HIGHLIGHTS | Canada v Suriname - CONCACAF Men's World Cup Qualifiers (Qatar 2022)


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    1. eioshen boboi

      From having underrated Team Canada for most of my life, this transformation feels like a dream undergoing a baptism of the real. "Way to go Canada "!! Keep that shit up!!

    2. Retro IMP

      Suriname deserves to be in CONMEBOL

    3. Bayernfan89

      To beat a country I have never herd of by 4 is kinda sad...

    4. Anime Plugz

      A defender carries the team...

    5. Chase Bance

      Are they playing at seetgeek stadium in Chicago? If so is it because they can’t get into Canada because of border restrictions

      1. eioshen boboi

        Canada will definitely become and are starting to be elite in concacaf.

    6. qopoy dnon

      Scotland made it to the euros Canada qualifying for the World Cup would be the icing on the cake for me my two favourite nations

    7. Dei ken kashâtika bo

      gano africä

    8. seiom jvony

      David Lillee 🔴⚪❤🇨🇵💪❤💪🏆🏆🏆

    9. G J (DrEAD)

      David what where did he come from

    10. aola wili

      Let's hope and pray that the thing that happened when the Belize team went to Haiti and something bad happened, that it doesn't happen when Canada goes to Haiti!

      1. qopoy dnon

        Canadá ganó por que la defensa de Surinam no sirve todos los goles pasa por los defensores


      Forza Suriname

    12. alida flus

      From having underrated Team Canada for most of my life, this transformation feels like a dream undergoing a baptism of the real. "Way to go Canada "!! Keep that shit up!!

      1. Daniel Woods


    13. xNow

      i think the ball was clearly in.. what a shame!

      1. Logan Van Dyk

        It wasn’t, there was no VAR but goal line technology was still in play

      2. aola wili


    14. sokin jon

      were we go to improve better. My congrats to Canada.

      1. seiom jvony

        these commentrors are jarring

    15. Elmo Jusce

      The superficial grouse ethnically release because scene aetiologically head athwart a broken kohlrabi. phobic, naive touch

    16. Jay Sandhu

      twitter.com/plattoli/status/1402624766142562306 LOL

      1. alida flus

        Suriname is new team they gona be better

    17. doliio volay

      Canadian Alvaro Morata you know!

    18. Joseph Velásquez

      Naa, no veo a Canadá para competir copa oro ni eliminatorias,se que está goleando rivales,pero veo muy difícil que le compitan a Honduras,Costa Rica, EEUU y no digamos a México

      1. Retro IMP

        Uy pero si Mexico participa en Copa America queda goleado hasta por Bolivia

      2. sokin jon

        Haiti novas atener miedo a Canada 🇭🇹

    19. weston macks

      Canada will definitely become and are starting to be elite in concacaf.

    20. weston macks

      Wow davies has such a big role in Canada.. he is like messi even though he plays left back.

    21. Jamaal Browne

      Excellent phonzie most people who commenting probably don't know he plays for the strongest club in Europe, Bayern Munich,the team that dominated the 2019/2020 UEFA Champions League and completely humiliated Barcelona 8-2,otherwise for me as a Bayern Munich and a phonzie supporter this what he does,watch some of is games with his club the whole team has the same mentality,this is German gegenpressing and fitness...he is a world class player from The strongest club in Europe Bayern Munich put some respect on his name..

      1. doliio volay

        Davies owned that match

    22. Alex Eden

      Really hope the Canadians can do it! Been following you since Marcus Haber signed for my club (Crewe Alexandra) years ago. Got some great talent coming through and you’re definitely a team on the up!!

