How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251

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    Amine gas treating
    Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:
    Reverse Osmosis:
    Lithium Hydroxide:
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      1. Carol Cassidy

        @David Scott So what has Taiwan or China got to do with the American Navy? Why do you think it does? It's not simple, it's arrogant. This is exactly why America has become the most despised nation on earth. If you travel outside of the US, have you not noticed this. You have a great military, but a third world health service. It's a shame, you don't understand this.

      2. David Scott

        @Carol Cassidy Isn't it simple? They use their power to control others, and they are taking over Taiwan. So the more power they get the more land they're going to take.

      3. Carol Cassidy

        @David Scott Why do Americans have a problem with China? There are One and a half Billion Chinese people. There are 240 million Americans. Would you not expect them to have a larger navy than you?

      4. L Parker

        @David Scott Lousy summary. Lousy comprehension. Lousy advice. 3 strikes, you're out...

      5. Drion_086

        @David Scott Thanks for the advice! You are totally right :)

    2. mrkeiths48

      Quick! Go get your qual card signed. You will earn your Dolphins in no time!

    3. Jacob Beeler

      The XO is always standing somewhere near Dustin probably like "Yeah he's 3 steps away from something that could kill us all"

    4. Troy Holmberg

      I knew a submariner, one of the smartest guys I ever knew. Crazy smart. He'd often intimidate people with his intelligence. Came off kind of snobish at first. Once I got to know him he was a wealth of knowledge in almost everything. A genuinely nice guy.

    5. Ginger Snaps

      I can't lie: That was super impressiv! The crew is awesome. Super nice and super smart.

    6. Brett McKinney

      FYI, this isn't in the playlist.

    7. utpal sachanka boro

      So interesting, I didn't enjoy studying chemistry in school but if I knew how it is applied in real world I would have been so interested. ❤️🇮🇳🇺🇲

    8. Zeffer

      I just love how he isn't afraid to ask every question under the sun and how calm the crew is to answer his questions. It's not like school trips where you can't ask about this or that topic or this machine because you'll be an annoyance. No, he just straight out points and just asks "what does this do? How does it work? Can I see it work? Oh, so what happens next? Can I see that too?" He's just a child without a filter and the crew seems to enjoy it as well

    9. Bob Dexter

      So these guys are using colormetric tubes to check levels? Thats a stoneage system, there are sniffing devices that work much better.

    10. Phillip Roshon

      This isn't in the playlist.

    11. fuiehf jfcnsl

      Ein Kommentar

    12. B Pope

      What 3D printer does he use?

    13. Joel Monka

      That's how the emergency oxygen works on an airliner, too. The candles, I mean.

    14. PUBG Mobile

      Lmfao, your really helping this guy with explaining his job...

    15. The Mad Hatter

      How is reverse osmosis complicated lol?

    16. Neil Deep

      Why can't school be this interesting...

    17. Mark Catanzaro

      One word... AWESOME

    18. Michael Manganiello

      Destin's Amine joke at 22:17 goes by so fast that I bet most people missed it. I've seen this video 3 times now and just caught it. Top joke!

    19. Blake Williams

      Anesthesia ventilation circuits used in operating rooms also use a passive method for CO2 absorption, but instead of lithium they use soda lime (CaHNaO2) granules. They have an interesting reaction in which the granules turn purple once saturated with CO2.

    20. skatcat743

      Hey this video isn't in your playlist?

    21. Kevin Diaz

      I feel like i gained and lost brain cells watching this

    22. Randy N9RAN

      Clinkers - what was left over after the coal was burned in our furnace. Great job on this series Destin!!! I'm learning a lot!!! Thank you!!

    23. Elienguitar

      Someone please give this man his Fish.

    24. Elienguitar

      You don't notice the Amine smell until you get off the boat.

    25. Zman44444

      Chemistry in action. MAD respect to these crews.

    26. noahman27

      absolutely fascinating. Destin...thanks man.

    27. Samir Bachour

      Big thanks to the submarine crew to explain and show us so graciously how this works.

    28. Edymaniax

      I did not wish to know how to make chlorine gas but hey, the more you know I guess

    29. Kyle Kobel

      dude i was on a sub and i never seen this happen

    30. Andrew

      I swear this was posted like a year ago.

