    29. Hannah Logarski

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    30. Jon Novak

      The disappointment of him shitting on Assange to run interference for the DNC on this episode is pretty rough. EDIT: Jesus Christ why would he play that directly to Snowden

    31. ruemangel

      NLname puts a john oliver video after almost every video I watch. No wonder his videos have so many million views.

    32. Madden Stewart


    33. o0O-JD-O0o

      John Oliver is also my hero. you're the best John

    34. Gilbert Mozell

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    35. C C

      Thats soooooooo funny that people actually send nude pics of themselves to anyone.... and then the gov makes fun of them and spreads them around. Classic end to that story!!!

    36. mario yu

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    37. Blaire Sovereign

      19:12 the face Snowden made when John asks "what's UNICEF doing?" holy sh-t. You can just see him thinking "I can't belief I sacrificed everything for this..."

    38. Haines Meacham

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    39. Herr Zyken

      When you suddenly hear a "WA" 18:07

    40. J K

      John is kind of a dick

    41. Cristina Lee

      Dang, all things aside Snowden is really likeable lol

    42. W

      Fantastic. You found a way to make this relevant and understandable. Your special talent is to summarize a complex but important subject into sharing Dick Pics.

    43. celeste delk

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    44. Philip Alagao

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    45. S. M.

      Snowden is person who stood up for his belief and lost everything. He is a respectful human being. Spying on its own people is just low. That's why all my labop's camera are covered.

    46. BearXBunny

      I like this interview and all but I can sense an overall condescending tone to it

    47. Matt Mower

      I've watched this several times and am always impressed at what a good sport Snowden is throughout this interview.

    48. Saranghae

      Edward Snowden is so attractive 😍😍. And yes, thanks for sacrificing so much to let us know what we needed to know!

    49. Jim Tomp

      What the fuck is wrong with us, Americans. Wow! I’m sorry Ed I think you’re a hero and I look forward to the day you can come home!

    50. Dead Soul

      Haha russia stupid we need to nuke it

    51. Cameron Dickson

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    52. madi li

      Shall we revisit with an episode on corporate/digital surveillance?

    53. Clement McKenzie

      He is a traitor. A self-righteous, self-important traitor. Espionage is a good thing. It keeps us safe and prevents war. He wants the government to take responsibility but incapable of taking responsibility for his own actions. Even when confronted with the obvious damage his actions caused through a lack of due diligence. He hides behind the press and sad personal definition of freedom,. as if his definition Is the definition. He is a weasel who it just didn't work out the way he thought it would, He didn't come out of it the hero. He didn't become Woodward and Bernstein. He came out just another loser living in a country whose government surveils everyone, kills its political opponents suppresses its citizens' rights, and now is using him for propaganda. Sad, pathetic, and sad

      1. TiredAsian Zombie

        I hope you're saying all this after knowing that he was put in Russia by the US, as he wanted to be at an aslyum in European countries. And more over, he didn't do this to be a hero nor to make some mind-blowing difference. He saw that the mass surveillance being done to the US citizen was so deep and intrusive that he felt the conscience of letting the citizens know that they are being watched and achieved. He did it knowing his life will be in jeopardy and his family will be affected by his decision; yet he did to inform the public of their own country was stealing and essentially controlling how we lived our lives. He didn't ask for a pardon, he didn't beg to return to the US, nor did he even remotely denied what he did was illegal. He wanted a fair trial in the case of his return where he can explain to the jury of his peers why he did what he did; not to be cleared of all charges. I understand whistle-blowers are too closely related of being a traitor, but he didn't divulge details that had anything to do with foreign military affairs that could've put US soldiers in danger. He revealed that the government we put our faith into protect us, decided to put a big microscope on it behind our backs. If you truly feel that Snowden is a traitor, it's your opinion, but honestly, what happened after the leak that was so tragic that we as the citizen didn't have the right to know that we ourselves were being watched and lied to without our knowledge. People nowadays buy VPNs to protect our data and personal information; he did us a solid for doing it with his own life on the line. Kinda ironic he's in Russia, he leaked US mass surveillance plot and then the US put him in flight risk in the country that'll make US look really bad for putting Snowden in.

    54. Edmund Chen

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    55. Stupha Kinpendous

      The sound of one single tortoise fucking one single shoe is: {later insert sound I've never heard.) I cannot imagine what that might sound like. If only it were pitched somewhat lower, within the range of human hearing, without any shoes nearby to fuck, we might hear something genuinely transformative. Christ. We might all be werewolves and not even know it. FUCK everyone who eats goddamned sea turtles. Edit: Snowden is a genuine fucking hero.

