HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5


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    Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!
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    WARNING: for horse!
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    1. Vivziepop

      HELLUVA BOSS MERCH AVAILABLE ► sharkrobot.com/vivziepop Pilot Episode ► nlname.info/project/video/h6THyYfVoMeejGQ Episode One ► nlname.info/project/video/naTFsXzLe8qBh2g Episode Two ► nlname.info/project/video/o6jU2IvKZppvf4E Episode Three ► nlname.info/project/video/ip_O1KDOjq-cnZc Episode Four ► nlname.info/project/video/aZKs1J68hNGieps

      1. Carmen Angulo

        0 l Prv^¿*^^

      2. Slyuniform


      3. Alisha Fox


      4. William Newell

        Congrats on number 1 in trending!

      5. Ufb Ifm

        ٠٠٠٩٩ انو ٠

    2. God

      Bro god accepts this show

    3. A Punderful Man


    4. OnceinablueMoon

      Umf when Millie’s father flexes I just 🤤 even though he is animated 😂

    5. Grace Ann147

      im always amazed by the quality in animation

    6. OnimaruAnji

      So I'm just gonna put this out there, MOST Demon's can Transmute into disguise forms, doing so in the Human world Mostly. However the idea that one MIGHT do so in the Demon Realm into an 'Imp' to assassinate Demon Royalty without the whole being hunted down for it is a potential.... So take note.... Both the Assassin and Valentino have a Gold Tooth in the EXACT SAME PLACE. And while a transformation will allow for any part of their physical form to change, something inorganic... like say a Gold Tooth, might not, and could explain why the tooth seems just a BIT too large for Striker's Mouth, as it's designed to fit Valentino's Mouth. Could be just me talking out my ass, but after seeing the Comic Dub where Valentino harasses Stolas about the 'good ole days' and how 'sIMPing' with Blitzo put a 'TARGET' on him.... It just REALLY seems to fit. It's both a profit and revenge for Valentino who hated being dismissed by Stolas.

    7. gypsy panda

      Please do more...

    8. Strange ASMR

      Holy crap I can't believe Norman Reedus is voicing Striker!!! 😭😭😭😭🥰

    9. Big Chico

      This show is just so fucking amazing from the animation to the music to the voice acting and engaging plot an absolute masterpiece

    10. kuroki- Pegī

      Norman reedus le dio voz a straker!!!??? SANTA MARIA!!!!

    11. xx.x.シsad vibesシ

      I like how stolas is just eating potato’s and she’s like I want this cheating prick dead I don’t care who u have to go through.MAKE IT HAPPEN

    12. Noel mejia

      It’s missing some frames and the van moves weird

    13. Evergreen K

      When you hate your husband so much you hire a hit man right in front of him 🤣🤣

    14. Cartoon Dragon OwO

      New Subscriber

    15. PG42

      I didn’t realise striker was voiced by Norman reedus

    16. UwUSenpai

      This shit busssin as alwaysssss

    17. elijah newbury

      Elon Musk: Builds 100milion dollar Rocket Also Elon Musk: Doge!

    18. John Mikel Alivio

      "Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!" What kind of things?

    19. the_big_ miraa

      Poor Moxxie is bullied in all episodes :'((

    20. Omnitrix Warrior10


    21. blurryfool

      is moxxie trans?

    22. FBI Agent: 1675801

      Pov all comments start the same

    23. Z3VO

      ooooh so thats why she has a country accent

    24. Lovely Lover

      My heart is melting,dear

    25. Pumpkin Rabbit

      I regret saying this but, oh crumbs.

    26. [Sleepy boi]

      Jakahddhsjs at 9:08 is my fucking favorite it got me laughing my ass off haha

    27. Velstadt!

      Is that fucking NORMAN REEDUS!1?1!?1?1?

