I Watched WandaVision Ep. 5 in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found

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    Here goes my breakdown of WandaVision Episode 5. I have included the details I found after watching in 0.25x speed and also did a shot-by-shot breakdown.
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    1. The Canadian Lad

      Monica: What do you want? Wanda: I have what I want. This hits different, doesn't it?

      1. Bryce Suganuma

        @Darwin Billy testing it out right now. Looks great so far.

      2. Darwin Billy

        Dont know if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using InstaPwn. Just google for it ;)

      3. Desi Foodaholic

        My question is How Wanda became so much powerful in End Game?

      4. Kate Ross

        If you look at visions outlines in this episode you can see that it is red

      5. Flare

        Maybe the reason there was an m is because xmen has an x and a m it was first the x between the hexagons and now there was a m as well as the x-men pedro which could definitely be leading to the x-men like you said

    2. Chirag Hardasani

      3:28 they jumped 5 years ,because wanda was dead for 5 years between 2018-2023

    3. Stylish Star


    4. DeclanHugo RS

      When Agatha was revealed to be the Big Bad I was like ADUH but that reveal song was so perfect I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE REVEAL ANYWAY.

    5. Rocket Guy ARCCZ

      I think Wanda is way more powerful than this show even portrays - in the comics she is a bad ass.

    6. G K

      13:49 , i was eating my dinner at this time , when i saw this x-men quick silver i spitted every thing out , i was like WTF. lol

    7. ???

      And also the 'm' on the window thing can also stand for maximoff

    8. ???

      Everytime the twins grew up she's (agatha) is always there and pretending not to notice it which also means she's doing it in the first place

    9. Kake’s Music

      Guuuys LAGOS Is not pronounced LAH-GOES It is LEY-GORSE as in HORSE

    10. Jacopo Vals

      I've found another one (warning: spoiler ahead): when Wanda open the door to Pietro he says something like "A brother can't squeeze her sister to death?". First time I heard that I've found it kind a weird thing to say... But considering that is Agatha controlling Pietro and that in the last episode she wants "squeeze her to death" in order to suck out her powers that sentence makes sense!

    11. John Pabelloren

      Its confirmed. I have a very huge crush with Wanda.

    12. Ankith .P

      14:14 check the mirror is that Wanda or am I seeing things or is it truly others

    13. Dominike Buckner

      Then it goes to the scene where the twins question the day and Wanda says “ he went to work he just needed a distraction” Maybe because he was questioning too much. My other theory is what if the hex is really hell on earth. Think about it everyone is grieving and worried about their lost one. What if Wanda knows she’s being controlled or in her personal hell and she doesn’t really mind because at least she’s with Visio. Remember they both did vie when thanks snapped and came back when the avengers snapped. She has the same memory loss before west-view just a hunch

    14. Dominike Buckner

      The scene where vision was at work and read the email was when he knew everything was wrong. Norm said “it’s a joke. Can’t you tell, none of it’s real” right before vision free him of the spell. Pay attention to how much red is going on. If you look close norm eyes have a slight red hue to them. My theory is someone wanted vision to see that without Wanda maybe so he can somehow use the minestrone in that reality to bring himself back then hydra or whoever sent the email will use him as a weapon It’s a stretch but this marvel

    15. Namit Sachdeva

      I really got the chills with wanda tilting head and eyes red😨

    16. lobo joy

      Everyone is bad until Wandas accent changes😎

    17. Mickmac Playz

      Also in a later episode we learn that Agnes is actually Agnatha (a witch) and her power is purple, and when the cloth was covering sparky it was purple. I don’t know if this is a hint but I found that out.

    18. Mickmac Playz

      I think vision wasn’t tired because his a robot.

    19. Wanda Maximoff

      “🎵It’s been Agatha all along🎵”

    20. ST fan1986

      Wow your theory of Agatha killing sparky actually came true

    21. Anyea Jones

      Just rewatching all the wandavision theories to mock their mephisto fantasies. don't mind me...

    22. BRIX KNOW OH

      Watching wandavision is really unsettling. Like i dont know when to laugh because of the laughtracks. Everything seems so creepy unless we get a scene outside that bubble

    23. Tom Peters

      @ 7:35 when Monica shoot the gun and there not only no kick but the pistol doesn't even cycle the slide back to eject the spend casting. That like walking dead season 1,only 6 shows cuz they don't know how it would do before it got popular quality special effects. Marvel seriously adds some of the craziest continuity effects I've ever seen I can't believe they missed something as simple as this

      1. Tom Peters

        And that was at normal speed. U ain't got nothing on these eagle eyes

    24. TennoHack

      Can we also talk about how that drone is incapable of transmitting color video?

    25. Odd Quoter

      it's probably the "lavender" that Agnes sprayed to the twins which as a growth potion not there actual powers..