    31. Saurabh Pande

      Hybrid Plants growing systemin submarine maybe?

    32. Nix

      the candle burning thingy is cool

    33. KingThrillgore

      Out of the interest of disclosure, how much of this footage had to go through clearance to be included in the video?

    34. pato

      What happens to the hydrogen produced by electrolysis ?

    35. There's No I

      hes just like a little kid

    36. Terry Moore

      So educational, and very cool! There are a lot of smart submariners on this boat!

    37. Sherwin G

      I thought submarines run out of nuclear or something. You learn something new.

    38. Strobelcito

      That guy at 4:55 😂

    39. Scotty

      feel like an intrigued little kid in elementary school when i watch ur videos :)

    40. TheMr3742

      Wait so why do the subs that sink run out of air and they can’t save them?

    41. Trevor Cook

      Anyone else notice that every time a sailor replied with an affirmation it was "yes"? They didnt say yeah or uh huh, always yes or yes sir. I like it.

    42. Justin Langley

      Video: "Let's go get smarter everyda--" *skip ad* "ayyyy" The Fonz (somewhere): "Ayyyy!"

    43. Neill Morris

      Oxygen candles are dangerous, we had them in the escape compartment and generally they are only used in an emergency. We lit ours with a blank cartridge. An oxygen candle explosion killed two submariners on HMS Tireless.

    44. James

      No way this guys name is Dow Jones

    45. Fredi R

      @12:45, a clinker is non-combustible materials (slag) left over like in a coal heater.

    46. Prathmesh Gaikwad

      India need these oxygen candles.. I think they may be cheaper than oxygen concentrators but can't last for long as concentrators are ever lasting provided the power suuply is there continuously. But still oxygen candles may be of good use in emergency situations.

    47. Demonic

      You use the oxygen to make the oxygen

    48. Carlos Molina

      these videos are good and informative but should be classified as confidential. only the US is doing this and sharing to the world

    49. Zhangy

      Actually submarines do run out of air, depending on the type

    50. Gaming Shark

      this didn’t age well

    51. Hayden Quakenbush

      They have a jungle section to make oxygen, duh.

    52. Elvin Villamor

      India....listen to this guy. Get it done.

    53. Alex Helsinki

      Friendly greetings to American submariners from Russian submariners! 🇷🇺🤝🇷🇺

      1. Dr. Doom


    54. Lloyd

      How old is this sub? Funny looking at how dated all the tech looks now

    55. AlisterCountel

      I’m curious to see if some CO2 oxygen liberation experiments ever can be simplified and made reliable enough for a submarine. In 2014, there was a method using ultraviolet lasers…but it produces carbon monoxide as a biproduct, rather than any form of elemental carbon. And selecting oxygen against CO has been a long time problem

    56. Ben Bos

      So why Lithium Hydroxide en no Sodium / CalciumHydroxide. That is what is used in Rebreathers divers use.

    57. Lance James

      The heat exchanger on the MEA tank is to use less energy in the boiler stripper.

    58. Mostafa Mohamed

      1-why the cams system is slow updating? 2- why nt using modern monitor?

    59. Q Shakoor

      That was awesome!! Thanks big man!

    60. AJ KohKoh

      Where are you from 😃 I'm from Iowa 😅 Oh😒

    61. nighthawk475

      Destin! You forgot to put this video on the Nuclear Submarine Deep Dive Playlist on your channel! D: It has all the other videos of the subject in it already.

    62. Ivan Melendez

      Very awesome video, as usual!

    63. 1776TwoPointOh

      I imagine if the cook's put on a chilli or bean burritto night.

    64. Helen Street


    65. Trump 2020

      mate its a ship

    66. Johannes

      Chlorine gas kills but ammonium chloride is very tasty scandinavian candy >F

    67. gamefreak3072

      I love the closed captions. "Laughs like a man who's definitely touched hot things in the past"

    68. G

      De ow dubya from 0hio 🤠

    69. David W Evans

      So, when are they going to come up with something that absorbs the Carbon out of the CO2, and releases the O2 back into the Atmosphere. You wouldn’t have to come up with Candles to create O2! I mean CO2 is 2/3 oxygen (O2). Come up with something to save that O2 & just eject the Carbon (C) out of the Sub.

