Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts

Dylan Ayres

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    1. Hafni Yasmin

      I think you need to let it dry???

    2. unknown person

      4 stick glue 5 inch dent no worky worky


      You want keep it for some time

    4. Tommy B

      You dummy you had to leave it dry🤣

    5. Juliene & Jl

      5 minutes crap in a nutshell

    6. Hellsjelly hendrickson

      Well it actually works cuz I've done it before

    7. Daniel Jones

      You have to hold the glue sticks on their

    8. Fen Pheonix

      U have to let it dry bruh

    9. eli clark

      these comments😭

    10. tano

      Much (5-minute craft) hacks aren't work

    11. Drew Allan

      Idk maybe try waiting longer than 5 fuckin seconds before trying to pull it

    12. Ahmet Berke

      why tf comments bullying him?!??

    13. Peachy &co

      Let it sit

    14. Said Benbaya

      Use the brand that they used

    15. OwlHeld

      That poor Truck it was in such a good condition and then came this guy

    16. mel dahl

      Heat the vehicles dents up first

    17. J MO

      Hmmm. What about the dust difference? Clean the surface like the blue car. 🤔

    18. e .,.

      weit like one mit bruh

    19. Poonam Shetkar

      He didn't let the glue dry

    20. Mohammed Bidar

      This is the type of guy who will take a screenshot to show u the cracks on his phone

    21. reggie Techur

      I think yur supost to let it dry a little

    22. Zync EEE

      You didnt insta pull that why it didnt work

    23. Aaron Vogt

      This the type of guy to work out once and think he in shape

    24. Myst Svan


    25. Jade Jeffrey

      This is the type of guy that wore a helmet to school but never owned a bike!

    26. Tryneann Arcangel

      Let it dry then pull

    27. James Lawson

      You are the best loser

    28. Kole Been Done It

      Lol 😂 I’m sure if let it sit longer in different environment it will work so don’t be deceived

    29. CherryWoof

      Why is everybody so rude now a days I remember when youtube was a peaceful place Oh wait that never existed because of rude commenters :/

    30. Madisyn Bostow

      You have to let the glue dry

    31. Bryan Tiano


    32. Otb Yanc

      You have to leave it on for 15 to 30 minutes

    33. Chasity Voorhies

      Try waiting for the glue to dry first and then pull

    34. Victoria123 Bike life

      Stop saying one day my mum is just like getting mad and I’m grounded

    35. Consciousness


    36. Amira laguerta

      You need to wait longer for it to be hard enough so you can pull it you need to wait have some patience

    37. seeni gzty

      This is the type of guy who gets a chicken and expects it to lay an egg a day later

    38. Andreas Doyan Geber


    39. LaDene Fletcher

      Fight like the big kind and add it to the ball I'm talking about the rubber band ball not that tin foil ball

    40. LaDene Fletcher

      Somebody in the comment said you didn't leave the glue cool down

    41. LaDene Fletcher

      Buy more rubber bands and make it bigger your rubber band ball you

      1. seeni gzty

        Five minute crafts: put a glue stick in a car dent and pull it out

    42. LaDene Fletcher

      Rubber bands and make your rubber band ball bigger

    43. basl Abo asllm

    44. Siiphix

      Brother u need to wait for it to dry

    45. Russell Westbrook

      This the type dude to ride a horse with both legs on one side.

    46. jsspidermonkey

      Plungers work better

    47. love you xxxtentacion miss you xxxtentacion

      Wait for it to dry then do it

    48. vaporrBH

      This is a guy who streams on youtube just to advertise his twitch

    49. Katy Shannon

      Never trust 5 minute crafts there channel is a big piece of sh*t

    50. Βίκυ Κριμλιαδη

      Why you didn't let it a little bit and after poll it

    51. ZZTazerBeast

      Get me famous

    52. Mabes Martin-Huia


    53. Jap0665

      Five minute crafts: put a glue stick in a car dent and pull it out

    54. Lise Lekica

      Pulling out the sticks while it's still in its process to cool isn't the way you're supposed to do this. And.. Just.. why did you do that?