    26. Adrinette Lover

      if only at the time he knew they were already making the body into something else and the piece of the mindstone inside of wanda created a new vision

    27. Alleat

      I the Lagos ad you can also hear blood dripping at the end

    28. Christopher Jones

      The lumpy cook neuropathologically clip because hydrofoil philosophically apologise about a invincible sister-in-law. momentous, lopsided fork

    29. BodyLanguage Company

      Can North Americans just pronounce Lagos properly? 🤣 Hint: Ask a Lagosian.

    30. David Aleksoski

      WandaVision is One Division

    31. Ian Brooks

      This Is probably redundant now but the fact that Agnes doesnt comment on the twins aging up is a play on the trope of kids in sitcoms aging up and none of the characters saying or noticing

    32. Raha Travelsandstuff

      Now we know that Agnes is Agatha Harkness and she did kill Sparky

    33. KookyPlatypus

      13:52 hehe bohner

    34. Robin The God - Fake ASMR Is Being Stupid

      These are far too streched.

    35. WhamDieMoe

      1:25 No, It's Because Vision Is A Machine xD

    36. billy bob

      It's been agatha all along

    37. Buster Bear

      Does everyone keep forgetting that the market Crossbones was about to blow up was full of people? Wanda wasn’t trying to save Cap, she was trying to save everyone in that crowded market. There would have been a lot more casualties had she not thrown Crossbones up into the air.

    38. Rajpalsinh Jadeja

      Hey, why wanda bring back quicksilver from x man Universe cause she didn't have quicksilver's corpse from her original universe? What do think?

    39. Calamaribowl


    40. Amaan Khan

      Also notice that whenever something happens to the twins ( they grow up or get sad) The screen gives a red shade ( might show Wanda's feelings. Notice this 11:43 The pants of Agnes gives a red glow

    41. Sheela Prasad Kaushik

      Wait- Wanda is younger than Harry Potter?

    42. Camila Forero

      And I watched this one in 1.25 k speed

    43. Liam Phipps-Green

      I thought the spray that Agnes uses was why they aged?

    44. Desi Foodaholic

      My question is i think only you can answer it. How Wanda became so much powerful in End Game?

    45. Try Man

      It's views says How much awesome this episode was

    46. Vedangi Mehrolia

      Will we get to see Wiccan and Hulking together🤩🤩😅

    47. Moira Shammah Oira

      When Agnes said "kids right they grow up so fast" I think that was was a reference to Agne's actresc also taking care of the kids in Parent trap.

    48. “-{majesty}-“

      The comic is probably Monica’s mum the captain marvel comic ! Serious injuries caused her death!

    49. The one

      When Wanda was gonna hit Monika she losses her full control. 1 We see Vision dead. And...... 2 The shadow of last dear (showpiece) disappears.

    50. Pranav Shetye

      It was Agatha all along !

    51. StopAndListen

      So when did you watch 0.25 speed

    52. Ned Green

      How come know notice Vision used dish soap to clean his hands?

    53. Haiden has a Cat


    54. PantKicker

      7:29 There are red reflections on visions pants. There are also some on Wanda's and Agnes' bit they're harder to see. This isn't really an easter egg it's just a small detail I wanted to pop out.

    55. Kermit on bullseye

      This dude just said what would be in the next episode.

    56. ST02 Divyanshu

      glad I watched his breakdown after the 8th episode

      1. Kman


    57. Angie Gomez

      A also when Wanda was having the baby’s and vision went outside the house, Agnes wanted to say that Wanda was controlling everything but if Wanda where controlling her then Wanda wouldn’t have wanted her to say that, that’s how I knew that something was up. Plus vision hadn’t hav touched her head like he does with the person he works with c:

    58. Kynan Dedrick Nabo

      well the vision stealing body was wrong

    59. Raphael Godfrey

      I just watched the episode where we found out it was 'agatha all along' then saw this on my recommend the clicked on it and this guy is really amazing he just got everything right 👍🏽

    60. ItsVictoriaYt Frazier

      So I'm watching your videos because I have nothing else to do but to wait for the last eppisode of wandavision. 3/3/2021 is today. So I'm looking at stuff I missed.

    61. Evghenii Cravcenco

      just watched X-Men: Days of Future Past, when professor x and wolverine come to Quicksilver's home, on their mail box was written "MAXIMOFF". was surprised when noticed)

    62. Pringlets

      I really thought the thumbnail said "Agnes fricked wanda!"

    63. Nadia Binitie

      Question, why do y'all pronounce it as La-gos?

    64. AN667RB

      Ahhh yes the better Quicksilver.

    65. dingledoodles

      The lamplights look a bit like vision. Red around the yellow.

    66. Crystal LXVIIIl

      "And i killed Sparky too"

    67. Bona Okoye

      As a person who lives in Lagos, I just want to make a correction that it is pronounced as Lag-os (as in Lake and us) not LaagOs It's a bit annoying hearing people pronounce it like that

    68. Anshuman Mishra

      In episode 5 when captain woo was bringing coffee, on coffee mug you can clearly see the down arrow colored red (wanda), orange(vision), purple(nightmare) and weight(weight vision).