    56. Picachu Girl

      Aight the jokes were funny af. But Snowdin looked midly annoyed 😂

    57. Devin Jenkins

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    58. Heather Mortimer

      YES WE CAN!!! ❤

    59. Ebeneser Thepbanthao

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    60. Heather Mortimer

      I am SOOOO happy for/ jealous of... Lindsey Snowden and/ or baby Snowden. Right?! Edward Effin' Snowden!!... 'MERICA!!! 🥰

    61. Daniel Da Rosa

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    62. Lily Smol

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    63. Mark Golding

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    64. Celsa Celsa

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    65. hagancs

      You are amazing, and my hero!

    66. Stephanie Thurman

      I know you'll never see this but I needed you to know how much your sacrifice meant to this country. Some people are ignorant but most of us aren't. We realize what you gave up to warn us and we appreciate it every day. I'd be happy to be on the list as associated with you.

    67. Francesca Rosati

      Thank you, John!

    68. Benjamin Franklin

      Some people on the right refer to truck nutz as dictators. IDK, I guess if that's what their comfortable with...

    69. Paul Usselman

      Hilarious and informative. I think Snowden learned somethings also. 😂

    70. DTA PX

      So to summarise: you went to Russia to interview an American who is in exile because the American secret service want him dead because he told the truth about them....and the take home message is the Russians and their secret service are terrifying? This is some PREMIUM gaslighting.

    71. Jay Sprout

      Why is John Oliver the best Snowden interview?

    72. Larry Pahl

      @7:02 “whale tears.” Make spring of 2021: WhaleTears or WholeSociety?

    73. Larry Pahl

      any 2021 update on sec.215 or phy-za?

    74. Gilbert Mozell

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    75. Calvin K

      Seeing that video being showed to Edward Snowden is just heartbreaking given just how much he has sacrificed to do the right thing.

    76. CryingNight Animation

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    77. Sean LaMontagne

      Instead of having the conversation, they talked about having the conversation. Edit: Nevermind. The first half of the interview was just there to get this segment aired on TV.

    78. Matthew Malone

      24 mins in johns argument just turns into, “America is too stupid”

    79. Bore Solenne

      Is it dead now ? Speaking from 2021

      1. Larry Pahl

        plz gugl it

    80. Pit Gutzmann

      I wonder why people are so concerend about their dick pix? A government official browsing through them will soon loose enthusiasm and see them professionally like a doctor.

    81. joe Doe

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    82. Kartikeya Sinha

      There is no proper oversight on 🇺🇸 Drone policy, 🇺🇸 bases abroad, the no of places bombed by 🇺🇸 or 🇺🇸 Surveillance policy. All of this stuff is deadly and the fact that no one has proper oversight on it makes it even deadlier

    83. Alex Fox

      NSA share prism with the public!

      1. Alex Fox

        wait till i make it 4D

      2. Alex Fox

        all pictures are worth 1000 words

      3. Alex Fox

        cryptography is legal

    84. Jayson Ong

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    85. MrAaronvee

      Why does he undermine his own reputation by making off-hand jokes about smart-phones 'probably causing cancer'? That is irresponsible, as the energies are too small to cause genetic mutations and thus cancer.

    86. Hanes Howie

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    87. Storn Olson

      back when he used to be funny. huh

    88. Justin Stalbaum

      Olivers interview with Snowden is actually fuckin perfect to explain to normal people and using dickpick.

    89. J Hitchcock

      NLname keeps going to this video after everything I watch. Haha!

    90. Benjamin Gal-Or

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    91. HaveSkis WillTravel

      Not unbelievable, but here five years later.

    92. Gracie Rodriguez

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    93. Gamer Nick

      Scanning through frames and trying to find exact frame where Edward realised he sacrificed his previous life for people too comfortable to care.

    94. Zoey Paige

      Snowden is a hero

    95. John Smith

      Us ppl need to be absolutly orrifide after this ...Babe...stop sending me pussy pics

    96. Xxkrista.mariexX

      They need to dumb it down for us Americans that don't understand big words really. They are making it boring for a reason ppl.

    97. SomeOne

      This could have been a great video ...

    98. Belkys

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    99. Lily Charles

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    100. Ebeneser Thepbanthao

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