Guess who spotted Achmed driving around town?! @Itsdanielmac!

Jeff Dunham

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    1. Jaymez Gibson-starling

      You own the batmobile!!!

    2. Leatherface123

      That super bird is awesome

    3. Jade S

      This is great ! Love that car guy ! 😁😂😂

    4. osaker

      And this is GOOD TickTock

    5. The puppet house Show


    6. Quintessential Teenager

      Quick to the batnut mobile

    7. The Purple Rose

      Looks like heisenbergs hat

    8. drakke125

      Jeff picking up people to drive with and have a fun ride then suddenly....another batmobile pulls up beside Jeff* HEY TWINKIE. PULL OVER! THIS IS MY LANE! Achmed: who the hell are you?! Purple Phantom Menace: IM BATNUT

    9. drakke125

      There better be Achmed in a tank when I call uber or I'm not going to my funeral.

    10. drakke125

      Always loved the skits and vehicles they come up with but I really do hope they're real and Jeff has the collection somewhere. Cuz that is money well spent.

    11. C0NM4N 1132

      Is that what that was?

    12. Doombringer

      A guy so awesome he has a garage for all his movie cars

    13. Jonathan Cano

      Hell yea

    14. Codeman 365

      That’s awesome you literally are the luckiest man you got to ride around with the funniest human being on the planet earth Jeff Dunham Even better in The Batman car

    15. AWARHERO

      Yeah, i got it from that guy down the road that lives in a shack with a cave underneath... Bruce something ...

    16. Mathan Morris


    17. Ink Sans

      That’s an apc

    18. Mohamed Tawfiq

      I thought he would say he kills people for a living

    19. Tazz Maniac

      "What? Oh, I am an aaahh... I'm an uber driver" lmao

    20. Samuel Greenhalgh

      Imagine a batmobile at a trackday? Now THAT would be cool

    21. Seth Gideon Caringal

      you lucky man

    22. adventures of thomas series

      P.s it was a joke

    23. Ophanimon Giang

      This will be on someone else's recommendation

    24. Linda Oehler


    25. sSouls

      ooooooo holyyyyyyyyyy !!! the batmobile !!!! daaaaaaaaaaamn

    26. BackfromtheDead

      Is this racist now? LMAO

    27. Raymond Gibson

      Stop with the mask

    28. giovanny tervers

      I remember watching Jeff as a kid and dieing on the edge of my bed,this man really awakened my love for comedy,love this guy

    29. D3vilB4sket

      Can you imagine just driving around in the Batmobile? The sheer dominance you are asserting just by driving it?

    30. Quak Quak

      I saw that orange car in the back those cars are rare AND I FUCKIN WANT IT

    31. Matt gaming

      Wow. Rich with cool toys. Just save one person Jeff. And you really will be Batman.

    32. Malsawmkima Saza

      This Vid is awesome!.. all credit goes to Achmed!!!... 👍👍

    33. Keith Boles

      Idk, I like the Ferret over the Batmobile!😎

    34. Darren Munsell

      Wow you made ALOT of money, making dolls talk 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    35. Mike Smithey

      Hey what do you do for a living well most of the time I just cut heads off of people I'm an executioner sometimes I just ignite giant bombs and blow thousands of people to death but usually I just hang around with my terrorist Buddies and plan our next explosion

    36. Jonathan Camano

      Jeff is now a honorary NLnamer. We are so proud.

    37. Cpl. Yumi Nagumo

      This is just awesome

    38. The Lone Rider

      The best batmobile ever. The tank skit was funny too. But that batmobile was awesome. The one I think of when I think of batman.

    39. Pumpkinhead1986

      if pedofiles and rapists drive Batmobiles they woudnt have problem to catch they prey . Im 35 but if stanger in batmobile stop me and ask "hey ! do you wanna ride" my family woudnt see me again xD

      1. Twistie Man

        The guy in both the tank and batmobile is Jeff Dunham, more celebrity than stranger

    40. Nathan Cruz

      0:14-0:17 where can I find this real batmobile?

    41. Galaxy Music Customs

      His.. IQ ratings, Sir there *off the Charts!*

    42. SonOfTheDeadPirates

      I wish I was that lucky

    43. Rogueplayz2913

      What do ya know? The legend still lives! Nice to see ya again Jeff! I used to watch you YEARS ago!

    44. GC on the mic

      Man this is too good

    45. Dorky animations


    46. Krle Cool

      Did anybody notice the dedicate Achmed has for his job? He had a broken sternum and he's still driving.

    47. armia krajova

      wait jeff dunham has the batmobile? awesome!