      1. MonsterHunter 66


    28. Татьяна Родионова

      And I am Russian

    29. Татьяна Родионова

      Hello Vivziepop it's beautiful work

    30. Ryan Morse


    31. mr demonic centipede

      Ironically in the start of the episode blitz says they won't be his body guards this time and in the end they end up being his body guards also I love striker like bro I love his voice actor since he is one of the actors from the walking dead darel? Or however you spell it forgot the actors name and I literally wanna see more striker and hope to god that he becomes a recurring villain and doesn't die a stupid or hilarious death if he does end up dying I want him to go out in a blaze of glory with his victory song playing softly in the background as moxie blitz and Millie shoot and kill him 1 second ago

    32. Josh64440

      Is that Norman Reedus? I swear that's Norman

      1. MonsterHunter 66

        It is

    33. Matthew Bourke

      strikers horse looks like that one skin in a game that was like 40$ and your mom was like hell no

    34. cohete val

      I thought Moxxie could have his moment "use what you're good at". He is good with guns, i thought he would actually fuck that guy with guns, but he was the clown he's always.

    35. Thatch Stringfellow

      *Hears Striker talk for the first time* Oh yeah that's Norman Reedus. *Get's to the end and sees who voices Millie's dad* Wait Bosco was in this!?

    36. BloodBoi5759



      How many of you guys think that there's gonna be another episode of helluva boss released this month

      1. Tails Prower

        Nope, Episode 6 in early June Episode 7 in late july and Episode 8 in early September. Its in the Main site.

      2. MonsterHunter 66

        I certainly hope so

    38. Makya Elleby

      i cant except ep 5

    39. TH3C001

      God I love Loona so much, every scene of her here was fucking side splittingly hilarious! They always make her so fucking funny in each episode lol.

    40. Rocket league clips Best clips

      Milly and moxie are so cute an adorable

    41. Kayla Fauni


    42. NoTnOw ReCoRdS

      It's an awesome show

    43. NoTnOw ReCoRdS

      I love Hella boss

    44. video academia

      17:11 what the fuck

    45. Oliver Moore

      I laughed a lot during this episode, really good! If I may critique though, just need a few more tweens during 1:30 - 1:40 and also again during 8:05 - 8:40 , I found the frames to be very noticeable during these times and made it a little hard to watch. But overall it was still very enjoyable episode and I hope you're all having fun making these!

    46. Aiden Dad


    47. Andrea Anders

      I like Stella's voice, it really fits with her design and personality

    48. Black Astro


    49. chris mata

      I... Don't know why I'm watching this I'll just stick to madness combat

    50. Dargonic

      Damn striker do be lookin fine though 👀 Found a new demon to simp for :)

    51. Haruhara Haruko

      i know i'm supposed to hate striker... but i fuckin love him lmfao. the whole time i knew his voice sounded familiar, but i couldn't place it. Norman fucking Reedus. y'all got BIG to get him on board. can't wait to see more of him.

    52. TH3 cheeze

      I’m new and I’ve never been more surprised by a animated series on NLname Wow amazing... it’s pretty weird but super original

    53. Boxer Bomber

      I bet He got the gun from the cherubs somehow

      1. MonsterHunter 66

        Nah. More likely he got it from Stella

    54. • . • celxste • . •

      you don’t know how hype i am right now, due to the fact that norman reedus is the va of striker- LIKE JSJJDJDH

    55. staceyNichole710

      I like how that kid is frome sky landers

    56. Nathaniel Evans

      I popes a lung from laughing so hard

    57. Nick 11

      16:59 "the guy that tried 2 kill u def isn't here", LOL

    58. E Hoffart

      3:57 sleight of hand.

    59. Nick 11

      16:31 LMAO those cute little stickers on the back window of the IMP's van xD

    60. L

      I like this show


      9:07 BRUH I JUST DIED!!!

    62. Gica & Bola

      Omg, the animation on thin episode was just- wow Really smooth, I love it And I love this couple

    63. tom nook


    64. Songoluffy

      We need Keanu Reeves in this as some sort of assassin (John Wick in hell) that maybe works with Striker lol That'd be icing on the cake

      1. MonsterHunter 66

        I’m hoping they get Ron Perlman and or Keith David or better yet, BRUCE CAMPBELL!