    70. Nuclear Baguette

      Me when I was little: P L A N T S

    71. Chris Goulet

      Do NOT add salt for electrolysis. How do I know that? Almost died from inhaling chlorine that came out of my science experiment in 1976! Still missing some of my sense of smell!

    72. Cynical Citizen

      Praise be for our navy.

    73. timkiwi

      Brilliant channel.

    74. Tyrone Huge

      He voice of tone is so demanding toward that black candle dude

    75. Martina P.

      Thanks for teaching us how to produce oxygen! But even bigger thanks for showing us Princess Booper Snoot, a good girl.

    76. Aashil R.

      At 23:37 where you talk about the pre-heat coil before the boiler, that's likely there to help bring up the temperature of the rich MEA fluid so the boiler can operate properly & reach its design delta T (temperature rise). If the pre-heat coil isn't there, the boiler might not provide enough delta T to the lowered temperature rich MEA fluid. But I don't know for sure, just made sense in my head :D Thanks for the video, super infomative

    77. Mark Cunningham

      So FARTS get to move freely about the vessel, with CAMS..?

    78. Slow Fox

      Great content, I learned a lot. There are some things, I have really not expected: - I have seen a lot of wood in the ship. On a civil ship, wood is great, but what about fire risk on a warship? Are there no better, safer options? - I was a little shocked about the noise of the machines. Isn t it dangerous on a stealth mission? I guess, you can t just switch it off if you need, without killing the crew?

    79. Harry McRae

      This one did not age quite so well

    80. Jo Arnold

      I'm convinced that the people on the sub are robots cuz they show no emotion

    81. slynoble32

      i love this video, ive watched it over 10 times and it became practical when i needed to have a breathable air system in place for a school project! Thank you so much for this video

    82. Isaac Chan

      i wanna pet princess booper snoot

    83. Dax Shell

      i feel like that guy got a massive self esteem boost to have someone be so excited about what he does. Dow, if you are reading this, thank you for keeping your crew safe.

      1. ReXommendation

        Yep, God bless him

      2. Blake B

        I thought the same thing. So cool and what a great guy.

    84. فائز 27 فضلي محمد لوبس

      Siapa yang kesini setelah vidio faiz rahman dan om deddy 👋

    85. Jenny Valtin

      Your dog is adorable 😍

    86. Fred Flintstone

      I take it you do not know much about metabolism.

    87. Michael YISRAEL

      I love this program.

    88. D0S81

      anyone else as weird as me in that i prefer flat coke and wish they would sell it like that?

    89. Mr Green Gold

      What happens to the hydrogen generated during electrolysis

      1. Mr Green Gold

        @Fancy Cat Hey thanks

      2. Fancy Cat

        At 9:45 he mention that they pumped the hydrogen out of the submarine

    90. MrBeatboxmasta

      Dow Jones. With a name like that, you have no choice but to be great.

    91. Mathew 6

      This did not age well...

    92. M Morgz

      the thumb nail on this video aged badly

    93. D0S81

      Destin this might seem like a stupid question, and you probably won't see it, so if anyone else wants to answer, thats cool too. but why not use plants to create the oxygen instead? or even have plants around the sub as well as the other stuff. i'm a layman mostly, so my extent of knowledge on plants is that i heard they absorb Co2 and turn it into O2. so remember the film 'mission to mars' they end up finding one of the astronauts survived on the planet because of all the plants creating oxygen, like, is that true? could you really live in an enclosed space if you had plants, and a way to feed and light them?

      1. Private Data

        You'd have to have a biome the size of a football field filled with plants to support a crew... and plants die.

    94. DeadlyDanDaMan

      You should change your thumbnail, because it's incredibly wrong. A sub will absolutely run out of air if it can't surface.

    95. Jack Lou

      Well this didn’t age well

    96. LifeofEntropy

      electrolysis would be so efficient if we ever figure out fusion and build fusion subs. The scrubbing would make o2 but along with that you'd have hydrogen for fuel,

    97. Raymond Arred

      One very smart guy who knows his science. That’s amazing bro.

    98. Jude

      4:57 I love this man😂😂

    99. Coper Nicuz

      RIP Nanggala 402 Indonesian submarine....

    100. Hey hoe

      Oxygen Not Included