    23. Branko Kockica

      Lol this is like when my crew from the hood plays football

    24. Gracia Jean Delva

      Canadá ganó por que la defensa de Surinam no sirve todos los goles pasa por los defensores

    25. fanny torrez fernandez

      Suriman come to play to conmebol. Here your level will increase

    26. Ozuka Beats

      these commentrors are jarring

    27. Everr Deadly

      Damn i use to play soccer ⚽️ now I’m moved on to hockey 🏒. Had some good hard kicks

    28. Everr Deadly


    29. Imam multajim

      Ayo wong jowo

    30. TOP 5

      Suriname is new team they gona be better

    31. Papa Smurf


    32. Leonel ravix

      Haiti novas atener miedo a Canada 🇭🇹

    33. Graham Giancola

      This was trending in Canada

    34. Mohammed Wasi

      as an American i want canada to succeed! good for concacaf too

    35. Kalsaume Satungiamata

      Davies owned that match

    36. uzim16

      We have two excellent players. But compared to our neighbor, we are still lack of enough good players. From what I saw, I think our defense will be shaky in the matches with Jamaica or Costa Rica. We need another 2-3 teams in MLS and 3-4 players in Euro top leagues.

    37. No Name

      Dest and tecatito still own Alphonso Davies 🥱

    38. Domenic

      Canada 🇨🇦 vs Haiti 🇭🇹 Predictions Game 1 🇨🇦 3-1 🇭🇹 Game 2 🇨🇦 3-1 🇭🇹 (again)

    39. Domenic

      *Group prediction* Canada Aruba Bermuda Suriname (I'm sorry for underrating you) Cayman Islands

    40. Scott Hobbs

      Take nothing away from Suriname though... for a team that wasn't even on the CONCACAF radar a few years ago, they've quickly become a force to be reckoned with, and gave us plenty of trouble in the opening 20 minutes. Looking forward to seeing what they can do as they continue to develop their soccer program.

    41. Mahzouni Productions


    42. Lovata 1 NLname: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" NLname: BE GONE однако я люблю таких рыбаковo..

    43. freeway News

      Titicaca vietnam 🇻🇳 nlname.info/project/video/oWWpyIrRgZ19bX0

    44. EL Papi

      As an American i hope Canada makes it to the wc will be tough just hope davids and phonzie stay healthy

    45. David Keatley

      Just goes to show you that sending lads to Europe makes them strong.

    46. DevonMethot

      wasn't really as hard as a lot of people were saying.. Canada powers through once again, not surprised one bit.

    47. M Press

      From having underrated Team Canada for most of my life, this transformation feels like a dream undergoing a baptism of the real. "Way to go Canada "!! Keep that shit up!!

    48. Madhav Shandal

      What does Canada have to do now to make Qatar

      1. Dr_ Negative

        Make it to the octagon by beating Haiti, then when making it to the octagon you play against Mexico, USA, Honduras, Costa Rica, Jamaica etc. top 3 make it to the world cup and if you place 4th place you make to the playoffs

    49. Jesse Balfe

      It’s FIFA on beginner mode for Davies😂😂

    50. Dariyan Ergin

      we are so bad lol

    51. Mx3

      But, is Canada the rads? No beacuse looks Africa vs Africa... 😂

      1. Mike Dessal

        @Mx3 there's 1 billion Europeans outside of Europe, they probably don't have the athletism

      2. Mx3

        @Mike Dessal Agree. All 🦧 in Africa and America for American Indians.

      3. Mike Dessal

        Europeans leaving the Americas

    52. Gerard Manos

      Canada got lucky Suriname didn’t score a goal or two in the first half and it took Canada 16 minutes to get a first opportunity. Canada has players with good ball control but they play to far apart and slow with ball position, it’s a waste. With a team defending low back, the long balls are not effective. Unfortunately I don’t see this going anywhere again.

      1. Logan Van Dyk

        Canada soccer > your English

    53. kamihernan

      pisando duro Canadá jeje

    54. Holadios1994

      Its sad for Suriname they ended up in the same group as Canada. Otherwise they would have had more chance. Canada is stronger then ever before, i think they will go to Qatar with Davies and David. Hopefully for Suriname they are in a easier group next time so they can advance to last round

    55. Joel

      Mad overestimated Suriname. If everyone other than Davies and David didn't forget their shooting boots at home this would've been another Aruba. Even David missed a guilt-edged chance in the first half. Yes Suriname hit the bar at 0-0 but let's be real they didn't really create a big chance, that shot that hit the bar was a one-time slice from outside that box that would've been an absolute worldie. Their only really good chance was when it was already 2-0 and on a half volley not a super easy finish either. Canada should've spanked this team harder, but obviously very happy with the 4-0.