    48. Jason Tachin

      RW:I Love this Vid!🤣

    49. NoneYer Business

      I'm so jealous. You got a Super Bird.

    50. TenoWolf 1123

      That horn is going to make someone accelerate. Not break and stop.

    51. Lennin Oliva

      Did Jeff really buy the OG bat-mobile!?!?!?

    52. Bert Style


    53. Namelessg1911

      what a cool guy. always have been a fan of his shows.

    54. Holden Cross

      Jeff Dunham and Car guy is amazing!

    55. Hayden Shy

      I want to buy that batmobile right now

    56. Redneck322

      My advice for your next ride. Get the Ripsaw Street Legal Tank.

    57. Marsha Caskey

      I want to see achmed

    58. I Luv Radiant Scholar

      This is REALLY not funny Jeff! You are mocking a MAJOR RELIGIOUS FIGURE! There is a LIMIT to comedy. Shocked and disgusted that you have the NERVE to run this skit. Very DISRESPECTFUL! You should know better!

      1. Twistie Man


    59. Re4Rodester

      If you would of pulled up next to me in that and asked if I would like to get in i would honestly be speechless Batman Fan Forever and nice mask 👍

    60. Lou Lou

      I knew Jeff had the batmobile but I never have seen it! I'm so happy!!!!

    61. Optimum Music



      That's so cool

    63. Maggie D

      YOU HAVE THE BATMOBILE! Forget the puppets, that's awesome. (Jk, don't forget the puppets, love them.)

    64. Vortex Kings

      OH MY GOD...

    65. Paul Edward Hipa

      Is there a full video of this?

    66. Bowling Dude

      *I am a, uh UBER DRIVER!*

    67. Akisa Diamon'd

      He's living every nerd's dream

    68. Husam Nour

      I'd jump in the batmobile even if whoever was driving offered me candy to get in!

    69. train spotter

      That's so cool

    70. Vegito


    71. GardevoirPokemonLover

      Walter Mask.

    72. Krischen Allen AKA FHAM

      Awesome!!!! 1 Uber Please!!! 👍😎😁

    73. OG golden freddy

      That is cool

    74. Jacob Beversdorf

      I’m a huge fan of Jeff Dunham. I went to see his live concert when I was 24 on my birthday

    75. muibadah

      Rocking in Batmobiles and making us laugh with his ventriloquism since the 2000s. Have a good one from us fans, Jeff. 👍

    76. Adam Temple

      Super cool video

    77. Angelic Alchemist

      So cool!

    78. Cup Of Earl Grey Tea

      Jeff Dunham is like the cool, geeky, older brother every kid wants.

    79. Mythical Creatures Fantasy

      Achmed thanks for cheering me up a little bit

    80. Apacaveli Tha Don

      Hell nah lol 😂

    81. pineapple

      Pineapple wants ur batmobile Jeff. Can Jeff give pineapple a batmobile? -pineapple

    82. Peter Johnson

      I couldn't hear the volume for some reason

    83. David Gletne

      Walter would make a great Alfred.

    84. Durin Flermoen

      Cool, Achmed got to drive a tank and Jeff gets a car like the Batmobile

    85. bwm78640

      I just thought of something that I think would be really amazing. Imagine what it would be like if Jeff Dunham and Darci Lynne could become new mainstream media news anchors for the United States of America. No matter if they would do fake news or real news it would be different than what viewers are repeatedly seeing today. And I'm sure many viewers would have a much stronger willingness to want to watch it because they would have something to laugh about.

    86. Chance Bucnis

      Cool original bat car. And do you now Mark bucnis

    87. cyru.s cervantes

      Umm... 2012 BATNUT!?!?

    88. Robyn The Fan


    89. Breckyn The boss

      You are the best

    90. SkunkoPops

      He gets paid figures to talk to figures

    91. James Forchielli

      Mr. lemon demon did!

    92. Willie Lee

      Love ya Jeff.. lose the face diaper... you are in the Bat Mobile.. c'mon man

    93. Theresa Ibler


    94. my awesome town,Mossel bay South africa

      Awesome video

    95. Phillip Young

      A ride in the 92 Batmobile? Thrill of a lifetime!!!

    96. swampratt36

      Looks like same dood in the oval office

    97. Jutt Rockjaw

      Jeff is living the dream! Good on ya bud!👍🏻

    98. Shaun137

      I used to drive an FSC for a living. Told folks I drove a Rolls Royce lol. Actually my avatar shows the one I drove in the Gulf 1991.

    99. Karson DeGoey

      That was only 2 days ago

    100. The snus Master