I DROVE THE BRONCO!!! The day is finally here!!!


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    Thanks so much for all the love and support guys!!! Grab a shirt/hoodie/patch and join the Demolitia today!!! www.bunkerbranding.com/pages/demolition-ranch
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    1. Julie Hoffman


    2. Ben Mccary

      Matt:We got some brand new door panels then dropped them

    3. Jacob Gooch


    4. curtis wilcock

      Nice matt loving the bronco

    5. John Bartolik

      New steering wheel?

    6. Kayden White

      Matt says"we have seats in the bronco" ford dealership asks "are they bolted down"

    7. Claire Mahony

      Matt - You should get personalised plates that read 'Tyler'!!

    8. jared salazar

      You and whistlin diesel should go with Cleetus McFarland to Glamis California during winter and take the bronco

    9. TWIX goodness

      You should get a pioneer flip out screen or double din conversion for the radio it would look badass with those gauges by

    10. Charles Lynch

      Dang do u not ever not know how to have fun that things a beast love it

    11. Jacob Moffet

      if you would have use a wood burner/soldering iron on the mat after you cut the hole in the rubber it would have burned and cleaned up the nylon edges in the "insulation" we do it when installing carpet all the time in cars

    12. ΛЯꐠAustin

      You should leave it like that lol

    13. Matthew Harrison

      I love the fact that Matt listens to bohemian rhapsody casually at his shop 😂

    14. Zach Hess

      Paint the Bronco with bedliner durable paint

    15. Zach Hess

      Call the barracuda the 12v Demo diesel barracuda withe Cummings C

    16. Heather McNally

      Love this, my favourite truck due do sentimental reasons and your childhood friend! Well done!

    17. _thatdude mk

      Crazy I didn't even realize I've been watching for over 3 and a half years but I remember when he first showed the bronco so I guess time just flies

    18. Odes Goins


    19. HootieHoo Gaming

      looks like a daily driver to me !!!

    20. luke lott

      Please make it sit level instead of nose diving


      IM restoring a bronco also

    22. Mathew Routt

      Putt “SHELL 77” somewhere on the bronco. It was the call sign for Tyler’s flight. During my time out in Kandahar everyone wore a “SHELL 77” patch on our left sleeve in memory of the crew.

    23. RÊÅPÊR R

      I love the hotel California in the background so proud lmao

    24. VikingSid

      It's a dream to upgrade the shit out of my 84 K10.... ugh.

    25. Bradley Wise

      Raptor line it

    26. Noah Harrison

      at least a matte black paint job

    27. Tactic Range

      HOLY COW!!! This CAR is INSANE!!🔥🔥🔥 Love IT🤙😎

    28. Grant Butler

      I wanna see wrenching videos on the bronco

    29. Chris Lindsey

      Love the bronco! Wish I had the "Big Chief"!

    30. Forrest Wilson


    31. Dominic Hernandez

      Ever think of rhino lining it?

    32. Igotthatgoinforme

      Pretty sure at this point the only reason matt had bunker branding 2.0 built so he had a parking lot to spin tires on haha

    33. Brylin Holmes

      No muffler

    34. yugioh master

      I mean you could always ppf it and it wont ruin the paint

    35. Christian Doyle

      Just now got a chance to watch this. @OffTheRanch , for the seats, cut a hole through the floor mat then use a soldering iron to burn a hole through the insulation. Much faster, and much cleaner. I realize it's too late for that advice, but for future reference, there you go. Also, NEVER let Whistlin' Diesel touch the Bronco. EVER.

    36. Fizzi

      that 5.0 sounds so good



    38. 92buckinbroncomann

      Awesome! I love seeing these old Broncos getting some love! I owned a 92 and an 83 that I brought back from the grave with much love.

    39. Melissa Cahoon

      Ok so I've been a hardcorw fan since 2017 and have recently read that Matt is no longer a practicing Dr. at his vet clinic... The reason I bring this up is bc if my kids decide to count on NLname and other such sites after paying 100k+ in tuition I'm going to lose my shit lmao 🤣🤣🤣

    40. Ben Mitchell

      Man this was the reason I started watching you off the ranch videos. So happy to see your dudes bronco running again for real. Heart touching man. Mad respect for you.

    41. Damon Romero

      i like how he was listening to hotel California in the background when showing us the paint room thing

    42. James Mixon

      Sooo sexy already!!!!

    43. Cedric Broussard

      Hell yeah badass!

    44. Kevin Fisher

      Shoot a .50 cal round through the carpeting

    45. Christopher Vohs

      Tyler would be proud. You're a good man.

    46. William’s Davis Gaming

      What an awesome bronco it’s alive just a little things

    47. Super Nova

      Why dont you paint it with rhino liner?

    48. Graf Frank

      When You fit the seats with these tiny screws You are Sruwed in an accident with 30 mph... And your children, too

    49. Stacey Pennington

      Hey Matt- PLEASE bring us more of the family, bunker, farm and other stuff. I hope this channel isn't starting to turn into all about cars. I love seeing your vids but dont care about the cars

    50. Tim Rose

      your doing the rong way git a pocker thats steel heat that till its hot poke it up through the hole wear the bolts come through the floor up through the carpet an mat an that way it clears the bolt to go through the mat, that simple.