    56. The Prody

      CANADÁ con está Generación *Y los hermanos David* pueden SOÑAR 👆

    57. Eddy McDaniel

      Surinam a mejorado mucho pero aún está muy lejos de los equipos top de Concacaf, al equipo de Canada lo veo en el repechaje para el mundial.

    58. Sanja 1994

      Milan BORJAN! 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

    59. edgar sg

      The DLD trio strikes back!

    60. ÖMàr Chänùv DjàXon

      Suriname should play in south America

    61. Arya Cahya

      go suriname go

      1. Logan Van Dyk


    62. sharif ise

      Well done boys!!

    63. Elhan Hernandez

      I'd love to see a friendly Honduras vs Canada before the third round, but it is unlikely since we will be opening most likely in Toronto.

    64. fumblerooskie

      Demonstrating what excellent development, recruitment and coaching can do for a team.

    65. Mark S

      Off topic, but did anyone else buy some Cineplex stocks before the reopening tomorrow in Canada.

    66. Rodolfo Liniares

      😭😭😂😂🤣🤣 Canada definitely. Cannot beat Honduras and Costa Rica with that amatuer team

      1. Jefferson Steelflex

        STOP THE CAP anyone can beat those Jungle teams ahah

      2. Ken Lewis

        We did beat Honduras 4 years ago in World Cup qualifying and we’re way better now... we didn’t have talents like Davies and David 🤷🏾‍♂️

    67. Layen Van de broek

      @0:34-0:35 what a refferee👌🏿😎

    68. Joao Carlos

      Suriname. Curaçao. Aruba.guyana . Guyana francesa e Trinidad e Tobago na conmebol 👍⚽️

    69. douby mezier

      The Haitians will show 🇨🇦 how heart and grits can win over skill and values

    70. Heinz 57

      How can this shit team qualify?

    71. douby mezier

      June 15 Haiti 🇭🇹 1 Canada 🇨🇦 0 June 18 Haiti 🇭🇹 1 Canada 🇨🇦 2 and Haiti goes through

      1. Logan Van Dyk

        Nope and nope

    72. Anijae Mcmillion


    73. Khoa Topp-Nguyen

      Almost comical the way Ryan Donk (No. 15) doesn't seem to give a shit in almost every clip

    74. Azrat Qurban Mansoor Bakhtar Khan Marwan

      محترم کانادا و سفیر پیشین کانادا در افغانستان، دولت کابل عرایض مرا بررسی نکرده و من دنبال راه های بدیل هستم و پاکستان همواره دوست بوده و به عنوان یک همسایه خوب و یک عسکر وفادار بمن خدمت کرده است. اینکه شما جنگ نیابتی می گویید قابل قبول نیست و اگر علاقه دوستی دارید باید جواب بگویید چرا عرایض من بازخواست نشده است از سوی حکومت کابل؟ وقتی عرایض مرا حکومت کابل بررسی نمی کند باید ولایت سرپل به طالبان سپرده شود تا عرایض من باز خواست شود. من بمب های اتم و موشک های پاکستان را خریداری کرده ام و جنگ گزینه اخری است.

      1. Elhan Hernandez

        La tuya, por si acaso! xD

    75. randy randy

      Well done Canada !!! Canada have played a very good game. mi lob SU!srsrsr

    76. mert mi ne

      Who is captain?

    77. EgyptianKing#FSGOUT

      I love Jonathan David


      How many people here even know where SURINAME is.


        @Jefferson Steelflex, not even close, LMAO

      2. Jefferson Steelflex

        @gfoot99 asia ?

