I Just BOUGHT a 2018 BMW M6 Gran Coupe Off COPART For CHEAP! 120k OFF MSRP!!


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    Welcome back to a new episode of BackYardBoyz!!! In this episode we introduce you to a brand new build, fully decked out, and we cant wait to get our hands on it. Let's hope everything checks out so that we can proceed with this special build that we have so many plans with! Don't forget to comment below and share what you think, I would very much appreciate it.
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    Inspired By some of my favorite NLnamers. Such as goonzquad, alex rebuilds, and b is for build.

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    1. Ahmed Explorer

      I subscribed ❤️

    2. JR'S Life

      Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to see how this one turns out!

    3. unuxaevi unuxaevi

      How old are you guys?

    4. kobzik26


    5. Jaydin yhamel

      How much was it?

    6. nanah p

      So much lies, there is no such thing as a cheap car at the salvage auction, you are buying a wreck and fixing it up and no matter how well you fix it , it will never be valued the same as one from the factory with no damage, Its like going to the strip joint to find a wife, it doesn't exist, she maybe beautiful but will always be damage goods.

    7. LoL LADT LoL

      How much you paid for it...

    8. D.

      Camera quality is much better. Cool build. Actually like the stock wheels. Good luck!

    9. BussDown Til I touchdown

      I discovered this channel a week ago Nd this is the best car rebuilding channel ever I swear he goes step by step every video and they come out really nice💯

    10. Dotachi

      Cant wait to see another miracle happen

    11. M Hollins

      What the hell happened to this car lol engine (possibly) and frame damage good luck bro

    12. Amadeo Novoa

      I love BMW’S!!

    13. someone

      Wait, so how much u bought it for?

    14. HalalGaming

      Lmk if you need the calipers and rotors. I have a ceramic set for 7000

    15. 2turbo4u

      Is there a way to see when you joined(subscribed) to a channel? I would love see how many subscribers he added since I joined?

    16. Wayne Robinson

      Look out for a donor car or do a search for one online you never know could be a good saving

    17. Sumedha Pussegoda

      i think that this build is going to be more expensive than it's worth.....

    18. non'ya biz

      The car shuts off if 2 or more airbags deploy. Engines probably safe


      Tbh I was hoping for the red interior 😅

    20. He mogal Digital

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    21. chasedwar2

      He’s got some big balls to buy this car! He must use a wheel barrow to move around the yard!

    22. M H

      About the trunk! Watch what V-tuned did to repair the material!! Stunning!! So no need to clamp and glue it !!

    23. Eric Rudni


    24. STUGOTS !

      Optioned out but no sunroof!

    25. Igorok Turak

      BMW is junk. U better have another car cuz the bmw will be in the shop half of time 🤣🤣🤣

    26. Niyaz Majeed

      The queen of speed and the road❤️❤️

    27. Adrian Lee Burton

      I wonder what contributed to that damage, the bald rear tyres maybe🤔. How hard can it be to check one’s tyres🤷🏼‍♂️

    28. Brendan Ryan

      How much does it cost to buy and repair a car like this? What’s the finished product worth?

    29. Gow War

      I love my gran coupé even if it’s not an M6...

    30. Jasim sofi

      How much it cost for you to buy off the auction

    31. DUKHA

      It must be scary to buy such a fancy car and realise that there are more damage thst you may have previously expected. Anything in thst car is worth a liver

    32. Juan Padilla

      Expensive parts that’s all I see lol

    33. Burim Shala

      You got about 20k in parts alone....good luck! Hope you can find aftermarket/second hand parts!!

    34. Az

      You waffle so much shit

    35. Hussein Al-Rekabi

      We need an update on the RS5!!!

    36. Luis Ortiz

      Can’t you just buy it new already with all those parts needed ?

    37. velomack

      $10k to replace the carbon ceramics... going to be a expensive build, but I’m excited!!