    65. BombProofGaming

      Have a feeling in a few more episodes blitzo is going to kill a overlord

      1. MonsterHunter 66

        Hopefully it’ll be Stella

    66. Xenomorphking 159

      Millie being so loving toward Moxie but also being done with his shit at times is fucking amazing 😂

    67. Ruined Voyage

      The animation was amazing! Every new episode just keeps getting better and so do the characters (old and new)!

    68. Spacious Loser

      Longest episode yet and I’m cherishing every second of it *lipbites*

    69. The_Doctor

      I enjoy the fact that Stolas kinda big-brained blitz into coming and saving him from the hit-man his wife hired. Whether or not he actually did or not it’s still cool

    70. Podcast Animations

      I love how striker got stabbed 5 fucking times and walked it off like how

    71. BombProofGaming

      The only one who can take on striker is blitzo

    72. Nick 11

      8:42 It looks a lot like the spindlehorse logo.... sus

    73. Chronos Myth

      Huh neat they got Norman Reedus in on this. Wait. HOW THE FUCK?! I was amazed they got invader sim on this show but now they got Norman? Wtf is there budget?

    74. Benny Moon

      NORMAN REEDUS ????

    75. Hanky Spanky

      Literally the same week I started my first playthrough of Death Stranding, Norman Reedus guest stars in this series!

      1. Ajakks

        The stars aligned.

    76. JAM Swag

      I am literally already addicted to this show

    77. caazz _

      7:51 *how piss would you be if i bet on him dying*

      1. MonsterHunter 66

        Extremely pissed

    78. Nick 11

      After watchin' this like 5 times, I've just realized that Millie's transexual sister's horns are a mix between male imp horns (white with black stripes) and female imp horns (cuz of the shape of 'em and the thin little lines). That's some GOOD fuckin' attention to detail from Vivziepop's team, hats off to 'em. Edit: I've just noticed that her hair's also dyed, you can see a little bit of white in it (male imp's color). OMG

    79. denvera1g1

      Do i hear Johnny Knoxville? 17:44 Apparently i never realised that Norman Reedus and Johnny Knoxville sound alot alike, Reedus is just a bit deper and gravelier

    80. estancia El Silencio

      This brings so much info for the future videos

    81. XAspect RatioX

      Great stuff guys!

    82. Sand Serpent

      Love it

    83. insert_funny_name_here0

      Who else can’t wait for ep6

      1. MonsterHunter 66


    84. Earthium

      17:24 ooh is that a 3d rotation on the lamp?

    85. jay jay baby

      2:47 is that a new fit on loona I see👀

    86. Shell-less Koopa

      whats that thing on stolas's neck?

      1. MonsterHunter 66

        It’s a BDSM ball gag

    87. LillyWaffle

      I love how millie always protects moxxie and she is there for him when he has trouble.

    88. EaterSnake101

      everyone is talking about Stolas' wife on the phone, but I'm like... NORMAN REEDUS!!!!

    89. erica animation

      Well his not wrong tho ... [14:33]

    90. Dz. _Solid

      I feel like the first 4 episodes of a season is more fun based and the last 4 are more story based but that's just my guess

    91. Darko Matter

      I feel like I already seen this before

    92. Mad Will

      So Vivziepop I have a question? I made an OC that melts down Exterminator Angel's weapons into bullets for his guns and I was wondering if that was interesting. ( you don't have to reply )

    93. WeebTrash


      1. WeebTrash


    94. Mental Hero

      i would love to see moxxie and millie's love story maybe a valentine's day special :)

    95. Rolliecel Ann Cabrera


    96. Nargiza Sabitova


    97. cool_ guys8

      You guys need to partner up with something popular like Netflix

    98. A chicken Strip

      I thought blitzø was exited when horse man rode in because he looked cool, nah blitzø isn't that dumb. It was the horse

    99. Wolfie Bates

      Norman reedus was perfect for striker