    55. Mrs Wanderlust

      Stupidity at its best.

    56. Okeowo Aderemi

      Comment sections are getting weird

    57. Jessica Butler

      You needed to let it dry first

    58. Rohitoz vlogs

      Did he just said ,5 minute crap ?

    59. joao Gabriel Pires leite

      No fake

    60. XxRamenUwUxX

      There’s another way that actually works with a plunger I’m pretty sure

    61. Claire Pastotnik

      This is the type of guy who gets is AirPods tangled

    62. Jasmin Diaz

      The glue is still hot let it cool🤣

    63. Jesus Lake

      When he said 5 min craft I thought he said 5 min crack I dieing from laughter 🤣 🤣 🤣

    64. the feezee

      How dum can you be if you don’t know that gmc cars are so much harder to fix the dent more than the other cars

    65. kijo podcasttv

      You ever read those useless ikea manuals? This is a walking form of it

    66. Dedrick Riley

      I think he was supposed to let the glue cool off while in the metal in order for it to stick so he can pull but what do I know

    67. rocket queen

      Even if that works, you're still gonna damage paint if try to remove glue

    68. SmilesthruthaBS!

      Ya 5 Minute Crafts whole channel is cap!

    69. Caleb Shipuk

      This is the type of guy that pre heats the micro wave

    70. Larry robison

      Thats y i use a plunger

    71. ilovemycountry ok

      Let the glue harden wtf

    72. Carsonator B

      Let the glue sit

    73. ASX DayTrader

      This is the type of guy that would jump off a bridge if you told him to do it.

    74. WW-town! !!

      Gotta wait for it to set up bra!

    75. CL0WN

      Oh did you mean your not 150lb ball.. oh yea

    76. Yacin Abdoun


    77. Kyle McDonald’s

      You have to let it cool

    78. Limber Squad

      Try a window remover thing I forgot Wht it’s called but me and my dad toke a dent out of my brothers car it helped but not tht much but I should try it

    79. eioshen boboi

      When you manage to answer an equation but didn't realize S was actually 5

    80. Bananasaige

      Put some glue and then put not cooked Ramen and then sand it down and then paint it the same color and you should be good

    81. Drownie

      This is the type of guy

    82. Dionte Lovelace

      Gotta let it cool dowmndumbass 🤣🤣

    83. Catfish4Days

      u gotta let em dry tho

      1. eioshen boboi

        This is the guy who uses instructions to figure out how to use shampoo

    84. Exody

      Pour hot water than use a plunger

    85. Tompip

      you can use hot water and a plunger

    86. H.I.M

      This is exactly why the directions on the cake mix say to preheat the oven first.

    87. Need2connect

      I went to slayve world and turned myself into one

    88. Barbara Bihl

      Anything would score the paint says the glue a stick better

    89. Barbara Bihl

      Why don't you score the paint so that the glue stick better

    90. I waited 90 days to change my name

      This is the type of guy to get stranded on a deserted island and use all his clean water to cool off then drink salt water when he’s thirsty

    91. FallenSakuraa

      Use hot water with a plunger

    92. EntertainmentProductions

      This is the type of guy who needs instructions on how to read

    93. James Sarigumba

      Try plunger or hot water

    94. Anthony Gruner

      This is the type of kid who gets stoned watching the food network late at night and preheats his microwave as he thinks of a quick recipe but then realizes he has very limited options because his grandmother hadn’t gone shopping yet so he has two pieces of old raisin bread and then cry’s himself to sleep.

      1. ASX DayTrader

        I tried soo hard to laugh at your comment... Try to keep it short next time, It felt like I was reading a kids book.

    95. teomabao lunio


    96. Shayan Khan

      This is the reason shampoo bottles have instructions

    97. Shayan Khan

      This is the guy who uses instructions to figure out how to use shampoo

    98. KingKaBoom

      People calling him stupid for not waiting long enough the five minute crafts didnt either hes just doing it how the video did so your not smarter then him

    99. sun set

      Use hot water and use a clean plunger to pole it out