    38. bigben1986

      Why did you put the car in the mud lol

    39. Ditto

      That positive camber might become a thing 😂

    40. Aymen Fit

      M6 is sexy as fuck this build is gonna be crazy and interesting 👌🏻

    41. Atef Elabed

      Wow boy, you really thrive on a big challenge. These projects make great viewing but absolutely no financial sense. Just too costly and labour intensive. Not complaining though 😊

    42. savethemanual

      Really stepping up man love the side exit exhaust

    43. Richard Diaz

      Why would anyone give this video a thumbs down. I hate fkn trolls. You guys do AWESOME work. Keep these videos coming. They're entertaining while working from home

    44. Audrius Legavicius

      Great content👍🏽 i can see u changed video camera. What camera do u use? as the quality is superb

    45. Kenneth Omale

      Just when I think you've teased the bull enough with a red flag, you walk over to the bull and give it steroids!? I'm watching this one with both eyes! Keep shocking us bruv! I👍

    46. Joseph Avino

      Kiss 15k roughly goodbye for new carbon ceramics. Hopefully the front ones r okay

    47. Thabang R

      Need that RS content

    48. R Har

      With that shitty twin turbo V8, is it even worth fixing?

    49. rayton Guti

      Buy a BMW e60 m5

    50. Travis JH

      Looking forward to see what this will look like in the end

    51. JDS 344

      That is not correct, BMW is impressive

    52. Mel Waj

      Change those shit wheels and this thing will look nice

    53. Atl Islam 1017

      St. James red individual if anyone is wondering

    54. Ignatius Zulu

      Looking for next episode of this m6 Gran coupe

    55. Gregorie Rivera

      Wow another bmw how impressive🙄🙄🙄

    56. Aman

      Man you don't understand how much I love the M6 🔥🔥

    57. Clemens N

      A Rollover Car? The Carbon roof doesn't look damaged, right?

    58. MT

      Will be an awesome build, look forward to it 😎👌🏻

    59. Waerlop Mike

      Damn ! One of my dreams

    60. Hevendra Narayansamy

      I like an m6, prefer 2 doors though. Nice. Live the color. Is it Melbourne red?

    61. Faraaz Allie

      This is going to be a sick build. This guy keeps upping his game

    62. Mahdman

      Love the work you guys do, some cars I look at like how the hell are you gonna fix that but you guys do. Keep it going.

    63. Steve Samuel

      Lovin' this M6 dude , especially in this bright fire Red , oh boy looks one sick mean aggressive best , I see you Tim goin' for completing the whole M-SPORT BMW lineup Hmm!!! oh yeah lets do this and yes your this M6 is fully loaded and they are luxury supercars!!!! , damage is all straightforward and visible only the engine though man hope it isn't locked up , oh man I myself can understand that sketchy itchy feeling about it , anyways Tim can't wait for the rebuild and in my opinion along with wheels , exhaust and tune , I'd recommend trying to put some more carbon fiber inserts on the interior and since you are changing the hood , get an aftermarket good quality one like you got for the M4 , MAYBE ALUMINIUM / CARBON FIBER / FIBERGLASS your choice and decision , just my ideas and suggestion , anyways love the content , excellent work , keep it up , keep grindin' and Rockin' , Stay safe and God bless. ( Please don't for get some equally sick builds like a Raptor ( like gonnzquad) or a RAM TRX !!!! and of course a Shelby as you promised , etc...)

    64. Blue Line Garage

      Nice. Didn't think you would get another car so fast with your current projects.. this will be a good build as there is a lot involved which means we will learn a lot as well. Also what's going on with your lot you picked up for a future shop.. any updates at all on that property?

    65. AlbertSz

      Cant wait, love u guys, so much interesting builds :)

    66. ShqiprimZ

      It has really been like a year since i have subscribed on ur channel , like how u make content by rebuilding these cars keep on with the awsome content. Respect from Albania🇦🇱

    67. Timba R'dam

      Plastic front fenders on performance car models are there because in most cases there is a bigger motor in the front that ways a lot more than a conventional engine and they do that to keep the weight balance

    68. Ranil Randika

      Can we buy the cars you guys fixed already

    69. Joshua Dreyer

      Yessss new car 🙂Goodluck with the rebuild process😎🎉

    70. NOTAMV

      I guess Vtuned needs to do an M7 now.

    71. Pablo Gomez


    72. BigBaron D

      Depending on how much you paid for it, I think it will be a good project.