      3. gfoot99

        says more about their ignorance tbh

    79. 420 Maniac

      hockey fan on soccer tho

    80. 420 Maniac

      proud of my country🇸🇷❤️

    81. Pansa Chevo


    82. alec morariu

      This commentator is ass

    83. Futbol Panamericano

      Goal for Suriname Sheraldo Becker

    84. Gabriel Albuquerque

      The Big 3 Cavallini,David and Davies

    85. Brian Gartner

      4 goals and a only a five minute video? the only replay was of davies' move at the end of the game? come on onesoccer, get your shit together

    86. A MB

      congratulations from a usmnt fan goodluck against haiti i think yall just need better defenders and you’re team could be really solid

    87. Luis Valoyes - Games

      David is 21 and Davies is 20, there's a bright future ahead for Canadian football ⚽️🇨🇦

      1. XQOM

        @Bruno Araujo He also won the Champions League and is worth around 80 million on the transfer market. World Class player

      2. Thierry Arichero

        @Coast2Coast leave him, he's a casual

      3. Coast2Coast

        @Bruno Araujo Davies was a vital part of them winning...you act like he's a reserve. And David winning league 1 was also one of the main reasons. Keep hating!!!! 😂

      4. Bruno Araujo

        @Coast2Coast my grandma can win the bundesliga if she played for Bayern

      5. Coast2Coast

        @Bruno Araujo they both won their leagues..hater

    88. MARIO Ballo

      Suriname komt sterk terug 🇸🇷❤⚽️

    89. Kaylani playz

      Wie praat neederlands ik moest gaan slaapen dan had ik het heel ding gemissed

    90. Coach27 28

      I love watching Davies fighting getting tripped on the third goal instead of doing the typical soccer flop. No complaints , no arms in the air, no giving up, just fighting through then picking himself up off the ground and dishing a beautiful assist to David. Impressive performance all around but really really nice to have two first class players ( Davies and David) up front.

      1. qopoy dnon

        Let's hope and pray that the thing that happened when the Belize team went to Haiti and something bad happened, that it doesn't happen when Canada goes to Haiti!

    91. Matheus Lima

      I'm from brazil and I'm going to Canada on January, so I'm truly supporting Canadian national team to reach the next world cup. This duo, Davies and David , is amazing and can do it possible.

      1. Matheus Lima

        @Tazz my course starts in January. I will leave Brazil with 35° celsius and arrive in Canada likely with -10° celsius kkkkkkk big change

      2. Tazz

        Why come to Canada in winter?? It's cold in January. Better in summer!! Bring a thick winter jacket. Lol😅❄️👍

    92. jay eugy

      If canada didnt have black players they would still suck. Have nice day 🇸🇷

      1. caelanl

        lol ok?

    93. Boxing Announcer

      Shaquil pina mpp

    94. Good Supply

      Great offensive game, I like the way Canada moves the ball with short passes. I am absolutely terrified with Doniel Henry. He looked exactly like how I remembered him on TFC. Garbage. Isn’t Theo a better player?

    95. Gaetan Kabangu

      Too bad for Suriname. They started off great. It would've been a different game if that first ball went in. Ah well. Better team wins I guess. Let's see what will happen against Haiti!

    96. vaysi bozkan

      Imagine suriname did win

    97. N C

      Congratulations to Canada! I'm French and I have a question for you, Canadians : is this generation better than the 1986 generation? I hope see you in 2022!

      1. LordOfLuxury

        Canada in 2021 would beat the 1986 team 10-0.

      2. BBlack

        Oui. C'est la meilleure que nous n'avons jamais eu. On pense réellement pouvoir aller au Qatar. Il nous reste à confirmer mais c'est notre génération dorée

    98. Juned Ahmed


    99. Ozne_59

      David Lillee 🔴⚪❤🇨🇵💪❤💪🏆🏆🏆

    100. flin white

      the Canadians are really bragging that they beat a team thats only 9 months old LMAO

      1. Jefferson Steelflex

        @Brady C we'll sauce you guys up just like suriname ahahah keep holding on to that win years ago ;)

      2. dani G-Juz

        @flin white he moved here when he was 6 became a Canadian citizen and never looked back lol hes been Canadian all his life

      3. flin white

        chill your best player wasnt even born in Canada neither does he have Canadian heritage 🤣

      4. dani G-Juz

        They all play in Netherlands together lol

      5. Brady C

        "Canada will choke. just like 2018" Literally what you said in this channel comments about the Suriname game a few days ago, Canada gave Suriname a big L and Haiti will be next, but please keep posting your cope 😂😂🤣🤣