    51. Logan Zimmerman

      If you have bfgs you gotta have the white letters facing the out side

    52. Charles Kelvin


    53. 2StrokeSmoke544

      I had me a 80’ bronco when i was 17 it was beautiful and we drove it down quad trails and destroyed it. Still hurts my heart i did that. It even had a rollbar in the back. And idk if it was stock but it had duel sunroofs over the cab and thwy didnt even leak. The things we do as kids.. ughh

    54. The roaring big block Channel

      Don’t put chrome on this one or put a ls3 in this one please

    55. Reese Raymond

      stage 5 baja suspention kit?? would crank some serious bald eagles

    56. JTKILL 645

      Your friend would be so happy to see that running aging. I am happy for you man

    57. Bernie Straight

      Nice job man looks good a lot of work

    58. Michael Archibald

      Hello from argyle Scotland . Not going to lie ... Long time demolitia but honestly the bronco brought me to off the ranch and the back story makes it so cool . You should stick to the notes you and vos had and keep it as close as he'd like it with some added demolitia oomf lol 😂. And... Jump it once more and fly for the cap ??? Maybe ...for the Macdemolitia 🥃🥃

    59. Lucianna Wolfstone

      Are seatbelts next? Safety! Will the Bronco ever get any airbags?

    60. cwuzii

      No one: Matt: “Daaaaang!”

    61. cuntpunter mcG

      Welcome to bronco club

    62. Seemore Butts

      Seeing this reinforces and magnifies the first impression of a bronco that I formed way back when I first saw one as a kid: douchewagon.

      1. Daniel Duncan

        There is very little of a Bronco in that Bronco. About the only thing left of that Bronco is the body, and that is about it. It really isn't a Bronco anymore.

    63. Mason Clupper

      You should get a new steering wheel cause it’s the only thing that throws the interior off

    64. Brenden Risser

      This is so awesome, you dont know how happy I am to see that run !

    65. cryptic styles

      the realisation after you didnt need to yell anymore hahaha

    66. Branko Dordevic

      That's one way to pronounce my name i guess

    67. Ryan Smith

      It only took you long enough to start working on it again

    68. Merchant of Karma

      Abandoned muffler project

    69. Joey Homan

      Nobody: absolutely nothing at all.. Matt: Its Brittany bitch

    70. Philliph Whirley

      Obviously it’s his Bronco, but I would have done a complete restoration on it since it was his brothers.

    71. Hollywood redneck

      I'm really happy to see it so closeto being done, your friend, whos name i forget would be very proud of you for getting into such good rebuilt condition. On a separate note, can you help me with your connections at bfg to get a set of 35" ko2s for my power wagon, their too expensive for me to afford

    72. Buck Outlaw

      Finally it’s so nice

    73. Spiritof77

      Has anyone else been screwed over by Monster Transmission? I am pursuing legal action. Comment please

    74. Ryan Matlaga

      For legal reasons this was filmed in Mexico

    75. David Wiseman jr

      At least no more mice could u imagine if he just now found them and they was living in the new seats! Newbs will not understand what I'm talking about lol

    76. Bruce - 87 years ago

      You should Make a general lee

    77. thomas rigsby

      I’ve been watching ever since you took it out of the field. I’m so happy for you man!!!

    78. E F

      Another Gay Disco audio track but overall love the channel.

    79. Trae GS

      I love me a bronco.

    80. cooper coleman

      This man practically built a mansion before he got a truck running

    81. Robert Williams

      @offtheranch I am in San Antonio for a Tradeshow this week. We want to donate the furniture we are using when we are done. Hopefully to a women's shelter....any ideas or suggestions?

    82. Carl White

      Matt, was that not Marks old Bronco ? he was a good Guy and a mention of him now and then would be cool, not being a Karen here but just saying.Loved the video anyway.

    83. Ford gaming

      Do you happen to have Links for all the stuff you put in the bronco (headlight ,taillights, door panels, etc ) if so could you put them in the comment section. Please and thank you.

    84. Gavin Cole

      The best way to cut through the floor mat is to grind the teeth off a hole saw and sharpen the end. It will cut through the fibres and leave a clean hole

    85. Dustin

      You should knock off the major rust and do a flat clear coat on the outside so you keep the patina but it's still protected from rusting, awesome truck!

    86. 303BoltAction

      needs mufflers hahaha that's a good one! You're funny Matt

    87. claire smith

      My dream car is a Bronco! Love to see it!

    88. Nathan Rey Sarver

      The song playing in the background at 2:45 is Hotel California by The Eagles

    89. Andrew Toulouse

      That is ugly my dad has a 1971 GMC jimmy its like the same thing just Jimmy’s look cool

    90. Johnathan Coleman

      Uh huhhhh using the Milwaukee I see!! 🤣🤣

    91. Ethan Mitts

      The next episode probably 7 or 8 month's from now.

    92. POWERS 93

      Not that it's much help now but if you ever find yourself trying to put bolts through the floor again heat up a socket and use it to punch a hole through 👍

    93. defosse2006

      This is the coolest vehicle you’ve ever owned bar none.

    94. DOWSETT

      Gotta say: It's kinda nice seeing a propper tire-to-rim ratio on NLname.


      hot bolt will burn thru insulation

    96. Miron Rajabiv

      How many friends do you have

    97. Josh Gafford

      I would leave the muffler off

    98. Robert Hachten

      Headlights are wack

    99. Jack Martin

      Been waiting 3 years to see that beast finally run!!! So awesome!

    100. Chris Hedger

      Texas speed maybe???