    73. Josh Brennan

      Mate, you have your work cut out for you. Will be watching each painful step. A full cost breakdown would be cool with this one.

    74. Phil Tucker

      Hi Tim, yes I was thinking this M6 completed the set but I guess you are right about the M8 even though it’s really in a different design genre to all of the “traditional” Ms......hey, can you get some gravel over those puddles dude? 😊👍🇬🇧

    75. Black sniper

      this build is sickk

    76. DennisTrackmann

      Good project 👌👌👌

    77. Journeytomydreamcars

      The next project will be like hi guys we bought half a car and we are going to build the other half from scratch 🤣 I'd love to be able to do this much bodywork great stuff

    78. Azhar Ebrahaim

      Awesomely awesome 👏 another m into the family

    79. Jamalis

      You should build some muscle cars too, that would be amazaing

    80. dave jones

      It’s a crap EURO car 😴😴😴

    81. France Ngalagombe

      I now believe you are a BMW fan boy😉. Could you at least consider try getting a mercedes benz even a g-wagon perhaps 😏.


      Hey what do you do with all your old rims and tires from all your BMW's ? I do live too far from you .

    83. Nathan See

      The worn seats could possibly be due to a taller or larger person who struggled to get in and out, and rubbed against the seat more than usual.....or the mileage has been turned back....

    84. Mo Alalbani


    85. Piotr Trocki

      HA HA HA HA! How did he buy 120k off MSRP car that was worth only 60k before the accident? This guy is stupid or he thinks the viewers are. LMAO!

      1. Piotr Trocki

        @BackYardBoyz you are absolutely correct about MSRP. That only applies to the new car. your car is 3 years old, so the value of this car was about 55-60k before the accident. you actually bought your car for 25k less than the value of the 2018 M6 gran coupe (accident free). Lets see if you can start it. if not, then it's worth nothing and you can take it to the scrap yard.

      2. BackYardBoyz

        @Piotr Trocki www.cars.com/articles/what-does-msrp-mean-1420690419467/ People are so stupid sometimes, but I feel generous enough to explain. First click that link and read what “MSRP” stands for. Then if you do the math 155k - 120k is left with 35k. Hinting roughly how much the vehicle was bought for.

      3. Piotr Trocki

        @BackYardBoyz What window sticker? MSRP on 3 year old car? lmao! Besides, you paid 35k for this junk? lmao again!

      4. BackYardBoyz

        Window sticker was 155k goon

    86. REPZ06

      Looking forward to seeing you turn that Grand Poop into a Grand Coupe . That’s a lot of damage but it should produce a lot of good content 💪🏻🇺🇸

    87. Perry Elyod

      Well yes, the MSRP may be $155, 000 but these cars depreciate at an astronomical rate, being worth only 10% of MSRP in as little as ten years even without a salvage title.

    88. Tom T

      Consistent 10/10 content.

    89. King Solar ll

      I heard a lot of bad reliability about a M6. I can't wait to see the end product of that grand coupe Mustang M6 😂😂😂

    90. Meet Modi

      Google says it's msrp is 180k😂😂 did they give you 2k to buy it🤥

    91. Travis R

      Dang this was recorded a while ago. Still got snow on the ground

    92. Ilan Basrawi

      how is a coupe 4 doors?

    93. Got 'M

      I watch your videos in full because I know you will get to work on it very where as some youtubers put in filler videos and wont get to working on it until like 3 videos after. Keept it up BYBs!

    94. Ahmad Mottmi

      You need a big garage man

    95. Marcus J Lucas

      Love your content is very clean all round

    96. Matthew Kaufman

      Please change the color

    97. Marcus J Lucas

      Why youall have fun and joy with rebuild backstreetboyz

    98. Leead C.

      What about all the cars you left behind? The x5m is missing few episodes :( really want to see it done 100 %

    99. just win

      can you sell me this one

    100. Thomas Fischer

      Would really Love to know how the F... you are able to buy all these Cars at nearly the same time. I already know that these salvage Title Cars are at least half the price and less than in Germany in the same condition, but the amount of Sportscars Tim has around him is actually serious Money. But how ever you do this Tim, go on. You are making a extremely cool job 👍😎