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    1. Record Player

      Tetep komen walau gak ada yg ngelike

    2. Rosa Maria Antunez Ponce

      Lol i think he is the Boyfriend he was Lkke Omg how did she do It Right lol

    3. Ariah

      Roxy xjxrOkokxd

    4. Johan Jones

      Okay now im gonna make dose video

    5. Nuhur Alam

      Yhayagt976jdj6g3867978vuout1 234567891011

    6. Itz Blender Facts

      Mom I want to trending Mom: We have trending at home Trending at home:

    7. Mila kartini

      Gini doang trending 135jt viewer saat ini

    8. Mulyadi Afn

      Maksudnya apa ya sampe ratusan juta gitu. Gw pencet2 piano biasa aja... Congrats dude

    9. Aldi SardeeN

      Njir 165 ribu nonton

    10. Crystal Newlin

      That's cool

    11. Haha Lol

      This is actually really fun

    12. NAS land


    13. Not_Amayas

      Aw mann!

    14. Cecilia García

      Si pf no me voy para que no me gusta

    15. Valentina Ramirez

      Rgrccrgejkvwebdunfgneknevbejbdhfgbfhbd y tu como estan todos en sus casas y tu abuelo como sige la 66mil y grgevvgvdhbdgf jxbdhfbfvdtbecbduneybxjnr

    16. Valentina Ramirez

      Fwtvsybdh dxvdu dtb si Dr eu fue xvs7bddfce g dhbeyvetehhebehebhebegcedhevevgevegvegve de dientes ya que no me contesta en segida para

    17. Yanina Luna


    18. Bán Muối TV

      Ghê,VN đâu rồi

    19. b suresh bsshetty

      I L u

    20. Jeremy Foster


    21. Dadang Resmana


    22. Young Defiant

      R u Russian

    23. Wisnu Canal

      Kok begitu

    24. Mplaskovits


    25. Amin Mustaqim

      Di samping ABG cantik pamer aring Q ga akan ada yg mau di jual dari jam tok tok neng 😢

    26. Erna Wati


    27. Andika satria bharata

      Ya ampun

    28. Pandu Kartika Dewa

      132 jt 😂

    29. Mamacita lover


    30. Natural Life


    31. Tunahan Tkcn

      Can we play megalovania on this?

    32. Deni Haryadi

      Mirip Viola bininya Agus Ahong 😘❤️😀😀

    33. Alexandre Andrade

      Ela é muito engraçado ele é doido aqui na carroça 😯😯😯❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🤰

    34. Daniel GX


    35. FJ Moba


    36. Saaed Ali

      Need kk lmk ppl

    37. Nanda Official 94


    38. kartika sari

      n akhirnya gua liet kan ni video jir pd gabut ni trending mulu awokwokwok +130 viewer gileh ngukuk

    39. Sam Jang

    40. Edwin Huwaae

      No glir dog

    41. manitas creativas

      ASE trampa

    42. BatzGaming

      When this is gaining more views then Small NLnamers with talent

    43. Lcka

      I'm so confused why does this have so many views and why's it trending in like every country 😳

    44. kot stop

      Как это говно столько просмотров набрало?


      It's just one day! 132m?

    46. Black black

    47. kai


    48. Cloeffy Mai Ballacillo


    49. დFloppy The Donutsდ

      Wow qué bien abue ma tú también a la cámara porque yo no sé

    50. Sophia Weaver

      I'm 8 year old girl love you 💕 you can do it you have to do to cash out on you and you are a great friend you 💕🤟 to do it again and you are extremely busy today buy the house 🏘️ you gave it you didn't get your email and you are a good friend you 💕 you want me to do her fgnyhgvg stuffy rhythm sixth h with oh well you can come home given

    51. Aka Kalluto

      Wow this is so scripted

    52. Russell Baker

      Wow girls are so smart!! 🙏🏻

    53. OKTA Tjapsusu

      TERPANTAU 132Jt🙃

    54. Zozo Reyes


    55. Steven Ejcalon

      Tramposa mujer🤬🤬🤬🤬

    56. Shahbaz Alam

    57. valeria montoya


    58. Reya vn

      Apaan dah yang nonton banyak bet kwkwwkwk

    59. Иван Мельников

      Первая про двух гусей 😃

    60. languages &


    61. Dimablog

      *like who loves mom*

    62. Trends Vanity

      To the person who is reading this, don't give up on your NLname channel. Keep going it's going to get better ♥️

    63. Jheny Navarro


    64. Deva Aliansyah


    65. Amina Malik

    66. zijuiy wttuy

      Видео: русское Американцы: суету навести охота)) Ps: абалдеть 74 лайка, мой рекорд)

      1. TOP4IK YT

        Бля тупо своровал коммент. Нету у тебя 74 лайка!

    67. YA C

      Lol love it

    68. marie duroyon

      OMG 😱

    69. kawai gema do infinito

      Alguém e br

    70. Media Model official

      Kok yg kek begini bisa tending yah.. Anehhh

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        Видео: русское Американцы: суету навести охота)) Ps: абалдеть 74 лайка, мой рекорд)

    71. All_in_one

      Relax nlname.infoza71okR0V8c?feature=share

    72. Владислав Ревенко

      наглый пиздеж

    73. Joab Lima


    74. Josue David Flores Martinez

      Huy si, indirectamente hay feminismo aqui

    75. lombok chanel

      Hello we from "Wira podcast" tim we hope sometime we meet in our village Lombok Indonesia..

    76. Naila Gul


    77. Ruby Alvarez

      Eya escucha mejor

    78. BearvilleBear 14

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    79. Nonu Baba✅

      If my comment got 5k like i upload my twerk video on my channel

    80. Farell Alart

      Ah c'est trop drôle

    81. xrrxy vvoi

      Видео: русское Американцы: суету навести охота)) Ps: абалдеть 74 лайка, мой рекорд)

    82. Josiana da Silva Costa Nunes


    83. Afsana Waheed

      Nn q

    84. Snowflake

      Ads be like :

    85. Tiffany Reed

      Like what's it called

      1. xrrxy vvoi

        3 ляма лайков за эту хуйню блять

    86. zoobia malik

      Happy bday to you