    69. Gunnpreet kaur

      Hey! I'm really invested in this story but honestly jsut like insteller this shit is playing tricks on my mind, on top of the fact I've already seen thousands of videos and now I know the future but not the past...soooo I just wanted to know what this show is basically..like the story and all..help please?

    70. Bobber Foote

      It was Agatha (naughty Agatha) All along And I killed sparky too (hahahah)

    71. Aditya Dandare

      This videos was even more confusion than WandaVision episode. But loved it so much. Hatts off to you man.👍👍

    72. S3MU3L JOHN

      2:45 Because She was Agatha All along

    73. The random

      What if agnes is a sword agent??🤔🤔🤔

      1. Mohd Shijas

        No fucking way

    74. Manson Collins


    75. Kelvin Fahrenheit

      Spoiler: Now after we saw episode 8 we know Wanda not only does not have vision's own body but also never broke the accords, she completely fabricated him too. Wanda may have just completely recreated the mind stone

    76. Abigail Krebs

      The last episode came out today :(

      1. Abigail Krebs

        @PolarasX9592X oh yay! 😃

      2. Banana Pal Cal

        Nope, still one more episode next week 😁

      3. PolarasX9592X

        @Abigail Krebs the last episode comes out next week

      4. Abigail Krebs

        @PolarasX9592X one comes out every Friday, today is Friday and it’s the last episode.

      5. Abigail Krebs

        @PolarasX9592X yeah it did

    77. shyam 7397

      Bruhhh this explanation really aged well .

    78. Marion

      That is not how you pronounce “Lagos”

    79. Insert name here

      Sparky was trying to dig up her plants that manipulate Wanda (that looks like lavender;) )

    80. Alice Coutinho

      everyone gangsta till agatha zapped wanda mind

    81. Angiecute13 Moschonikolakis

      So mean she killed sparky

    82. Still Fine

      Yeah captain marvel bad 👎

    83. Winston Churchill

      This aged beautifully

    84. Tijmen Janssen

      It was Agatha all along

      1. Dynimo _

        and she killed sparky too rip

    85. Ifigeneia Vlahaki

      4:20 but when vision was created he was already an adult

    86. Em K

      okay i have a theory SPOILERS FROM EPISODE SEVEN so the reason agatha kill sparky, was go get wanda to do something, there was 2 options either..... wanda doesn’t admit to bring back vision, and teaches the kids a lesson (agatha wanted the irony) ORRR wanda admits she brought back vision in front of everyone because it was agatha all along i also think that agatha aged up the kids

    87. Alabamian Lego Fan

      Wow dude that's awesome

    88. Mexican_man

      smart ass

    89. sergefazbear plays


    90. Helen Johnson

      Could monica be the girl in captain marvel you know the girl who chose the captain suit colours

      1. Peakchain

        She is

    91. Broadway Goat

      I was thinking Agnes wasn’t too bad, even after learning the truth and listening to the song. Agnes: AND I KILLED SPARKY TOO! Me: SO YOU HAVE CHOSEN DEATH

    92. Wanda Palos

      Last night while rewatching Episode 5 when you get to the part where Woo hands Darcy her coffee on the board behind them that the mailman is now identified.. cant see the name on his actual ID but his name on the paper is listed as 'Dottie' and his gender is 'female'. He also has NO occupation listed.. kind of odd since he seems to be the mailman/deliveryman. Still think he might be Woo's missing person! Or some kind of villain!

    93. Aqil asyraaf : D

      *I watch this video in 0.25× and here what i found*

    94. oviya shan

      Guys, did anyone watch Captain Marvel... There was a kid named MONICA RAMBEAU which is Maria rambeaus daughther who is friends with captain marvel... So Monica is grown up now and is on WandaVision...

    95. Sick Beatz

      Wait every show has a director and Hayward says he is a film director I do not think it’s a coincidence someone please take a further look at this

      1. America’s Favorite Fighting Frenchman

        Also I forgot in which episode but the credits showed silhouettes of Wanda and Visions Halloween costume, he should investigate the credits because there might be more foreshadowing

    96. Anjelica Aguilar

      Me patiently waiting for Daisy Johnson to make an appearance with Sword.. 😂😂 probably a pipe dream but 💁🏻‍♀️

    97. christy contois

      One Division sucks the new Deadpool will suck anything Disney makes will suck budget diversity hires an sjw right for these idiots look how badly they destroyed the comic book industry

    98. christy contois

      Marvel sucks Disney sucks bunch of hypocrite sjws Disney Rex everything Kathleen Kennedy should be fired they hire pedophiles and raping Neighbors stop wasting your time with Disney get your soul back look what they did to Gina Carano cuz she didn't do anything wrong compared of the other people who did way way worse they're racist stop supporting Disney

    99. Noemi Ladak

      If you notice Wanda looked genuinely scared when the doorbell rang as if she was starting to think that she may actually be behind west view, which might mean she isn’t

    100. Nicole Jane Arabit

      It was Agatha all along